Pennslyvania (inc. MD, DE) Sectional

PA/MD/DE Sectional Wrap-up

Tanya Wagner checks in with a report from PA.

Mother nature tried to put a stop to the PA/MD/DE sectional this weekend, but the athletes weren't having any of it. Torrential downpours and near Gale force winds put an interesting spin on the outdoor workout which included kettlebell overhead squats and running.

2009 CrossFit Games Champion Tanya Wagner checked in with the following report.

"The Schuylkill River rose and the intensity overflowed. It was an incredible day, hard to put in words the energy that surrounded the athletes all day long as they planned 1-arm overhead kettlebell squats out at the bridge in 50 mile an hour winds with torrential rains. 3 minutes of pure barbell adrenaline followed with some first time competitors even setting new PR's, then the suffocating vest that slowed some in double-unders, challenged others in ring push-ups, and crushed many under the wall balls. The athletes were there to prove what they could do and left nothing behind. Our first place finishers, Molly Tumam of CrossFit RAW and Brian Quinlan of CrossFit Explode, were two PA powerhouses who swept the boards with identical ranks in all three events placing 1st in C&J, 2nd in KB squats, and 2nd in the Vest workout. Congratulations to all 40 athletes who will be moving on the Central East Regional!"

Top 20 Men
1. Brian Quinlan
2. Jud Dean
3. Christopher Woods
4. Grant Cochran
5. Tim Romanski
6. Alex McCoy
7. Dan Swanstrom
8. Andrew Manderino
9. Raymond Leonard
10. Bill Shiffler
11. Todd Edmunds
12. Shawn Butler
13. Bruce Barger
14. Dana Cole
15. George Dobbins
16. Barry Weidner
17. Blake Schaub
18. Dale Ryan Thompson
19. Mike Georgules
20. Alex Darr

Top 20 Women
1. Molly Tuman
2. Colleen O'Connor
3. Lurene Grenier
4. Meghan Calpin
5. Aimee Lyons
6. Jennifer Butler
7. Nicole Sieller
8. Angie Brambley
9. Kerry Smith
10. Barbara Wilson
11. Jen Sinkler
12. Kimberley Ebbert
13. JS Park
14. Kari Ridley
15. Jennifer Curran
16. Lesha Meyer
17. Nikki Walker
18. Carolyn Powell
19. Zakiya Proctor
20. Robin Fisher

For a full list of results, visit the 2010 CrossFit Games Scores site.

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24 comments on this entry

1. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

Ryan Bonecrusher Johnston representing Panther CrossFit well in that photo! Also, congratulations to our very own Andrew Manderino. You're going to kick ass at Regionals bro!

2. Kim wrote...

CONGRATS MOLLY!!! Terrific show you put on - displaying to others what we already knew - you are a phenomenal athlete and great person! You deserve it GIRL! It was so cool to walk among the crowd and hear them comment on your "muscles on top of muscles!". We love you and are so proud and honored to be competing and training with you!!!
To all the other athletes from R.A.W. who competed - Todd Edmunds, Jerame Tuman, Robin Fisher, Spencer Payne, Eric Kopay and Brian Clinton - YOU DID AMAZING! 4 OF OUR ATHLETES MADE IT IN THE TOP 20 - Rock on R.A.W.!!!
---Kim Ebbert

3. Kyle wrote...

I got to see these RAW athletes come out for our SuperFit games. You guys are awesome and congrats on the placements.

Good luck at regionals. Ready for some HSPUs? :)

4. Andrew_PantherCF wrote...

Bonecrusher you STUD!

5. gwhite wrote...

What an insane competition!! That was one of the best events of my life! To be on the same floor with these top guys and gals, who very well could be in the Games, was an honor! Keep it rolling PA/MD/DE... REPRESENT!!!

6. Rog wrote...

Molly Tuman - another darn near elite athlete BEFORE finding cf, that comes in and dominates cf'ers.

Our workouts are competitive events. The strength and value of crossfit lies entirely in our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate."

Looks to me like "other athletes" are kicking major butt.

7. Lauren P wrote...

Congrats to 5th place finisher Aimee! I met you at the Hybrid Challenge. I am glad to see you made it to your regional. Happy training!

8. Craig (CB) wrote...

Brief synopsis of the weekend:

Fantastic event planned and run by Josh and Tanya Wagner. The PA/MD/DE sectional is definitely sending some beast to the Regionals. I hate when people just complain so I will attempt to keep any criticism constructive.

The Good: I think all the judges were excellent and fair, we'll get to judging criticism later. Aimee at KoP has a fantastic CF space I would love to workout there if I didn't live so far away, the equipment was in excellent condition, the heats were well organized, and Tanya and Josh ran a tight ship (very well done). Shirts were included for the athletes and free water was readily available, big props for that.

Issues: Judging on WOD#3 (The vest) if the intent of the wall ball was to hit an 11ft target for men then this should have been the standard. In a competition of this caliber all of the judges should be on the same page and sadly they were not. Some judges were far stricter with the requirements for this WOD then other and that is unfortunate. The only plus for this is that the strict judges stayed strict throughout the day, so I guess kudos for that. In a brief conversation I had with Josh I was informed that WOD1 and 3 was modified my HQ. That is again unfortunate. I think the way Josh and Tanya originally had it set up was superior to the day of the event. There really needed to be something else in WOD#1 for athlete separation as there were far too many men with the same rep counts. The space, as I stated earlier is a fantastic space for a WOD and had the Sectional been an athlete only event it would have been more than adequate but once the spectators started filing in, the box was just to small to host an event of this magnitude (I'm sure the rain added to this as well and I don't blame the spectators for not wanting to watch WOD2 outdoors which would have created an nice ebb and flow of the amount of people inside.)

Bottom line: Fantastic event overall. I hope these comments are not taken out of context and I am certainly not trying to insult anyone. I had a blast, met some great Crossfitters, and was crushed by WOD#3. Maybe I was just space spoiled with last year's Mid-Atlantic Regional being held in the Blauer Tactical facility.

9. Debbie wrote...

Congrats to Tim Romanski 5th place. What an amazing athlete and what a display of heart he showed us at the games. All of us from CrossFitEOS are so proud of Tim. You deserve it. You did it! YEAH!!!

10. Mike wrote...

And yet those athletes come to our arena and enjoy the competition. Truth is, those people that you claim are not crossfitters are doing constantly varied, high intesity training already. Just because they don't call it crossfit doesn't mean they don't train with similar methods.

11. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

How is this in any way a refutation of Crossfit? In most sports genetically gifted athletes rise to the top. Molly is a trainer at an Affiliate and has several CF certifications so it's not like she came in off the street and won. As the sport gets bigger I'm sure we'll see plenty more people who were world class in other sports spend 6-12 months WOD'ing and do very well. What do you expect to happen when gifted athletes meet a superior stimulus?

12. Jim wrote...

Are there any male competitors out there who ordered a Large competitor t-shirt but need an XL? I ordered an XL and it's too big, I need a Large. If anyone has a size Large they want to sell me or exchange for my XL, I'll pay for all the shipping.

13. Chuck Carswell wrote...


14. Aimee Lyons_CrossFit King of Prussia wrote...

thanks Lauren! It was a blast! Can't wait for regionals!

15. Brian Quinlan wrote...

A big Thank You to Tanya, Keith, Josh and Mike from CF Apex, you guys did an amazing job organizing. Keith, ur one "bad" dude for standin out in the cold rain for 10hrs straight. Thanks Aimee, for hosting and congrats on #6. Good job Bruce on #13 (we got a lotta work to do these next weeks). Matt, just weren't your wods brother. Top 20, let's give em a show at regionals! Most of all, thanks to those of you cheering me on in that last wod! If my heart stopped beating, your voices would of started it back up!

16. Brett crossfitMC wrote...

Crossfit Panther and "bonecrusher". Just wanted yall to know I'm going to borrow the karate kid look at my box and see how it works. If I'm asked what the deal is with the bandana, be sure I'll give credit where credit is due. Perhaps it will catch on...

17. Sean wrote...

Great day, good competition, CROSSFIT BWI representing with 2 PODIUM spots. Nice job to Chris Woods and Lurene Greiner WHO BOTH TOOK 3RD PLACE in the men and women! BWI followed them up with BARB WILSON who took 10th, and the box owner RYAN THOMPOSON who was tied for 17th.


18. Tanya Wagner wrote...

Thank you to all of the Judges and Volunteers on Saturday. Without your hard work and commitment the day would not have been possible. There is not enough that can be said for those of you who endured the wind and rain all day outside. To Keith Bussom and your team of judges/volunteers, none of us will ever know how bad it really was for you guys out there all day....THANK YOU for making that workout possible! Thank you CrossFit KOP for inviting us in and allowing everyone to throw down in Bridgeport for the Sectional.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic spectators and guests who filled the box with energy! Congratulations to all of the athletes who came out and gave it all they had. You guys rocked it! Best of luck to our top 20 men and women who will represent our area well in Ohio! See you there :)

19. Dan Swanstrom wrote...

Do I have to sign up for the Ohio regional, or am I able to go to any of the regionals? Just wondering if I have to spend money can I go to a place where i have family and friends.

20. Tanya Wagner wrote...


You have to go to the Ohio Regional. Our sectional is 1 of 3 that feeds the Ohio Regional. Only those men and women from the Virginia/DC Sectional, Arnold Sectional, and our sectional will be eligible to take the 3 qualifying places for men and 3 qualifying places for women to the 2010 Games from the Ohio Regional.

21. Dan Swanstrom wrote...

Good to know, thanks

22. Ryan Meade wrote...

Nice job to all and Brian Quinlan and Bruce Barger from CrossfitEXPLODE in West Chester. Good luck at Central East if I don't see you guys in the gym.

23. Tanya Wagner wrote...


You have to go to the Ohio Regional. Our sectional is 1 of 3 that feeds the Ohio Regional. Only those men and women from the Virginia/DC Sectional, Arnold Sectional, and our sectional will be eligible to take the 3 qualifying places for men and 3 qualifying places for women to the 2010 Games from the Ohio Regional.

24. Jackyl wrote...

WHAT!!!???? Quinlan, an all american rugby player DOMINATED wodders?


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