New Jersey (inc. NY) Sectional

New York / New Jersey Sectional Announced

Schedule, heats, workouts and logistics for this weekend.

Friday (March 26)
•    6:00pm - 7:30pm - Athlete Pre-Registration.
•    We highly recommend all athletes pre-register and attend WOD orientation.
•    7:30pm - 8:15pm - Athlete WOD orientation
•    7:30pm – 8:15pm – Judges & Volunteers Meeting

Pre-Registration and Meeting at: Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit Montclair, 19 Elm Street, Montclair, NJ.
Saturday (March 27)
•    6:30am - 7:30am - Athlete arrival and late registration
•    7:30am – 8:00am - MANDATORY pre-event athlete meeting (held in the athlete staging area)
•    8:20am – 8:25am – Sectionals Introduction
•    8:30am - WOD 1 Heats begin
•    12:20pm – 1:00pm – Break for lunch
•    1:05pm - WOD 2 Heats begin
•    6:30pm - Estimated end time
•    7:15 - Posting of WOD 3 Heat Assignments (Games Site/Guerrilla Fitness Site)
Sunday (March 28)              
•    7:15am – 8:15am Athlete arrival and check-in
•    8:30am - WOD #3 Starts
•    4:30pm - Estimated end time
•    5:15pm - Top 30 Men & Women Announced
Event Parking:
•    We have secured event parking for 250 vehicles free of charge.  First come first served. 5 min walk to GFCM
•    Map to Event Parking
•    Several municipal metered parking lots are available in the area and are free on Sundays
•    Street Parking (meters are free on Sunday)

Map to other parking and restaurants

Food & Beverage
•    Water will be available for athletes.  We strongly recommend you be prepared with sports drinks and proper nutrition.
•    Paleo kits will be available for purchase.
•    Recommended local establishments include:  Whole Foods, Starbucks, The Greek Taverna, The Woodpit, PaneraBread.  
•    No cooking on-site.

Please prent out all information including weekend schedule, heat schedules, maps and any other information you may need, and bring it with you!

Please watch the exercise standards videos below.

No Animals!

2010 New York / New Jersey Sectional Sponsors:
Again Faster, Muzzlejab, Paleo Kits.

Schedule of Events

Saturday March 27th
Heat Assignments and Stations for Events 1 and 2 can be downloaded in PDF format / Heat Assignments for Event 3 released on Saturday night. Once again, the workouts are:

Event 1
15 Min Cap
Row 1k
30 Burpee Box Jumps 24" Men/20" Women
Row 1k

Event 2
15 Min Cap
For Time:
10 Front Squats 155#/95# -  Bar is cleaned from the floor to a standing rack position.  A Squat clean would not count toward the front squat reps.
20 Double unders - Jump Ropes will be provided.  You are welcome to use your own.
8 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
6 Front Squats
40 Double Unders
4 Front Squats
50 Double Unders
2 Front Squat
60 Double Unders

Sunday March 28

Heat Assignments announced Saturday night

Event 3
Time Cap - 17 Min
30 OHS 95#/55#
 30 Pullups  Chest to Bar (chest must make contact to bar)
30 Power Snatches 95#/55#  
 30 Feet to Bar
 30 SDHP 95#/55#
30 Air Squats
 30 KBS American 24kg/16kg

Saturday heats assignments PDF.

Rogue Fitness Again Faster Equipment CrossFit Journal

Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

Video Downloads

Event 1 Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Event 2 Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Event 3 Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

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85 comments on this entry

1. Ben wrote...

The demo guy is "money", and he doesn't even know it.

2. SPK wrote...

Are spectator tickets available at the door? What time should one arrive so as not to contend with the Jonas Brothers style hordes of crazed CF fans?

3. Kevin Houston wrote...

Very Fair. Should be fun to watch. Go Brett, Javy, Andrea, Laura, Kim and Arianna!

4. Justin wrote...

So happy with these WODS!

I can't wait for Saturday!

5. Sean wrote...

sweet demo videos :)

6. Andre wrote...

Is there any criteria for making it into the WOD on Sunday?

7. Steve Liberati wrote...

Hope my quads make it out of this one alive!!!

8. Erin wrote...

Go Paisley, Matt, Ant, Doc, and Sam! I wish I could be there!!!!

9. Justin wrote...

That first workout is going to make the 30 155lb Front squats in workout 2 feel HEAVY.

I'd be happier if they had been power cleans.

10. Gregg wrote...

Everyone makes it to sunday

11. Michele wrote...

Really nice work guys. Is the demo guy single? ;)

12. Matt Temesy wrote...

Good luck everybody! Go Kaseman!!

13. Brett wrote...

Burpee Box Jump - Can the athlete drop to the side of the box? & Whole foot on box - can adjust feet after landing/have to re-do jump?
What kind of ropes are being provided?
OHSs - Does the same rule apply as in WOD 2, squat snatch won't count as an OHS?
KBS =swings/snatches?

Great Programming, Gregg! Love the mix of skill, strength, and just plain ole go. Should be a fun and challenging weekend.

14. Carlos wrote...

F.M. Quads! May the best 30 advance, good luck to all!

Now I can go back to being productive at work for the next 3 days... :)

15. Joey wrote...

Finally announced! Metcon overload...can't wait! Wod 3...grip killer.

Looking forward to competing with all of you.

16. Chris wrote...

Double unders are my down fall...everything else is right as rain.
That took some wind out of my sails!
And so it goes

17. gregg arsenuk wrote...

The athlete can not drop to the side of the box. You can adjust to get your entire foot on the box. The ropes are Ultimate speed Jump Ropes from Again Faster and they cost 11.99 if you want to see exactly which they are. You can bring your own. Same rule applies to the OHS as in the Front Squat. You must establish the overhead position at full hip extension then Squat. Otherwise it is a Squat Snatch. Kettle bell Swings. Thanks for the kudos on the WODS. The video on the right for the BBJumps may help. I missed them myself.

18. scott spencer wrote...

yes they are normal!!!

19. gregg arsenuk wrote...

Spectator tickets will be sold at the door at $25 per day on a first come first served basis.

20. Rachel D. wrote...

Wish I could be there! Good Luck Brett, Javy, Andrea, Laura, Kim and Arianna!

21. Gina White wrote...

Good luck Marcus, Brian, and Dan. Wish I could be there to cheer for you. Just remember: positive thinking, positive thinking:)


22. Mike wrote...

It says jump ropes will be provided. However, it says nothing about barbells. Struck me as funny, imagining getting there and finding out "you were supposed to bring your own barbell."

23. Tory wrote...


Do the spectators have to bring in their email from the registration, or is their name on a list already?

What if I need to change my guest the morning of?

24. gregg arsenuk wrote...

It would be helpful if you bring your registration confirmation email. If you are changing a guest day of please provide the name of the guest you have registered to the person at the spectator registration table and the name of the new guest..

25. maria wrote...

nothing heavy...interesting.

26. pat wrote...

is the scoring every second counts?

27. Gina L. White wrote...

I was remiss in wishing another member of my husband's group good luck this weekend so I wanted to make sure that I wished her the best in her work outs.

Julie-best of luck this weekend.

28. scott lewis wrote...

The faster you finish each WOD, the better your placing will be throughout the event....every second and every rep counts.

29. Darius wrote...


two questions about the box jumps:

1. I understand you need your full foot on the box, but does that mean you want the full foot IN CONTACT with the box? i.e if we do our box jump, full foot clears the edge of the box but we make contact with just our toes.

2. is jumping to full extension at the top permitted? i.e perform your box jump and upon contact spring off w hip fully extended above the box.

thanks ahead of time for the clarification. looking forward to this weekend.

30. scott lewis wrote...

Darius -
1. As long as the back of your foot clears the plane of the box then it will be accepted. If you want to land on the balls of your feet and then jump off, that is accepted.

2. Yes, you may jump off to full extension, or stand to full extension.

The athletes and judges briefings will be combined so that all parties are in complete understanding of the standards and questions can be heard and answered for all to hear.

Thank you.

31. Brett S wrote...

Scott, that sounds like it could be applied to either total time scoring or a points system. Were you implying a points system? Thanks.

32. nicole wrote...

i watched the videos but still have a couple questions...

can we step down on the box jumps or does it have to be a jump down? can we turn sideways and do the burpee parallel to the box or does the head have to be perpendicular?


33. gregg arsenuk wrote...

You can step down and your body needs to be perpendicular to the box.

34. Taylor wrote...

Are they deffinately letting spectators in on sat if they pay 25 at the door?

35. Bill wrote...

stupid programming.

36. jake wrote...

stupid programming

37. Sean wrote...

Good job keep your composure. That guy over there knows what im talking about.

38. Steve Liberati wrote...

Where's the power and strength stuff???????

39. gregg arsenuk wrote...

It's first come first served. If we hit capacity we will have to close admission. We are of course going to do our best to accommodate everyone.

40. Denise wrote...

I'm really happy with the metcons :) Basic programming. Awesome. However, I agree with Steve...where is the power and strength?

41. Dan wrote...

I you DNF WOD 2, will you be able to compete in WOD 3?

42. jen wrote...

Do you need an experienced RN on hand, I would be willing to offer my services to get in. I am CPR and AED trained. I have 15 yrs experience and I am very good at what I do. Let me know>

43. gregg arsenuk wrote...

We have already secured an ambulatory unit to be on the premise both days. Thanks for your offer

44. gregg arsenuk wrote...

Every Rep counts toward your standing. DNF or not. Everyone makes it to round 3.

45. scott lewis wrote...

Steve and Denise - We believe that someone who is very strong, and who is also a well conditioned CF athlete, with a good skill set, will do well with WOD #2. We have had a few very strong, very good competitors, who competed at The CF Games last year in Aromas, test WOD #2 for us in place of a pure strength and power WOD, and they did very well. I am sure that there will be ample opportunities to test strength once y'all get to Regionals.

thank you

46. Austin M. wrote...

Great Job, very well organized and professional. I am looking forward to a great weekend with great people. Thanks for the hard work. See you in a few days!

47. Mark K wrote...

A well rounded athlete should dominate the competition regardless of the events chosen.

These are great events that use 11 movements that regularly appear in WODs. I can't believe people are complaining because their isn't a 1RM lift in here that would only reward the specialist. If you are strong and powerful, you should be able to crush the row, cruise through the 30 115# front squats, and the 30 95# OHS, power snatches and SDHPs like you were holding an empty bar.

48. DougLAS ACKER wrote...

Scott, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the purpose and intent of the sectional qualifiers was to test the athlete against broad time and modal domains (much like CF as a whole).

Where is the broad time? All 3 WOD's have a time cap in the same time domain (15:00, 15:00, 17:00).

Where are the modal domains? All 3 WOD's are met-cons.

I'm sure your athletes did well in a trial run of WOD #2, but why wouldn't they? After all they made it to Aromas last year, right?

You wrote: "We believe that someone who is very strong, and who is also a well conditioned CF athlete, with a good skill set, will do well with WOD #2"

But the truth is at 155# being very strong is not really advantageous over an athlete who is moderately strong. Both will rip through the FS rep scheme with the difference being the last 2 rounds of DU's. The one with the better skill set (DU's) and more importantly the better cardio resp endurance will win, thus it is a met-con and not a test of strength or power.

Mark K, you are right in that a well rounded athlete will dominate, but I don't see that these events challenge the athlete and clearly they do not test the strength of the athlete. Also a strength test does not need to simply be a 1RM. Look at the New England sectional 7 rep max Clean event. There are many examples of very creative ways to test an athletes strength.

With all that being said don't get me wrong, I am competing and I don't question that the events will be hard - they will be, I just would have liked to see a broader test of the CF athlete.

49. Jay wrote...

Carlos!!! aka C$Dolla's!!! stop checking the website nothings gonna change. The date is set, the wods are up and ur gonna eat son... Dale bring it home rep the 305 up there.

Ps. Make sure to wear the C.F.B.P. shorts (u know they are gauranteed)

50. Eric wrote...

Personally it feels like the CF community may have gotten a little overly wrapped up in the 1RM and big barbells this year after the heavy Dead and Snatch wods at last years Games. Listening to Coach, looking back at old .com wods - its a heck of a lot more about moderately heavy and fast wods with the loads selected to elicit a brutal cardio respiratory burn vs. a test of absolute strength. Dont get me wrong, the 1RM is an awesome test and it absolutely belongs in the CrossFit arsenal, but its but one piece. I wouldn't be surprised if this year's Games is more gymnastics and metcon focused.

Thanks to gregg and crew for all the effort it must have taken to prepare.

Big respect to all the competitors this weekend; do yourselves and your community proud!!

51. Carlos wrote...

What!?!?! No Animals allowed???

I guess I must withdraw from the competition... ;)

52. Brendan wrote...

Eric, did you happen to see today's WOD? 7 snatch singles aka 1RM snatch.

Mark K, if you read through the comments on this post, not one person complained that there was no 1RM lift. People complained because there are no "heavy" lifts or "power/strength" component.

I agree that the best athletes will most likely make the Top 30, but will this competition be a good indicator of who will succeed at the next level? It will be interesting to see.

The CF community as a whole has been arm-chair quarterbacking the sh-t out of these competitions. I commend the work that has been done to put on this event, but its hard to argue that these events cover "broad time and modal domains".

53. karianne wrote...

Gregg: I don't envy your position and I can't imagine how many factors are involved in the logistics and pressures of coming up with 3 wods that succinctly test athletes in a broad capacity. 3 great wods - I guarantee that every competitor has something they love in the mix and something they hate! In my estimations these wods have the ability to span from 5min - 18. That's getting pretty close to the edges of time domains we experience as well as staying within the realms of logistics. Thanks for the GFCM team's hard work, much appreciated.

Athletes: The best strategy is to stop using your mental capacity to scrutinize the wods, put that energy to good use guys! They are what they are, get psyched and be positive!

54. scott lewis wrote...

Broad times are not always based on the clock. Depending on the movements done and the specific athletes capacity the broad times will vary. Some of you will finish WOD #1 in the 7:30-9:30 range, while some of you will finish in the 10:30- and beyond range. WOD #2-some will do in sub 5 minutes, while others will take 15 minutes or more. WOD #3-some will be around 10 minutes and some will not finish. The broad times will vary with the different athletes.

Modal domains, well Mark K has pointed out we have included 11 of the movements or "DOMAINS" that are programmed regularly by the much more experienced coaches of CFHQ.

We will not apologize about the programming for this sectional. It was approved by CFHQ and they were very pleased with the WODS chosen.

Now-let's all stop "what-iffing" this thing to death and prepare for what is ahead.

The organizers and coaches here at Guerrilla Fitness wish all the competitors good luck and hope everyone has a blast and a fun time.

55. john wrote...

Are these wods indoors or outdoors?

56. scott lewis wrote...

John- Saturday's WODS (#1 &#2) will be outside but the athletes and spectators will have access to the buildings. Sunday's chipper WOD will be inside.

57. Rhabdo wrote...

Bring the pain!!!!

58. Brett wrote...

I would've loved to have seen a heavier WOD, max lift, or strength test to give me an advantage over younger, spryer dudes who don't stop, but I think you guys are analyzing these workouts w/o trying them.
Like Scott said, the times will vary. I expect 10ish, 5ish and 13ish for finish times, but there may be some beasts there who can tear faster than that. No one has an unfair advantage and only those with go move on.
Heavier athletes are favored in the row, but pay on the b-box jump. 155 should be light weight for those who've been strength training and Skills pay the bills on 2. That's why we practice our goats. And 3 will be far more of a test of power than most seem to think. Tried it?
Get your man pants out and...
Like Rhabdo said, Bring the pain!!!

59. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Save the drama for your momma! Albany CrossFit is going to wreck house in Dirty Jersey!

60. marty wrote...

Best of luck to Brian and the CFLI crew...Kick some A$$$

61. Jen wrote...

I'm with Jason, just save the old lady mouthing off and show up do the WOD on the the best you can..don't be a man...or Woman!

Gregg, Great WOD's!

62. Vadim wrote...

Gregg and team, Great programming! The well rounded CrossFit generalists will raise to the top this weekend! All the best to everyone!

63. Jeff wrote...

After WOD #1, 4 out of 4 competitors from Hudson Valley Crossfit are in the top 20!!

64. WOD3 ??? wrote...

Gregg or Scott-
Heard some comments from some of the other female competitors on the DNF option for WOD 3.
Is skipping over the ctb pull-ups (if you are just getting nowhere with them) going to be allowed to still rack up reps to be included in the DNF equation?

65. Chris wrote...

When are the heat 3 assigments for tomorrow going to be posted?

66. Joey wrote...

Gregg/Scott - will heat assignments for tomorrow be posted online?

67. Nicole wrote...

When are the heats for wod 3 being announced and where can we find them?

68. Gregg wrote...

we are working on the heat assignments and should have them out within the next 2 hours. The assignments will be based on the top 30 men and top 30 women being in the last 7 heats of the day.

69. gregg wrote...

You can not rack up reps if you skip the CB pullups. The only reps that count would be all of the reps up until your last CTB pullup.

70. Gregg wrote...

The heats will be posted on the GF site and the HQ site

71. when wrote...

anxiously awaiting...

72. Julianna M. Lower wrote...

Where are tomorrow's heats???

73. Annoyed wrote...

What the hell is going on that it's taking 4+ hours to fill out an Excel spreadsheet and post it to the web?

74. times in pacific not eastern (add 3 hrs to stamp) wrote...

ummmm it's in pacific time so you need to add 3 hours to the time your post (annoyed) says 7:25p.m. but it's really 10:25 p.m. eastern (or in NJ)... tomorrow's heats should be posted by 11:15 p.m. NJ time according to Gregg's previous post

75. anton wrote...

I like these WODs.. figures that the time that I can't go and try a qualifier I am able to do all WODs as Rx. This is one of the only qualifiers where I can do all the weights.. I can't do 315 lbs D.L. many reps fast .. I'm a light guy. I can't wait to hit the gym next week and do these as Rx. to see what my results would have been. I'm sure there will be a lot of beasts comming out of this section.. good luck to all and I can't wait to see the highlight videos soon.
I am really looking forward to this chipper.. looks fun and hard.

76. Annoyed wrote...

@74: Thanks, but I'm well aware that this is running on PDT, the competition ended more than 4 hours ago, the heats should have been available. It's also almost 11:30EST and no heats have been posted. So thanks for playing, but it remains a FAIL.

77. not understanding wrote...

So, it's half an hour till midnight EST... Where can we find the WOD3 heat assignments?

78. Helpful wrote...

found it just now on the guerrilla fitness website and it worked.

79. Annoyed wrote...

Here's the link to anyone else who just wants the information.

80. Joe G wrote...

What an impressive showing yesterday. GFCM is a first class operation. Good luck too all today. Joe G

81. ryan wrote...

Sunday (March 28)
• 7:15am – 8:15am Athlete arrival and check-in
• 8:30am - WOD #3 Starts
• 4:30pm - Estimated end time
• 5:15pm - Top 30 Men & Women Announce

Checked schedule and didnt have to wait up late.

82. Michele wrote...

Amen Ryan. I just went to bed at my regular time last night planning on getting up to be there by 7:30 a.m. Got up this morning, saw my heat was later and now I can just veg. Running this is a HUGE undertaking people. It won't be perfect. But Gregg and crew have done an amaing job of keeping things running smoothly with all VOLUNTEER resources.

83. Rich wrote...

Very inspiring event to watch. I know tension can run a little high with these competitions. Nature of the beast, everyone is amped up.

Everyone, from first to last put in tremendous effort and I found myself cheering for you all. It was an unexpected pleasure to see the competitors from other gyms, with their crowd of supporters cheering them on. It really helps you visualize how widespread the good thing that we all see at our own gyms can be.

Great job putting this together Gregg and big props to all the judges and various volunteers that helped make this work so well. Good luck to all the competitors, today and beyond.

84. Malcolm wrote...

Here are some photos from Day 1. I will have some of Day 2 edited tomorrow.

85. Ma ckenzie Burgess wrote...

Any news about A defector's mystical disappearance?


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