Alaska Sectional

AK Sectional Report

It was a typical cold, snowy Alaskan day outside but the temperatures were heated inside the CrossFit Alaska Gym as the Men's competition separated all three regional qualifying places by only 25 points. Clay Hamilton of CrossFit Alaska edged out the second place finisher, Josh Morales (shown to the right) training out of his garage in Eagle River, by only 10 points. Although Clay's top finish was a tie for first place in the vertical leap at 33 inches, throughout all five events, he proved to be the most consistent athlete of the day, tying that first place finish in the vertical leap and taking the third slot. Tony Reishus of CrossFit Alaska, started the day off with a bang winning the Clean and Jerk with a 300lb PR. We were also joined by athletes from across the state including an Air Force Pilot flying in from Guam only days earlier and new CrossFit Fairbanks affiliate owner.

Jenn Gauer easily won the Women's competition by taking first in two of the five events and tying for first in one event with second place finisher, Dawn Reishus of CrossFit Alaska. Dawn pulled out an amazing performance as she not only competed in the Sectional Event, she left the competition after her 2 mile run to score six touchdowns setting a new state record in the Alaska State Flag Football league before returning for the afternoon WOD. Rachel Canning managed to take the third slot despite having broken her wrist in January doing a Clean and Jerk (for a PR, no less) and getting her cast off only two days prior to the competition.

Qualifying Men and Women

1. Clay Hamilton
2. Josh Morales
3. Tony Reishus

1. Jenn Gauer
2. Dawn Reishus
3. Rachel Canning

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4 comments on this entry

1. Cameron wrote...

The Alaska Sectionals were through the roof!

2. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Sounds like a great event, see you guys at Regionals.

3. Josh Morales wrote...


First off I'd like to thank Clay, Tony and all the volunteers and competitors for putting together an excellent Sectional on Saturday. The event went smoothly and the camaraderie and competitive spirit was amazing to experience.

Prior to 30 minutes ago, I had no idea about the controversy surrounding the events at the Alaska sectional. There was quite a bit of chatter about genetics (vertical leap), the demonstrative value of a given motion with regard to overall fitness (watts test), ethical concerns with the gym owners (themselves competitors) developing the Sectional program...lots of words.

Now that the sectional is complete I'd like to be the first to weigh in. I do not belong to Revolution Sports. I train in my garage primarily with main page programing and prior to the sectional not only had I never performed a max vertical leap or a watts test, I didn't practice the WOD or go for a two mile run. I simply did what Crossfitters do and put my all into every workout every day. Although shorter and lighter than both Tony and Clay and not a member of their gym, at the end of the competition I landed on the podium with those two excellent athletes. To me, this simple fact demonstrates that after all the semantics the Sectional programing was effective at placing the best athletes on the podium.

Again, my thanks to Tony, Clay and everyone involved in the AK Sectional.

4. Angry_Cfer wrote...

Wow, Melissa Urban just got deaffiliated.


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