Oregon (inc. ID) Sectional

Oregon/Idaho Sectional Final Results

The Oregon/Idaho sectional is a wrap and another 20 men and women move one step closer to the 2010 CrossFit Games. Athlete Nathan Loren finished out the day on the top of the podium not by securing a big win in one or two WODs, in fact Loren never finished first in any of the events, but also never finished out of the top 5. His balanced capacities eventually put him ahead of his opponents. Alicia Stanton on the other hand took home a big win on the rope climb couplet and was one of only 7 women to actually finish the second workout.

For a full list of results, go here.

Top 20 Men
1. Nathan Loren
2. Dan Staton
3. Sam Harmer
4. Billy Pappas
5. Ken Hess
6. Christopher Dunkin
7. Travis Dickey
8. Mike Wild
9. Ryan Smith
10. Sean Wells
11. Myles Stratton
12. Ben Stoneberg
13. Garrett Wales
14. Bryan Miller
15. Wade Willers
16. Ryan Hudson
17. Christopher Jones
18. Parker Ruby
19. Eric Winn
20. Casey Moyer

Top 20 Women
1. Alicia Staton
2. Marie Rochat
3. Tami Ough
4. Andrea Roozen
5. Becky Clark
6. Jessica Gale
7. Jessica Core
8. Cheryl Brost
9. Kendall Burnham
10. Jonna Silvey
11. Merinda Parazoo
12. Alanna Trotter
13. Katherine Nelson
14. Michele Sparks-Nguyen
15. Lauren Henry
16. Amy Durfee
17. Alexis Jaramillo
18. Jessica Chang
19. Carrie Coe
20. Desiree Didier

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45 comments on this entry

1. Kat wrote...

So do 20 females advance to the regionals even though they DNF a workout?

2. Jerome Perryman wrote...

Bad Ass and motivating!!! It was a pleasure and inspirational to witness this event and support the crossfit community. Congrats to ALL that competed... and moreso to those who continue on the Journey!!!

3. DLappe wrote...

I can't believe Loren won - he looks like he's almost 40 or something. Does he have to get some tattoos before the regionals?

4. JLappe wrote...

Nice Work Nate. Your specialty is obviously not specializing and it paid off.

5. KrisM wrote...

Way to go everyone! It was inspirational to watch the WODs today, and I hope I didn't piss off too many people when I didn't count their reps!

6. Staton's wrote...

We'd like to thank all the volunteers, Chris, Curtis, athletes, and spectators for a remarkable experience.

7. JCore wrote...

Nice job everyone! A great way to spend the weekend. Nate, way to take NW by storm!

8. R wrote...

Why yes Mr Lappe. Nate does have to get a tatto before going to regionals. The more ink he has the better. I'm thinking a the words "LOREN" across his belly will really help ;).

Like JCore said, what a great way to spend a weekend. Thank you to all who supported and thank you all who pushed each other.

9. Chris Dunkin wrote...

Congratulations to all the competitors this weekend, and thanks to the organizers and volunteers.

I want to make it known that myself, Marie Rochet, Becky Clark, Bryan Miller, Sam Harmer, and a couple of other competitors that I met at the event have been following the OPT blog programming in preparation for competition. James, and the OPT "Big Dawg" community is an amazingly effective resource; particularly for those training alone in preparation for competition.

10. Casey P wrote...

Nice to see a 37-yr-old can really get in and show the "youngsters" what it's all about! Awesome performances by everyone this weekend - very inspiring

11. Jonah, God of Actual Workouts wrote...

Does Nate even cf?

12. Nathan L wrote...

Thanks Chris, all the support staff/judges and all the athletes for making this a great Sectional! There was a lot of blood sweat and tears on the ground by the end of the 3rd WOD. It was great to have the support from Crossfit Portland and of course everyone from Crossfit Fort Vancouver. I've only been a part of CFV for a few months but I feel like we're family. Adam Neiffer is king of programming, planning, motivation and nutrition! I only regret you not being able to participate so I could hand you the #1 shirt.

No Derek there will be no tatoos although the one across the stomach would be my first choice:)

13. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Great job to all my Central Oregon peeps. You all did amazing, showing strongly in the top 20 for both men and Women. I also noticed some great performances by a few of the more "recreational" crossfitters. Truly inspiring! Great job to Garrett and Rob for battling back after you both struggled on WOD 1. Work out those kinks because Regionals won't be so forgiving. Garrett, try to not open a brewpub 2 weeks before your next competition. I think sleep is an important part of preparation. :-) Wild, you're a beast!

14. michele wrote...

Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend of competition! What a fun and body crushing experience! Right now I am enjoying the soreness and getting ready to start training even harder so I can catch up to some the of the completly "bassass" girls from this weekend!

15. Marie Rochat wrote...

I just wanted to say thanks to Chris for putting on this event. And also give a big thanks to the judges and volunteers. I think it was a well run event and I was impressed at how smoothly so many athletes were moved through so many workouts without getting off schedule by too much.

I had a blast meeting all the talented athletes at the event. Looking forward to seeing many of the same faces at regionals.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

16. Bob Ulrich wrote...

Well done everyone! Has anyone seen any photo galleries posted to the web yet? Maybe some Picasa/flickr type stuff? I'd be interested to see some of the pitures of the action.

17. Darryl Arthur wrote...

Great event! Although I didn't participate (just a spectator), the adrenalin level was high! Big Props to my "son" Bill Pappas (finished 4th). With only a few months of crossfit training under his belt, I think we can expect BIG things from him in the future. Great to see such a high level of camaraderie -

18. mike wrote...

awesome job to all...the organizers,refs and volunteers were great. We all had a great time and met alot of cool crossfitters...as crossfit weeds out the unwanted.
Look forward to training with you in the future.
Good luck to all!

19. Chris McDonald wrote...

Thanks to my volunteers and staff. I could've never done it without your hard work. The athletes and environment was awesome. Two of the funnest days of my life again.

Our photographers are working on editing the photos. I should have something posted Wednesday. I'll keep everyone posted.

Once again thanks to everyone who showed up and supported their athletes.

20. Ingrid K. wrote...

Billy Pappas used to be on Team XO right? Is he still doing track?

21. Darryl Arthur wrote...

Yup! Bill's not running track right now - I'll let him know he needs to respond to this thread...

22. Darryl Arthur wrote...

Meant to say that Yes- that's the same Bill, and No, he's not running track...

Sorry about the confusion...

23. Bulldog wrote...

Here's a glimpse into the OR-ID sectional WODs, this is home vid and again just in case folks want to see what is was like. My workouts seem to be me mostly trying to keep up with my wife ...http://www.vimeo.com/10187791

24. Carrie wrote...

Thank you Chris for hosting such a great event! From the moment I entered through 2 days of CrossFit action your staff was amazing. A special thanks to all the judges, a very tough job to have...especially as they days progressed. Great job to all of you for keeping us to the sectional standards!!!

25. George C. wrote...

Crossfit Fort Vancouver and Crossfit Portland rock. More importantly we're all about the Crossfit community. Thanks for the great event, the good WODs and for everyone there who put the hard work into making it a good show and a good fight.

26. Steve H. wrote...

Huge congrats to Mike & Christine Ford for advancing to the NW Regionals in their first Crossfit Games! All of us at FTS Crossfit are very proud of them both!

27. Cletis wrote...

Congratulations and kudos to CrossFit H.E.L. Out of all of the boxes represented at this sectional qualifier, CrossFit H.E.L. athletes alone claimed FIVE of the 40 spots to the regionals (in addition to the two athletes that they already have eligible for regionals since they competed in the Games last year). Their reputation already preceded them, but once again, they have confirmed their place as perhaps the top gym in Portland/Vancouver AND Idaho.

28. P wrote...

CrossFit H.E.L. = job well done.

Oregon CrossFit out of Bend had 3 men and 3 women advance to regionals.

29. Paul wrote...

Make that 4 men from Oregon CrossFit.

30. George wrote...

For a gym that hasn't even had it's 1 year anniversary yet, Crossfit Fort Vancouver is very happy with 3 men qualifying in the top 11 and one woman qualifying in the top 10.

Nice job to all the gyms and competitors that were there. I would not go so far to say the results proved which gyms are top in the area.

31. Curious George wrote...

George, are the three men from OR or ID? Just curious.

32. CrossFit Ego wrote...

CrossFit Hel sure does love themselves.

I need to take shower after reading that crap.

Auto-fellatio much?

33. CrossFit Ego wrote...

I need to hear more about how awesome CrossFit Hel is. I can't wait for their next comment about it.

5 out of 40?

All my life, I thought 12.5% was pathetic.

Now I learn that it's worthy of self-promoting nonsense.

Will you guys come out with new shirts professing how 5 out of 40 is "Mutant-worthy?"

Is 12.5% more or less than the proportion of your members who can complete your programming prescribed? More or less than the proportion of your members that get injured every month?

Maybe it's just me, but if your membership can't do your work-outs prescribed, you've got the wrong prescription.

34. Batman and Wonderwoman wrote...

Jayson, what did we ever do to you? And stop writing in all capital letters, it reeks of cheap desperation, like a smelly pirate concubine.

35. Jonathan Paulson wrote...

Here is a link to a homemade highlight video of myself doing the WOD's. Some of you guys will be able to see yourself working out in the background. I really enjoyed competing at the event and found everything from the event itself to the people there above par.


36. Cletis wrote...

Apparently, "CrossFit Ego" doesn't know much about math. As far as I was taught "all my life", 12.5% is more than 10% (4 out of 40), 7.5% (3 out of 40), etc. These are the numbers that some of the other gyms moved on to Regionals, apparently with the exception of Oregon CrossFit. (KUDOS to Oregon CrossFit, by the way. AWESOME performances!) So, when a handful of tenacious athletes from a given box advance to the Regionals, I think that speaks to the success, attitude, and zeal exhibited by them. What is even more noteworthy though, is the humble demeanor exhibited by ALL of these competitors. I have yet to see any "self-promoting" or talk of doing anything "mutant-worthy" from anyone at CrossFit HEL. Yes, I HAVE done a few WODS at HEL, with those athletes, so I can speak knowledgeably about them. Anyway, I have NO IDEA where you have come up with the idea that there have been any "injuries" at HEL, as that is simply bogus smack-talking (as the rest of your comments are). Furthermore, I'm sure that EVERYONE at your gym completes the WODS as prescribed, so what does that say about your programming? Way to set the bar low enough to that EVERYONE can reach it. How about setting the bar high enough that people have to work their ass off, and sometimes MODIFY, so that they can make the gains to eventually do that WOD as prescribed? For example, when doing "Fight Gone Bad", try making the wall ball mark at 10 feet, as opposed to 8 feet, like EVERYONE else does it. Who would possibly want to do even MORE work in "Fight Gone Bad"? HEL does.

So, "CrossFit Ego"... I understand why you would talk so much s*@t that you've halitosis... When you're on top, everyone wants to bring you down. Maybe you should put less energy into being a hater, and more energy into your easily attainable, prescribed WOD's. Seriously, if there was a town called "Dumberthanf**k", you would most certainly be the mayor. So, enjoy your membership at CrossFit Vagina. And remember, some of us are CrossFitters... Others just show up and wear the T-shirts.

37. Mindy wrote...

No offense taken to your "CrossFit Vagina" comment. In case you were concerned...

38. Cletis wrote...

Mindy, I wasn't "concerned". CrossFit is not for the physically, mentally, or EMOTIONALLY weak, and neither is the CrossFit blog. So, consider programming some intestinal fortitude into your WOD's.

39. Mindy wrote...

So AMRAP sexist comments from Neanderthal douchebags should be a key part of WODs? Good to know, I'll make sure to add that in.

40. Rory wrote...

I always find it a little bit humorous when someone tires to insult another person, when they're really only making themself out to be an ignorant, self-absorbed douchebag. But thank you, Cletis. Really, thank you, for making my day just a little bit better by allowing me to laugh at your expense.

41. mark wrote...

Jesus, children... this ridiculous banter is outside "the spirit of the games". give it a rest

42. CrossFit Ego wrote...

Cletis, thanks for the math lesson. Part over the whole. Fractions are fun!

If 8 foot wall balls are good, and 10 foot wall balls are better, what about 50 foot wall balls? Sounds pretty elite. I learned it from watching you!

And wait, the blog--the web site--isn't for the physically weak? What does that even mean?

43. NEX-5 wrote...

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