S. California Sectional

SoCal Sectional WODs 1 & 2 Announced

Workout 1 "Stadium Chipper"
This WOD is "for time." You will be starting at field level, and will be running through a zig-zag course up and down the stadium steps a total of 3 times up and 3 times down. At each landing (top and bottom for a total of 6), you will be required to perform a certain number of reps of a movement. Your time is based on your cumulative time from the start to the finish line.

For time:
- Run 100m from start (on the field) to bumper plates
- Pick up a bumper plate (45#/25#)
- Run up 83 steps (to the top of the stadium) with your bumper plate (45#/25#)
- 70 Squats (holding the plate, drop the plate and start at zero)
- Run down 83 steps, drop your plate
- 35 Push Press (45#/33#)
- Run up 83 steps (no plate)
- 15 Thrusters (135#/95#)
- Run down 83 steps (no plate)
- 35 Burpees
- Run up 83 steps
- 35 Wall Ball (10' - 20/14lbs)
- Run down 83 steps
- 70 Double Unders
- Run 100m to the finish line

Workout 2 "Double Down"
Overview: This WOD actually consists of two short workouts. You will start the second workout exactly 20 minutes after you start the first one, so your rest is determined by the time it takes you to finish the first workout. Your score for this event is the combined times of both workouts, and based on this time, you will be ranked from fastest to slowest.

Part 1
4 Rounds for time of:
9 Squat Cleans (135/95lbs)
6 Handstand Push-ups

Part 2
For time:
30 Hang Squat Snatches (75/43lbs)
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
750m Row

For more updates on to SoCal sectional, keep an eye on CrossFit LA's website.

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Workout 1 Overview Video...

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Workout 2 Overview...

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Workout 2 Movement Standards...

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76 comments on this entry

1. mcsharry wrote...

hell yeah.

2. Linker wrote...

AWESOME lookin workouts! Very creative, yet still classic CrossFit!

3. Alec wrote...

This will be an amazing day.

4. bob wrote...

is there going to be a penalty if we can't do HSPUs? no problem with any movement except that one.

5. SUFFER wrote...

ummmm...since when is the "Hang" anywhere below the knee? Does this mean I can take it from the ground? Wouldn't it then just be a snatch?


6. Andy P wrote...

Bob - The penalty for no HSPU is a DNF. So yes, there is a penalty. The good news is that you can complete part 2 AND WOD #3 even if you DNF in this one.

SUFFER - You can take the bar from wherever you want - as long as it's below the knees.

7. bob wrote...

Will i still have to do the squat cleans and then just stand by the wall or something? I don't mind either way because i am not expecting to finish in the top 20 anyways. just going to have fun and give it all i got.

8. SUFFER wrote...

Thanks AP...

Bob, CLASSIC. I'll come over and we can tell 6 jokes in place of the 6 HSPU while you stand around...

So fun...


9. Christian Aguirre wrote...

This weekend is gonna be a blast. Can't wait to be out there with all the athletes! See you this weekend. Cheers!

10. bob wrote...

I don't think I even know 6 jokes that i can tell.

11. Arlo wrote...

So glad I am just spectating this weekend!

12. mj wrote...

I WISH I was doing WOD 1 in my sectionals.....looks amazing! Well done.

13. Andy P wrote...

Bob - nope... basically, you'll just get stuck at the HSPUs... you can continue trying for the remaining minutes, but you have to complete the HSPU as Rx.

14. Lauren wrote...

Yep, This will leave a lasting impression for all athletes! Great job guys!!

15. Ryan at CrossFit 714 wrote...

I`m going to have nightmares about wod #1 the next couple days. Everything seems really reasonable, but the 70 unbroken squats scare the shit out of me.

16. Andrew wrote...

Great workouts, WoD 1 looks like absolute torture, awesome!

17. Brian wrote...

Regarding the 70 squats:

Is dropping the weight the only thing that would result in starting over from zero? Could someone sit with the weight in their lap to rest between reps or something like that?

18. Colin Jenkins wrote...

are we allowed to bring our own jump rope for double unders?

19. Brian wrote...

Regarding the 70 squats:

Is dropping the weight the only thing that would result in starting over from zero? Could someone sit with the weight in their lap to rest between reps or something like that?

20. Andy P wrote...

SQUATS - we forgot to include that you must REMAIN STANDING at all times during your squats and you can't put the weight down on the ground or on your feet. Anything else you want to do is fine.

JUMPROPE - we have 8, 9 and 10' beaded ropes... you must use OUR ropes. No exceptions.

21. Tanya wrote...

Bob -- How 'bout if you do my squat cleans for me, I'll do your HSPUs? I'm sure they won't notice...
SUFFER, we'll listen to your jokes all the while. Should be a rarin' good time had by all -- I can't wait!

22. Burning Quads wrote...

OH MY GOD! People are going to be thrashed after WOD #1. I bet you'll see a whole lot of people cramping up badly in WOD# 2, especially the second part. I'm glad this isn't my sectional. There is no doubt though that whoever wins this sectional is going to be one fit mutha!

23. Jessica wrote...

Hey Andy,
I am confused about the scoring for the second WOD. If you DNF- what is your score- how do you continue onto the second half of the second WOD?

24. Josh wrote...

Is it necessary to hit each step during the stadium stairs run? If I were trying to duplicate this as my box, any idea how to replicate the stairs? 12" step ups?

25. Sarah Rod wrote...

Do you have to hit every step in WOD #1, or can you skip steps? What would be a good sub if I were to do the first wod at my box? 12" step ups??

26. Andy P wrote...

Jessica - you may continue, but you will not be ranked.

Josh - no, you don't have to touch each step. You just have to get from the bottom to the top.

27. Ryan wrote...


For the first part of WOD 2, if someone gets stuck on the HSPUs, then they DNF and wait the remainder of the 20 mins to start the 2nd part?

28. Dave T wrote...

For kipping HSPU's, do the feet have to remain in contact with the wall throughout the entire movement? In the video, it shows an example of the kipping HSPU but doesn't show the side view. Please clarify. Thanks!

29. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

Go Crossfit Kinnick Athletes!!!!

30. Ricky Frausto wrote...

Did WOD #2 just a minute ago. I was planning on doing from floor to overhead as many reps as possible in 3 minutes with 176 in the same fashion, so 20 minutes after the hang squat snatch and pull-ups but that wasn't happening. Maybe after a rest day but not today.

It was a good workout. First workout goes fast and then you just sit there and watch the time trickle away until you have to work again. The second workout is fast too. It's programmed so that if your mind is strong enough, you can rest very little if at all between reps. The row sucks.

Great stuff CFLA.

31. Andy P wrote...

Ryan - yes. Exactly.

Dave - yes. Feet must remain in contact with the wall - as long as at the END of the HSPU your feet are on the wall.

32. Michael wrote...

I know the video said feet on the wall the whole time, but I have to ask a similar question regarding kipping on the HSPU.

It seems nearly impossible to kip while keeping your feet on the wall the whole time.

As long as the feet end up on the wall at the top of the rep, isn't that what matters? Or, will the judge no rep you?

Thanks for being so responsive to questions.

33. Jer wrote...

how can you kip HSPU's with locked out knees and your feet on the wall? do you mean your feet have to be on the wall and your knees have to be locked out at the top of the HSPU?

34. Andy P wrote...

HSPU - kipping - you can do whatever you want while you kip, but your feet must be in contact with the wall at the top of each HSPU for the rep to count.

35. Andy P wrote...

HSPU - kipping - you can do whatever you want while you kip, but your feet must be in contact with the wall at the top of each HSPU for the rep to count.

36. Remy wrote...

Andy, you said "REMAIN STANDING ...can't put the weight down on the ground or on your feet. Anything else you want to do is fine." How about cradling the plate in your lap and hunching over it to shake out your hands (like you would while resting a heavy barbell)?

37. Andy P wrote...

Remy - sure... whatever you need to do...

38. Mark M wrote...

Andy, comment 31 is still a little ambiguous. So for a rep to count, your feet have to end up against the wall when you are totally locked out and your feet can come out of contact with the wall during the rep? Otherwise, there is no way to kip and have your heels stay in contact with the wall.

39. Adam wrote...

There is really nothing ambiguous about it. Just read it. Pretty simple.
Great job Andy!

40. jer wrote...

haha, blame the delay in comments getting posted for the multiple repeats of questions & answers :)

thanks for the patience, AP.

41. KoKo wrote...

Can we do the HSPUs with our head facing the wall instead of facing away from it? as long as our feet touch the wall?

42. Lindsey wrote...

Are the double unders allowed to be broken or do they have to be done unbroken??

43. Sarah wrote...

Pretty sure you don't have to do 70 double unders
unbroken.....there would be alot of people there allllllll day long

44. Jesse Gray wrote...

Oh man, WOD 1 is sadistic! I love it! Great programming SoCal, way to make use of your venue!

45. Brian wrote...

If you want to reposition the bumper after the stair run, can you beiefly put it down before the squats?

46. Suggestion wrote...

I am not in this sectional, but for some of you who cant do handstand pushups...you may try kipping them from the bottom or using an ab mat. I am not sure if they will consider kipping full technique but an ab mat will allow you to do them scaled and be able to move on.

47. Andy P wrote...

Lots of interesting questions!

Koko - No - you must do the HSPU with your back to the wall

Lindsey - feel free to do your double unders unbroken! But there is no requirement to do so.

Brian - NO. Once you've picked up the plate at the bottom of the stairs, it's up... don't put it down. If you put it down ON the stairwell, it's simply your loss of time... no penalty.

48. Andy P wrote...

We just posted all the additional documents about the wods, diagrams, coordinating instructions, etc on our site -


49. jer wrote...

question about the 2nd WOD:

are we looking at cumulative time - i.e. 20 min + part II? or will your personal clock stop when you complete part I and start again when you do part II?

50. Lisa wrote...

SO in WOD #1 if you can only do 85# Thusters you would just be stuck there as a DNF and wouldn't even get to the burpees etc.? There is no scaling...which I get as you can't have all these weights everywhere. I am competing in the Masters group at the regional and was going to do this for fun and practice.... I am wondering if I will be able to complete enough of it. I can do HSPU ...yet hoping to be able to by regionals. hmmm.... should I be competing in this sectional?

51. Lisa wrote...

OOPS....BIG OOPS...I meant to say I CAN'T do HSPU!!! :) big difference :)

52. Erich wrote...

I am registered for this sectional but I can't attend. I spoke to the organizers and I was told I can't get a refund but I can 'sell' my registration to someone. Is anyone out there planning to compete but hasn't registered yet? If so, maybe we can work out a deal.

53. Justin Flynn wrote...


I am interested in your buying your ticket for one of my guys. I just emailed you.
contact me at: justin@orangecoastcrossfit.com

54. Aaron Johnson wrote...

WOW! That is going to be awesome! Beauty job on putting that together. Can't wait to see the videos! Giver hell you guys/gals!

55. Terry wrote...

I am not clear, If an athlete is unable to complete the HSPU wod in the 15 minute time limit. Do they automatically get a score of 15:00 mins. for the first part of WOD#2 and then add it to 2nd part of WOD #2 for a combined score? Or are they DNF'd and unable to make the top 20? The real question is can they still make the top 20? Thanks

56. Adam wrote...


From reading the posts and standards, and considering this is a sectoinals competition, Im guessing it will be a DNF.

57. Chris wrote...

You will be suprised at how much more you can do in a competition so I am sure you can knock out the 95# thrusters. Also learn to do the kipping HSPUs..you still have a few days! Good luck

58. ben wrote...

theyre going to run downstairs after doing 15 thrusters @135? and thats after they do the 70 squats and run down the stairs. wonder how many people are going to fall down the stairs? sounds scary to me.

59. Matt wrote...

It's nice to see another set of sectionals without a ton of complaining.

Now that you shared the heat info I do have a complaint

Why would one athlete have a 8:45am start time on WOD 1 and a 1:30pm start on WOD 2

Another athlete has a WOD 1 start of 9:00am but a WOD 2 start of 3:50pm.

The 2nd athlete gets more than 2 hours rest between WODs compared to the first athlete.

Thanks for sharing

60. Matt wrote...

Complaining without a solution is not my style so here is my suggestion.

Never move an athlete up or down more than 1 heat grouping. This would prevent huge differences in the rest time.

Staying in the same heat may not be considered fair either. At least for those in the first heats. Those in later heats get the advantage of seeing what others have done.

It becomes more difficult with different heat sizes as we have in this situation. WOD 1 has smaller heat sizes.

If you are in the 1st 3 heats of WOD 1 you should be in the 2nd heat of WOD 2, Those in the next 3 heats move to 1st heat in WOD 2. Or something like that. Beacause of the odd numbers you may have a couple athletes getting to move 2 spaces.

Oh well it is what it is.

What about day 2 heats are you going to reseed based on day 1 results?


61. Annie wrote...

I guess the structure of the heats adds to the "unknowable" factor that Crossfit employs. It is all gonna suck in some way for everyone! Some get the heat of the day at first and cool in the evening, and vice versa. I don't think it is gonna make a damn bit of difference after the word "Go" -It is, what it is, now go GET SOME!

62. Melissa Frenick wrote...

Go Jaala!!

63. Ron wrote...

We're thinking of bringing our 27' trailer to the sectional for us to use as home base etc. Is there parking right near the field, or is it a trek from the parking lot to the field?

64. John B wrote...


The parking structures on campus can't accommodate trailers. Parking is about 600 yards.

65. Matt wrote...

Sorry Annie but I don't agree. Unknown & Unknowable is a great tag line but in competetion there should be an even playing field. If like at the 09' Games those who finished the 7k first started the DL last everyone has the same chance going in. Running slow was a punishment so to speak everyone knew it.

I think 2 hours of rest is huge. One athlete is getting 50% more recovery time.

Might as well have different weights for the athletes too. Unknown & Unknowable you get 115# and others get 95#.

Since we are using cliche's how about "EVERY SECOND COUNTS" 7200 seconds of additional rest.

I know they have a difficult task & I appreciate all the work that CFLA has put into this event.

There are going to be athletes who finsh only a couple points out of a qualifying spot. I hope it isn't those who had less rest.

I know you can't please everyone & I hate being a complainer. Just being a protective Coach I guess.

Good luck to all & Annie I'll be cheering you on.

66. Arlo wrote...


67. CJ wrote...

apologies for sounding pissed off, but allowing scaling for HSPU SUCKS. Not only are abmats allowed, but suddenly "tapping out"too? Now those of us who rock at hspu, but find 95# squat clean reps to be quite heavy have NO advantage -- how about scaling for the weight as well? That would seem fair.

Part of being a crossfitter is being ready for anything and everything -- we all pray not to see that one item on the menu that we can't do. If I'd have seen one, i would've just given it a try or bowed out, not asked for something that happened to be doable for me.

68. Nathan Holiday wrote...

I agree that the difference in rest time could pose problems. Honestly though, the difference between 5 and 7 hours of complete rest is, for me at least, minimal. As long as nutritional tactics are utilized, full recovery can be realized fairly quickly. At which point additional rest is just sit-around-time.

I say this now, but maybe if I came in 21st place behind someone who had an additional 2 hours rest I would argue that I was robbed. lol. But who cares? It could've have just as easily been me who got the additional 2 hours of rest. This kind of thing happens in most, if not all, forms of competitions. It's just the luck of the draw.

Re HSPUs. I think the standards should remain intact. Everyone runs the risk of encountering a weakness... and you play the odds everytime you enter a competition like this. I'm glad that there will be separate rankings for people who are not yet capable of performing the WODs RXd. But another part of me wonders why someone would complain about it. What if it was muscleups? or handstand walks? Or full snatch for max load? There will ALWAYS be unhappy competitors who feel they got the short end of the stick.

My advice is to suck it up and work your weaknesses with a newfound focus.

Good luck to all.


69. Andy P wrote...

REST - yes, we knew about the difference - it's called "luck of the draw". If the difference between 5 and 7 HOURS of rest makes that big a difference to you, you've got way more to worry about than just rest. Matt - with all due respect, you're starting to sound like you're whining. I'd understand and agree if the difference were 30 min vs. 2 hrs...

HSPU - we created the scale specifically THIS event and specifically for the requirement that we send 20 women to Regionals. We wanted to pre-empt the potential scenario that less than 20 women finish the HSPU workout as RX. That is the ONLY reason we added in the scaling option. I am in complete agreement that for the CF Games, as RX should be as RX.

70. Nolan wrote...

I don't know if it has been mentioned already, but it's daylight saving time this weekend. Keep that in mind everyone!

71. Matt wrote...

No offense taken Andy, I agree it does sound a little like whining. Saying luck of the draw doesn't irk me like the unk & unk comment for some reason.

My math was off also I was thinking 4 vs 6 hrs.

Like I've said in my previous comments great job by you and your team.

We know it will be a great event!

72. Lindsey wrote...

I can't wait to see everyone tommorrow!!Good luck to all!!!!Here is a quote that I think is apporiate for the Second WOD!!!
BUild upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves."
-Joyce C. Lock

73. lindsey wrote...

Can't wait to see everyone!!!Good luck to all!!!And here is a quote I felt was apporiate for the second WOD!!!!

BUild upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves."
-Joyce C. Lock

74. Jer wrote...

will there be some sort of mat set up for the HSPU's? or are we going top of head to concrete?

75. Edwin wrote...

Not a competitor but you might want to check the "Note" left on this site.


76. Tanya wrote...

I'm 100% with you, CJ!


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