Oklahoma (inc. N. TX, NM, AR) Sectional

NM/AR/OK/MS/North Texas WODs Announced

The South Central Sectionals going down in Tulsa, OK., are one week away. Below is an outline of the weekend's events and advance release of the challenges that await the athletes.

Host: Next generation CrossFit
SCS Website

Friday, March 12th:
5 - 8pm: Athlete Check-in at Next Generation CrossFit
7pm: Judges Meeting at SCS location, Announcement of WOD 2
Athletes are welcome to come to the SCS location after registering at Next Gen. Here they can scope out the area, relax, hang with other athletes and get WOD 2 details.

Saturday, March 13th:
6am - 7:15am - Athlete arrival and any late athlete check-ins.
7:45am - National Anthem, general announcements, Heat 1 athletes on deck
8am - 1pm: WOD 1
1-2pm: Break
1:45pm: Heat 1 athletes on deck, standing by
2-6:30pm: WOD 2

Sunday, March 14th:
7:45am - National Anthem, announcements, Heat 1 athletes on deck, standing by
8am - 1pm: WOD 3
1-2pm: Break
2pm - Awards ceremony hailing top 30 Men and 30 Women to advance to Qualifiers

Here are the SCS WODs 1 and 3:


For time:
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean to Overhead (135/83lbs)
10 Pullups (kipping or strict, chin clearly over the bar, full arm extension at bottom, no butterfly)
Three rounds for time.
20 minute time limit.


For time (20 minute cap):
Run 250m
25 Snatches (75/45lbs)
25 Kettlebell Swings (55/35lbs)
25 Overhead Squats (75/45lbs)
25 Box Jumps (20"/16")
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/45lbs)
25 Wallballs (20#@10ft / 14#@8ft)
25 Thrusters (75/45lbs)
Run 250m

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44 comments on this entry

1. Joe wrote...

Why no butterfly? It seems that if you're going to limit one style of kipping you might as well limit them all. Just because the butterfly kip is a little harder to judge in terms of the chin getting over the bar doesn't mean it should be thrown out.

2. Eric wrote...

Hi Joe,
Nothing wrong with butterfly pullups, just the rules for this particular WOD, that's all.

3. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

ROM standards are admittedly arbitrary. There was a great CFJ article which addressed this issue. We train for the unknown, it doesn't really matter what the standard is as long as it's strictly enforced and fits our definition of functional movement.

4. krewelladevellia wrote...

Hey Joey,
If butterfly is your only movement, then you don't train well. After those c&js you can pray to get 10 at all.

5. Craig wrote...

This is going to suck.

6. Katy wrote...

Women use 45lb bar on chipper wod? Or 43lb with womens bar?

7. Karin wrote...

What 'kind' of snatch, or just whatever as long as you are bar overhead and standing tall at the end?

8. Ash wrote...

standards....8ft wallball???(10ft at the games) 16" box jump??? (24 at the games) 83lb squat to overhead??? (min of 95lbs)....why not butterfly...

9. fortune wrote...

45 lb bar for all exercises? Wow! I wish I hadn't trained so hard. That's not a good indicator of differentiating high-end athletes with good athletes with great cardio. Too low expectations.

10. Tom wrote...

The problem I see with the butterfly restriction isn't that it's arbitrary, all standards are arbitrary. But it might be hard to judge or define what "butterfly" vs. "not butterfly" means. Some people have some pretty funky kips that can defy classification.

11. ken c wrote...

45lbs. may be a little light for the women but we also don't know what wod 2 will be. it could be wicked heavy. if i had to guess wod 2 will be an anerobic short heavy beat down as a balance to wod 3 being so aerobic. just one guy guessing.

12. Brian wrote...

Hopefully the 2nd WOD is a sled drag. I can pull 200lbs 100m in :20sec. I'm a pulling machine and it don't stop!!!

13. RX wrote...

I think this is going to hurt bad =(

14. Steven Willis wrote...

Very classic CrossFit movements... No deadlifts and no burpees. Burpee/Deadlift WOD for #2??? Either way, I'm looking forward to being a part of something like this. Good workouts, great people, CrossFit.

15. Candice wrote...

I agree with Ken. I would be willing to bet that the mystery WOD is going to be short, but super heavy and def not a lift considering the fact that there are only three events. Should be fun though!

16. Tim Yaz wrote...

We need something heavy. Anyone can do these easy wods.

17. Eric wrote...

Katy - 45lb bar

Karin - Any kind of a snatch, just not a clean (cannot catch or rest the bar on chest at any point)

18. Shane Gibson wrote...

Ben Abruzzo is going to shock the world at this event, remember it. WODs 1 & 3 are made for him...WOD 3 will be his.

19. Sue wrote...

SO hang snatch is totally cool?

20. Weston wrote...

Can we wear our personal radios or iPod during the competition?

21. Eric wrote...

Power or squat snatch, no hang snatches.

22. ken c wrote...

wod 5 of day one at the games was 75lb snatches and wall balls and quite a few top crossfitters couldn't finish it in the alloted time. if you think its easy then do it faster.

23. Brandon B wrote...

All I have to say is that if people think they are that easy then they should have no problems and just fly thru these wods. I know that looks can be decieving when it comes to wods and I think everyone should remember that.

I also want to thank Eric for all the time he has spent on these wods and on putting on a great event. Great job Eric!!

24. Matt wrote...

WOD's look great Eric, can't wait to try them out down here in NZ.
Ignore the naysayers, they exist all over the world and in the few cases when they turn up at an event, turn out to be more hot air than real "fire breathers"!

25. Karin wrote...

Ditto the fast comment... light doesn't mean 'easy', you just GO FASTER!

26. JA wrote...

I did both these workouts and I guarantee people are going to be VERY surprised with WOD 3. Anyone who knows CrossFit, knows that the faster you go, the more you HURT, so keep that in mind with WOD 3

27. Court wrote...

"MO" not "MS"!?

28. Josh Groves wrote...

I'll vouch for the efficacy of WOD 3. It will wreck some of the athletes.

29. Diesel wrote...

No Tim, everyone can't do these wods. For all the people complaining that these wods are too easy, just remember that they all look good on paper. If you want 195# thrusters, make your way to the Games in Cali. But for me, I'm at least glad that Eric took into account that not everyone can do a muscle up or handstand pushup, or thrust heavy, heavy weight. At lease with these wods, people have at least a fighting chance of making it to regionals. Thanks again Eric. Your wods seem fair, not what I call easy by no means, but at least the movements are doable by most.

30. E wrote...

I can't imagine being responsible for coming up with the WODS for any of competition, let alone a qualifying one. These look great and if you feel like you "overtrained" for these, then you should be even more confident in your abilities. They almost always look easier on paper then in action...keep that in mind come next weekend! I can't wait to be a part of this event. Thank you Eric and the Next Generation box for hosting this. It can't be easy! Much appreciation for Dallas for sure!

31. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

"Anyone can do these easy WODs" WTF? So what. I guess the fact that "anyone" can do Grace somehow demeans it. 3 500m rows plus a full Grace plus 30 pullups looks like the real deal to me. 135lbs overhead is fine for a Sectionals level event. I watched much better athletes than me get slaughtered at the Games last year by 75lb snatches and wallballs. I love WOD1 other than the fact that I'm sure it will cause me to hurl.

32. Denison wrote...

30 of the 40 registered women will move on to Regionals. Them good odds.

33. Amy wrote...

Wod #1 will DNF all kinds of women! Most women can't hold under 6min on those rounds. 2+ min row and your 20 reps of Fran will put the time cutting it close to 20 min mark. Be tough and bring your A+ game to not DNF. 3,2,1 Goooooooooo!

34. Paul E wrote...

I have a question about the pull-ups.

How are you going to determine what is and what is not a butterfly? I know that I have three different kips I can use depending on the situation. The standard gymnastic kip, frog kip (think Anni Sakamoto in the old videos, I use this style if I am close to a wall) and butterfly.

The frog kip and butterfly are very similar, the frog is primarily hip drive and less horizontal momentum. Are frog kips going to be allowed or is the only style of kip alloiwed going to gymnastic?

35. Eric wrote...

Annie Sakamoto's frog pullups would count in our competition. The "frog" is actually a small, short kip used by strong athletes who've whittled down the big pretty gymnastic kip to save time.
What we are looking for is arms locked out in full extension at the bottom and chin clearly over the bar at the top.

We are not counting the butterfly form in this competition and will have demonstrations Friday night at the SCS location. Also, judges will make you show them your pullup before the clock starts just to be sure.

36. Luila Barber wrote...

I believe it will be the top 30 women who FINISH the events with the best times who will advance to the Regionals.

37. raif wrote...

As long as we're asking about standards, at last years regionals step ups were allowed for box jumps, will that be the case here?

Thanks for being so dilligent in replying.

38. Joshua wrote...

Most women can't FINISH any of these wod in 20min. Looks like you'll be advancing on 15-20 women total, but at least they will be the strongest.

39. L wrote...

this looks like the easiest sectional that I've seen. wow. I can only hope ours is this light and easy. The women shouldn't have a bit of trouble completing sub 20. I'd personally expect to finish both wods with quite a bit of time to spare..

I mean 8ft wall ball, 16inch box, 45lb lifts those are like "light" standards.. my max's are almost one and a half times that for each of those lifts.. its a test of cardio more than strength for sure. I hope the missing 2nd wod is a strength wod.

40. bartlett wrote...

Time to get the costumes ready (ie, fancy socks/shoes), and remove all body hair cuz its on! One more PR lift today and I will be ready. 30 of 40 women will automatically go to regional? Nice.

41. Eric wrote...

Unanimous decision from our Judges meeting this weekend is that there will be no use of personal radios or iPods.

Just for clarification: 30 of 40 women will NOT automatically be advanced to Regionals. Everyone will have to complete all WOD's as rx'd within the allotted time limit and come within the top 30 places.

42. Jenn wrote...

Eric, will step ups be allowed as long as the hips are fully locked out at the top. I recall this was the standard at the qualifiers last year. Just asking.

43. Brett wrote...

1st WOD was challenging (men's Rx'ed) and I wonder if competitors will be able to keep their heads and pace the row after 3, 2, 1... Go! On my own, I finished in 12'30" (pacing the row at a 1:55 split), but am curious how a competitive environment might affect this, for better or worse.

Later same day, WOD 3 was a challenge to stay unbroken since the legs were still fatigued from the am heavy squat clean + thrusters (besides GI Jane clinging to my back from the day before). Broke up the Wallballs and thrusters and finished in 10'37". Legs were absolutely fried by the second run.

So, I don't see a lot of DNFs happening, but expect that trying to go fast on both/either of these will be absolutely killer (especially with another 1 inbetween) and that's what will separate out the field.

44. Eric wrote...

Step-ups were allowed at Regionals last year for women because it was a 24" box.
Our workout challenge for women is with a 16" box.
As rx'd: box jumps only.


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