S. California Sectional

SoCal Sectionals Wrap-up

Andy Petranek checks in from his event.

The SoCal Sectional went down in Drake Stadium at UCLA this last weekend. Event organizer and CrossFit Games competitor Andy Petranek sent in his wrap-up.

"Couldn't have asked for a better day for a Sectional in Southern California... Beautiful weather, incredibly fit athletes and a staff of volunteers and judges beyond compare. I never realized the kind of work it takes to pull off an event of this magnitude. To do it the way we did, and to support the 233 registered athletes (175 men and 58 women) in the competition, it took a huge support staff of 150 volunteers and 70 judges for which I am eternally grateful -- for the countless hours of generous support, late nights, early mornings, long meetings, and countless phone calls and emails. Without them, none of this would have been possible -- literally. Thank you all!

The competition was hot right out of the gate. After the first couple men's heats took more than 25 minutes to finish the "Stadium Chipper," we were concerned that we had miscalculated our estimated 15-20 minutes for Event 1. However, when William Grundler came onto the scene, he set the course on fire with a blazing time of 14:42 - forty seconds faster than any male competitor would do that day. Next it was the women taking front stage. Ingrid Kantola set a women's course record with a time of 16:14 (a full 3 minutes faster than her closest competitor) but the real story came from the back... Since we told everyone that we wouldn't be disqualifying anyone form this workout, SIX female athletes were out on the course for over 40 minutes - talking about mental and physical toughness coupled with sheer stubbornness, there literally was no quit in these ladies!"

"We started Event 2 in a slightly different order than Event 1 so that athletes weren't competing again with exactly the same people from the previous round. This event was actually 2 "short" workouts, and for the top three male finishers (Huie Storm, Max Fernandez and Ben Hopkins) in a workout we called "Double Down", both workouts WERE short -- all three men finishing the the squat clean/handstand push workout in under 5:00, and the squat snatch/c2b pull-up/row workout in under 7:00! After catching some heat for adding a scaling option for athletes in the handstand push-ups, we were surprised at how many of the men used this "tap out" option (50) to prevent a DNF. Most of the women took the option to scale the handstand push ups (43), virtually locking a spot in the top 20 for the 15 women who were able to complete this workout without scaling. Ingrid Kantola continued her winning ways in this event with a first place combined time from both workouts of 15:26.

The final event, "Six Max Efforts" wasn't announced until Saturday night, after all of the competitors had gone home. They learned about the workout either on-line that night, or the next morning when they arrived at the venue. Staring with the women on Sunday morning, it gave our athletes a chance showcase their skills and strengths with two metcon elements (row, 800m run), two weightlifting elements (overhead squat & deadlift), and two gymnastic elements (pull-ups and L-sit). Ingrid continued her domination of the field with another win in this event giving her a perfect ranking score of 3 points and a first place overall finish, followed by Maddy Curley and strong third by Beth Guse. For the men it was Paul Gregrow finishing in first place, earning him a 6th place finish overall, slightly behind our top three men - Storm Huie, Ben Hopkins, and Jarrett Perelmutter.

There were some amazing top max efforts set by a variety of athletes in the final event: 3 minutes row for calories - Justin Flynn (95), Amanda Barelli (62); 3 minutes of deadlift for max reps (275/185lbs) - Shirley Brown (32), Cameron Currie (41); L-sit accumulated time in 3 minutes - Rocco Di Jerlando (104 sec), Tanya Bentley (137 sec); Overhead Squat max reps in 3 min (95/65lbs) - Ingrid Kantola (49), Jeremy Jones (57); Pull-ups (one max set) - Max Fernandez & Dillon Carlson (42), Maddy Curley (38); and 800m Run - Jaala Thibault (2:56), Matt Verbrugge (2:25).

There were truly inspiring performances by athletes all the way around, and many awe-inspiring stories of successes, failures and battles won and lost from these Sectionals. I'm sure the stories will come out as time goes by. Athletes, thank you all for showing up, not quitting, ever, and helping to make this event something truly spectacular!"

Top 5 Men
1. Storm Huie
2. Hopkins Benjamin
3. Jarett Perelmutter
4. Max Fernandez
5. Mark McSharry

Top 5 Women
1. Ingrid Kantola
2. Maddy Curley
3. Beth Guse
4. Lindsey Benson
5. Kelley Urbani

For a full list of results from the SoCal Sectional, go here.

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6 comments on this entry

1. Will Blaker wrote...

I knew So. Cal would produce some front-runners for the games. Nice work everyone. I'm from Nor-Cal, but always appreciate the caliber of athlete that comes from this region.

2. Cameron Currie wrote...

Thanks to everyone who made this event run so smoothly. This was my first time competing and its well planned events like these that will bring me back. I was truly humbled by some of the athletes there and it was an experience I wont soon forget. Thanks again!

3. Milk wrote...

Awesome time. I want to thank everyone involved.

4. Megan wrote...

I would like to thank everyone involved as well. It was a great event. And I love the video.

5. Jeremy Kinnick - Crossfit Kinnick wrote...

Amazing job this weekend Beth! You have made us so proud. The competition brought out even more than we expected! Now its time to crank it up! Regionals are just around the corner!

6. Manda - CrossFit Bako wrote...

I knew Beth was tough - but wow - she is force to be reckoned with. Both Beth and Mark inspired me to push harder the entire weekend! Great job everybody - it was an honor to compete with you guys. See you at Regionals!!


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