Ohio (inc. KY, MI, IN) Sectional

Ohio Sectional Preview From The Arnold

It's on! The Ohio Sectional is in full swing at The Arnold Sports Festival. Bill Henniger and the good people of Rogue Fitness brought in 5 truckloads of equipment to create the scene for this particular event. We've got a short preview for you of what the venue looks like and what kind of effort it took to set up this temporary box. More info on the event and results to come.

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23 comments on this entry

1. Jerry wrote...

Crossfit is great, but if you want to see where we are compared to the others lifting Olympic Lifts, go next door at the Arnolds and watch the Oly Lifts there. We have a long way to go, but awesome to see the lifts performed at that level. There was a guy/kid that did a snatch of 154 kilos and CJ of 201 kilos, missed 205 Kilos!!!! Unreal watching them lift, and makes me want to work that much harder during the WODS! We have great athletes in crossfit, but these guys are unreal in the OLY Lifts!

2. Jacob Egbert wrote...

Crossfit will punish the specialist.

3. Matt DeMinico wrote...

re: Jacob: and that's justification to tear down those individuals who train their entire lives to show us the absolute limits of human potential in that area?

There's more than one mode of fitness out there. Some people are interested in one, some are interested in another. There's a place for everything.

4. Jacob Egbert wrote...

From crossfit mainsite titled What is Crossfit?:

...Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist....

I wasn't tearing anyone down.

Jerry wrote that we have a long way to go. But we do not strive to be the specialists according to the crossfit program. Its my understanding that we train broadly and therefore do not assume specialized abilities that require specific training at the cost of other domains.

There will always be superior Oly lifters compared to the best crossfitters, there will always be superior gymnasts, and runners, and power lifters, and strongmen. All specialists.

Crossfitters will be superior in GPP and Fitness as defined by the ten domains!

Yes, Matt there is a place for everything. Don't assume I was speaking ill.

5. nick w wrote...

what happened to josh everett in the final WOD? looks like he was killing it up until that point

6. Bill Henniger wrote...

Josh had to fly out prior to the start of the final event, he would have done very well!

7. Anonymous wrote...

Ha, who told you that lie Bill? Or did you make that one up? Josh has family from that area and had to meet his aunt or someone along them lines for dinner.

8. Ralph Hicks wrote...

Did anyone see the top 3 guys going after one another in that final WOD? Nothing against Josh Everett or his flight/dinner plans, but that was so AWESOME it didn't matter if he or Arnold were there.

Great time and if the other sectionals have a top 3 like ours then it is going to be an amazing REGIONAL!!!!!

9. Bill Henniger wrote...


Josh is from Ohio and met with his family prior to flying back to California. The time constraints of the above did not allow him to compete in the final event.


10. Danny wrote...

When will we will be able to see/purchase the pictures and videos from the event?

11. John Nisbet wrote...

Bill & Caity/Rogue/Doug Chapman -
Hey, you guys did a fantastic job with the Arnold. Huge thanks to you, your staff, and the volunteers there. All the planning, organization, and LONG hours to get this thing off was awesome! I know I speak for everyone about what a great experience it was and appreciate how much you all put into the event.

12. Top 20 Competitor wrote...

I hope that they come up with a better scoring system for regionals. Proportional scoring is bullshit. I'm going to regionals so I'm not bitter becauswe I didn't make it, but there has to be a better system out there to be more fair to the other guys/ladies.

13. Braden wrote...

I could be wrong but from what I came up with Josh would have had to place first in the last event to take first overall.If he would have placed 2nd through 10th place in the last event he would have taken 2nd overall.The last event suited his strengths so its not unlikely that he would have taken first.

14. nick w wrote...


really? from my cursory look at all the placings he was top 5 in each of the first three events and nobody else was close to that. how do you work that out?

15. Dan Y. wrote...

If there is no specializing then why is there Crossfit Football?

16. Braden wrote...

It has to due with the scoring system used. If they would have scored it the same as the 2009 Games then no one was even close to Josh. They used a proportional system and thats why it works out that way. Again, I could be wrong but that is what it looks like to me.

17. nick w wrote...

yeah Braden, you're right. It looks like the winner smoked everybody in the DL burpee event and took a proportional lead thruogh that way.

not sure what I think about the system. it's easy to hate on it and it is more complex but...if one guy is significantly better at one event, maybe he deserves more than a 1 point advantage on the guy who places second.

that's how the decathlon works at the olympics.

Either way, it's a shame Josh couldn't have done the last event. It must have been pretty cool for the weekend warriors to compete against him

18. Doug wrote...

Why can't we just keep it simple and use the place point scoring system like the Games last year?? Everyone seems to try and reinvent the wheel with the scoring methods. Crossfit should punish anyone that is not well rounded across ALL time and modal domains right? Proportional scoring rewards the specialist if he can win an event by a great amount. Hopefully this can get figured out by Regionals.

19. Jacob wrote...

Why not?

20. T-Bone wrote...

It was my understanding that Josh didn't compete in the final WOD to give someone else the opportunity to place in the top 20.

21. Aaron wrote...

On scoring:

I have puzzled over scoring for a while and aside from the conclusion that there is no right answer, only better or worse answers, here is my thought.

There are two BAD ways to do it. The first is to have events with a single skill and do proportional scoring. In other words, do a 10k run of a max deadlift and have the person who wins by more get rewarded more. This rewards specialists and makes it so that if you are good enough at your event you can build an almost insurmountable lead.

The second bad way is to do every second counts and have wods with vastly different time domains.

So the better (not perfect) way to go is have mixed modal events and do proportional scoring. If you are a deadlift monster you are probably not the best at pull-ups or burpees. So you aren't really rewarding a specialist by doing proportional scoring. If the event is 185 lb cleans and muscle ups and some one gets a ton of points for winning by a lot, they deserve it. This seems to be the course they took in Ohio.

The other option is to not have proportional scoring but have specialty events. The winner may be a specialist but he/she does not get overly rewarded for that skill. This is what they did in Aromas last year.

22. Danny wrote...

It didn't matter where Josh placed he was already qualified. Had he placed 1st, then competitors 2-21 qualify. He couldn't take a spot from someone else.

23. Scott wrote...

Doug, Bill and all the event organizers did a great job, in my opinion. I was there and competed and had a blast! Good job on the WODs, Bill! To all the other competitors...great job and see you all next year! Good luck to the ones who made it through to Regionals!


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