N. California Sectional

NorCal Sectional Workouts Announced

The NorCal Sectional is happening next weekend, March 27-28. With nearly 400 athletes registered, this will be the largest Sectional competition by far.

All competitors will do two workouts on Saturday, exactly four hours apart. Some will start on Workout A and finish with Workout B, and some will do the opposite. Saturday workouts will be running from 9:00am to 5:20pm. Scaling will be allowed.

We'll be publishing standards, scaling options, and general information for competitors and spectators about a week prior to the competition. The Sunday workout will be published at a later date as well, prior to the competition.

Workout A
Against a 6-minute running clock:
Run 800m
Max rep overhead squats (115/75lbs)

Scored by total number of overhead squats.

Workout B
Max rounds plus reps in 10 minutes of:
7 Thrusters (115/75lbs)
12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35lbs)
7 Pull-ups

Download the full list of heats.

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Movement Standards Workout A

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Movement Standards Workout B

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45 comments on this entry

1. ken c wrote...

hey i wonder if that 800m run will be up mt. castro? go get em freddy. good thing you learned how to overhead squat.

2. dan lau wrote...

Go get em'! Cindy! You and CrossFit SV has got this!

Quote borrowed from TX.
"On the day of Victory, No one is tired"


3. Dan wrote...

It won't be up Mt. Castro, the NorCal sectionals aren't at the ranch.

4. adrian wrote...


For any out of town travelers visiting The NorCal Sectionals the Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino has a great rate of $73.00 for Single King or Double Queen rooms.

The Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino is located just 3 miles away from the Archbishop Mitty High School where the event will take place.

When making reservation please refer to group code CROSS to receive the group rate.

You can make reservation by calling 408 777 8787

5. Muya wrote...

This is going to be epic! Let's go, CrossFit SV!!!

6. Trac Nguyen wrote...

My heart is racing sitting here in my cubicle. Haha, this is going to be awesome!

7. Kris Kepler wrote...

love these workouts! will do Wod 1 for my warmup today.

8. Will Blaker wrote...

Kris K., you're my hero.
Be sure to post your score so I can be sure and aim for half your reps. ;)

9. Jim Brikman wrote...

Hm, two sub 10 minute max rep/round metcons with bodyweight/lightweight exercises. They look tough, but to be honest, I would've liked to see a bit more variety and maybe something a bit more binary (pass/fail) to more effectively trim down the list of 400+ competitors. Oh well, maybe they saved the interesting stuff for Sunday.

10. jesse wrote...

I was gunnin for two workouts on sunday! is there only going to be one? if it's one long one then ok...hopefully it won't be quite so biased to the bigger guys like it was on Sunday last year at the Norcal qualifiers.

11. Chris wrote...

I thought there would be something a little more creative for the region with the most athletes competing. I kind have to agree with Jim and hope they bring something big to the table for Sunday.

12. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Sweet, can't wait to come represent Utah! 275 guys by my count, that's going to be huge. Hopefully training at altitude will allow me to avoid humiliation against all the Cali firebreathers. I know I can't qualify for your Regionals but am looking forward to pitting myself against the best.

13. Will Blaker wrote...

I bet you'll do well and suprise all of us. Tear it up brudda.

14. Jason wrote...

Remember it takes a ridiculous amount of logistics having that many competitors. It's tough to make decent all inclusive wods for 400+ people. That's a lot of equipment, judges, and coordination. Personally, I think 6 minutes of OHS will make a small dent. It wouldn't surprise me to see more than a few who won't bother to put it down. Then an amrap with medium weight thrusters will put enough separation to get a decent look ahead for day two. I'm looking forward to see the real separation wod.

15. Chris wrote...

Jason after thinking about it for awhile you are correct with the need for equipment and the amount of people to get through in one day. OHS for about three minutes is going to be a good workout. The weight for the thruster is probably enough to show some separation.

16. Jim Brikman wrote...

No argument that organizing workouts for 400+ people limits options quite a bit. I'm definitely appreciative of the effort put forth by the folks involved, though it is worth pointing out that they aren't doing it purely for charity: registration for the games was $100 and tickets for spectators were $50. However, my point is that the two workouts seem very similar. I might end up eating my words, but I suspect the same folks will dominate both. If this happens, it might be a sign that they are the most fit, but I think a lot of it will be that the workouts are testing the exact same aspects of fitness: they a relatively small slice of "broad time and modal domains" and the limiting factor in both will probably be the ability to do high rep squatting with 115lbs.

Anyways, I don't mean to whine: I'm sure it'll be an awesome event and that there are wonderful (painful) surprises in store for Sunday.

17. Wes wrote...

Interesting workouts - but why so light? Hopefully, there are some heavy elements on Sunday.

18. Terry wrote...

I am sure lots of folks are thinking about it but not asking. So is Norcal Sectionals following suit with SoCal etc. and letting one additional spectator in for each paying one?

19. Robyn wrote...

100% of all registration fees go to the logistics of this event. The organizers are donating their valuable time and expertise because they want these Sectionals to be the best they can possibly be for athletes and spectators alike.

20. Terry wrote...

Thanks Robyn. I am sure its going be an awesome event. I am looking forward to it. Can spectators buy tickets at the event?

21. Mike Minium wrote...


Yes, we are honoring a 2-for-1 deal if you bring proof of registration (either a printout of the email or the confirmation page) when checking in.

22. Brian H wrote...

The events look great!
Questions on ROM/Standards.
1. Are the puulups Chest to Bar?
2. Will you be able to squat snatch, snatch balance, etc and still count reps for OHS?
Thanks in advance and good luck to all,
Brian H
Crossfit Modesto

23. KA wrote...

I think that it is pretty funny that people are commenting on the simplicity and weight of the workouts. 'Fran' is a great example of simplicity that results in utter destruction of athletes. Now add kettlebells, 20#'s and a 10 minute time cap. Not so easy...especially after you rep out as many overhead squats as you can 4 hours prior. There definately will be grouping of athletes...but there are 400 people signed up...

24. Jesse wrote...

I think both are great tests in their own right and maybe similar in the sense that u need to sustain a lot of power on top of being winded. Sure, maybe there could have been more variety in the 1st WOD but oh well...it is what it is...WOD 2 is going to be devastating for everyone (thrusters with pullups and kettle bell swings/10 min AMRAP!) and going to eliminate those that don't post good all around scores on the classic Crossfit WODs. I have a feeling that not everyone is going to be able to advance on to Sunday and there is going to be something special in store for the ones that do.

25. Peter wrote...

Has the registration/check-in process been put up yet for norcal? Friday night or early saturday morning, any ideas?

26. Jesse Gray wrote...

I would also like to get some check in information. I need to know because if it's Friday I need to plan on driving down then and paying for an extra night at the hotel.

27. Brandon B. wrote...

Check-in will take place on Saturday morning, beginning around 7:30AM.

28. Kevin wrote...

Since the spectators' tickets are 2-for-1, and each athlete technically purchases a spectator ticket with their registration, can that spectator also bring a guest under the 2-for-1 deal? (i.e. can each athlete bring 2 spectators?)

29. Dave B wrote...

When are they going to come out with the standards, scaling options, and general information for competitors and spectators. It said about a week before and it is closer than a week now. Thanks for the information....

30. Jesse Gray wrote...

Thanks Brandon. Do you know what's the latest you can check in? Is it mandatory to be there at 7:30, go through standards with judges and all that or can I just register an hour before my heat so I'm not standing around, wigging out on adrenaline for 4 1/2 hours?

31. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

I'm guessing the update is queued up but the Sectionals results are going to be posted first. I can't wait to see the standards. I'm doing a practice run on WOD1 tomorrow.

32. Danny wrote...

"Wigging out on adrenaline for 4 1/2 hours"...Awesome!

33. Ronny wrote...

Does anyone know if the pullups are C2B (chest to bar) ?

Seems to be a lil bird goin around saying so... not that it makes THAT much of a difference, except for the type of practice WOD i get in today...

34. Chris wrote...

I've heard the same little birdie flying around. I would say wouldn't hurt to practice them regardless...


35. Ronny wrote...

Does anyone know if the pullups are C2B (chest to bar) ?

Seems to be a lil bird goin around saying so... not that it makes THAT much of a difference, except for the type of practice WOD i get in today...

36. Mike Minium wrote...

We'll be releasing a logistics post first, hopefully very, very soon, which will cover things like when you need to check in, park, etc.

Then we'll be releasing the movement standards and the Sunday workout.

But you'll do yourself a favor by assuming chest-to-bar for Workout B (just a little hint).

37. Lisa smith wrote...

Also will you post scaling options when you post all the logistics?

38. Playoff Beard wrote...

Since I'm going to be judging this weekend, I wanted to do both of the workouts myself first. I did them four hours apart as rx'd and they were both a lot harder than I thought. Workout A is more technically challenging (you've really got to concentrate on the OHS) while workout B is just plain brutal.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the crazy numbers I know these guys and gals will be posting!

39. KD wrote...

With last year's NorCal Regional highlighting a much more diverse strength/endurance combo with the Catch 22 WOD, I hope Sunday will keep the NorCal tradition going with something BIG and HEAVY mixed in!

40. Jack wrote...

Can spectators come in anytime or do they have to enter at certain time? Is there any info on parking I can find? Thanks

41. Jack wrote...

So by paying in advance as a spectator on the site in cost $50 for both days...but if you show up in person its $15 per day...totaling $30.

Kinda odd way of charging...don't you think?

Even with the 2 for 1 deal it costs more to prepay in advance.

42. Jack wrote...

Nevermind on my above post...I found the link!

43. Lauren wrote...

One of my friends and clients is competing this weekend, but was just put on a mission to fly out Sunday (Air Force). Should he qualify for Sunday's event but not be in town to make it, can he try out for "last chance" or is there a way for him to make it up, providing he can show proof of his mission papers?

44. Holly wrote...

If I am now hurt and not competing, can I get in to watch with my name and guest? Do I need to bring anything with me?

45. Lydia wrote...

We're driving down in a motorhome, anyone else? Is there going to be RV parking on site (like Aromas) or should we go somewhere else?


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