James Miranda's 325 lb. clean and jerk.

N. California Sectional

NorCal Sectional Wrap-up

A photo finish on the chipper and a 325lb clean and jerk top the day in NorCal.

The following report on the final day of the NorCal Sectional comes from Hollis Molloy.

"Day 2 the Northern California Sectionals went off without a hitch.  The weather was sunny and warm and the spectators were able to get up close to the athletes to provide motivation and support for the grueling workouts.

The final heat for both the men and women were nail biters. The final women's heat was a closely contested fight between Laurie Galassi of CrossFit Santa Cruz and Chyna Cho from CrossFit Unlimited.  The two women battled it out in the midday sun through the challenging chipper. While Laurie took the lead during the lunges and was able to hold on to it through the burpees, Chyna made up ground on the rower and move into the lead which she kept through to the finish line.

On the men's side the final heat of the chipper was also a closely contested fight.  Dave Leys
of CrossFit Santa Cruz took an early lead during the walking lunges and was able to hold on to it through the 500m row. Neal Maddox came from behind during the 450 meter run and passed Dave on the final 200 meters to win the heat.

Also among the day's top performances was a 325lb clean and jerk by James Miranda of Lalanne Fitness which brought the crowd's cheers to a deafening roar.

Providing amazing performances and a little star power were Pat Barber, Justin Riley, Candace Hamilton, Cindi Frieling and Tamaryn Venter.  All were competitors in the 2009 Games and have already pre-qualified for Regionals in May.

Top 5 Men
1. Neal Maddox
2. James Miranda
3. Patrick Barber*
4. Gabe Subry
5. Scott Mainini
6. Gary Baron

Top 5 Women
1. Lauren Galassi
2. Cyndi Frieling*
3. Chyna Cho
4. Ashley Vrieze
5. Candace Hamilton*
6. Whitney Morse
7. Danielle Mulford

* Pre-qualified for Regionals

For a full list of results, go here.

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Dave Leys reppin' out burpees during Workout C2.

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67 comments on this entry

1. Franiel wrote...

Ya James is a beast! I was only there Saturday and his 71 OHS was very noticeable to watch out of the other competitors. People in the crowd kept on talking about him afterwords asking: "Who was that guy?"

He told us later on that it was only half his body weight so it wasn't a big deal...

2. menlo park wrote...

are you counting the scores of the people who pre-qualified?

3. Chris LaLanne wrote...

meno park,
Not sure why the "pre-qualified" athletes are listed on the score sheet? If they are not... it bumps on of my women (Molly Fuller) into 20th palce. Anybody know?

4. Robyn wrote...

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to San Jose this weekend. The athletes were amazingly gracious and humble. Spectators were ready and wiling to abide by the rather fluid rules of the event.

And thank you so much to the volunteers who worked tirelessly with no breaks for two days in the sun for nothing but a t-shirt and some cold pizza as payment. It was so moving to see the judges running back and forth down that football field right next to their athletes, guiding and encouraging them every step of the way for 12 back-to-back heats.

Not to mention the volunteers who managed registration, score-keeping, set-up, clean-up and countless other tasks. It is cliche, but this event could never have worked without you.

LOST & FOUND: We collected a number of articles of clothing left on the field and in the bleachers, so if you are missing anything (other than cute girl clothes in a size medium) feel free to contact me at robyn@crossfitoakland.com.

5. MELANIE WADE wrote...

Thanks Judges for all the hours of hard work this weekend!

6. Andre Elephant wrote...

That jerk looked pretty sloppy. Doubt it would have gotten a pass in a legit competition.

7. Laurie wrote...

Had a lot of fun judging this weekend. The athletes were all amazing and motivating. I would do this again in a heartbeat!

8. Mike Minium wrote...

The scores of the pre-qualified athletes do not count when it comes to determining the top 20 men and women.

So for the women, since there are three women who pre-qualified who finished in the top 20, the list extends down to the 23rd place female.

For the men, since there are two men who pre-qualified who finished in the top 20, the list extends down to the 22nd male.

9. Matt M. wrote...

Hey Andre - Post a video of yourself taking 325 overhead so we can critique your form.

10. Rachel wrote...

A big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers this weekend. Two hot, long days and a lot of hard work. The event would not have been a positive one for the athletes without the volunteer support.

11. Justin Riley wrote...

Make no mistake here, this was not an Oly meet and there were no intentions of upholding the standards required for Olympic lifting competition. The requirements were to squat below parallel, which is not required in the sport of Oly lifting, and overhead anyway. Of course beautiful Oly technique should yield a higher lift, but these athletes only have about 100 different things to be proficient at, so nobody can really practice Jerking 3x per week. We wanted to see who could stand up with the most and put it overhead. It was by far the most exciting part of the competition. Great lift James. LaLanne Fitness really came out strong and showed NorCal whats up. Congrats to you all.

12. Anna wrote...

All-in-all it was a great event! I really enjoyed competing in the c&j & chipper with the crowd around us. Adrenalin does crazy things in situations like that and the crowd played a huge part in my success this weekend.

Thank you so much for the support from my fellow One-Worlders, as well as people I had never even met. I love our community and am so proud to be a part of it.

And a big thank you to all the judges, volunteers and organizers. It must have been so challenging for you with all the red tape, but you worked it out like champs. Thanks guys!

Can't wait until the games!

13. molly wrote...

sweet! I made the cut off. The weekend was a total blast.

14. Chris LaLanne wrote...

Mike M.,
Thank you for putting on a fantastic event. Great job, Jason, Austin, Rachel, Kim and a huge thanks to all of the judges and volunteers for your tireless efforts to make it happen!

Justin R.,
One love brother!

Go Molly... You earned it girl!

For another look at what Tony is capable of... check this out:

15. Craig - Diablo CrossFit wrote...

Nice work Chris & Lalanne crew - you and your crew have really come a long way in just a year! I dread seeing you and the other beasts at future competitions. What an affiliate!

Thanks to you and your crew Mike M. and to Jason for staying the course and giving the athletes a great competition. Despite the challenges, our 18 athletes and their fans had a blast.

My final observation after watching all these new badass athletes compete: as CrossFit grows my performances become more mediocre. All good.

16. Aaron S wrote...

Congratulations to Neal Maddox. I watched him closely, and I don't think I saw a single drop of sweat. He took 1st place with ease, and he was ready for more.

17. Larry wrote...

20% slop andre. nobody said it was a legit lift by stict standards. We're talking functional movements not a beauty pagent. Get that weight overhead and 20% slop is fine.

18. Kevin Suttmoeller wrote...

Congratulations to all of the competitors at the Sectionals.
Thanks to the organizers, staff, and volunteers for pulling off a great event, even with all the challenges with the facility. Sunday was "WAY" better! The CrossFit community never ceases to amaze me. And finally, congrats to two of our CrossFit Redding athletes; Jordan and Brittany for making it through to the Regionals.

19. Jackyl wrote...

Looks like more strength athletes dominated the wodders again.

20. Stange wrote...

two words, Neal Maddox! Congrats bro! So exciting watching you in your 1st competition. 2010 is all you!

21. Doug Buttner wrote...

Hats off to the men and women who competed and to those who placed top 20. The caliber of athletes here in nor cal is insane! Thanks to Jason, Austin, judges, and volunteers. They gave up their entire weekend and more so we could compete. I must say i was a little dissappointed after saturday but, you guys did the best you could. WELL DONE!! You had your hands full. I'm sure this was a learning experience that will make next years sectional better. To those who complained of the judging? you should have kept your s--- legit. If they called you out, you most likely deserved it and if you didnt? Back up, nobodys perfect. This was my first time competing and I had a blast. I cant wait to watch the regionals!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. Holly wrote...

I had a great time as a volunteer. Watching all the athletes give it every last thing had! I can't wait until next time! Cold pizza never tasted sooo good! Where can we go to see more pictures of the event?

23. Melody Miser wrote...

If a top 20 competitor forfeits their spot to be able to compete with their affiliate team, does the list bump down for another female?

24. 27 wrote...

Agree with Bucket. While I appreciate all the hard work by the judges, and feel that the best athletes still came forward, there's got to be more consistency somehow. I observed someone get credit for 5 rounds of the triplet and NEVER complete a SINGLE thruster even close to full depth, while others were being "no repped" like crazy for slight deviation of the KB from vertical.

25. Tadhg wrote...

I enjoyed my first CrossFit competition and intend to be back next year, but at the same time was rather disappointed by the organizational screwups.

* Largest Sectionals in the country; in the “home of CrossFit” region; $40,000 to run it with a staff of volunteers; the organizers thought it was worth $50 to come watch.
* I’m rather glad that I didn’t get anyone to come to it
* I found it sad—and angering—that I couldn’t watch or support the rest of my team during their heats.
* It was ridiculous that competitors & heats for day two weren't posted until after 23:00 on day one.

What the organizers need to work on for next year:
* Ensure the venue actually works as a venue.
* Announce day two competitors and heats before 19:00 on day one.
* Do not charge spectators.
* Announce all of the workouts two weeks in advance.
* Announce how the scoring will work two weeks in advance.
* Announce movement standards two weeks in advance.
* Announce something, in advance, about who the judges are and how they’re chosen.
* Be public about where the money is going.
* Have vendors of some kind at the venue.

The long version is here: http://tadhg.com/wp/2010/03/29/crossfit-games-2010-norcal-sectionals-gripes/

26. Emily wrote...

Well done, CrossFit staff and volunteers. My judges were strict and impartial, and although I share many of the gripes from above, you all did a great job of adapting the program on the fly. Another year or two and you'll have it nailed down.

I had a blast competing in my first CrossFit event. The other women were awesome, I've never seen such mental and physical stamina all in one place. Is there any data on competitors by age? I'm 43 and I think there were only about 6 of us in our 40s...? Just curious. I'll keep coming back until I qualify for the Masters. Maybe next year I'll qualify for Day 2.

27. P wrote...

Hey you guys, I had an awesome time last weekend. Thank you so much. Unknown means unknown, obviously as crossfit grows, we adapt and everything gets better and better. Thank you for putting on a fun event. Everyone needs to go with the flow and try their best to listen and figure it out as we go in this case. Try your best, be early, and do everything legit, you should in turn do well.

Are the affiliate qualifiers and individual regionals happening the same weekend??!!! That is so tough with coaching .....oh I please hope that the southwest regional and norcal affiliate regional qualifiers are not the same weekend in different locations??!!! Any info on this matter would really help our gym to plan!! - Thank you thank you thank you!!

28. nick wrote...

You guys should post most of the pictures and videos you took and make them available to buy. this past weekend was a lot of fun.. just want to see more pics.

29. Sarah Zuckerman wrote...

What a great weekend! This was my first Crossfit competition, and it wont b my last. It was an amazing gathering of positive, happy, healthy people. Thanks to the owners of Crossfit 209 Sport: Gabe Subry, 4th place, Marina Garcia, and my trainer, Vince Carter, who smashed the chipper. They've made me a better human. I'm 46 years old and very curious about the ages of the competitors. Did I place first in the middle aged housewife category? LOL, but would still like to klnow. Oh, I just read Emily. Hi Emily, nice to meet you. Look for you next year!!!

30. Rondizzle wrote...

A question for HQ - We have a few women (3) who qualified for top 20, and will be forfeiting (officially) their spots in pursuit of the affiliate cup, will they need to let someone know so that the next few girls can represent us in Norcal for our region?

The question was asked earlier, but no response - if there's any need to put in an official "forfeit" letter to HQ or Minium or whoever - please let us know so we can get that going ASAP.

Thanks All... Great weekend;)

31. Derek wrote...

Does HQ have video of the top girls heat of the last WOD on Sunday? A few were watching VERY closely and it just seems impossible a few girls pulled ahead. We are worried a few judges only counted 4 rounds on the farmers walk/push press by accident. It would be definitely be worth looking into. Still great effort by all and a fantastic event.

32. Laura wrote...

Derek~ You weren't the only one that noticed that! There was definitely at least one girl that did not do the full 5 rounds. I know it was a long day for the judges and human error is going to always be a factor, but this is very unfortunate for those girls who did 5 rounds and would have beat her time! We will see how things go at Regionals.

33. Alex wrote...

Zonic and Laura,

Not only did they miscount the farmers walk,, they placed a girl in the top 50 who DNF the Chipper in the 29 minute rx time limit. These oversites are not fair to anyone who did it legit.

34. Zach wrote...

Zonic and Laura, just curious which girls you are talking about. I have video but not all of one girl. It's real hard for me to try and count one girl but if I know who im looking for it might be easier to try and piece it together.

35. MJJ wrote...


get over it ok? She said she does not love you any more. Keeping her out of the Top 50 is not going to win her back. Let it go dude...really. Hug?

36. Karen Coello wrote...

Hire event planners??? Yeah rite. 40K doesn't go very far when you have to set things up for a Sectional this size.

I'm not even going to bother to try and change the minds of those of you who are whinging and whining, but I felt that I should get some positives in and say well done to the organisers who must have stressed their heads off to set up a competition which at this level (Sectionals) was a first time event. If you're going to bitch, save it and instead volunteer at the next one - and I don't just mean rock up on the day and expect to be told exactly what to do - it's easy to show up at the 11th hour and hook in, most of the work has already been done. Actually get in there earlier than that. Maybe then you'll have an inkling of the million and one things that needed to be done.

Can only keep some of the people happy some of the time. I just am comfoted by the fact that it's only a small amount of people that don't have better things to do with their time than complain.

Organisers... I'm sure you did the best you can given the situation and kudos to you for giving up your time, sleep, energy and passion to put on an event to grow CrossFit.

Oh, and MJJ.... u are funny.


37. SD wrote...

@ Karen - sorry, but if the judges messed up, then we have a problem. You can't tuck your head into the sand and ignore the problem. You should mind your own business if you are in no way affiliated with THIS situation.

Also, Mike Minium won't return my emails. Has anyone had any luck getting refunds for Saturday? Mike promised to refund those that asked and he won't return my emails.

38. Judge BM wrote...

I had the honor of judging most of the top athletes! they were inspirational. Also there was a reason they were top they work extremely hard both days. Not a single one I judged complained...they knew what was expected of them and they delivered. Were there reps not counted yes but these imperfections were corrected immediately.
Congrats to you all and thanks for the TAN! much respect for Lalanne Fitness, CrossFit East Sac, CrossFit Moxie, and CrossFit Folsom Lake

39. Jakers wrote...

Hey Judge!

Why not thank CFOakland? They're the ones that put the thing on?

40. Bobby wrote...

The spectator situation sucked on saturday. Everything else ran smoothly at the event. Heats were on time, comptetitors were happy, and the WAS fair. I hope all of you who are making this in to the experience of your life simply don't come next year.

I think it's so funny to see all the mixed comments. How can some people love it and others absolutely love it. Wait, that what happens I hear when things get to a certain size.

41. Zach wrote...

Any word on those names. I wanna see if I can set the record straight.

42. Gonzo wrote...

Why isnt there photos of the overall first place winners.Some bias here?

43. Derek wrote...

In the last WOD on sunday up until what I believe to be a mistake by the judges, Paige Nutt and one other competitor (I believe from CrossFIt San Jose) were fairly neck and neck and were noticeably ahead of everyone else. Without hardly any slowing all of a sudden a bunch of others were already starting their burpees, off to the rower, etc. We were watching CLOSELY. It was just honestly impossible. I can see after being exhausted, counting all day, the reps, the rounds, watching the form, taking note of the back and fourth of the farmers walk that mistake could be made but its still really unfortunate. Maybe i'm completely wrong, which I doubt, but in such a passionate competitiont haat so many people work hard all year towards I just hope that no one missed out due to this error.

44. KA wrote...

Just out of curiosity...what were the weights of the top 3...top 20? I know some smaller guys made it through but was just curious what the average was.

45. Zach wrote...

I tried to check the girl who won and the girl who took second. It's just too hard to tell. They're outta the frame too long. But the girl who won came in from the walking lunges in the middle or back of the pack.

46. Judge BM wrote...

Jakers! I'd thanks CrossFit Unlimited first Austin is the one who allowed me to be there.

47. Jakers wrote...

Judge - someone ALLOWED you to be there? You mean by ALLOWING you to volunteer your time for the entire weekend without compensation?

Wow, what a guy? Were you one of the judges that ruined the women's lunge metcon?

48. Judge SS wrote...

I too judged and when I called a no rep, the next rep was picture perfect! These athletes were amazing. When you get tired, you lose form. But the cream rose to the top!!

49. Judge BM wrote...

Jakers why so hostile! sheesh who are you mad at! I judged 3 women Loren Feil, Natalie Bower, and Tayna Texidor. None of which were in the WOD that you're bitching about.

50. Austin wrote...


51. stange wrote...

anyone got video of the mens chipper

52. stange wrote...

oh... and more pics please.

53. Terry wrote...

Hey Austin,
Any reason why the judges did not enforce the lunge walk movement like you showed on the video standards? Feet together in the middle with open hips. I did mine this way and realized when watching the 2nd heat they were not enforcing that.


Thanks to you, Jason and Mike for your efforts.

BTW, Every judge I had was excellent, specially Angel on the chipper, she kept me motivated to not quit moving.

54. DB wrote...

Cool Video!! People quit complaining!! So tired of hearing this!! Yeah it sucks but its over!!! MOVE ON!!
Thaks again Austin, Jason, and everyone else!!!

55. Danny wrote...

Seems like those who had a lot of expectations and/or thought they would do better than they actually did are the ones who are bitching. As far as judges go...There are only so many to go around. Especially when you consider the judges were unable to compete, watch their friends compete, and overall just enjoy the day. I know I wouldn't want to volunteer for that. Hats off to those who volunteered. [Or got suckered into volunteering :) ] That would be a bummer if some girls missed out on Regionals if an entire round wasn't completed.

Volunteer judges aside, there are going to be slight inconsistencies in judges calls (much like in any other sport - basketball, baseball, etc). Watch the 09 Games Triplet WOD. There are tons of inconsistencies in the judging on the KB swings. Miko and Khalipa had about 20 "no rep" calls. Do you hear them bitching? No, because they are true athletes! Just like other athletes, they adapt to the individual game. Some NBA games are called tight, while other refs just "let em play." Adapt and overcome. The sport of CrossFit isn't for everyone. But that shouldn't steer you away from keeping CrossFit as your fitness program, because it is the best out there for broad fitness.

The complaint about the spectator situation is understandable, especially considering the high price of tickets.

Lastly, hats off to the coordinators for making this happen. 400 competitors is a difficult task, great job!

56. Laura wrote...

It's true that there is going to be some subjectivity when it comes to critiquing form. But, missing a whole round of a workout is completely different from making an athlete redo a few missed reps! It affects not only the athlete involved, but everyone else. No athlete should receive accolades for something they didn't accomplish!! That is why we have judges standing with each athlete. That is why there are movement standards. This is a complete oversight on the part of the judges, not just a difference of opinion over whether or not the athlete did a full extension on their push-press.

57. Laura wrote...

Just saw the video! Thanks Austin for posting. Clears everything up!

58. AB wrote...

Laura, I'm not entirely sure who you are referring to, but by the looks of the video link Austin posted above, the girl who finished 1st in the chipper completed the WOD as prescribed.


59. AB wrote...

Woops, sorry Laura. Sounds like you were watching the video as I posted.

60. ? wrote...

just curious, does anyone know for sure that Nigel completed his 5rounds.... MAD props to him if he did!!! But his time was off the charts, we were wondering before he even got the the finish line.

61. WG wrote...

The video of "Event A" is really, really good. I like to be able to see the a full range of each exercise, hear what the athletes say, and generally get a feel for the event's atmosphere. That little short clip was fantastic, I'd like to see a lot more of that type of film making and a lot less of the "I failed out of MTV film school and wanna inflict my two-second clips on the rest of the world forever" kinda stuff that is so prevalent on the CF site. Thanks for the nice vid, and congrats to the athletes, you all motivate me!

62. Jesse Gray wrote...

Hey, do any of the photographers who were there have web sites with pics up? I'd love to see some if they exist.

63. jesse wrote...

did not like the scoring system...something better needs to be figured out for sure

64. TomC wrote...

I have some pictures from Sectionals a little over a week ago. I did my best to organize the photos by affiliate, but I have missed quite a few people. If you happen to see any of your athletes that you would like included, let me know and I will put them in the appropriate group. Enjoy:


I'm not sure if the URL above will get automatically linked. If not, i included the same URL along with my name. You should be able to click on that.

65. FYI Judge wrote...

Some athletes were allowed to perform the wod as non-rx, these athletes of course were not included in the pool of qualifiers. I was a judge and on day 1, I had a couple athletes that were doing the wod as non-rx, therefore the standards didn't really apply. I don't think anyone else (spectators, athletes, other judges) would have known that these athletes were not competeing to qualify for the games, so it would have appeared that they were mis-judged. We were intructed to note on the score card that the wods were not rx. FYI

66. Tyler wrote...

The manimal is gonna have to step it up if he wants to make it to the games this year! He's got some stiff competition!

67. Defrekijloyr wrote...

?????? ????!
?????? ???????????? ?????????? ?????? ?
??????? ?????????...


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