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N. California Sectional

NorCal Sectionals 101

Here's the schedule and logistics info for the NorCal Sectional

With the NorCal Sectionals right around the corner, let's cover all the things you need to know about getting to the competition. This post does not cover movement standards or the Sunday workout(s). Those things will be detailed in a future post.

Also, if you haven't yet checked to see when you're competing, please consult the heat schedule that was published as part of last Wednesday's post.

Saturday - March 27, 2010
6:30am: Volunteer Check-In
7:00am - 8:30am: Competitor Check-In
7:30am: Mandatory Meeting for Judges
8:00am: Mandatory Meeting for Competitors (Workout Briefing)
9:00am - 5:45pm: Saturday Competition

Competition Site Logistics
The NorCal Sectionals are taking place on a high school campus in San Jose, CA. With that in mind, there is a small parking lot (capacity of approximately 75 cars), in which people will be allowed to park on a first-come, first-served basis. After the lot is full, parking will be street-side, with most parking taking place along Lawrence Expressway and surrounding streets. We highly recommend carpooling.

There will be no vendors on site, so be sure to bring plenty of food and water to keep yourself nourished in between workouts (or in between watching workouts). There are also several restaurants in the surrounding area.

In addition, if you're competing in the Sectionals, please be sure to bring any workout supplies and accessories you might need (tape, chalk, lifting shoes, etc.). We'll have a medical staff on-site, but they're there for medical emergencies, not to provide athletic supplies.

There will also be a small area of the parking lot set aside for tents, coolers, etc., doled out on a first-come, first-served basis.

And lastly, as part of our agreement with the high school, there can be no alcohol on the premises.

Sunday Heats
We have not published a Sunday schedule because we won't know how many competitors are moving through to Sunday until the end of competition Saturday. It's important to note that we're not setting a hard cap on the number of competitors that move through to the Sunday competition (e.g., top 40, top 100, etc.). If you compete in Saturday's competition, do the workouts as prescribed, and place high enough to have a mathematical chance of finishing in the top 20 after Sunday's competition, you'll move on to Sunday.

Competitors who do not finish high enough to have a chance to finish in the top 20, as well as those who need to scale, will not move on to Sunday.

We'll be offering a two-for-one discount for spectators; purchase one $50 spectator ticket and you'll get a friend in for free. You can purchase tickets at the gate the day of the competition (cash only, please bring exact change). If you've already purchased a spectator ticket online, simply bring a printed confirmation of your purchase when checking in (the confirmation email will be fine), and you will get to bring in another person free of charge. Make sure you buddy up with someone to take advantage of this pricing.

If you're just watching one day of competition, the price is $15 (single admission, single day).

Spectators can check in at any time during the day, but the earlier you get there, the better.

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The pull-up bars constructed for the Sectional. Jason Khalipa judges at the 09 Regionals
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55 comments on this entry

1. mike k wrote...

that stadium looks legit

2. Matthew wrote...

Is the spectator that you get to bring with you as an athlete also now 2 for 1?

3. Jesse Bazarnick wrote...

will there be a big the scoreboard? that would be nice to have during the workouts

4. Mike Minium wrote...

In no particular order...

OH squats will be performed off of the track, on horse stall mats.

Thrusters and KB swings will be done on grass, directly beside the pull-up area.

Standards for the Workouts A/B will be released in our next post, well before the weekend (there are other sectional workouts going on this weekend, so I can't commit to an exact day or time when the post will be published, since many from other sections are most likely in the queue as well).

The spectator discount is for spectator tickets, but does not apply for the free guest that athletes get to bring.

There are no spots for RVs in the parking lot. You'll have to try your luck with street-side parking.

For Workout A, bars will be set up in an organized fashion, but the faster runners will get first dibs. This will be explained in detail during the workout brief Saturday morning.

5. Terry wrote...

So Is NorCal the only sectional possibly eliminating some competitors from getting a 3rd work out? I didn't plan on being top 20 but was hoping for at least 3 workouts. Disappointed.

6. Jesse Gray wrote...

Thanks a bunch for the quick replies and for being awesome in general and doing this Mike!
One more question though, the OHS will be on stall mats, will they be on top of grass, sand? Basically, I'd like to know if there will be a firm, flat surface under them or if they will be a bit squishy. It's all good either way as long as it's the same for everyone BTW!
thanks again Mike

7. Jojo wrote...

That bar setup on sand is sick! Great job and thanks to Mitty!

8. Mike Minium wrote...

The horse stall mats will be laid down on top of a surface similar to the rubber track surface. It will be pretty firm.

And we're putting the finishing touches on big clocks in both workout areas.

9. David B wrote...

Question about tickets that I purchased, I e-mailed crossfit and they said they would be giving refunds at the gate for the unused tickets, I ordered 4 tickets which cost me 200 dollars, I have 4 people to go, so I have 2 tickets left over so I should be getting a refund of 100 dollars, this is who I e-mailed and they responded".
Please let me know if this is correct.

10. Michael wrote...

Will there be an area to warm up (with weights, pull-up bar, etc.) before each event?


11. Mike Minium wrote...

Yes. There will be a warm-up area.

12. Jesse Gray wrote...

For workout "A" will there be assigned bars for competitors or will it be first come first serve at the end of the run?

13. HD wrote...

Will the OHS be performed on the track on on the grass field?

14. Matt P wrote...

Can I have someone else do my thrusters? Seems like I would have a lot better chance at Sunday if I could sub in someone else for the thrusters...

ha ha ha...

15. shane wrote...

is there a place for RV's

16. matt wrote...


17. Kevin wrote...

For WOD B, will the thrusters and KBS be in the sand, too, or on a different surface? And if different, which one?

18. Dave wrote...

the 8:30 briefing is during the warm up time for the 9:00am heat. can there please be an earlier short briefing for the 9am heat??

19. CraigH wrote...

Can't we get some Mitty clubs or sports teams t o run concessions? I'd think they'd love to make a few easy bucks!

20. SLS wrote...

I support the request to rearrange or shorten the athlete briefing to allow for proper warm-up for the first couple heats. It'll be tough to get anything in between the briefing and the start of the heats.

21. doron wrote...

Mike, where do we buy the $15 day passes? I can't find a link for it on CFO or this site...

22. John M wrote...

I agree with Terry's comment above. Seems like everyone should be able to compete on Sunday, at their choice, especially since all other Sectionals that I've seen so far have allowed it. Seems like not allowing athletes to compete is a little contradictory to Crossfit concepts...that its for everyone, even if you have to scale. Also, from what I understand, all competitors paid the same entrance fee!

Why is this the case, and could you consider otherwise?

23. johnny wrote...

Why did we get charged for a two day event , if only a few get a two day event ?

24. Stacey wrote...

Are you charging for kids? I have a 7 & 5 year old that will be coming to watch?

25. Freddy C. wrote...

Hey Jesse - chill out brohamus. It's unknown and unknowable. You're not advancing anyway.

26. Mike Minium wrote...

Kids are free.

If you want to come down for just one day, you can pay $15 at the door. Please bring cash and exact change.

We'll move the workout brief to earlier to accommodate a proper warm-up.

And regarding the Sunday workout, with respect to the other Sectionals, who've done an outstanding job, they didn't have to get 400 competitors through a Sunday workout.

We'll do our best to get people a chance to do the Sunday workout, but I can make no guarantees at this point.

27. Justin Riley wrote...

First off huge thanks to Mike and Austin and anyone else involved in planning this huge event for everything you guys are doing to get this together.

Second, everyone in here needs to take a chill pill. Mike has an enormous task right now of planning this event, and he doesn't need to be spending his time answering worthless questions about standards and prices and who to email to change your tickets. The WODs are great and who cares what the standards are. We all will have to do the exact same s**t across broad time and modal domains, and it will all be fair. So just sit back and relax and get ready to have a great weekend at another fantastic CF event.

28. freddy c wrote...

Hey who posted the fake freddy comment? Jesse, that wasn't me. I never write my name with any cap letters in it.

29. Will Blaker wrote...

well said my friend. See you there.

Everyone try hard, have fun, and you'll place where you place.

Mike & Austin, and others not mentioned, so much appreciation thrown your way. Thanks for all the hard work.

30. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Of course I'd love to see everyone get a chance to compete on Sunday but logistically it would really limit the time domain and type of workout. So the next line of comments would be bitching about the programming. It's easy to see how the Saturday WODs are a function of the size of the event - both have specific times which allows for running a huge crew through. I'm going to guess that on Sunday we'll see a task-priority workout or different time domain.

At our Sectionals we had around 125 athletes and it took 6 hours to run them through a 20 minute long workout in heats of 15. I don't envy Mike his job but do want to say thanks to Mike and his crew for all the hard work you've put in. I can't wait to compete against Crossfit in the original stomping grounds.

31. Sakura wrote...

Pretty sure we're all working toward similar goals here... Shouldn't we be working together on this one to make it a kick a$$ qualifier? Jus' sayin' is all...

Thanks to the awesome NorCal crew! See ya'll bright and early Saturday! Good luck to all the competitors and volunteer crew. I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a loooong weekend. :)

32. J wrote...

Well before the weekend on the standards for workouts A/B? I heard they were going to be posted yesterday (wednesday) and was hoping to see what Sunday's workout(s) was all about??

33. Sean wrote...

Agreed on the standards

34. Craig wrote...

HA! Easy for you to say,'re frikkin' already qualified for the Regionals and just doin' this for fun! Beast.

The rest of us are a bundle of nerves and anxious muscle ready to get it on!

(But a whole hell of a lot of thanks to Mike and crew all the same)

35. Trac wrote...

I'm down to keep Sunday's WOD "Unknown and Unknowable". Part of the fun.

36. Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit wrote...

Echoing the other statements here. NICE JOB MIKE AND AUSTIN! I do not envy you one bit.

We all appreciate the sacrifices you have made (even if you are too classy to let us know how much of a PITA is has really been)!

See you Saturday. . . Except for Justin R. I hope he gets into a minor car accident or something and misses the check in.


37. aaron r wrote...

Any hints as to whether or not that we are doing thrusters and swings in the sand?

38. Spoiler wrote...

Word is Sunday includes a max ground to overhead attempt on a 6 min clock.

Next a chipper that took Kahlipa 16+ mins to complete.

39. Sal _CF Santa Clara wrote...

It took Jason Khalipa 15 min...he gets really mad when ppl start rumors haha

40. Randy wrote...

Looks awesome and all and im sure you guys did a great job but i spent $100 on something that should only be costing me $50. Knowing how to get my money back back is kind of important. Info would be great thanks

41. Jesse Gray wrote...

aaron r, Mike already answered that question. The thrusters and KBS will be on grass next to the sand.

In regards to people wanting money back if they don't qualify, I can see how you would make that argument. It is definitely valid but I think it's also fair to say that the $100 entry is just the cost of the sectional , for some people it will last longer than others. I wouldn't be shocked if there is some kind of fun WOD to do Sunday if you are bumped out. I do totally get why people would want to only pay for one day though.
That being said, I have a pretty good idea of how hard the organizers worked and how much this is costing them so win or lose I won't be asking for any money back. I've paid more for one day triathlons and while I feel the spectator fees definitely needed to be addressed (and they were), the competitor fee is totally fair.
Support your local sectional!

Thanks again Mike et al, you guys rock.

42. Craig wrote...

Want a Sunday wod? 100 burpees for time in the parking lot.
50 cents a burpee. Thats a deal!

43. mag wrote...

not that this page needs another comment but..... yo Micheal, how do you not just google Arch bishop mitty highschool on the very same computer that u posted a comment with for the address. Reference skills need to be added to strength, speed, flex, etc. ha ha ha ha i kill me. good luck everyone.

44. mag wrote...,+CA+95129&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=53.035373,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=Archbishop+Mitty+High+School&hnear=5000+Mitty+Way,+San+Jose,+CA+95129&z=17 in case google doesnt pull it off

45. Howard wrote...

What is the point of a 'for fun' Sunday WOD? How would that fit into the athlete's long-term training? Periodization is not just for real athletes you know.

46. Luke Carlson wrote...


47. Jesse Gray wrote...

Howard, The point would be that it's fun. I think maybe you're on your periodization.

48. Todd wrote...

I'm getting excited and admittedly a bit nervous! Anyone know if the pullups on wod b are ctb?

49. Anna wrote...

Haven't seen standards posted yet, I don't think. But, I heard they are ctb.

50. Jason M wrote...

Hey Todd/Anna, the standards vids (posted earlier today in the right navigation on show Chest to Bar for the pull ups.

Also, I just drove by the track tonight to check it out (pretty slick!)- the Google maps directions can be misleading- when you turn left on to Mitty from southbound Lawrence Expressway, take an immediate right into that parking or park on that street next to the parking lot- you walk through to the field from there. (Google Maps told me to drive around the school into the neighborhood behind)

51. Emily wrote...

I was really looking forward to 2 days of workouts too... In fact, my decision to book a hotel room and arrange childcare was based on doing both days. I knew that as a rookie CrossFitter I wouldn't be in the top 20 overall, but after the Saturday workouts were announced, I was still excited about the chance for one workout day 2 where I could aim for a top 20 finish. If it had been made clear that I'd have to qualify just to advance to day 2 in what's supposed to be a fun and challenging contest open to everyone, I would have planned differently. I don't begrudge y'all the entry fee but wish the restriction had been stated up front so I could just have made it a day trip and saved the couple hundred dollars in other costs.

52. shawna r white wrote...

This was the worst place ever for games as a spectator paid 50$ each for my husband and i then price was lowered two for one also I would never pay 100 for an event we could not watch. It was ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! The games last year were handled so much better!!!

53. Gary O wrote...

Amen Shawna. Not only that, some people went into the bleachers for free without ever checking in. I would have been ok with the money spent if it was more spectator friendly. How fun is it to see your athlete blocked by a pop up shade in the first wod and then watch them through fence slats in the second wod. Lets not forget about those $40 t-shirts that we could get for $20 if we ordered early.

54. ABBY FROM THE NO wrote...


55. asitsdb wrote...

It was an incredible event over all. Yes..spectators weren't a part of it the first day..event organizers will learn from that. They were a part of it on Sunday.
People with dogs and those who 'refused' to stay off the track during the event took away time for the organizers to ensure the participants were given everything they needed. I lost count of the number of times I heard 'Racers are on the track..stay off it'...I guess those people were too special to care, listen, or understand English.
The 'judging' issues can be resolved one of two ways..mandate all judges be certified - resulting in much lower numbers of participants in all of the events or it should be (one woman's opinion) do what was done at this event - let all those interested enter and train judges as best you can and did, AND have certified judges over see the judging. It was fair for everyone.
Incredible event!
thanks for organizing this for these incredible athletes!


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