San Diego (inc. AZ) Sectional

San Diego/Arizona Sectional Workouts, Standards, Scoring and Scaling

Updated workouts, standards, and logistics for this weekend.

Workout 1
Three rounds for time of (25 min cap):
15 Deadlifts (224/153lbs)
21 Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)
Run 350 Meters

* Deadlift: From ground to legs and hips extended with shoulders behind bar. Touch and go at the bottom is OK. Dropping from the top is OK.
* Kettlebell Swings: Both forearms must touch the legs at the bottom. Arms must be strait and some portion of the ear must be in front of of the arms when viewed from the side at the top. At the top the hips and knees must be fully extended.

Workout 2
Seven rounds for time of (25 min cap):
7 Power Snatch (94/63lbs)
21 Double-unders

* Power Snatch: From ground to overhead in one movement. The bar can not stop on the body above the waist. Pressing the rep out at the top is OK. The movement is complete when arms hips and legs are fully extended and some portion of the ear is in front of of the arms when viewed from the side.
* Double-unders: Only reps where the rope passes below the feet twice in one jump will count. A standard rope will be provided that can be adjusted to the height of the competitor. Competitors will not be allowed to use their own rope.

Workout 3
For time:
3 Times up Flying Pull-Up Bars
Handstand Push-ups (21 Men/10 Women)
50 Box Jumps (24 inches)
30 Goblet Squats (32/24kg)
150 meter Heavy Bag Carry (80/45lbs)
20 Squat Clean Thrusters (134/93lbs)
Run 250 Meters
50 Burpees
20 Shoulders-to-Overhead (50/30lb Dumbbells)
Push-ups (40 Men/20 Women)
Run 250 Meters
50 Squats
50 Pull-ups (chin over the bar)

* Flying Pull-Ups: Both hands start at the bottom, both hands must touch the top and both hands must return to the bottom for the rep to count. Use of feet is not allowed.
* Handstand push-ups: Maximum width will be measured for each competitor based on forearm length and hand width. Some part of the head must touch the ground each rep and the arms must be fully extended each rep. The feet must be on the wall at the top of the rep for it to count. Feet must also be inside maximum hand width measurements during the rep. Kipping is not allowed.
* Box Jumps: Both feet must leave the ground at the same time and land on the box at the same time. Athlete must fully extend hips and knees either on or above the box.
* Goblet Squats: The ball portion of the kettlebell must be held to the chest with at least part of it above the collar bones. The crease made by the legs and abdomen must be below the top of the kneecap each rep and the legs and hips must fully extend each rep.
* Heavy bag carry: Bag must be carried, not dragged or thrown, the full distance of the course.
* Squat Clean Thusters: Each rep must start on the ground. The athlete must do full a squat and finish with the bar overhead with the arms locked out and ears in front of the arms. The athlete must perform a thruster where there is one movement from the bottom of the squat to overhead. Clean and Jerk or Press will not be allowed.
* Burpees: During each rep, the athlete must lie down on the ground and must be vertical and clap their hands overhead while in the air. Some portion of the ear must be visible in front of the arms while clapping in the air when viewed from the side.
* Shoulders-to-Overhead with Dumbbells: 2 dumbbells will be used per competitor. Each rep must start with the weight on the shoulders and finish with the arms locked out overhead and some part of the ear visible in front o the arms when view from the side.
* Push-ups: During each rep some portion of the athletes sternum must touch the indicator button between the sternal notch and the xyphoid process, and the arms must be fully extended at the top with the hands off of the ground. Body must be strait throughout the movement with only toes and hands on the ground other than at the bottom.
* Squats: The crease made by the legs and abdomen must be below the top of the kneecap each rep and the legs and hips must fully extend each rep.
* Pull-ups: The arms must fully extend at the bottom and the chin must be over the bar at the top.

Each competitor will receive the number of points that matches their place in each event. Overall place in the competition will be determined by adding the total points of each competitor with the lowest score being better.

Handstand Push-up Scaling:
We will use the same mechanism for scaling handstand push-ups that was used in the SoCal Sectional. Any athlete that scales the handstand push-ups in Workout 3 will finish lower in the Workout 3 ranking than anyone who completes the handstand push-ups as prescribed. If an athlete gets to a point where handstand push-ups become impossible, they can hit the ground and yell “Tap Out”. Their judge will then record the number of handstand push-ups that the athlete completed as prescribed on the score card. They will then be allowed to complete the set by doing pushups (Chest to the ground, full extension at the top with the hands leaving the ground). That athlete will place behind the athletes that were able to complete the handstand pushups as prescribed, no matter what their total time. Their score then becomes the number of handstand push-ups that they completed. If another athlete completed the same number of handstand push-ups, the total time for the chipper is the tie breaker.

Athlete A completes the workout as prescribed in 30 minutes.
Athlete B completes the workout in 24 minutes, but can only do 7
handstand pushups.
Athlete C completes the workout in 18 minutes, but could not do any
handstand pushups.
Athlete D completes the workout in 20 minutes, but can only do 7
handstand pushups.
The ranking for the 4 athletes above for this event would be as follows:

1st place: Athlete A
2nd place: Athlete D
3rd place: Athlete B
4th place: Athlete C

None of the athletes above would be disqualified and the failure to complete the workout as prescribed only affects the ranking in that event. The scores for the other events remain intact.

DNF Rules:
Any athlete that fails to finish any workout in the allotted time will finish lower in the overall ranking than anyone who finishes all three workouts. As is the case with scaling, not finishing a workout is not grounds for automatic disqualification.

CrossFit SoCal will be open from 4:30 AM until 7:30 PM Thursday and Friday for people to try out the equipment such as jump-ropes and try exercises such as flying pull-ups.

There will be food available from several restaurants and sponsors inside of the venue. There are several other restaurants within a few blocks. Starbucks is 2 blocks away and the Coffee Bean is 3 blocks away.

Athletes and spectators are allowed to bring food and drinks into the venue, but please do not bring any alcoholic beverages to the event.

For the safety of the competitors, no pets will be allowed in the event.

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80 comments on this entry

1. Ian wrote...

Kind of suck that the WODs have changed a little bit, be prepared for anything right?
I look forward to competing this weekend. See you all there.

2. Paul E wrote...

Nice to see they added 50 box jumps to the chipper. I thought it was looking a little easy...

This is going to hurt. can't wait to see every one.

3. keven pauling wrote...

well i guess there is the UN known... 350m run not 400. Thank Gawd!! i still have faith in Crossfit. lol

4. Eric wrote...

Can't use your own jumprope? Doesn't that favor people who have been practicing with whatever "standard" rope they have at CF SoCal?

5. Jon Kaufman wrote...

HSPU - is stomach to wall okay?

6. Mike wrote...


The rope really shouldn't make that much of a difference. Either you can do double unders or you can't. Might take some getting used to if you are used to one rope and have to use a different one for the competition, but I doubt anyone will be complaining they didn't make top thirty because of the jump rope.

7. Jessica wrote...

Jon, stomach to wall is not allowed for the HSPU's. Thanks.

8. Ahmik Jones wrote...


The ropes are brand new, provided by Rogue Fitness. We have not used this specific type of rope at CrossFit SoCal in the past.

I tried the rope out and it works well. We have a bunch of them and they will be available for the competitors to practice with prior to the workout so everyone should be on a level playing field.


Only back-to-wall handstand pushups will be allowed.

9. Christian Bull wrote...

Ahmik -

Was this planned? Maybe you cant say, either way I thought it was funny and motivating! I'm down for whatever!

- Also, on the Squat clean thrusters, can we drop the weight from the top or do we have to follow it all the way to the ground?

10. Eric wrote...


Sounds good, I'm going to try to stop by tomorrow and test out the ropes and your flying pullup setup. Thanks for keeping the gym open for everyone to drop in.

11. Ahmik Jones wrote...


No it was not planned. We have been watching the other sectionals and trying to use what we learned to improve our event.

I think that it is a better all around test now.

Yes, the squat clean thrusters can be dropped from the top.

12. Jen wrote...

WOW. I have to say I am very disappointed with the fact we can't use our own ropes for the DUs. What is the point?? A jump rope is not like a barbell or a kettelbell. Why is this being made to be so complicated? We all should be able to use the rope we use on a daily basis. And the goblet squat...some portion of it has to be above the collarbone. Really?? Who cares? Take the weight, hold it how you want in the frontal plane and squat it!! OMG....

13. Leon wrote...

Hey Ahmik, for the push ups it says "at the top arms must be fully extended with the hands off of the ground". This implies each push up finishes with a small "jump" off of the ground. Is this correct?

14. Adam Stevenson wrote...


For an average day at your gym, it is fine to use your rope or hold your KB any way you want. However, this is an official CrossFit competition. We have to ensure that every athlete has a fair shot. There are some jump ropes that are much lighter than others which will spin faster than others. This will keep it standard across the board. Football players cant bring their own footballs to the game!
As for the Goblet Squat, This was determined to be the best way to keep it standard. Otherwise you would have people holding the KB on their shoulders, at their waist, over their head etc. This way the judge only has to look at one thing: Squat depth.
Good luck.

During the push ups each push will end with a small jump off the ground.

There is actually a video in the top right corner of this post, by the first WOD.

15. G CrossFit wrote...

Are the ropes the Ultra Speed Cable? The rope makes a huge difference!

16. Garage WOD'er named Sara wrote...

Fair? Really Adam you wanted to throw that out there? Is it "fair" that you posted the standards and the WODs 6 weeks early only after CF SoCal had been posting WODs that say "sectional standards"? Or maybe you mean "fair" by saying for the last 6 weeks that those are the 3 WODs and now 3 days prior you change it? Or you could mean "fair" by posting the DU in your WODs this week (100 of them) and last week as well? Or maybe you mean "fair" by all the sudden having your guys jumping 24'' boxes in there WODs and not the 30'' that you were doing 3 weeks prior? Not sure what you mean by fair! Please don't feel the need to try and explain your way out of this one, any common sense person sees what your doing. Good Luck and hope HQ really looks at this sectional with a red flag. Competitors, I feel sorry that you had to put up with this, but best of luck and hope to see you all at Regionals!

17. Jen wrote...


I concur with you on the goblet squat, however, it's a "fair shot" to use the rope you are comfortable with. If everyone is using the rope they are comfortable with, then it is across-the-board "fair".

Regarding the HSPUs... Let me see if I understand this correctly... Is it conceivable that someone who does not do the HSPU RXd could advance to the regionals, while someone who does the HSPUs RXd could not???

18. nrd wrote...

did the WODs change cause of lack of equipment..boxes??
400m to 350m run...?? weird

Who picks and chooses what exercise can be scaled? Scaling HSPUs....really......I mean would you have "Scaled the point system" if there was a 1REP Max..based on Body Weight??? You might have a light guy/girl that has problems with swinging half their BW in KBS. I think you either allow scaling on everything..or nothing.

I would like to hear a better reason for the jump rope issue. I know a lot about running shoes, so the fact that I have better/lighter shoes then someone else, gives me an are we all going to use the same shoe? And on the each sandbag Excatly the same? If these ropes are " secret ropes" that no one @ xfitSocCal has seen or used that are competing...then hey, whatever...sounds fair.

Sorry for the rant, I'm sure you are getting a lot of headaches about this...and your just trying to put on a great event. thx

19. leon wrote...

Thanks Adam. Didn't see the link for the video. That small difference is going to make the pushups much harder, me thinks.

Sara- easy. I've met most of the CF SoCal people- they're actually where I got my start into CF. I'm an affiliate owner now partly b/c of them. They're stand-up people. I'd be careful saying anything about their integrity. If they wanted to rig WODs in their favor they could have just privately tailored them to their athletes' strengths and none of you would have known. Or, they could have announced their wods last minute, but still programmed for their own box to help train for those wods. I think Ahmik explained earlier that part of the reason for the early announcement was precisely so that everyone would know the workouts, be able to train for them, and thus their could be no accusation of impropriety on the part of CF SoCal.

Bottom line- the best athletes will win. Period. If you're competing I suspect in your heart of hearts you know this already.

20. Lauriel wrote...

The ropes are "adjustable." tying knots in them?? Really? And the knots tighten as you jump and maybe miss a few which equals a rope that changes length as you progress. Great. Feel bad for the short people that have to tie multiple knots. Seriously....

21. Newman wrote...

Excuse me, for a minute there I thought I was reading the P90X blog or something. You mean I can't bring my own Ab Ripper DVD?? I have never heard so many complainers since jr. high. Why can't athletes just show up, work out and have some fun?? These are ALL pretty standard crossfit skills whether you knew about them 6 weeks ago or 6 minutes ago. Holy Cow!

Ahmik, Krista and Adam you guys are doing a great job. We're sure the event will be a success. Keep on keepin' on guys.

22. nrd wrote...

in response to Sara's comment:

I will give xfitSoCal the benifit of doubt, but I would like to hear a response....100 DUs randomly came up twice at your gym in the last 2weeks? Im not sure why I would be jumping 24in box jumps a week out, when WOD calls for 30in?? Again, I dont even know if anyone at xfit SoCal is in the maybe this is unintented...

I may be baised as I SUCK at DUs....but your right in the end you will still end up with 20 really good athletes, but to think you will get the same 20 no matter what the WODs are....come on....

23. brian wrote...

I recognize that people are going to complain no matter what. We saw this when the wod's were posted 6 weeks early. But, I have to say, you consider it "fair" to replace a 30 inch box jump with a technical skill like double unders? The wod's were posted weeks ago...what's more "fair" than that!?! You implied by letting everyone know the workouts well in advance that we should basically tailor our training to focus on specific exercises even though many argued this went against the common CF philosophy. Releasing the workouts early effectively leveled the playing field. What you have now done truly does change the entire competition. It makes little sense. All I can figure is that there is a lack of equipment and changes had to be made (just like going from a 400 meter run to a 350 must have to do with the lack of area to run the planned distance as a change to 350 is pointless otherwise).

24. G CrossFit wrote...

Bottom line...if you are good enough you will advance. why all the complaining. DUs are all over crossfit wods...if you practiced a 30in box jump then 24 should be no problem. stop complaining and get ready for 3 great wods. who cares if socal xfitters were practicing box jumps and DUs...we should have all been doing that! its part of crossfit. first people are mad they posted the wods and now that they make minor changes people are mad. be ready for anything! Crossfit is the unknown and unknowable.

25. Newman wrote...

G CrossFit I couldn't agree with you more! What's the deal with some of these people?!!! I mean, just show up and hit it right?! We shouldn't care if we show up and ALL the wods are completely changed. So what! I know my coach didn't focus solely on these 3 wods for the past 6 weeks. In fact some of us didn't even do some of them. Good programming should prepare you for just about anything.

26. Joe wrote...

G Crossfit:

Crossfit/WODs are not "unknown"...they have clear instructions/standards and are told to you before "GO"...its not like in life when you dont know whats on the other side of the door, you have to go through that door not "knowing"...thats unknown.

Question: if the WODs can be changed at anytime...can the pt system be changed included after the event is over...??

27. AV wrote...

Look forward to meeting everyon that isn't complaining about a stupid jump rope. C'mon people - if your already making excuses about how it was the jump ropes fault you didn't qualify just don't come. This is going to be a ton of fun. If you are good enough to qualify, a jump rope change isn't going to make a difference. Glassman didn't let people bring their special kettlebells or their special sledgehammer to the games last year. Get a better attitude - we have all trained hard - lets have some fun and work our asses off this weekend. Your special good luck Buddy Lee signed jumprope that he did a quadruple under with a twist with one time isnt going to change a damn thing.

28. Ahmik Jones wrote...

Garage WOD'er named Sara

First off, the changes are not Adam's fault. He had no more knowledge of the change in workouts than anyone else on this site. He is just trying to defend me. I decided to change the workouts. I discussed it with only two people associated with my gym, my wife Krista and the head judge for the event, Tim. I asked HQ whether it was too late to change the workouts and they said that it was not.

The idea to change the workout to double unders came to me last week when I ended up with 40 unused jump ropes from the Southern California Sectional. I thought it would be an interesting change to the workouts, and allowed me to add box jumps to the chipper, which I had wanted to do from the beginning. I have done the workout both ways, and I think the new versions are better.

We did our best to include as many skills as possible in the workouts, so that it would be as broad a test of fitness as possible, and not favor athletes with any particular skill set.

We have also done our best to make the sectional standards the same as what would be expected most CrossFit Gyms when performing these movements with the possible exception of the handstand pushup standard. For that standard we did our best to make something that will be easy to objectively judge and somewhat similar to what was asked of athletes in Aromas last year.

With regards to 100 double unders coming up during workouts in the past week. That is completely random. Like G CrossFit said: “it is part of CrossFit” We do double unders at our gym. CrossFit includes double unders as part of several workouts of the day including named workouts.

Additionally we have several of our trainers (About 13 of them), who had no input in the initial workouts or the current workouts, program a week at a time on a rotating basis. The trainers that programmed the last two weeks had no knowledge that double unders were being added to the competition. As you know, we post our workouts on our site every day so anyone who thought that we were providing some sort of advantage to our athletes would be free to follow our programing.

Anyway, I doubt that doing 100 double unders in a week would really change someones double under skills enough to make much of a difference.

29. Ahmik Jones wrote...

nrd said:

“Im not sure why I would be jumping 24in box jumps a week out, when WOD calls for 30in??”

I do not think that the best way to get ready for a competition like this is to repeatedly try to simulate it. That would lead to degradation in the skills that we were unable to include as part of this event, and would probably not be as good as continuing your CrossFit programming. As Newman said: “I know my coach didn't focus solely on these 3 wods for the past 6 weeks.” Tony Budding also stated that focusing solely on these workouts would not likely be the best way to get to or prepare for Aromas.

The complaints that are coming now, after we added a single new movement to our event, are the reason that we posted the workouts so early in the first place.

That being said, apart from the addition of double unders the workouts have not changed much.

As someone above said, taking 50 meters out of the run does not change much and we are still including box jumps in the chipper.

The change in the run distance was because I thought the course was safer without the sharp turn that was going to be required as part of the 400 meter run.

30. Ahmik Jones wrote...

nrd and Jen,

These are not ropes that people at our gym are comfortable with. These are ropes that were ordered for the Southern California Sectionals and then not used for some reason. I tried one out and liked it, my wife who is 5'5” also tried it out and did well even with a bunch of knots in the rope.

All but the ones we tried are still wrapped in plastic and in fairness to our Arizona competitors will stay off limits until Saturday morning.

However, don't worry, they are really nice ropes and will work well for you.

I do not really agree with the shoe analogy, shoes are personal equipment. I think in a competition, a jump rope is closer to a barbell than a shoe. We have used many different types of ropes in our gym and some have distinct advantages. I feel that having everyone use the same rope takes that variable out of the competition.

31. Ahmik Jones wrote...


The WOD's will not be modified any further, and the point system will stay the same. We made the change in the scoring system to allow use of the scaling method for handstand pushups.


We are scaling handstand pushups, because so many people had problems with them in Aromas last year and so many people have had trouble with them at other sectionals this year. It allows us to include them without making it so a substantial number of the competitors could not complete the competition. For the most part, people will be able to do the lifts even if it is one rep at a time, and we have given enough time that most, if not all people will be able to finish the workouts.


The knots getting tighter during the workout is a valid concern, but people should be able to tie them tight enough ahead of time that they will stay constant, and they will have time to figure out how many knots are needed and how tight to make them.


Yes it is conceivable that someone who can not do handstand pushups could make it to regionals over someone who can. We have included 16 different elements as part of the event. If someone is good enough at the other 15 to overcome their weakness in that one area, I think that it is fair that they get to move on.

I was worried that If people who can do handstand pushups are automatically placed ahead of people who can't for the whole competition rather than the one workout, then the whole event would effectively be reduced to a handstand pushup competition.

32. Ahmik Jones wrote...

Our primary goal is to put on a fair event that does not give any particular athlete an advantage.

Our secondary goal is to have a fun event where people get to apply the fitness that they have worked so hard to acquire.

Feel free to keep asking questions and posting comments and I will do my best to address them.

I wish everyone luck, and I hope everyone has a good time.

33. Newman wrote...

Ahmik you are MUCH to patient of a man to try and answer all of the complainer's rants. A legitimate question/concern deserves an honest answer as you've provided over and over. But, silly complaints or attacks don't deserve your time brother.

I commend your efforts! With everything else you're dealing with to put this event on and to have to sift through all this muck. You're a better man than I am. Keep on keepin' on.

34. benl wrote...

its going to be a good time. Even if they do change the WODS 5 seconds prior to count down.

35. Jonathan wrote...

That chipper is epic! Makes the Filthy Fifty look easy!


36. Sara with an h wrote...

Garage Wod'r Sara,

You are implying that crossfit socal programmed 24 inch box jumps instead of 30 because they knew the qualifier wod would change. You failed to mention that in the last couple weeks Crossfit Socal also programmed power snatches at 75/55 (instead of the qualifier weight 94/63), DB push jerks at 35/25 and DB push press at 25/15 (instead of the qualifier weight 50/30), and clusters at 95/65 (instead of the qualifier weight 134/93). Using your "common sense" logic, one would have to assume that all these exercises were reduced in weight due to insider information about the qualifier wods. Funny, not all of these exercises were changed in the qualifier wods! You can't just pick and choose information that fits your theory. It makes your comments appear mean spirited (and frankly, crazy).

37. nrd wrote...

thx for answering everyones questions/concerns...I'm sure your very busy right now. You can SCALE and win??? Thats wrong....I think.

I dont really agree with the football analogy, the NFL has "official balls"..xfit does not have offical ropes....not going to bore you with how each team/QB using there own footballs...


So you have never raised comments/questions/concerns that could be complaining....about anything EVER in your life...? Don't judge people because they rasie questions or "compalin". When you are in charge of something there is ALWAYS going to be people "complaining" and the people in charge have answered the questions. So, again if you have never "complained" about anything, Im bad...

38. Jen H. wrote...


A competant coach understands that a week out from a competition, the athletes should not be doing full weight WODs. They should be working on form and metcon; not duplicating the exact WODs.

CrossFit SoCal does not own 50lb dumbells; so they did 35lb. You shouldn't speak about things unless you know all of the information.
This makes you seem childish and incompetant.

You said: " would have to assume that all these exercises were reduced in weight due to insider information about the qualifier wods."

Yes they did scale the weight for the WODs that were released 6 WEEKS AGO!
Wouldn't a competant individual realize that CF SoCal was practicing the exercises for the Sectionals at a lighter weight to work on form and metcon, the week prior to the Sectionals? The only exercise that changed was double unders!

There was absolutely nothing mean spirited or crazy about what Ahmik said. I frankly don't know why he responded to your "troll rant."

Troll on, Sara.

39. scott wrote...

I cant believe all the bitching. People, you can either do the movements with whatever weights that are prescribed or you can't. All qualifier WODS were approved by CFHQ, and some were even modified by HQ in order to make it a fun, and yes fair event. Listen, if you can do a goblet squat with a heavy weight, you will be able to do them with a lighter weight. This is CF people, not patty cake, red rover, or a game of checkers! It is a physically demanding, gruelling sport of fitness!! I am quite sure that the future winners of this event are not even commenting on this board because that male and that female that win are prepared for the unknown and the unknowable...period. Man up (or woman up), shut up, show up, and perform like hell!

40. Jen H. wrote...

Hey Sara,

You should google how many gyms in Southern Ca., and Arizona did double unders this week. I did.

Are you saying that they all had insider information?

41. sara with an h wrote...

Jen, Let's make a distinction here. There are 2 different Sara(h)'s posting here. I was arguing against the other Sara's responses. Read my comments again. I was saying she is mean spirited, not Ahmik.

42. Jen H. wrote...

Sorry Sara with an H!

43. Jeremy "Wags" wrote...

Well, I'm excited about it being more technical. I'm still leaning towards it being METCON instead of strength... but like the song says: "You can't always get what you want..."

see you there... I'll bring a tub for ice baths for those who want to use it... i know I will!!!

44. Joe Byne (Real Names Only) wrote...

Dear Garage Sara,
Please keep me appraised of the upcoming events at your gym (i know garage wod'r) I cant wait for you to go through tons of effort to help a community that you truly care to hear people come out of the woodwork to complain. Are your chances at Aromas now destroyed by this change in programming If so please reevaluate your abilities. Maybe this would be a good year to volunteer rather than compete because those are the people who are really putting in the effort for these events not the competitors.

I love CF but this games thing is out of hand everyone is losing perspective on community. True, my potential 40th place finish may be hurt by these programming variances now pushing me to a 50th place finish but my hope is still the same, that the adrenaline of competition and the Camaraderie of the community will motivate me to my best personal results. Maybe just maybe I get lucky and surprise myself. I feel pretty confident that the people who are actually good enough to qualify for regionals dont really care what the events are because they know that they have embraced the ideals for crossfit and can bring intensity to any modality.

Finally, Thank you so much to the Volunteers, Judges and Organizers. This event is my Crossfit Games and I cant wait. So thank you for giving me something train for and something to look forward to next year.

* The author of this comment trains at Crossfit Socal and South Tahoe crossfit.
** Proofed for content but not grammar.

45. Miguel T wrote...

I cant' believe how much ranting and raving about the modification of the WODs. Regardless of whether or not you think that it's suspect, if you've been following the mainsite WOD or training at a CF affiliate, if you're in CF shape, you should be able to do all of the movements. I know I havent been practicing Double unders as much as I should have in the past few months, but as a whole, just b/c i suck at one movement, wont make that much of a difference with all of the other exercises that programmed in this sectionals. As far as the change with the box jumps, I can see if the changed the height from 24" and went to 30" then that could be an issue for some if you were already vertically challenged with the 24" box. Let's stop all the bitc-in and moaning and just put out at the sectionals if you're competing. 3,2,1, let's do work.

46. confused wrote...

Crossfit: be ready for anything. Oh wait, except for HSPUs...we will let you scale those. What about my friend that can't do DUs? Shouldn't he be able to scale them? Anyone that is advancing to the regionals should be able to do 21/10 HSPUs. Period. That is a very modest number.

47. Paul Estrada wrote...

I would like to know out of all the people many are actually competing in these events? I know myself and several others that are going to be there this weekend have said nothing more then .oh well, looks like there is a slight change, lets go ahead and get this done.

48. Newman wrote...

Hey nrd,
I'm pretty sure I didn't call anybody out specifically regarding their particular question, concern, complaint or sniveling. Some questions on the blog seemded legit and practical and some others seemed outright ridiculous.

So, why so defensive????? Were you more on the sniveling side than the legit question side? Just asking.

I think if anybody here has such strong concerns about the fairness, safety or legitimacy of this event then they should stage a protest by NOT PARTICIPATING. People have the power to say "no" and just walk away. And they should exercise that power since it appears crossfit exercises are soo hard.

49. nrd wrote...


Sorry for making comments/questions/concerns..or "complaining" or "whining"...again see my earlier comment..if you have NEVER "complained" about anything in your life...then my bad. Thought I raised a good question...I am great a HSPUs, but suck at DUs...I would never expect to every scale anything in a Comp...I was asking why the double standard(my opinion)...and Ahmik answered the question to his best ablility. Again, sorry if I hurt anyones feelings by making comments on a comment blog.

50. nrd wrote...


I don't know if my comments are legit or "sniveling"...thats up to point was, I would be glad to hear any response to try to change my mind and maybe agree with you...see it from your view...and that people complain...everybody does it.

51. Newman wrote...


You are the one taking my comments personal. I never addressed you or your comments specifically or individually until you became defensive and started banging on my door.

There's a point where constructive criticism to improve a situation stops and aimless, useless complaining starts. And no, not everyone is a complainer. Some take action to improve what's broken or just deal with it.

I AM one of these people competing this weekend and I competed in last year's regionals and all I'm saying is who gives a rats ass what the wods are yesterday, today or tomorrow. You don't get to make them up and neither do I so people need to just get over it.

Just put on your board shorts w/ wallet chain, rip off your shirt, chalk up your arms, pose for the camera and get to work. The rest will take care of itself.

I'm done jousting. I'm going to go work on my double unders and scaled hspu andy maybe post a few youtube videos. See you this weekend.

52. Josh E. wrote...

Paul Estrada -
Agreed. Know matter what the situation people are NEVER happy. Has crossfit really come to this. Suck it up.

53. Leon- CrossFit Elysium wrote...

What's sad about all this in-fighting is that there are a ton of new CrossFitters out there or even worse people who are on the fence about us who read all the negativity and never post about it. They just walk away, convinced we're all a bunch of idiots who argue amongst ourselves and try and put each other down. This kills us as a community.

This is not theoretical- one of my/Paul's most dedicated new clients commented tonight when he came in that he had read all of these comments and it pissed him off/turned him off. There are a ton of potential athletes/clients/friends out there being turned off every time one of these "discussions" comes up. Why can't we discuss things in a rational manner without people taking things personally and resorting to name-calling? So weak.

54. Kevin wrote...

Leon, et al

If someone is on the fence about CrossFit, this surely won't turn them away, they probably won't be reading this comment section. My experience with the fencer is not that of what is said, but the insecurity that CrossFit is too hard.

Sure there is a lot of groaning and maybe whining on both sides of the fence. There is one reason for this. When someone states that these are the WODs six weeks out and that they will not change, then they do change a few people are going to be upset. What this comment section should show those fencers or the disgraced CrossFitter is that the people who compete in CrossFit are passionate about their sport. Fair or not, who knows, I think these changes won't hurt the top 15 or so athletes M or F, because they will already be proficient in DU, HSPU, and box jumps. It is the mere fact that the WODs were changed, this leads to a lot of speculation and insecurity.

I know of a few athletes who will be more competitive in WOD 3, and a lot faster in WOD 2 and a little faster in WOD 1. Yet, I am 100% sure that these athletes did not need the changes to make the top 20.

55. Randy wrote...

good point Leon....but it seems most discussion boards are just this...I don't think it has anything to do with Crossfit. People argue on discussion boards....I think I read almost every comment tonight and..(besides one)...they all seemed kinda cool. I can't say I agree with people saying that others are Whining or Bitching...Im guessing that is the name calling your talking about?

56. seth wrote...

A friend asked me today if we were also going to supply tissues for all the whiners and complainers or do we need to bring our own. I'm not really sure what the answer is but I do know that there are paper towels in the bathroom. Although they might be kinda of scratchy for some people.

57. Adam Stevenson wrote...


All I know is that this weekend is going to be great! Can't wait to meet everyone and make new friends.
I am so pumped!

Seth you rock! I expect to see you at the Regionals!


58. Danielle wrote...

Instead of complaining you need to go out there and compete remember CF is about being prepared for anything and that is what this competition is, if you are a well rounded Crossfitter then you should do well!! I am not great at double unders and when I competed with a rope I have never used it added alot of time to my 1st wod, it sucked that it wasnt strength or endurance that got me it was technique and especially the rope but that just made me push harder on the rest of my wods and I placed in the top 20s...So what Im trying to say if you are are a well rounded crossfitter then you will do well..So quite complaining and go out there and have fun!!! Dont giv So Cal such a hard time!! Good Luck!!!

59. Can do a double-under wrote...

The change to double-unders at the 11th hour is head-shakable, but after all of last year's alleged drama with pre-leaked workouts, not unexpected. CrossFit's goal is to provide an overall fitness balance and the double-under is not indicative of a fitness balance. Where is the practical use in double-unders? For what life situation is a double-under preparing me? Before I dig out my house from the snow, am I going to have to perform a series of double-unders? What about rescuing some guy from an overturned car? Next time a moment of "brilliance" comes to you, save it for next year and chalk up this year's omission to experience and a lack of forethought, as to add such a technical, virtually useless skill is a sad and lame display of chest-puffing, and not to mention, suspsect despite the many protestations otherwise.

60. Gabe wrote...

"We did our best to include as many skills as possible in the workouts, so that it would be as broad a test of fitness as possible, and not favor athletes with any particular skill set."

Really Ahmik!?? Where is the shake weight in any of these workouts? How could you overlook such an important movement? I'm very disapointed; I've been practicing my dynamic inertia all week.

61. Crow wrote...

Man, My double unders are atrocious...I am a little bummed now, but oh well. Someone has to finish last in the heat. What really disappoints me is that there are no Strength workouts.

I should be happy I will even be able to compete though. Had to take 5 weeks off for some major foot tendonitis, so these games will be my first day back to crossfit since then. Foot still has a tickle early in the morning, but hoping I will make it through.

62. Jonathan wrote...

What is with all the analogies of Crossfit workouts to shoveling snow? Personally, I don't do Crossfit so I can be really good at performing household chores. And why does every exercise have to be applied to a life situation? What practical use is their in hitting a 90 mph fastball 400 ft or being able to dunk a basketball. They are simply displays of power and strength.

I've only been in the Crossfit community for about 8 months now and will be competing tomorrow for FUN, but if the reason why people do Crossfit is so they can become really good at shoveling snow, maybe I got into the wrong thing.

63. Nick wrote...

I thought the double-under debate had been stifled, but apparently it hasn't.

So far, in 2010, the Main Site has programmed double-unders 4 times (22 Jan, 15 Feb, 11 Mar, and 22 Mar). The double-under has been a part of CrossFit programming for a while now. It is not a new or recently acquired skill. It requires speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy (not to mention cardio/respiratory endurance and stamina when done at high reps).

64. Nick wrote...

I'm actually shocked at all of the backlash. I could understand if the event coordinators had included pole vault or shot put on a late change to the events while simultaneously programming these movements into their own athlete's WODs leading up to the change, but come on! It's double-unders! If you're unable to perform double-unders well, but understand and accept your deficiency, and give everything you've got to these workouts, then good on you. I'm excited to watch you compete. However, if you believe that the substitution of one well-known task for another in this workout is the difference between you making to Aromas and not, please take that frustration out on your own individual programming strategies and not on the people who've sacrificed more than enough of their time and energy to put this event on for you and the other competitors.

65. Nick wrote...

To all the athletes competing:

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

Good luck to you all. This should be exciting!

66. Poi Dog wrote...

All these comments are valid, however they seem to be centered on Double-unders. Yes it sucks that they changed the workouts 3 days is full of injustice. the real issue in my humble opinion, is why they are allowing ANYONE to scale ANYTHING...Elite fitness includes HSPU's, Double-unders, Deadlifts, Snatches RX'd. Any competitor who has to scale, should not be allowed to move on. If you allow scaling of anything, then everything should be allowed to be scaled. I really think it shows clear bias towards one move over another.

67. Mike K wrote...

i agree with Sara,

these workouts should of never been changed.

why release them 6 weeks early if you plan to change them 2 days before?

68. Samej Rerots wrote...

Deep Thoughts by James Storer:

Winners never whine, whiners never win.

69. Greg wrote...

these people who put this event on seem fishy.

70. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Mike K- they didn't plan on changing them. Did you read Ahmik's post above??

Samej- Wise words my good friend.

Greg- you smell fishy.

71. Tony ;D wrote...

I thought of not showing when I saw the change...sitting at home pouting was far more appealing...

But seriously, I suck at double unders and I won't be alone!

I'll still have some fun tomorrow and the next!

72. Maila wrote...

I'm loving the WODS. I'm not competing in your sectional and have nothing to personally gain by commenting. I do, however, humbly ask for all the competitors' sake that the programmer reconsiders allowing them to use their own ropes. It makes a huge difference and in a competition where every second counts and every rep counts, it would be an act of integrity to at least consider the concern without getting defensive. Once again, the WODS are great! But, for example, a competitive marathon runner would never be expected to wake up the morning of a marathon and run in a new pair of shoes that someone else forced them to use. I'm also wondering if the competitors in the "house box" are practicing with the competition ropes while outside competitors are not. If so, this gives them a major home court advantage.

I would personally like to see CrossFit grow and be considered even more so than it already is-a reputable, legit sport and test of the world's fittest athletes. If the sectionals continue to be programmed in such a way that sets people up to fail rather than succeed, this goal stands a chance of being minimized. Programmers have a tough job and it's understandable that they choose to stand firmly behind their decisions, but sometimes they need to be willing step back and listen to constructive feedback without being defensive. All anyone wants is a fair shot and the programmers should pride themselves on truly designing the competition to advance the "fittest" athletes and not their "own" athletes who compete in their box.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to communicate better with CrossFit HQ? If the programmers can't be more diplomatic and open minded, there needs to be better regulation.

73. Slaughter wrote...

STOP FING BITCHING. OMG. SERIOUSLY? Suck it up. Do Double unders!!! Learn to program and work on your weaknesses. Greg Amundson even wrote a freaking article in the journal about working on double-unders (Chink in my Armor). Do them, they increase your ability to do ALL TASKS. Including shovel snow.

So what it changed? If you're not ready your not ready. Refocus - and train for broad and general inclusive fitness for next year.

See you all today. Let the cream rise to the top.

74. Thomas Nicholas wrote...

Good Luck to Joe Byne! and all the cf (ers) competing this weekend!

75. Eric wrote...

Great weekend for S.D sectionals. Workout #3 looks brutal!!

76. Frankie wrote...

I'm sorry to chime in here, but really, if people want to piss and moan, the ropes aren't the spot. If anything gives a "home field" advantage, it's the flying pullups. That being said, get off it, toughen up buttercup and nutt up or shut up. Deal with it man. Life ain't all fair, deal with it.

77. C-line wrote...

Malama pono, athletes!

78. Chris #3 wrote...

If anyone that has been complaining makes it to the 3rd WOD on Sunday and "feels" that it is just too unfair for them and that they were right; go home.
They can "know" that they would have made it to sectionals because they did so well on the Saturday, but stuck to their morals and opted out of the obviously unfair Sunday WOD.
If you're really thinking about this as an option, you shouldn't be competing, you should be playing flag football and drinking beer sitting next to your participation trophy. pussy.

79. Wags wrote...

link for the PDF file for placements and rankings? and for the heats for tomorrow.

times.. blah blah blah..

awesome job today.. was a great day!!!

80. bonnie wrote...

I have been doing crossfit for 2 months and love it, but I thought it was family helping everyone achieve great health. A community like OLY lifting, but its NOT.Im sorry I read this.I still think everyone did a great job.


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