S. California Sectional

SoCal Sectional Update

A first look at SoCals upcoming sectional schedule.

In just a few short days every top level Southern California CrossFit athlete will be descending upon UCLA's Drake Stadium in what promises to be an epic event! As March 13th-14th approaches, we want to give you some important detailed info about the event, so you can start your planning accordingly.

Wednesday (March 10)
12 noon - WODs 1 & 2 announced

Friday (March 12)
5:00 - 9:00pm - Athlete Registration at CrossFit LA

Saturday (March 13)
6:00 - 7:15am - Athlete arrival and late registration
7:30am - MANDATORY pre-event athlete meeting
8:00am - WOD 1 Start
1:30pm - WOD 2 Start
7:30pm - Announcement of WOD 3

Sunday (March 14)
7:15 - 8:30am - Athlete arrival and check-in
9:00am - WOD #3 Start
1:00pm - Top 20 Men & Women Announced

Google MAP of the event

- Spectators are welcome - both pre-registered and walk-ins. If you are walking in, it would be helpful if you bring cash - $50 at the door.
- Children under 12 are FREE.
- NO DOGS (or animals) allowed at Drake Stadium.
- The ONLY place to park is at the designated areas on the map - Parking Lot 6 & 7. Cost is $10 per day.
- Commemorative apparel available for purchase.
- Food concessions will be available and have been asked to provide Paleo options, though we can't be sure it will happen. No cooking on-site.
- Water will be available for purchase, but you'd be well advised to bring your own.
- Athletes must provide their own chalk.

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36 comments on this entry

1. Adam Kayce wrote...

That poster is gorgeous. I want THAT on a shirt!

2. Jesse Gray wrote...

I know this is beating a dead horse to a point but I just checked and it is significantly cheaper to go watch the PAC-10 Men's Basketball Tournament at the Staples Center than it is to watch a Crossfit sectional in the same town. I can understand some smaller venues having to charge a ridiculous amount of money due to limited space but in a venue the size of Drake stadium you're just going to end up with a pretty empty looking stadium even if you do sell a respectable amount of tickets. Crossfit is at a tipping point right now, it's on the cusp of underground and mainstream. A big, well run sectional in a major market like LA could be a giant boost to Crossfit in the area but at $50 a person you're just killing any momentum that could possibly be gained. Again, it's Crossfit's prerogative to charge whatever they want but I really think $50 a spectator at this event in particular is a huge mistake. Best of luck with the sectional either way, love the posters.

3. James wrote...

haha that poster if funny

4. James wrote...

$50 to watch just does not make sense.

5. John Burch wrote...

The people who do go to the event will be treated to a world-class event bar none. We are approaching it as if it IS THE CROSSFIT GAMES because, for all but the 20 men and 20 women, it IS the games.

There are currently 1,200 people attending.

6. Jesse Gray wrote...

Considering Drake has seating for just under 12,000 I think that kinda proves my point. Again, I don't want to sound like a complainer because I really do like what you're doing and from an organizational viewpoint I think you are doing a fantastic job. I just think that especially because for all but 20 men and 20 women this will be their games that they should have the opportunity to compete in front of as large a crowd as possible. Wouldn't it be more fun to charge $10 a head and get five or six thousand spectators in there? Your gate would be about the same but you would sell way more concessions and merch and there would be a much larger crowd. Of course, maybe I'm way off on how many spectators you could draw and I'm sure you do know your market better than I. What I am sure of is that at $50 a person there are people not attending because of the price.

7. John burch wrote...


Just curious... did you volunteer in any way to help with this?

The cost of Drake stadium is over $12,000 for 2 days. We are putting on a spectacular event and will manage over 250 athletes who will be "in it" to the very end. With the help of a dozen people some, like Najla Kayyem from Crossfit Scottsdale, aren't even in our section... they just want to be part of something big. It's our mandate, self imposed, to put on an event to rival the Games themselves because the affiliates/athletes and real supports in our section deserve the best. This is how we operate at CFLA... we make things memorable, and if you were competing or attending you would feel the difference. It's a shame that some people won't support the community for a measly $50 (BTW - CFHQ set the pricing) and get 18 hours of entertainment.

8. Blake wrote...

I wish it wasn't true, but Jesse is right. I know that moost of the people that are attending the event from our gym is those that are basically "piggybacking" as a guest. so that 1,200 spectator number is probably a lot of the same. I really wish it was lower. We can't always say "well, if you really wanted to support us, you'd pay the big bucks". But CFLA will definately put on a great show, that will be top notch, but unfortunately the majority will miss it. Don't get all crazy John, we still love you.

9. Laurie wrote...

Love the poster!!!

10. Jesse Gray wrote...


No, I did not volunteer to help, I live in a different section than you although I was a volunteer at last years SoCal Regional (I actually flew down at my own expense to help out). I've tried saying this before so I guess I'll say it one more time and then leave it alone.
I think you have done a fantastic job and I realize that HQ set the pricing and there's nothing you can do about it. It's just a shame that it has to be so expensive. I really am thrilled that we have people like you who put forth the tremendous effort to stage these events despite critiques from people like me. My comments have in no way been meant to be an attack on you or any of the SoCal organizers and I sincerely apologize if they were interpreted that way. Please understand that I love Crossfit too and I just want it to be exposed to as many people as possible.
Once again, thank you John and all the Sectional organizers across the world for doing this for us.

11. Patrick wrote...

Class act Jesse!! John, wish I could say the same about your response.

12. Chris wrote...

Dont know if that was necessary Patrick! But 10 bucks to park too, just adds up! GL to everyone involved!

13. john burch wrote...


The reality is the event has a cost attached.

14. Patrick wrote...

I understand that, and that was my point. Jesse was trying to just bring the issue to the forefront and you insulted him when it just wasn't necessary. Ohh well, this isn't the place to bitch and moan about it! Hope it goes off without any problems and truly wish you the best!

15. Michael wrote...

$50 is just not too practical and cost effective for this type of event.
If the cost of the Drake stadium is $12,000, why not just hold it in a less expensive venue where most people can afford it. These are tough economic times for some CrossFitters especially if all they have is their passion.
In any case, I wish all the athletes the best. I am confident that this will be one of the best sectionals in the country. Good luck to everyone!

16. tiny tim wrote...

jesse i couldn't agree more with you but a few things first:

1. even though i have yet to attend a biz seminar, john i believe you all at CFLA are doing more good for the crossfit "product", name and brand than any other individual affiliate, and i'm sure this will be even more evident after next weekend.

2. i chose to volunteer for this sectional (i've actually recruited 3 other friends to also help out) partly because i just want to in some way contribute to the event but ALSO because i couldn't bring myself to spend $50 just to go watch...a sectional.

3. i understand CFHQ sets the price for entry so my frustration is not in any way directed toward the people at CFLA.

ok, enough cyber @$$ kissing, to my point and question: if there are 250 competitors ($25k in entry fees) and approx 700 spectators (thats another $35k) already registered for the event, what % of that $60K is going directly to the sectional run by a majority of volunteers? i noticed that CFLA even went out and got their own "individual" sponsorships, on their own initiative, i'm assuming to help contribute to the excellent event (smooch again). my problem is i see a bunch of money funneling to CFHQ (no i'm not talking about the weekend level 1 certs:P) for an event that should and could be the biggest marketing tool for all of crossfit. i attended the regionals last year and was so overly impressed by the atmosphere and experience that i honestly believe anyone that had the chance to attend would be an automatic convert--it was like drinking from the cool-aid firehose. so HQ, why the high costs for spectators? any response would bring a lot of clarity and much appreciated.

and one last thank you CFLA for working so hard to put the very best on for southern california! all other sectionals im sure will be green with envy...

17. EricBrandom wrote...

Has anybody noticed that the poster looks surprisingly like every picture on www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com ???

i'm just sayin'

18. Kris Kepler wrote...


19. Adams wrote...

The "sport of fitness" is a marketing slogan for the "business of fitness". Do you want to pay $50 to watch others workout? This isn't an epic quest, they aren't slaying dragons, or breathing fire. Let us be honest. Perhaps in the end it all comes down to vanity.

20. Gina wrote...

I was looking forward to this event, but for an entry level qualifier, $110 for two of us to attend is just too expensive. As a UCLA alum, and CrossFit junkie, I was stoked to see the event at Drake. Guess I will be going over to the cross town rival stadium to watch the women's Pac 10 tournament rather than attend the sectional. I would gladly pay $110 for two tickets & parking to the Games, but for a regional sectional, I think this is just too much $$$$.

Good luck to all the competitors, I am sure the event will be top notch. & lastly, HQ is free to charge whatever they want; it is there event and their product. Just a little out of my price range.

21. Joe wrote...

Jesse iam in the northeast hearing the same complaints,i have told friends dont worry about coming.unfortunately i think headquarters and others have lost touch.Dont apologize for being a paying member,and without members there would be no crossfit.Buy the way,what does annual income have to do with my registration as a competitor?

22. John Burch wrote...


Thank you for the words of support with regards to CFLA's professionalism.


23. Sean McCue wrote...

My guess for the $50 cost of admission for all sectionals is to fund the Regionals and the Games. I doubt that individual who qualify for either event will have a registration fee. Sponsorship and spectator fees will have to fund those.

24. Niki LaMonica wrote...


How do I get a hold of a poster? Love it!

Let me know.



25. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

I just finished up our Sectional and after we sell all the equipment we purchased for the event I hope to break even. Unfortunately it's not cheap to put on a quality event. If HQ permits it I'd be happy to post an event P & L for everyone to view. On a personal level it costs me $50 to go to dinner and a movies, I'm happy to pay it for these events.

26. Lucy wrote...

I think we need to put aside the spectator cost (I have a feeling its not going to change) and focus in on how great of an event this is going to be, regardless if there is 1,200 or 12,000 spectators. Going back and forth about cost and questioning cost of location and what not is taking away from the buildup of excitment for Sectionals!
Thank you CFLA for taking the time and energy to plan such a detailed and important event..I am looking forward to competing as well as cheering on my other fellow Crossfitters!

27. James wrote...

One more thing ......What is up with early registeration on friday from 5-8 in santa monica in prime rush hour on the 405???? why couldn't all day friday or multiple days? Is driving in traffic on the 405 friday night for time the first WOD????

28. Craig wrote...

Ha. What James said.

29. mcsharry wrote...

+1 james, gonna be great coming from sc

30. john burch wrote...

This is the best we could do regarding timing around classes and volunteers. Driving the 405 for time... 3-2-1 go!

31. Kris wrote...

I think I will just pay the $100 to compete so I can bring my g/f to watch!

32. mcsharry wrote...

@john - hope there's not a 20 min time limit haha

33. Andy Petranek wrote...

Hey All,

We've heard the conversation, and agree... price for spectating is too high. We've been given the go-ahead to make a change... hope you all like... and please pass the word.

Price for registration is still the same at $50, but it will get you 2 entries. 2 for 1... for both days. So if you were thinking about it, and you have a friend to bring with you, it's now HALF price. I'm sure there will still be complaints, but it's the best we can do. Hope to see lots more of you out there!


PS - Make sure when you come to the gate, your friend getting in free is with you - you'll get 2 wrist-bands, one for you (registered), and one for your guest. Oh yeah - and the same policy applies to anyone that has already registered too!

34. James wrote...

This is why i love crossfit people they see a problem and they fix it. You the MAN!!!!! Now i can bring my whole team of screamers and yellers.....Thanks again

35. Jon wrote...

Can you buy the spectator tickets at the door for the 2-for-1 price? Or does it have to be purchased online?

36. tiny tim wrote...

unbelievable! john and andy--thank you, thank you, thank you!! im shocked you guys were able to negotiate the price down...and i cannot wait to see what this weekend will be like. wow


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