South Carolina (inc. NC) Sectional

NC/SC Sectionals Update

Workouts from the Carolina sectional.

The Carolina's are getting ready to take their place in the 2010 CrossFit Games! All athletes, volunteers and judges should have received an e-mail outlining this weekends schedule. If you have not because of late entry please contact Kelsey at for details. This weekends WOD's are as follows:


For Time:
400 Meter sandbag (60/40lbs) run (25 meter turnaround)
20 Sandbag (60/40lbs) squats
300 Meter sandbag (60/40lbs) run (25 meter turnaround)
30 Sandbag (60/40lbs) squats
200 Meter sandbag (60/40lbs) run (25 meter turnaround)
40 Sandbag (60/40lbs) squats

5 Rounds For Time:
275/155lb Deadlift, 6 reps.
12 Jumps 20" Box - Men over the box, Women on the box
1 Rope ascent - 20/15'


1 Rep max effort, ground to overhead - 10 minute time limit.

For Time:
60 Double-unders
30 Thrusters, 95/65lbs
30 Burpees
500m Row
30 Slamballs, 30/20lbs
30 GHD sit-ups
500m Row
30 Kettlebell Snatch, 24/16kg.
30 Overhead Lunge, 30/20lbs
60 Double-unders

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31 comments on this entry

1. anon wrote...

What is the scoring system going to be.

2. Ralph Hicks wrote...

Good luck Brandon Chapin, here's to a PR on the clean and jerk.

3. Link wrote...

"Over the box", I like it! I expect to see some video of some spectacular wipeouts : )

4. Sam wrote...

These WODs look pretty good...can't wait to see how I do this weekend!

5. Pelcher wrote...

It will be a fun weekend for sure. The absence of handstand push ups and snatches will at least allow me to feel good about myself at the end of the week. The only items I would ask for clarification on are the slamballs, KB snatches, and lunges. KB snatches: switch hands each rep, full squat snatch, two-hands, or anything goes? Lunges: plates, dumbbells, KB's, bar, and is it walking lunge or reset in same position? Slamballs: will it include a full layout to sit-up to stand to slam or just a standing slamball? questions im sure will be answered at the location but it never hurts to ask.

6. Mike W. wrote...

Really like the WODs, but seriously how many more Regionals are going to have a 1RM clean and jerk! The unknown and unknowable has basically become train for Metcons and get really strong in the C&J.

We still have deadlifts, front squats, back squats, overhead squats, thrusters, weighted pull-ups, and snatches that could test strength.

7. PaulNC wrote...

Looks like fun, can't wait for this weekend. Good luck everyone!

8. Andy Hendel wrote...

All athletes will receive an e-mail from Kelsey tomorrow with the weekend schedule, rules, scoring, ect. We will wait till regitration closes tonight at midnight.

9. Damon-Wasatch wrote...

Looks like great stuff, good luck with your event this weekend. Sandbagrunning = Quad death! Fun!

10. Ross wrote...

WOD's look really good guys, nice work! One questions:

-Are the KB snatches from the ground or swing? Also do you have to switch hands each rep and does it have to be 15 per arm?


11. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Mike, maybe a different perspective can help clear this up. All of these sectionals are programmed by the organizers. They don't get to see what everyone else is doing, so yes there is a good chance that a lot of movements will show up in a lot of sectionals. I like that programmers are mixing traditional strength and power movements along with a few things that people have probably never trained with (sandbags, sleds, wt. vests, atlas stones). And I love your idea of training for metcons and getting really good at the C&J. You are right on, every client of mine who has improved their clean and jerk has also improved their squat, deadlift, snatch, metcons, running, and jumping. I think it's a great test of athleticism and would rather see it in every sectional than see organizers trying to get "too cute."

Good luck to everyone in the Carolina's!

12. Brian wrote...

I agree with Tommy. Being really good at clean and jerks helps prepare you for unknown and unknowable feats of strength. I also don't like it when Sectional organizers try to get "too cute". Perfect example, the sectional where they had to do 100 lateral hurdle hops. Not a good use of time when trying to send the fittest athletes to regionals.

13. Andy Hendel wrote...

The KB snatch will start as a KB swing and then drawn back and taken straight over the head. You can keep your legs extended or rebend the knees and hips. Remember if you rebend you must extend to make the lift complete. The 30 reps can be done with either arm. It's up to you.

14. Andy Hendel wrote...

Anon, The scoring will be the same as the 2009 games. Every athletes will have the opportunity to compete in all four events.

15. T-Bone wrote...

Wow, that sandbag WOD is going to smoke the legs. Will we be allowed to use our own jump ropes for the chipper? Can't wait!

16. Ross wrote...


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!


17. Jesse Gray wrote...

In sunday's WOD 3, "1 Rep max effort, ground to overhead - 10 minute time limit." Will you be allowed to use any method you like? It doesn't specify so I would assume a person could use strong man techniques such as the Continental?

18. Angela wrote...

Are step ups allowed for box jumps?

19. Terry Witt wrote...

I hope you do well this weekend, Elyse. Looks mighty tough. Keep us posted. mom

20. Chelsea wrote...

WODs look great! My only question would be - on the GHD situps, I'm assuming it's 'touch the ground to touch the footpad', however I know on our GHD's at our box that I can't reach the ground from the GHD. Arms are too short! Will I be allowed to put a plate down to touch if that is the case on the day of? Thanks!

21. Andy Hendel wrote...

Jesse, The bar can only rest in the front rack position.

22. Andy Hendel wrote...

Angela, That would be considered scaling which would eliminate you from reaching regionals.

23. Andy Hendel wrote...

Chelsea, The GHD's will be set at the same height for everyone. You will be able to reach and touch your hand.

24. Dot wrote...

Do we have to use sandbags or can we bring our own containers for the 1st event?

25. polka wrote...

what make and model rower should we expect to see? if they are old, can I bring one from home?

26. Mark Lee wrote...

We had a guy training to be a ranger do a great tutorial on rope climbing-with the right technique we have seen average height males get up a 15' rope in 2 moves. It is posted at the crossfit cape cod channel on you tube. Have fun!

27. Andrew Hendel wrote...

Dot and Polka, everyone will be using the the same equipment. Using your own may lead to your advantage. I am sure you can understand my concerns. Keep your own containers and rowers home. Thank you.

28. Amy Keyser wrote...

Good Luck to Crossfit Fort bragg this weekend. I am so proud of you all. I know you will represent the box well!! Kick ass out there :}

29. amy keyser wrote...

Congradulations to Alan Moore from Crossfit-FortBragg! He smoked the sectionals this weekend in Charlotte. I am so proud and honored to have him as one of my coaches here. Way to go AJ!!!!

30. Justin Key wrote...

I wanted to say thank you to all of the people that volunteered their time to make this event happen. It was truly amazing. I want to also thank and congratulate all of the athletes that laid it on the line this weekend, you are all an inspiration to so many and are the driving force behind why CrossFit is becoming what it is. To Alan Moore... dude, you are not normal.... It was a true pleasure to watch you perform this weekend and when you get done at the games I will personally hand you that Yuengling. A personal shout out to the Athletes from CrossFit Cherry Point, Isaiah, Noelle, Markum, Christi, and of course Major J..... you guys left your hearts and souls out there on that floor and I couldn't be prouder of all of you. It was a pleasure coaching you and you are welcome at my box any time.
Again, thank you to all who were involved from the staff, athletes, vendors, spectators and everyone in between for making this one of the most memorable weekends of my life.
Justin Key

31. Michael Noack wrote...

Congratulations to Alan Moore out of Crossfit-Fort Bragg!! Way to show them how CFFB does it brother!!


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