S. California Sectional

Scaling Procedures for the SoCal Sectional

SoCal Sectional organizer Andy Petranek on scaling options for this weekend's events:

We realize that there are people who are competing this weekend who may not be able to complete all HSPUs as prescribed in WOD 2, part 1. We have come up with the following scaling option for you.

If you get to a point in the HSPU Workout where additional handstand push-ups are impossible, you may "Tap Out", by yelling "Tap Out" and hitting the ground with your hand. If/When you do this, your judge will annotate on your scorecard the number of handstand push-ups you have completed as prescribed. This number becomes your score for the workout. However, you're not done...

You must continue with the workout, substituting regular push-ups (from your toes) for each handstand push-up. When finished with the entire workout, you will get a time.

1. You MUST finish the workout in under 15 minutes whether you "Tap Out" (scale) or not.

2. Ranking for the HSPU Workout: Athletes who scale the HSPU Workout will be ranked by the number of handstand push ups they complete as prescribed. In the case of a tie, their total time for the HSPU Workout will be used to determine ranking. For example, if 3 people tie at 12 handstand push ups, the top ranking person of those three will be the one that finishd with the fastest time.

3. Ranking for WOD 2: This is for SCALED athletes only - All SCALED athletes will be ranked in the HSPU Workout. They will then complete the second workout of WOD 2, and will be ranked (only among those athletes that scaled the HSPU Workout). These two rankings will be combined (added together) for a total combined ranking. This total combined ranking will be used to determine rank among athletes in the SCALED category. Remember that ALL SCALED athletes will be ranked below all the athletes completing the WOD as prescribed.

DNF: If you do not finish the HSPU Workout in under 15 minutes, you will receive a DNF. ANY DNF (on this or any event) immediately puts you in a category below all others. You may complete all other workouts, however, your score for WOD 2 will be a DNF, and your total ranking will be among any other athlete that receives a DNF in any other WOD.

ANY athlete that SCALES the HSPU Workout will finish lower in WOD 2 ranking than anyone who completes the HSPU Workout as prescribed.
ANY athlete that SCALES the HSPU Workout will finish lower in OVERALL ranking than anyone who completes all WODs as prescribed.
ANY athlete that DNFs ANY WOD will finish lower in OVERALL ranking than anyone who scales or finishes all WODs as prescribed.

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3 comments on this entry

1. Miguel "Nugget" Garza wrote...

This is an interesting scale. I like the creativity. I want to wish everyone luck this weekend at all the different sectionals. This is the biggest part of CrossFit, where the community and competition collide head on. Lovin' it.

2. Nolan wrote...

I posted this on the other SoCal blog-post too.

I don't know if it has been mentioned already, but it's daylight saving time this weekend. Keep that in mind everyone!

3. John wrote...

arent those in the picture headstand pushups not handstand pushups becuz in the picture they cant do full rom


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