South Texas Sectional

South Texas Sectional WODs Announced

The Southern Texas (including Louisiana) sectional is this coming weekend. Here's an explanation of the weekend's events, along with a video of 2009 CrossFit Games competitor Carry Kepler explaining ROM expectations.

Workout 1 (Saturday, 9am) "Dead Man's Row"

In 12 minutes, complete:
2K Row + Max Reps Deadlift (275/185lbs)
Score = Row time - (Deadlift Reps x 5 seconds)

Workout 2 (Saturday, 1pm) "Mabry Medley"

3 Rounds of (12 min cap):
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Barbell Ground-to-Overhead (135lbs)
12 Burpees

2 Handstand Push-ups
6 Barbell Ground-to-Overhead (95lbs)
10 Burpees
Score = Elapsed Time

Workout 3 (Sunday, 9am) "On To The Next"

For time (25 min cap):
15 Thrusters (115/65lbs)
Run 100 feet
50 One-Arm Kettlebell Snatches (24/16kg)
Run 100 feet
100 Double Unders
Run 100 feet back to kettlebell station
50 Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
Farmer Walk with kettlebell 100 feet, back to barbell station
15 Barbell Snatch (115/65lbs)
Score = Elapsed Time

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43 comments on this entry

1. Brett wrote...

What are the standards for the HSPU? kipping okay? parallettes? depth? hand width?

2. jenC wrote...

brett- i think all of the other standards will be discussed on friday night.

3. Winchester wrote...

rock and roll!

4. jay wrote...

This looks like a piece of cake!

5. Carsonian wrote...

I hope there is no kip or paralletes...wod 2 is cake, 1 and 3 are iffy...but indeed Rock and Roll Winchester!

6. Ryon Day wrote...

This is gonna be a fantastic weekend!

7. Me wrote...

Wods look good.. I'm curious to see HSPU standards. Should've shown those rather than KB snatch.

8. KELLY Robbins wrote...

KETTLE BELL SWINGS... are they floor to eye level, or floor to overhead?

9. Chad wrote...

I would assume the Kettlebell Swings are overhead. That's usually the standard.

10. Robert wrote...

Cool wods, I bet the field will be really tight.

11. corey wrote...

Can you change hands during kb snatch?

12. Jesse wrote...

the one second hold seems a little iffy in terms of judging an exact second

13. A wrote...

Love it, nice programming, wish my sectional had the brains to scale and balance movements this well!

14. Jeremy Thiel wrote...

All the standards will be explained in full detail on Friday night.

Winne I am expecting big things!

Jeremy T

15. W wrote...

Thats awesome for those of us driving in who might not make it in time with spring breaker traffic

16. Josh wrote...

So what about if you snatch it a little low and have to press a little but it's not touching the body? Does that count?

17. dan thacker wrote...

I'm wondering what the purpose is for the 1 one thousand count at the top of the KB snatch. Would you do that for a barbell snatch? I understand the rule is for everyone so it's fair. Just wondering what the reason is.

18. I Like Numbers wrote...

Has anyone calculated out what they think a good score will be in WOD 1 (with the row time in seconds minus the deadlift reps x 5)? I was working on a few different scenarios to share with the competitors coming from my box, and I was thinking somewhere between 300-400 would be a superb score. Am I right?? Or way off?

19. Shane Gibson wrote...

I can't wait to get out there and get the full standard info. All in all it looks to me like a well rounded set of WODs. Good job Keplar, Thiel and Central. I am really looking forward to taking part in this event. I am sure you will address all of this tomorrow night, but I figure I will throw out my initial questions in case it helps:

- is a full squat required on the barbell ground to overhead?
- is a full squat required on the barbell snatch?
- can we switch hands on the one arm kb snatch?
- is kipping allowed on the hspu?
- is scaling allowed for those who still want to participate but cannot do a particular movement like the hspu? resulting in a no score of course?

Thanks! Can't wait!

20. ken c wrote...

way to go jeremy and carey. great set of workouts there. should be a great event.

21. Laura wrote...

I'm a little disappointed there isn't a strength WOD.. max snatch or clean jerk even DL's like most sectionals have had.

going to be a great event regardless!

22. Web Smith wrote...

Interesting perception of our workouts. Will you be standing next to me as a competitor or watching from a distance? Either way, you'll see athletes performing WODs that will determine the most complete CrossFit athlete. A 2k Row, performed at Games intensity will elicit a level of pain that no other endurance workout (in CrossFit's domains) can. To unstrap from the rower, without pause, and then go into repping out 275# dead lifts will determine the answer of several questions: Who is conditioned? Who is strong? and who has the heart to go past their own limitations?

Last year, detractors said the same things about Jeff Tucker's WODs before they were done at Hell's Half Acre and look what our region's selection processed turned out. One region had four athletes in their top 16 field and three who finished in the overall top 9. Carey Kepler, Crystal McReynolds and, my wife, Lindsey Smith. No other region can say that and it just so happens that all four of those athletes, with dominant Games experience, are involved with making this sectional a successful event.

Good luck to my fellow athletes.

23. Richard wrote...

Excellent points Web makes. The fastest of the fast will have to push really hard for every second. Yet, while these challenging WODs will be tight in placing for the "beasts", they still may be "doable" for us older, slower athletes who are competing as an example to ourselves, our children and our friends.

Great programming everyone at CrossFit Central! This will be an awesome weekend.

My only concern is the HSPUs after presses and burpees. (Note to self, spend more time working on HSPUs.....double unders......kettlebell snatches.....)

Good luck athletes, it will be fun chasing everyone.

24. David Nickel wrote...

Well said, Web. Looking forward to this weekend. Great programming. God bless.

25. KC wrote...

Pretty sure that those 185# DLs will feel pretty heavy, making it a strength component, after the 2K row.

Just saying!

I'm nervous and very excited about this weekend! Good luck to all the competitors!!

26. Carson wrote...

It will be an incredible weekend...another question that might come up is whether we'll be allowed to drop the 275# after hitting full extension on the deads...

...also I just did WOD #2...I performed strict HSPU (I am hoping this will be the standard) and finished in 5'13"...I was not going balls to the wall but wanted to get a feel for the transitions...anything under 4'30" is fast...

...should be an amazing weekend

27. Matt wrote...

WOD 1 scoring is low score wins correct?

I interpret it to be like the following example;

row time 7:15 = 435
85 deadlifts x 5 = 425

435 - 425 = score of 10

I see a plus sign in the description, a minus in the score and parenthesis that could all have meaning.

28. Rob Silver wrote...

Im getting ready for the UK/Ireland sections here in london... I did WOD2 tonight with strict HSPU at width = shoulder press and got 5:45. I felt like i was moving pretty slow due to some shoulder fatigue (first time i ever had to break up HSPU, even with only 4 reps). Did Air Force WOD yesterday in 6:45 (12th @ midwest) so that gives any competitors here a guide for speed. Carson is right, top times will be under 4:30.

29. carey Kepler wrote...

For Clarification on the Dead Mans Row workout, you will row a 2k for time then you will have 10 secs to move to the dead lift bar where you will have one(1) opportunity to dead lift as many reps as possible no resting at the bottom and if you let go, set the bar down you are done. set over. set terminated.DONE. workout completed.

**make sure you attend the 6:45 briefing on all of the workouts and standards!

Good luck to all the competitors!

30. Hmmm?? wrote...

So with no rest at the bottom of the deadlifts, we'll be performing the technique of bouncing, instead of the more correct technique of resetting at the bottom....sounds good to me...

31. ZW wrote...

Barbell snatches = squat snatches? power or split snatches?

I know this will all be explained tomorrow- I'm just wondering

32. tee wrote...

3 medium-duration multi-movement metcons. This should be good for showing who is the best at medium-duration multi-movement metcons.

The winners of the MetCon Sectionals had better hope that the Regionals also focus heavily on medium-duration multi-movement Crossfit-style metcons.

33. Garth wrote...

Just an FYI for those who might forget......this Saturday we spring forward for Daylight Savings. You are going to lose an hour between Saturday and Sunday. Adjust your watches accordingly and get to bed early.

Good luck everyone!! See you this weekend.

34. Joe wrote...

"instead of the more correct technique of resetting at the bottom"

do you mean "correct" as in universally true? Is a push press a bastardized version of a shoulder press? Or just a different movement? The only thing that matters is that everyone will be judged to the same standards.

35. Hmmm?? wrote...

i hope they are the same standards...."every second counts"...i hope each judge can count that 1 second pause at the top of the kb snatch...and i hope they can all decipher according to the same standard, when one "finishes" their deadlift, what time frame is being used for that? Half a second pause, millisecond pause, seems pretty subjective to me. just sayin...

36. Mariah MacDonald wrote...

The argument we all stand for is that "S/He Who is Good at Crossfit Will Kick Ass in Almost Any Arena." It logically follows that a wide-sweeping Sectionals Workout would be peppered with a wide range of Crossfit 'basics' albeit thrown together into a dynamic, engaging recipe - which I think this programming demonstrates. It also follows that Regionals would be more dynamic, and that the Games would be more dynamic even still - with sandbag runs and hammering madness to test our premise. I think this programming makes far more 'sense' than allot of the programming I've seen at the Sectionals level.

Just sayin'.


37. Eric wrote...

Jeremy and Carey,

I like your WOD's!
Good luck to you guys this weekend, I'll be thinking of you.

Eric Barber
Next Generation CrossFit
South Central Sectionals, Tulsa, OK

38. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Tee, you're a broken record with your facts wrong. By my reckoning we're looking at 5 min, 12min, and 15-20min. That's a very fair representation of the time domains Crossfitters work in and logistically is plenty to pack in. I'm sure you'd display the same testicular fortitude in your programming you have in your anonymous trolling.

39. eric wrote...

The wods are set so why would you complain? You should save that energy for the rower. If your not competing then go cheer on someone who is. This is a friendly competition if your gonna win the games well you have to suck it up and represent yourself your gym and your programming.

40. Miguel "Nugget" Garza wrote...

SoCal's scaling for the HSPU's is interesting...I know we're supposed to wait until the standards being announced tonight...just want to know if anyone has the heads up on what will be done here?

41. Kenny wrote...

Geaux Wesley!

42. Winchester wrote...

What an amazing weekend!

Thanks to Camp Mabry, all the judges and volunteers, the spectators, the competitors, and of course CrossFit Central! It was a level 10 event for sure -- organization was impeccable, the WOD's were an amazing test of athletic capability, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

Special props go out to my fellow Central brothers and sisters: 12 out of the top 60! Well done and thanks for your support!

-Michael Winchester

43. Shannon wrote...

Amazing weekend in Austin, Texas. Well organized and run event! CONGRATS to all 11 athletes from CROSSFIT TEXAS who competed and gutted it out. Awesome work to all and Congrats to the 5 who qualified to go on to Regionals!


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