New England Sectional

New England Sectional Movement Standards

The workouts for the New England Sectionals have been announced. As the athletes prepare for the competition, strict guidelines have been lined out by the event organizers. They are covered here in detail.

Event 1 Saturday - "Pullin"
The 800 meter run is a street course. The athletes will leave through the garage, proceed around the building before tracing the path out and back. The snatches can be power snatches, split snatches or full snatches. Each lift must start from the ground and end in a full locked out position on top. Athletes must show control of the barbell before lowering the bar to the ground. Any deviations from these standards will receive a "no good," from the judge and will not count towards the athlete's total. There is a 15 minute time limit for this event.

Event 2 Saturday - "Fast and Furious"
The box jumps are 24" for the guys and 20" for the ladies. The athletes must have their entire foot on the box and they must have full hip extension on the box or above it. The chest must contact with the bar on pull-ups. The judge must see visible contact between that athletes chest and bar, and full arm extension at the bottom to count. Any doubt will go to "No Good." The athletes can use any technique they choose. All wall balls (men and women) will go to a ten foot target. The women will use a 14 pound ball and the men will use a 20 pound ball. The entire ball must be in the "black," and you must get to standard CrossFit depth at the bottom. There is a 15 minute time limit for this event.

Event 3 Sunday - "Serious 7"
The athletes have seven minutes to get their seven-rep-max squat clean. With each attempt the athlete has forty seconds to complete the seven reps. The athlete can do as many attempts as they need within the seven minutes to reach their seven-rep-max. These are full cleans that all start from the ground. The crease of the hip must pass below the knee on the "catch," and athletes must stand all the way up to full hip extension. The elbows must be out in front of the bar, and their hands must stay on the bar for all seven reps.

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10 comments on this entry

1. Kyle wrote...

So for the Serious 7 is it ok if we power clean and then front squat, as long as we get proper depth on the front squat?

2. jason leydon wrote...

yes that is okay... but be aware of the time that it will take to do that

3. Ben B. wrote...

Hey Jay -
On Serious 7 does the seventh rep end at full extension, or does the bar have to return to the ground before the 40 seconds expire?

4. BJTyler wrote...


a couple of questions:

WOD#2: for the wallball, do you have to catch the ball, or can you let it drop on the ground? And, if the ball drops, what is the proper continuation? e.g. do you have to pick the ball up and begin from a standing position?

WOD#3: does it suffice to keep your hand (or hands) touching the bar when you return it to the ground? or do you have to show control of the bar?


5. melissa wrote...

Will there be time to warm up for the clean before the 7minutes starts or is that how much time we get for warm up and lift attempts?

6. justin c wrote...

for pullups, just pronated grip? or can we use a mixed or supinated grip?

7. Seth wrote...

For serious 7, your hands have to stay on the bar for all 7 reps, but you can miss reps.....So if you are at the bottom of your 5th clean, you fall, and your hands come off the bar, do you then start back at rep#1 or do you get back up and attempt #5 again?

8. jason leydon wrote...

Ben B - on the seventh rep you only have to stand up. Bjtyler - you have to catch the wall balls and you have to catch the last rep. you can lower the bar any way you want, but you hands have to stay on. Melissa - there will be time to warm up. Justin - any grip you choose. Seth - if you fall or the hands come off you must go back to 1. You can continue right away or take a breather before restarting.

9. /gene wrote...

Based on your movement restrictions/ range of motion requirements, it appears that you are going to allow a "bounce catch" on the serious 7 wod. Is this true?

10. jason leydon wrote...

Gene... I apologize if it appears that way, but no we are not.


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