N. California Sectional

NorCal Sectional Sunday Workout and Scaling Options

Information announced about the final challenge.

Workout C1
In 6 minutes, work up to a max squat clean to overhead.

* The bar must start on the ground, you must pass through a squat, and then send the bar overhead in any manner you choose.
* You'll be able to designate your opening weight before the workout begins, and the judge will be able to help you load and unload weights.  In addition, you'll have plenty of time to warm-up prior to the beginning of your heat.

Workout C2
At the immediate conclusion of Workout C1, perform the following for time:
Sprint 50m
25 Burpees
100-yard Walking Lunge
Then 5 Rounds of:
- 15 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overhead (40/25lbs)
- 100-yard Dumbbell Farmers Walk (40/25lbs)
Then 25 Burpees
Row 500m
Run 450 yards
Each workout will be scored separately; workout C1 will be scored by max load, while workout C2 will be scored by time. There will be a 35-minute cap on workouts C1 and C2 combined, meaning you have to get through workout C2 in 29 minutes.

The movement standards for both Sunday workouts are explained in the accompanying video.

Scaling Options for Saturday Workouts
As with last year's NorCal Qualifying workout, there will be only one scaling option for each of the Saturday workouts.

Workout A
Against a 6-minute running clock:
Run 800m
Max rep overhead squats (115/75lbs)

The scaled version of this workout is as follows:

Against a 6-minute running clock:
Run 800m
Max rep overhead squats (75/45lbs)

Workout B
Max rounds plus reps in 10 minutes of:
7 Thrusters (115/75lbs)
12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35lbs)*
7 Pull-ups (Chest-to-Bar)

* The standard for the kettlebell swing will be the same as the one used in last year's Games triplet, American swing to overhead with bottom of the kettlebell pointing up.

The scaled version of this workout is as follows:

Max rounds plus reps in 10 minutes of:
7 Thrusters (75/45lbs)
12 Kettlebell Swings (35/25lbs)
7 Jumping Pull-ups

To ensure that you get the correct setup (scaled or rx'd) for your workout, we're asking that you check-in 15 minutes prior to the start of your heat, and indicate whether you'll be going scaled or rx'd for the workout.  Then we can load the bars, kettlebells, and set up pull-ups accordingly.

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Sunday's Movement Standards

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70 comments on this entry

1. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Great stuff. I'm starting to get the feeling that the event Programmers are big fans of going overhead.

2. Meg wrote...

This would be better if you could actually SEE ALL of the events. Last time I checked I paid $50 to see this event.

3. Jan wrote...

Good job, folks at Crossfit.. now how about half refunds since we could only see half the workouts?

4. Josh wrote...

I just got back. Couldn't even spectate as the event was not even in eyesight from the seats.

If you didn't follow someone and know exactly what they were wearing, you'd never find them.

No one allowed to get any closer.

If you attend this event Sunday, bring binoculars.

5. Jim wrote...

great for competitors, AWFUL for spectators. $50 is just grand larceny.

6. Tony Budding wrote...

I was there this morning also. From a competitive standpoint, everything appeared fantastic. Unfortunately, one of the events had to get moved at the last minute for safety reasons, and the facility administration prohibited any spectators in the new area. This was a greater disappointment to the event organizers who want this event to be as great for the spectators as it is for the athletes.

The good news is that Sunday will be very different. All the action will take place in the main area right in front of the bleachers. The spectators (my family and I among them) will have a great view of the action.

7. Louis l wrote...

I just got back from competing and it was great fun but when you were watching your fellow crossfiters it was tough to see. When your competing its brings energy to the event when everybody is on top of you cheering you on that's the only thing that was missing ,I understand why it was this way

8. Lolo wrote...

I just got back from the sectional and as Louis said, we couldn't see anything. The visibility was reduced to the 800m... I couldn't recognize anynbody from the overhead squats... I'm not even talking about workout B that took place 200 yards from the stands, behing trees.... How would you feel if you bought 3 tickets to see the Warriors in Oakland Oracle Arena and being told that you're stuck in the arena while they are atually playing on the raiders football field?
Only 1 person could get closer by Athlete... I showed up with my kids to see my wife compete........ didn't see her.

9. Catherine Hicks wrote...

Highly disappointed. I pay $50 and couldn't even see the person I was there to support. You said we could go down and then no. I understand it but I paid to support my friend and I couldn't even do that. I paid $50 and I saw a lot of people going in without paying a damned thing. While I love the games, I feel incredibly ripped off and probably won't go again if you charge $50 for that kind of experience. Lame. Lame. Lame. Have the event at a location that is as good for the spectators as it is for the participants

10. Joe Single wrote...

rip off

11. Danielle wrote...

hope crossfit solano pple make it!!

12. Sherwood wrote...

I finished the day 123rd overall and was wondering how I find out if I'm competing tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

13. Playoff Beard wrote...

I just got back from the Qualifer and had a great experience working as a judge. Crossfit athletes are incredible people and never cease to amaze me!

However, if I had paid $50 to get into this event as a spectator, I would be very upset too. I totally understand the frustration.

14. john Van Every wrote...

I'm competitor 635 and my second workout was not even counted in the results? My card is signed and initialed? Is there a reason for this, please get back to me. jvanevery@v3designllc.com

15. Justin Riley wrote...

Any final word on how many athletes will move on to Sunday. I was told that if you are in 100 points of the person in 20th place, you will be competing on Sunday. That would be all of the women and almost all of the men. Doesn't make sense. Somebody please communicate, so we can get ready for bed, or ready to party.

16. Preggers wrote...

Awesome job to the athletes! It was a long, tough day.

I too was a judge and can understand the frustration of the spectators. I'm guessing because we were out on a football field, dropping bars onto the grass from overhead would have ruined the field. So, the events were reduced to the areas you saw today.

The thruster WOD was originally set on the grass as some of you saw. But because the pull up bars were in a separate area, the fence created a bottle neck. Additionally, any individuals close to the track area would have to maneuver around the other competitors and get past bars--how upset would you be if you could have done 5 rounds but were reduced to 4 because you spent all that time running to do pull ups? Also, I believe spectators were not allowed in after the first heats because bars were hopping all over and folks were repeatedly told to back away and didn't. Just looking out for your safety as we would in any box.

Tomorrow will indeed be made for better viewing. I agree with Tony that it was as much as a disappointment for those planning and attending. But hopefully there will still be a big turnout for Sunday's WOD.

17. mike wrote...

The events ran smoothly even with the large number of competitors but thats about all that was good about this event, it sucked for spectators you couldn't see anything well at all and anyone could just walk in without paying anything while some payed $50 in advance and then it was $15 a day at the event, very disappointing. Since the spectators were kept so far from the events it lacked the energy that comes from a good cheering section, last years qualifiers were awesome in that reguard.

18. john Van Every wrote...

oops sorry i'm sure you guys are working on it..just want to know if I sleep or drink....

19. Maximus @ CF East Bay wrote...


That makes sense: If you then go on to win the Sunday event (100 points) and the person in 20th DNFs that means you end up in at least 20th place and get a spot in the regionals.

20. nathan wrote...

It sucked not having your family or friends watching you while you competed. I felt bad for a lot of other family members as they sat and roasted in the sun watching an empty track and field. Admission should've been free and the grass wasn't all that precious to where we weren't allowed to step on it.

Great judges, but next year- please pick a better spot!!

21. Letty wrote...

Seems to me the organizers needed to work out all the kinks before this big event! i ditto everything I've read so far, and so far, the vote is unanimous---we spectatlors were ripped-off! And the athletes deserve to have their people their rooting for them all the way.
Sure hope I can navigate to find the results which we were told are online....this website is not friendly!

22. Jeremy wrote...

What time do the events start tomorrow. ....I mean what's the schedule?

23. Trac wrote...

Where are you guys finding out your standings?

I can understand that event organizers had a lot on their plate with last minute changes were unavoidable and tickets pretty much came down to the honor system. I know they'll learn from the shortcomings and improve next year...it's the CrossFit way?

I do feel bad for my family and friends who paid hefty fee to come out and support me. We have no regrets, it was a great experience for all of us, but it's undeniable that there's lots to reflect upon for next year's Sectionals.

24. Trac wrote...

Found it "View Live Results From the Sectionals"

25. Jim Garvin wrote...

The score from my second WOD is not even listed. I am currently in 249 because I was given a zero. This needs to be corrected and quickly or I wont even be able to workout tomorrow!!

26. Spencer wrote...

When do we find out if you qualified for Sunday. Info Please!!

27. Jason M wrote...

Hey Letty, the results are on the Nor Cal home page at: http://games2010.crossfit.com/blog/north-california/, off to the right (where the demo vids were posted)- the link goes to http://scores2010.crossfit.com/scoring/north-california/ and you can see everyone's rankings. What I don't see yet is the cut off of who's going on tomorrow (and whether I drink a margarita or a protein shake tonight!)

28. Chyna @ CF Unlimited wrote...




29. Wishing Crossfit the Best wrote...

Since I know every year Crossfit improves and grows I would hope next year the "Judges" had a little more screening. There is no consistency in rep to no rep calls. It seemed as if some "Judges" didn't even Crossfit.

It would also be nice since Crossfit seeks the fittest athletes to have a body weight percentage for the lifts. It's just seems unfair seeing a 145 pound man lift the same as a 250 pound man. The same for the 100 pound girls lifting 75 pounds with the girls that are 150 pounds. Just seems like it would be more fair in seeking the most fit as opposed to the World Strongman/Strongwoman (they already have this competition)

Maybe things will change for the future. Good luck.

30. KC wrote...

Why would you pick a Catholic private school to hold this event? Of course the uptight administration is going to nitpick everything! I hope you have a better plan next year. I'm highly upset that I wasn't able to see anything! I don't care what you have planned for the spectators tomorrow because I can't attend. Not a very good experience!

31. Sean wrote...

So can I get drunk to night or what????

32. shawna r white wrote...

WTF!!!!!!!!!!! better beable to see tomorrow....that is if they ever post whats going on...

33. Justin Riley wrote...

Yo Nor Cal organizers. Don't leave us in the dark. We want to know who can compete and what time to be there. I hate to complain, but this is out of line on your part to not be communicating with the participants in the even what the deal is. It's 9 already. Throw us frickin bone here!!!

34. chris wrote...

horrible place to hold an event. why even have spectators. they can't see anything anyways and there paying all that money. they all should get refunds. all the other sectionals we see on the main site have the spectators right next to the athletes and in on the action.

35. Ian Carver wrote...

Am I missing something or is it not up yet? I am looking for a post of Sunday heat start times and I am not finding it. I'd like to go to bed, but sure as hell would hate to miss my heat since I didn't know when it was.

36. Anna wrote...

I want to go to sleep. But will sleep better knowing what to expect tomorrow. Some communication would be great!

37. mike wrote...

So are you going to let the athletes know who advances to Sundays workout?
as it is I doubt you will have any spectators reguardless but at least you could let Sean know if he can start pounding down the cold ones

38. billy boy wrote...

Dude seriously I have to sit at my computer waiting to see if and when this thing is goin off? ...

what are you waiting for organizers?..

want to throw an opinion on some of the judging. Was there any criteria for the judges abilities? Or just whoever showed up and thought it would be fun to get a front row seat... My judge was soo lost during the workout she actually said to me, "I'm sorry, I did my best" . I think it's embarrassing for this sectional and this entire sport to have such horribly inconsistent standards applied to fantastic athletes who spend their lives preparing for these events. Does anyone else see something horribly wrong with athletes preparing all year for this one event and have their chances taken away by incompetent judging. The responsibility for that falls on the organizers, not on the individual judges. Pretty easy to lose faith in the system with an experience like that. I'm embarrassed I invited friends and family to come and spectate this horribly planned event. Sorry guys I know it's a lot of work, but you signed up to organize this thing and fell asleep on the job.

39. Nabil L wrote...

It said rain or shine. The organizers didn't tell me it would definitely be sunny. Now I'm sunburned.

40. Jim Garvin wrote...

Please please please go back and check the blue score cards from today, several of us having missing scores on the second WOD and would hate to get cheated out of Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

41. Phil@crossfitvallejo wrote...

Its 9:24.... we have people...potential competitors and volunteers waiting for details of Sundays events. This makes it difficult if you want the best performances out of these people when you are looking for the best to rep NorCal.... please let us know,,,come on...what the hell,,, we want to drink

42. Austin wrote...

Everyone- Sorry to spectators who didn't get what they deserved. There were some things out of our control and just understand we were as frustrated as you.

Mike is working on the heat times for tomorrow and will post it as soon as he can. The first heat will start at 8a. If you are in the top 200 men and top 100 women, it would be safe to say you are competiting tomorrow. Again Mike is working to get the exact information posted asap.

43. TRI wrote...

I was a judge and I was told it would be late with the final schedule. They told the volunteers wake up and check and hope you don't have to be there at 6:00am. Plan on a 7am start time for athletes is what we were told. I t will change though. Sorry!

44. chris wrote...

hellllloooo is anyone going to help us out. maybe let us know if your working on it.. or were in the process... or it will be posted at 10. anything! something!

45. Austin wrote...

Also, judges that had to leave before the end of the event, we were told by Mitty staff that we couldn't start heats till 8a. We will have a standards meeting in the gymnasium at 7a tomorrow morning.

46. dave wrote...

Please NEVER EVER hold it at Mitty High School again!

47. Kev wrote...

@#38 I tend to agree with your statement. I felt picked on by one of the head judges today as my judge was doing her job. Now there is an inconsistency in head judge/ competitor judge. I knew my KB Swings needed a LITTLE work on a rep or two.. but to have to excessively complete an additional 12-15 extra KB Swings per round due to one of the "HEAD JUDGES" watching me and only me for almost the entire heat.. was disheartening... as well as the judges looking for different cues (wrists cocked in position versus kettlebell overhead and parallel) OH, and to my judge today.. she did an awesome job of being fair and objective (both Duffy on the OHS Squat WOD and the gal in the second WOD) the "head Judge" should be milling the ENTIRE heat, not one or two people. but of course this is just an opinion from a fellow coach. Good job to all of the athletes today. You kicked some ass. I was honored to be in the presence of stellar performers

48. Michael wrote...


Sorry for another question, but I hope this might help lots of people plan for tomorrow.

Is there a mandatory check-in time for athletes? Or, can we just show up an hour or two before our heats to pick up our cards since we already signed the waiver and checked in this morning?


49. Bonnie wrote...

I think the highlight was after half the athletes already completed the 2nd WOD in solitude and they finally put boxes against the fence so people could see/cheer. That is when private security came buy to tell us not to touch the fence to hard or we could damage it....awesome.

50. Jenn wrote...

Just an idea... Since it seems that the organizers are overwhelmed by the amount of competitors, maybe next year, there should be two norcal sectionals (different areas with 10 going to regionals from each.) Maybe that would help get out the schedule before midnight next time...
I agree with #49, it looks like norcal can't handle our s*@t. Every other regions that had sectionals today already had info out, pictures posted, and under 5 comments posted last time I checked. We have over 50... good job guys.

51. Austin wrote...

If you are an athlete competiting you do not need to be there to check in early. We just need you to check in to the workout table 20 mins before your heat. There will be 25 people per heat every 30 mins we will start a heat. Top scores from Saturday will be in the last heat.

52. Terry wrote...

Technically if you completed both WODS today then there is a mathematical probability to finish in the top 20. Although very small its still a probability. Who is to say how many competitors might DNF. Also being at least 100 points behind the 20th place finisher to qualify is incorrect, if you finished in first on both WODs tomorrow thats 200 points.

After today's fiasco I would think that whomever chose to show up Sunday you would at least let them run through the workouts.

53. Kitch wrote...

One would think someone would have asked Mitty if people could ACTUALLY WATCH the event they paid for before giving them said event and charging a whopping $50 bucks?


As for tomorrow - this is nuts. We get a post in comments telling us what to do vs an actual post on the main page of the games site? How about some details?

54. Dave wrote...

Was there all day, it seemed like this was the first time Crossfit held such a event. Spectator view was terrible. I had bought 4 tickets for 200 dollars and with the "new" change I had 8 tickets but only had my original 4 people to attend, I deserve a refund, and I am not even complaing about how the event was put on. I have been to better run Little League tourneyments. Also I am driving about 2 hours so it would be nice to know if my daughter is working out tomorrow, this is not ROCKET SCIENCE or is it.....

55. Beavis wrote...

I love crossfit, and all I would like to know is, am I competing tomorrow?

56. marcus wrote...

Unknown and unknowable is not an excuse for un-coordinated and unorganized. We got shafted in a lotta ways. Kinda wish I lived elsewhere. Meh oh well. Take it out on the chipper.

57. WTF wrote...

Austin. Am I and everyone else missing something? ..
"If you are an athlete competing"... that 's what everyone is trying to figure out.
'chick in to the workout table 20mins before your heat" ??? ...are heats posted?? I'm not seeing them anywhere.

58. Phil@crossfitvallejo wrote...

Not to be an ass.... just looking for straint forward and accurated answers.... if part one max squatl clean is 6 minutes and chipper wod to follow is capped at 29 minutes for a grand total of 35 minutes capped, how will you start heats at every 30 minutes? We just want to give good headsup info to our affiliate athletes.

59. John Q. wrote...

Fact 1: Little to no consistency in NorCal administration.
Fact 2: Little to no consistency in NorCal exercise standards.

What happened to the NorCal's CrossFit example?

60. Bobby wrote...

Although the view was horrible. I think the event was still well run. 400 competitiors went off on time with real time scoring, the workouts were good tests and I thought the judging was fair and consistent. I guess organizing the sunday heat list after the saturday workouts isn't optimal and probably should change. Overall I appeciate all the time the organizers sacrificed and am looking forward to tomorrow

61. Letty wrote...

Thanks, Jason M. I actually found the results. And now I continue to feel for all you athletes, who, at 10:43 in the p.m. , are still wondering what time your heats start!! I'm going to bed now and hope you all can get a good rest. Will be cheering you on ...sometime, tomorrow. :)

62. Daron wrote...

Wow, I'm glad I didn't go.

63. Kevy-Kev wrote...

Well, it's 11:03PM....any word on when athletes need to show up? Or heat times? Or who is competing? Or anything? Hello, hello hello.....echo, echo, echo....now batting for the Houston Astros, Pedro Barbon, Barbon, Barbon.....

64. Phil@cfv wrote...

Great... now I got two threads to keep looking for sunday updates on. I got 8 ahtletes from my affiliate that are on standby on the flight deck.....give me the go.

65. Lauren wrote...

I feel as though several athletes will drop out- it's after 11pm and many are coming from over an hour away. Who could blame them, I wouldn't feel confident competing tomorrow (at who knows what time), having to drive an hour and a half with no real "plan".

I am really hoping the view is better tomorrow (geez, almost 45min away from saying TODAY).

66. Leigh wrote...

I joined crossfit early feb of 2010 and within three weeks decided to give sectionals a chance. I didn't come into this event thinking I'd make the top 20 but rather to see how the games were ran, how the competition was and what I needed to do within the next year to be a force to be reckon with in 2011. From the way NorCal sectionals were organized (standards being posted much later than other sectionals, the price to watch athletes and athletes not being able to see anything, not guaranteed second day workouts and now athletes waiting on heat times at 11:20 pm the night before) and as a rookie, I'm disappointed in the games. The workouts on Saturday seemed to target the same thing and I didn't see much diversity in them. The registration for athletes ended a month ago which means there was a month to prep for this. If too many competitors was a problem, a cap on competitors should have been taken into consideration so we wouldn't be waiting until close to midnight to see if our friends or ourselves were competing (not that I expect to compete tomorrow). I didn't do too well but it was good to see what I was up against. I will use this year to train and am looking forward to being a "part" of the competition next year...I just hope the organization and respect for atheletes' prep time will be taken into consideration...if it wasn't for my motivation to compete, this sectionals experience would have been it for me. I hope next year runs a lot more smoothly.

67. Josh wrote...

This is turning out to be like a Boxing or MMA match...

Leave nothing to the judges, you need a knockout.

68. chris wrote...


just found this

69. chris wrote...

Tomorrow's heats

just found this

70. Howard wrote...

Are you guys really checking the results?!! It's unfair to list one female who exceeded the Chipper 29 minute deadline as DNF and keep the other one in the ranking.


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