Top 5 Men and Women (Mickey Schultz not pictured)

New Jersey (inc. NY) Sectional

NY/NJ Sectional Wrap-Up

Weekend recap from Gregg Arsenuk.

The following report on the New York/New Jersey Sectional comes from Gregg Arsenuk of Guerilla Fitness.

"The NY/NJ Sectional is in the record books, sending 30 men and 30 women to the Crossfit Regional in Albany, NY.  The chipper on day 2 was a formidable challenge for the competitors as heat after heat left athletes sprawled on the mats. Crossfitters of the northeast made this weekend a tremendous success.  Volunteers gave selflessly for 2 very full days.  Judges were on point and the competitors put on a fantastic show."

Top 5 men
1. Mike McKenna
2. Daniel Tyminski
3. Austin Malleolo
4. Dan Goldberg
5. Ray Traitz

Top 5 Women
1. Karianne Dickson
2. Denise Thomas
3. Jennifer Hunter
4. Sara Carr
5. Mickey Schultz

For a full list of results, go here.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

26 comments on this entry

1. Malcolm wrote...

Here are some photos of Day 1. I will post some from Day 2 hopefully later today.

2. juan wrote...

nice job sara!!!

3. Mike Myers wrote...

I would like to thank Gregg and everyone at Guerilla Fitness for making this weekend an experience I will never forget. As a non-affiliate crossfitter, training in my garage day after day, I was humbled to participate alongside such amazing athletes. Looking forward to competing again next year!

4. Zanne wrote...

Congratulations to ALL competitors!!! True examples of heart and soul... RAY TRAITZ!!! You totally ROCK THE HOUSE!!! These were all "metcon" based workouts... Just wait for the addition of heavy lifts and Ray Traitz will rise to the top!!! YEAH BABY!!! ;)

5. anneke marvin wrote...

Congrats to all the competitors. What an amazing mental and physical feat. Special congratulations to my sister, Karianne, who has accomplished so much since that day in 1996 when she yelled "F - you" at me for making her run! Love you!

6. Dan Goldberg wrote...

I want to thank all the men and women from Guerilla Fitness for organizing an amazing event. It meant a lot to me when some of the volunteers and organizers were yelling at me during some of the wods, thanks guys.

7. Justin McGinley wrote...

Thank you to the organizers, staff, judges, volunteers, athletes and fans that made this weekend possible. We had such a good time, and witnessed some amazing performances. Gregg, thank you for opening up your gym to us for the weekend.

8. Isaac Bauer wrote...

Gregg, Ruth, Drea, & Co from Guerrilla Fitness did an amazing job running the event. I was really proud to be a volunteer at such a smooth operation. Thanks so much guys, and congrats to all the competitors.

9. Joey wrote...

Gregg, Scott and the rest - thanks for a great weekend. I had an amazing time. Can't wait to do it again next year.

10. Bobby wrote...

I just wanted to say thanks to Gregg, Scott, GFCM, the judges, and volunteers. The sectionals were a great time with great people. Everything ran smoothly and the judges were great. Thanks so much for an excellent time

11. Keith H. Wittenstein wrote...

Amazing weekend.
Outstanding performances from all the athletes. Congrats!
Great support crew kept everything running smoothly.
Awesome host facility.
Great food in Montclair.

Thanks to Gregg for quarterbacking the whole thing.

12. Steve Liberati wrote...

HUGE Kudos to Greg A.and his crew for putting on a great show this past weekend. Very impressed!!

13. Eric wrote...

Just to add to the chorus:

Thanks very much to gregg and GF crew for running such a smooth weekend. Good fun.
Here's to seeing some of the top guys from this Sectional at the podium in Regionals!

14. Gregg wrote...

You all don't have a clue as to how much I appreciate your kind words. We may have had a plan but, executing it took the cooperation of staff and athletes.

15. Bethany Wadsworth wrote...

VERY well run event in my humble opinion!
Great job Guerrilla!

16. Julianna M. Lower wrote...

Like others have said, a huge thank you to Gregg, Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit Montclair, all the volunteers and judges for an amazing weekend. Thank you also to all of my fellow competitors; you ladies are fantastic. Not only are you exceptional athletes, but supportive, encouraging people who were a joy to be around. Best of luck to all of you at Regionals!

17. Brian Costello wrote...

Again a huge thanks to Gregg and all the staff/ volunteers who made this past weekend possible. We all had a great experience!

Brian Costello
CrossFit Long Island

18. Karianne wrote...

This weekend ranks with some of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life. Literally right up there with the birth of my two children....and way more painful!

The capacity of the human spirit is astounding. It was evident in each competitor and it was an honor to be up against the thresholds of pain along side each of you. Judges, the energy and integrity you gave each athlete as if they were the only one each and every time is not something to be overlooked. It is hard work to give of yourself like that.

To the crew at GFCM, it is easy to take for granted how well you did with the event because everything was on track and as athletes we never felt like you skipped a beat. I realize that any added stress due to poor planning on the part of the host would have had such an impact on athletes who were already taxed. Thank you for hours of planning and for the attention to every detail.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Regionals, I am so glad to have spent 2 days with all of you.

19. Brett wrote...

Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend possible, including the volunteers, judges, hosts, and organizes, but especially to the competitors who brought great attitudes and A games. It was an honor to compete with all of you. See you in Albany!

20. Nick @ OTG wrote...

Congratulations to all those that competed!! Well done to the top 30 - way to rise to the occasion!

Gregg/Staff/Judges - Great job hosting this year. It was a well run event!

21. Elizabeth Parker wrote...

Everyone did a great job!! Congatulations!!! I have to say, personally, I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Ray Traitz!!! As far as I'm concerned Ray gets 1st place in the "Sportsmanship-Division." Good luck in Albany everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. Joey wrote...

Anyone know if again faster is making a video of the weekend?

23. Scott Lewis wrote...

@ Joey...they were there filming but I do not know if they are going to put up a video.

24. Austin Malleolo wrote...

Great weekend, great people and Greg and Scott put on a great event. It flowed great and as an athlete, it was easy to compete and feel comfortable. Thanks for all the judges and Vol's it was a great weekend. See you all in Albany.

25. Daniel BOOMSUACE Tyminski wrote...

Thanks for making this as easy as possible. Im glad I didnt have to worry about a thing. All I had to do was just show up on time which can be too much for me. Thanks everyone!

26. Lisa Demetrio wrote...


it was sssoo nice to see you again. you, your staff and all the volunteers did a fantatic job...they were were encouraging and supportive. I know its tough to run things like tht but you made it look easy...we all appreciate the amount of care we got.
It was such a gret expeirence, whether you moved on or ont we all can agree it was great energy and a good learing experience...
Thanks again for having us there! its a huge commitment and one we will never forget!
be safe and good luck to you in all your endeavors!

crossfit suffolk- spartan


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