New England Sectional

New England Sectional Wrap-Up

An exhibition of guts in front of a riotous crowd in the northeast.

New England Sectional Organizer Jason Leydon - owner of CrossFit Milford - checked in with this report from the East Coast.

There is much to say after an amazing, jam packed New England Sectional weekend! The first day had the gym packed with gladiators ready to throw down at any given second. The energy was so thick that you could cut it with a knife, and when the first 3,2,1...Go was sounding the crowd started to cheer and didn't let up until the event was over. The first workout which consisted of an 800 meter run, 30 snatches, 800 meter run saw some unbelievable athletic performances. There were over 10 girls who all ran the first 800 in under 3 minutes and a few guys finished under 2:30. The guys came in and smashed the snatches ripping out 10-15 at a clip and the top time was set by Eric Mcgee with a time of 7:50. The top female time was Sarah Scholl at 8:34. The second workout of the first day was 3 rounds of 20 box jumps, 20 CTB pull-ups, and 20 wall balls.

The standards for this workout through it for a twist and all the athletes had to get their whole foot on the box, visibly hit their chest, and they must catch every single wall ball. On paper this workout had many athletes thinking that they could make up some time, but as the time clock started they quickly realized that this workout was one of the hardest they had ever done. The top male time was from Ben Bergeron with a time of 7:24 and the top female time was from Heather Bergeron with a time of 11:01. Day 2 started off with a short and intense strength WOD of 7 rep max squat clean in 40 seconds, 7 minute cap. It was truly inspiring to see athletes drive up out of the bottom of the squat on the seventh rep - running off of pure adrenaline! This event was the most exciting of the whole weekend, and to witness the guts of grinding out the 7 reps was absolutely amazing. Three men got 235, and there was one girl who pulled 145 for seven.... (over body weight)!

The top 50 men and women advanced to the final WOD - a task priority consisting of atlas stones - floor to shoulder, 100 m sand bag sprint, over head squats, dead lifts, and burpees. As heats progressed, times started getting faster and faster. By the time the top 5 men and women competed, the energy in the room was ridiculous. This event brought on the pure will power of the CrossFit athletes, as they had to be able to sustain high work output over time. Jenny Davis (who finished 2nd overall) completed the second day on a severly sprained ankle. This exhibition of guts literally brought a tear to my eye as she not only cleaned 125 on basically one leg but finished with the second fastest time of the day on the final WOD with 1 good leg (Heather Bergeron beat her by 1 burpee). To witness Jenny and Heather going at it in the last set of burpees had the entire gym to their feet, yelling to skies as they saw what guts and determination were all about. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with all our athletes and I can't wait to see what they do at Regionals!

Congratulations to EVERY athlete who competed and a very big thank you to all of our judges and volunteers - we couldn't have put together such a flawless sectional weekend with out all of your help!

Top 5 Male
1. Derek Mohamed
2. Eric Magee
3. Travis Cooke
4. Ryan Hewitt
5. Matt Frankel

Top 5 Female
1. Heather Bergeron (automatic qualifier)
1. Sara Scholl
2. Jenny Davis
3. Lisa Mikkelsen
4. Jessica Pamanian
5. Melissa Mulligan
6. Mel Ockerby

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11 comments on this entry

1. Derek Mohamed wrote...

Jay and Joce--Thank you for hosting and running an awesome event this weekend. Your commitment and dedication to making sure that this was a first-class competition was obvious in how smooth thing ran from start to finish.

Thanks to Amanda and all of the volunteers and judges. Without you these events literally couldn't happen. But you all went above and beyond. I didnt see one person looking like they were just hanging around, everyone was giving 100% and were enthusiastic all weekend.

Congrats to all the competitors. Too many unbelievable performances to mention them all.

Special props to my CFNE teammates and coaches. You guys are the real deal, and what its all about.

See you guys in Albany!


2. Melissa Mulligan wrote...

This was the most incredible weekend of my life. Thank you Jay, Joce, Amanda and all at CF Milford for the elegant, challenging, purely Crossfit programming and the flawless execution of this event.

Special shout out to my judge: Dan. Dan!!! You got me through that final WOD when I didn't think I had the courage to finish it (let alone keep up with the firebreathers in that final heat).

Congrats to all competitors - you are inspirational souls and I am grateful to know you.

To all Crossfit Performance athletes who competed and came out to support. Thank you for being a part of this amazing family. I love you.

Mel Mull

3. Daigle wrote...

A totally amazing event, I'm proud to have had the opportunity to represent CFNE this past weekend. Jay, and Jocelyn you guys put on an epic event that should be the model for these competitions going forward. Huge thanks to you and all your volunteers, and for opening up your AMAZING gym for us. Love you guys, and can't wait to see you all in Albany!!

4. sarah scholl wrote...

Its hard to come back down to earth after an event like that. Jay and Joc made their box as comforting as a home, and as electric as a world cup stadium. The gym was beautiful, and perfectly laid out for athletes and spectators to come together as one powerful new england tidal wave of energy!!
I hope every sectional competition going forward is at crossfit milford. thank you volunteers and judges..I think everyone was blown away by your efforts.
I was inspired by some tremendous displays of raw athleticism and true grit..and I can't wait to go head to head with those amazing competitors again!!! See you in Albany.

5. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Spectacular event at CF Milford this past weekend.

Thank you Jason and Jocelyn and Amanda for orchestrating such a smooth running competition.

Thank you athletes for your amazing performances!

Congratulations to all moving onward to Albany.

6. Ryan Hewitt wrote...

Thank you Jay and Jocelyn for having such an amazing event and opening your box up to all us New England crossfitters last weekend!
Incredible performances by every athlete, great job by all the judges who donated their weekend to be there, great fans, and indescribable atmosphere.
See ya in Albany!!
Dr. Ry

7. Dan wrote...

Sounds like it was a great time...but now it's time for the rest of the North East to compete. Come on HQ, tell us what the WOD's are already, I'm going crazy checking the site every 15 min

8. Ronda Rockett wrote...

Thanks CF Milford for a fabulous weekend. I had a blast and truly enjoyed the WODS (sure I did). Really, the whole event was so professionally organized it was very impressive. Hope to see you guys soon at CFNE.

9. Seth St. Amand wrote...

Amazing j weekend by amazing people. THank you so much Jay for a great weekend. I see the Serious 7 video on the main site, any idea when the rest will be up?

10. Tyson Weems wrote...

I'm still reflecting on some great performances and scores I wish I could adjust. Damn that Serious Seven :O. Jay and Joc were great, as were the spectators and athletes. Jay even gave a shout-out to my non-profit, and nobody made fun of me for looking like a weirdo in my Professor eXercise costume.

11. Vanessa Pinter wrote...

I just figured out who Heather Bergeron is and why she looks so much like Heather Keenan, thanks to April 27th's WOD video! I enjoyed all the coverage of this sectional and look forward to the regional coverage. The new format is helpful, too.


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