Pennslyvania (inc. MD, DE) Sectional

PA/MD/DE Sectional Heats and Parking

The workouts for the PA/MD/DE sectional have been announced and the event is rapidly approaching. For those of you competing below you'll find a link to either a PDF or Excel spreadsheet with your heat assignments. Please take a minute to review this important information. The photo shown to the right highlights areas for parking.

Heat sheet... [pdf] [xls]

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

14 comments on this entry

1. Greg wrote...

What do the "heat times" in the top right mean?

Do those numbers correspond to what group you are in on the list?

Am I over-thinking this and I should just follow the workout times for my color?


2. Chris P - CrossFit King of Prussia wrote...

Greg, I was confused at first too, but those do NOT line up with the names to the left. They simply state when each new heat of people go. Follow the time next to your name. See you tomorrow bright and early! (well, maybe early. The rain might not let it be bright)

3. Greg wrote...

Thanks Chris, see ya tomorrow!

4. Sheldon wrote...

Anyone know if there will be bleachers set up anywhere or should we bring some folding chairs for in the staging area? I learned the hard way at my first CF Comp that standing around or sitting on concrete all day is not fun.

5. Chris P. - CrossFit King of Prussia wrote...


as of last night there were no bleachers set up and I do not think there are plans for them. Aimee or Tanya might know better, but I would plan on bringing your own seating. (sounds like it will be a packed house though!)

6. Steve wrote...

Is there a cutoff time for athelete reg the day of the games or can we show up closer to our heat start time?

7. Jason Lyons Crossfit KoP wrote...

There will be no bleachers set up and the spectator area may not be large enough to support people bringing chairs. I know that 1st consideration is going to the athletes. Their workout area and warm-up area will not be compromised for the general public. Considering it is supposed to rain, you may want to bring a tent if you have one. It may be fun to line the parking lot with tents and chairs...we may set up ours.

8. Sheldon wrote...


Tailgating in the parking lot with a pop-up canopy has been my Plan B from day 1, and it sounds like it might be the best option. See you out there!

9. Matt Smith wrote...

Will their still be tickets at the doors? I have parents coming a couple hours to watch, and they do not have tickets yet.


10. sean thomson wrote...

So I still need to be there at 730-830am for registration, even if my 1st heat is at 1130am?

11. The Champ wrote...

Heavy rain and wind tomorrow all day. Outside wod should be fun.

12. Chris P. - Crossfit King of Prussia wrote...

Matt - there will be tickets for $25 at the door

Sean - I would think that it's important not only to register but also to be there for the 8:30 athlete meeting. My guess is that that's when they'll go over standards and such. But after that, there's no stopping you from taking a nap or even going back to where you are staying and resting up.

The Champ - bring extra clothes and towels. It's going to be a CrossFit hurricane!

13. Tanya Wagner wrote...

We would like all athletes to register b/t 7:30 and 8:30 and be present at the athlete's meeting starting at 8:30.

Due to the weather for tomorrow, we are at max capacity for the building. Space is limited so we will have to see how many pre-registered spectators show up before allowing walk-in.

14. bingo wrote...

Wow...what a great weekend this would have been to visit my in-laws in Lancaster County! Best of luck to all. See in in Cali this summer.


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