South Texas Sectional

South Central Texas Sectionals Wrap-up

Day 3 consisted of a chipper that would challenge any CrossFitter.

The South Texas sectional took place over the weekend, advancing another 60 athletes (30 men and 30 women) to the upcoming Regionals in Fort Worth, TX. Event organizer Jeremy Thiel reports.

"After months of preparation the 2010 Central Southern Texas Sectionals are complete! The anticipation of the Games starts in each Sectional with the first athletes stepping up to become competitors.

The goal of the Central Southern Texas Sectional was to find a field of 30 males and 30 females who are competent in CrossFit movements. Carey Kepler and I built three workouts that we felt would display competency in movements and separate the beginners and intermediates from the elite athletes. The venue was perfect -- we held it at Camp Mabry, a Texas National Guard base in Austin. We had access to an open field, a black top, and Building 39 -- a tin shed that holds equipment for the base. This is where the athletes hung out, scoring and media were housed. We had a ton of people come out to cheer on athletes and see what the Sport of Fitness is all about. Our judges and volunteers were top notch, they did a phenomenal job and there is no way we could have pulled this off without them.

Event 1 consisted of two fundamental movements showing power, stamina, and the ability to grind through multiple repetitions of 275lb deadlifts for men and 185lbs deadlifts for women. We saw athletes easily lift 20+ reps and 30+ reps plus sub 8 min and sub 7 min 2K row times. We watched Michael Gregory pull 32 reps and Lisa Thiel pull 20 reps, this easily showed elite weight could have been 315 for men and 220 for women.

After communicating with HQ and making some revisions to the second workout, we felt that we found a perfect formula for Event 2 with a gymnastics and strength component. The HSPU also worked to separate the beginners from the elites. As the workout progressed we saw the elite athletes finish in 5-6 minutes and left other athletes struggling to complete the event. After two events in an 8-hour day and beautiful 80 degree weather, Day 1 of the Central Southern Texas Sectional was complete.

Day 3 consisted of a chipper that would challenge any CrossFitter with thrusters, kettlebell snatches, double unders, swings, and full squat snatches. Carey and I felt like this was the final equalizer to separate the 30 athletes who would move on to represent our sectional at the 2010 Regionals. Our goal was to create an experience as similar to the Games as possible and give the athletes a glimpse of what July 16th - 18th would feel like. Congratulations to all of the competitors who came out - and especially to the top 30 men and women who will represent Southern Texas & Louisiana!"

Top 5 Men
1. Andrew Lewis
2. Drew Bignall
3. Charlie Gerszewski
4. Crockett Ladd
5. Dan Fuhr

Top 5 Women
1. Whitney Welsch
2. Jessica Sharratt
3. Crystal Nelson
4. Melanie Bruce
5. Jeanna Cournoyer

For a full list of results go here.

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10 comments on this entry

1. Kelly Guillory wrote...

I agree. The events were challenging and the venue was perfect. I was pleased to finish 10th and make lots of new Crossfit friends who I will see at Regionals!

2. Brandon Ecker wrote...

I cannot say enough about the professionalism that the hosts from Crossfit Central showed this weekend. They put on a fantastic sectional. I finished 33 and while I was upset, I knew that our workouts were fair, tough, and varied. And I believe that our athletes are the best in the world!...Thanks for the opportunity to compete. Good Luck to everyone and I know the regional at GSX will be fantastic as well!

3. chris wrote...

Quick question? I can not find the chipper wod details, like what it was exactly? Can some one give me the TOMTOM on it please?

4. jason wrote...

what were the revisions to WOD 2?

5. Kris Kepler wrote...

15-115lb thrusters
100ft run
50 single arm kb snatch 1.5 pood (you could alternate hands)
100ft run
100 Double Unders
100ft run
50 Kb swings 1.5 pood
100ft farmers walk/ run with 1.5 pood
15-115lb barbell snatch (you could power snatch, but you still had to bring the weight past parallel first for the rep to count)

6. Shannon wrote...

I agree that the event was run excellent! Athletes always knew where to be and the standards were easily spelled out. I have to add to Kris and remind (like you would forget haha) that our Double Unders were in GRASS. That one element is were many athletes either got "stuck" and held up on the rest of the wod. Goood Times!

7. Jeff Germond wrote...

Thanks to Jeremy, Carey, the judges, volunteers, sponsors, and CrossFit Central for putting on a great event! Echoing Brandon's sentiments, the workouts were fair and competitive. While it kills to not make the top 30, I think 30 excellent athletes are moving on and will represent our region well at regionals. I had a blast! Thank You!

8. Jonathan wrote...

When is Regional information going to be posted? Should we assume that location and hotel information will be the same as 2009?

9. aaron wrote...

So what were the HSPU standards in the end, specifically for women? I gather from the scores they figured out some way to count partials or people who could do HSPU but complete them? How did it shake out?


10. ES wrote...

Women were allowed to kip the HSPUs. Men were not. Both men and women were limited to 30" width of the hands. Partial scores were allowed, i.e., reps completed instead of total time, but they were ranked below everyone who finished. Those who did not get any HSPUs got DNF and were ranked below anyone with reps.


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