San Diego (inc. AZ) Sectional

SD/AZ Sectional Wrap-up

Clever cleans up in San Diego.

The San Diego/Arizona Sectional wrapped up the first round of Games qualification this weekend. Ahmik Jones checks in with the following report.

"CrossFit NorthWest Tuscon was the story of the event with the top 2 male qualifiers and top female qualifier. However, the best time of the day was Kristan Clever, who has already qualified for Aromas and was just competing for fun. She finished the grueling chipper in 18:08, 7 minutes faster than the next female competitor and 1 minute faster than the best male athlete.

The flying pull-ups were a challenge for a few athletes, but over half of the women were able to complete the handstand push-ups as prescribed.

A big thanks to all the judges and volunteers for making this event possible."

Top 5 Men
1. Michael Moseley
2. Thomas Daya
3. Christer Idland
4. John Navarro
5. Joshua Edgeman

Top 5 Women

* 1. Kristan Clever
2. Amanda Butterfield
3. Teshina DeBoer
4. Lauren Andrade
5. Ayo Anise
6. Sage Bergener

*Pre-qualified for Regionals.

For a full list of results, go here.

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20 comments on this entry

1. Jennifer Lawrence wrote...

Hello! The name of our gym is actually CrossFit NorthWest Tucson. What a great weekend! Thanks so much to everyone who made it happen! And congratulations to all the athletes who kicked butt this weekend! See you at Regionals!

2. Sarah wrote...


3. Lisa Ray wrote...

HOORAY, CROSSFIT NW TUCSON!!! ROCKING PERFORMANCES FROM YOUR ATHLETES! It was an honor to compete and cheer alongside you! Thank you, for all the support you gave to our athletes! Congratulations to Amanda, Michael, and Thomas!

4. Lisa Ray wrote...

Thank you to the hosts, the judges, the volunteers, all the spectators, and all of the competitors for your hard work and support this past weekend. It was an AMAZING event that we, at CrossFit Flagstaff, felt privileged to be a part of. This community humbles me and makes me so proud at every turn.

Congratulations to all of you.

5. Michael Moseley wrote...

Awesome weekend! I learned so much and was humbled by some of the athletes' performances at this competition. A lot of these athletes definitely earned an RX in effort...good job! The CrossFit community never ceases to impress me.

I'd like to give a loud shout out to the judges and volunteers who stood out in the heat judging the athletes and who made sure the athlete areas were clear and accessible. Thank you!

See you at Regionals!

6. Alicia wrote...

Congratulations to everyone who competed - you're all an inspiration!! A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers, judges and everyone else who made this past weekend a success!

Here's a link to my pics from the SDAZ CF Sectionals so far. Right now I only have WOD 1 finished. They're broken up by heat, so hopefully it'll be easy to find whoever you're looking for :) And I did favor CFSC athletes ... my apologies to anyone I didn't get pictures of (you might be in one of the other workouts). More coming soon!

7. Tony wrote...

Who is the athlete with the prosthetic leg. Very inspirational. If anyone has pics and/or a name, please let me know. I would like to use them to show my profiles what true heart is.

8. Lauriel Luther wrote...

Awesome experience! What an inspiration for all involved. The thing I really noticed is how much everyone supported everyone else. Special thanks to CF Flagstaff for "adopting" us CF Phoenix athletes for the weekend, you made us feel so welcome! Really. Thank you.

And a special thank you to all the volunteers, judges, hosts, and everyone involved.

9. TImothy Chan wrote...

Hi Tony, his name is Ben Lunak from Crossfit Soutwest AZ. Here's a link to a great video from their website.

10. Alicia wrote...

Tony - there are pics of Ben in the link I posted - he's in heat #6. I have more to post, so look for additional pics to be added soon :)

11. Ben lunak wrote...

Hey everybody. I was the dude with the prosthetic. Just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome time. I had no idea it was going to be like that. Made me fall in love with the Crossfit community even more. I had no idea that many people where motivating me during wod two until i was done. Extremely motivating. I'm glad I can inspire people and show that not all disabled vets are depressed and down all the time. There is some hard charging disabled vets out there, more than what you think. Just got to have that positive attitude. Good job on everyone qualifying and good luck at regionals. I will see you there and I would like to mingle more than last weekend. Again thank you everyone for such a good time and see you soon.
You want to see inspiring check out the Georgia sectionals vid and Kyle. My god... you are awesome and a true hero in my eyes. Very Inspirational.

semper fidelis

Ben Lunak

12. Newman wrote...

What a spectacular weekend all around. Thanks SoCal for putting on a great event! As usual there were tons of heroics and inspiriational performances from so many. Also, tons of camraderie, good sportsmanship and new friendships. Coupled with the spectacular Southern California weather what else could we gym rats ask for?!

I do want to throw one dig out there to all the "young guys". You guys let a handful of us late thirties and over forties slip into the top 20. Hell, my new hero Michael Mosley is 36 and mopping up the floor. So, I expect you "young" guys to train hard and represent at regionals.

And I hate to be the one to start a controversy but I STILL want to see your "HUMAN" card Kristen Clever!! Because you're not of this world girl. It was a real treat to watch you work. You've got a lot of fans down here in Diego.
See you all at regionals.

13. CJ Martin wrote...

Thank you to all of those at CrossFit SoCal who organized this event. The SDAZ Sectional was extremely well-organized. The events started on time, judges were well-prepared, athletes knew exactly where to be and when, volunteers were kind and helpful, etc.... Amazing job. Your hard work is much appreciated.

14. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Ben- couldn't have been more impressed; you are truly an inspiration. Keep up the work brother.
Hope you got a chance to hang with the SoCal crew at dinner. Our doors are always open.

Newman- Im closing the gap from last year, and Im coming for you at regionals, but I will say this: you are selling yourself short! You are quite the athlete and a great competitor. Men don't peak physically until they are in their 30s anyway! Maybe you're just a late bloomer...HAHAHAHA! See you around brother.

CJ- You're developing some great athletes! See you guys at Regionals! Oh yeah, once Josh stops talking so much sh!t to me at work I might congratulate him!


15. Newman wrote...

Adam, thanks for the kind words. But, if I recall correctly, I believe you KICKED my ass last year at Regionals. Plus, I've already peaked and now I'm reverting back to looking just like my baby picture......bald and slobbering all the time.

But, it is kind of funny that I didn't have to mention any of the "Young Guy's" names and YOU answered me back. WTF's up with Edgeman???? Haha See you guys soon.

16. Jason wrote...

Much love to Moseley! Imagine the top female girl (Amanda) working out with Daya, and Moseley, no wonder they are a force together and killed it the way they did! Talked to Moseley only for a min, and he said that they all train together and push each other everyday! Moral of the story I NEED to get into an actual CF gym and find some folks to push me to my limits! Great event, and look forward to next year.

17. CD wrote...

I CF with them, and it is truly amazing to be apart of and very fun to watch!! Train hard Amanda, TJ, and Mike.......lets do it again at Regionals!!

18. Jenn Moseley wrote...

I agree with CD. Amanda, TJ and Mike are amazing to watch. They were all born athletes and with CD's help they have all excelled. Thanks for all you do for them DeRosa, your dedication to them is inspiring!

19. Eileen wrote...

I'm late to comment, but I can only echo that this weekend made me joyously ecstatic to be a part of such a supportive, energetic, awesome community of athletes. Ben and Robin rocked my world, as did the entire crowd cheering each of them on. Woot Woot for CrossFit! (the Crossfit Cougar)

20. NJ wrote...

I think the name of woman #5 of Top 5 Women may be spelled wrong.


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