N. California Sectional

NorCal Refunds and Play Heats

Saturday spectators get refunds and anyone can try a workout for fun

While Day 1 of the NorCal Sectionals (the largest individual CrossFit competition to date) was a huge athletic success, the spectators were greatly disappointed. Due to last minute changes in how the facility was used, and strict administrative limitations on where spectators could go, the events occurred invisibly to most spectators.

Therefore, the organizers of the NorCal Sectionals are offering a $25 refund to everyone who paid full price and attended yesterday's event. Spectators who paid on-site yesterday (Saturday) for one day can get a full refund.

Sunday's events all take place right in front of the stadium, so the viewing experience will be what was expected all along.

To get your refund, or for more refund information, please send your electronic receipt to Mike Minium.

Heats for Fun

After the awards ceremony Sunday (which will be approximately 2:30pm), the NorCal crew will run heats of the workouts for anyone interested who didn't compete today (non-qualifying athletes and spectators). They will accommodate everyone possible until about 4pm.

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21 comments on this entry

1. Sam wrote...

Solid. Thank you for the consideration. Looking forward to watching an awesome event today!

2. Mike Choate wrote...

Hats off to the organizers for stepping up!
Anymore complaints beyond this point should be considered
And there is no F-ing Whining in CrossFit!!!

3. Meg wrote...

Very appreciated! But let's plan better next year.

4. Terry wrote...

My wife an daughter paid cash as required at the gate, they were not given any receipt. I wouldn't expect a refund in this case, but maybe you could give us a coupon from the CrossFit store or something like that.

Todays event was much better for spectators.

5. MELANIE WADE wrote...

My supporters paid cash $25 at the gate, Can we still get our refund. Thanks for the refund, we really appreciate it!!

6. Sam wrote...

If you came down to spectate you were most likely supporting someone you know or maybe just supporting your CF affiliate or maybe you just wanted to see what it was about. No one intentionally tried to provide anything less than the best experience they could so let's cut the organizers some slack.

In the end, it's about the competitors and when the triplet workout was moved behind the fence this was for athlete saftey reasons, not to piss you off. It was a sunny day, the run/overhead workout was great viewing and most of the athletes I got to talk to seemed to be having a good time. (Good being relative when they were doubled over after the triplet.)

I volunteered all weekend, driving down from SF to support my local affiliate and the people competing and I was willing to give my free time to ensure the continued success of CF as it grows. If you can consider that your $$ supports the same endeavor maybe we can just move on from this and not worry about what you're being refunded or whether or not you'll be refunded.

The olive branch was extended so let's channel our collective (and positive) energy to the men and women that will go on to represent NorCal in the Regionals!

And to those that lined up this weekend to compete, huge props to all of you!

7. Justin Riley wrote...

Huge thanks to the organizers and especially to the volunteers, volunteers have highly demanding tasks and it is they who make the CrossFit world go round. Despite the difficulties of the weekend, the CrossFit East Sac crew had a major blast! I cannot express how important these events are to our community and how much everyone who participates benefits from the experience.

I second Mike C's comments on no more whining, if you were there and didn't have a great time, you suck a**!

Last, I challenge any other Affiliate to show up with more participants than CFES next year. 22 competed, and 22 benefited from the experience in so many ways both measurable and intangible. Our community and our business thrives off of these events. Its not all about putting the best athletes out there, its mostly about putting people in a situation that forces them to strive for excellence and to improve themselves in ways that are not normally possible.

8. Kat wrote...

I think it's fair! Thanks Organizers!

9. Brad G wrote...

Sam -

Or maybe you can mind your own business and not tell people not to worry about asking for a refund or getting a refund.

10. Meg wrote...

Saw some results that are up. Haven't seen it change in the last hour. When will we know for sure if these placings are legit? Thanks!

11. Jerry wrote...

enough whining and belly aching. think about the community. Put the community first and everything else follows.

12. Smita wrote...

Just want to take the time out to thank all who put this event together for the crossfit community up here It's not an easy task . Yes, there were a few mistakes, things were not perfect but mistakes are to be learned from and I love how the event pulled together the second day. Also a big thanks to all the volunteers and judges who worked their asses off to make things happen. You guys rock! Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to participate, compete, watch, get inspired, motivated and just embrace what crossfit and the community is all about!

13. Todd Royse wrote...

WOW, what a weekend! The WO's were challenging (to say the least!), the athletes were AMAZING, and the judges and all the volunteers were even more amazing.
Yes, it's true there were some admin challenges, but there always are in everything, and we'll see it much better next year (thats' the whole dang spirit of CF, to work on your weaknesses, and we've ALL got 'em!)--and kudos to CF for this refund, quite a gesture.
My wife and I left with the best feeling about the whole event, Unbelievable how hard the volunteers worked. As for me, I could not have even come close to fighting as hard as I did on my WO's without the amazing encouragement of my judges--they all 3 went WAY over and above their duty of counting to helping me dig deep. Thanks to everyone and see you next year!
We see this event next year with dozens of vendors (food, clothing, equipment, etc.)

14. Volunteer wrote...

The issues with the facilities had nothing to do with poor planning. The administration that runs the high school came up with the ridiculous changes that affected the spectators. Personally I would have told them to get f**ked, but it left only enough time and energy to put the athletes first.

15. Brad G wrote...

Nice censoring.

You censored a guy who's been in the community for 2.5 years and has donated more to the community then the average athelete.

Well done.

16. Judge BM wrote...

I had the honor of judging some of the most elite athletes! They came to San Jose to do work and thats exactly what they did. Effort was Madatory in this weekends competition and it was not avoided! Congrats to all that competed and especially to the few that I got to judge/coach you have inspired me to. Your mental focus was astounding!

17. SD wrote...

I and two others paid cash at the gate. How do I get my money back?

18. Big Mack wrote...

Its a lot of money to pay to watch amateur athletes (and we are not elite just cause we say we are, come on!) do workouts. Compared to what you pay to watch college or even pro level sport its a little disappointing. I also compete in MTB events and Running events, they generally charge nothing to spectate or get into the event site - why if we are trying to grow cf do we continue to charge these rates?

Needless to say, its a lot to pay to not see the event - $75 all up, and you could barely see a thing. If you can't organise an event of the calibre to charge these rates, don't charge them!

19. James wrote...

To Jerry- That is the definition of communism.

I would want my money back!

20. SD wrote...

Anyone else successful with getting refunds? Mike Minium won't return my emails.

21. Sam wrote...

Best of luck to you both~ breathe fire!!


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