South Carolina (inc. NC) Sectional

Andy Hendel on the NC/SC Sectional - Now With Results

The following report is from Andy Hendel, division leader for the NC/SC Sectional:

It was a beautiful weekend in the Carolinas where the first NC/SC sectionals were held. A total of 118 athletes battled it out for a chance to become one of the 30 athletes to represent the Carolinas in Jacksonville, FL., at the Dirty South Regionals. An even mix of challenges ensured that only the most competitive athletes made it to Florida.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 500, AJ Moore from Crossfit Fort Bragg dominated the pack after a disappointing showing in last years regionals at Rouge Fitness. On the second day the first WOD was max Clean and Jerk in 10 minutes, in which A.J. Moore hit a personal PR at 305 lbs. Second place was occupied by Preston Austin, Crossfit LKN, who placed 2nd in two out of the four challenging WODs presented this weekend. Nathaniel Schrader, who trains out of his garage, rounded out the top of the male competitors with a consistent showing in all the events.

The top female competitors also had a strong showing with Emily Riddell, Crossfit Redpoint, sealing the top spot with her first place finish in the chipper WOD with a time of 18:07. Shanna Duvall, Crossfit Ashville, started out with a first and second place finish in day one WODs and hung on to a top spot in day two landing her in second place. Third place was claimed by Chelsea Whitten, Crossfit Ultimate, who made an impressive showing on the day one WOD which included a much feared rope climb, finishing with a time of 6:48.

The true story of the weekend was Jackie McDonald, an athlete who embodies the crossfit spirit. Jackie competed in the first days WOD after donating bone marrow to her brother. Under doctors orders she was not allowed to finish out the weekend, surely this isn't the last time we see this true athlete. There will the another update from the NC/SC sectionals in which all 30 competitors moving on to the Dirty South Regionals will be announced.

Top 15 Men
1. Moore, Alan
2. Austin, Preston
3. Schrader, Nathaniel
4. Forbis, Donny
5. Canino, Scott
6. DiMarco, Matt
7. Zastrow, Matt
8. Garner, Brandon
9. DiLiegro, Tony
10. Osborne, Mitchell
11. Pace, Chris
12. Martin, Caleb
13. Stamey, Kent
14. DiBitetto, Tony
15. Del Greco, Brian

Top 15 Women
1. Riddell, Emily
2. Duvall, Shanna
3. Whitten, Chelsea
4. Mandock, Stacy
5. Abbott, Christmas
6. Gibbs, Jamie
7. Goulah, Kim
8. McKenzie, Mendy
9. Seidman, Karyn
10. Bowles, Jayme
11. Denton, Ashley
12. Denahan, Christine
13. Barrow, Jeannie
14. Nery, Katie
15. Salamon, Elyse

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7 comments on this entry

1. Bryce riddell wrote...

Go Emily. I am very proud of you. I love you.

2. Emily R wrote...

Thanks Dad!! Ha ha even though I'm in the south I'm still rep. WA state!!

3. michelle wrote...

I have to say that the performance from the athletes and the crew kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

I know personally the time put into training has paid off for AJ, he is completely dedicated! I know the competetion will be steep in FL with the Charlotte Crew, Spec., Matt D, Matt Z & Tony, but feel these guys are tough enough to handle the pressure.

It's anyones game at this point- it will be an exciting two months as we all prepare to take it to the next level toward the CrossFit 2010 Games.

Great Job AJ!!

4. Ruth wrote...

I was so excited and very proud to watch you (especially winning top spot!), AJ, my Son, my Sun!! You amaze me more and more as the years pass. Last year's competition was nothing compared to watching this year's. You always have my support. After all, I am your biggest Fan!! Love you!!!

5. Kelsey wrote...

Emily i am so proud of you!! such a great example to follow! i wanna be just like you when i grow up hahaa!! LOVe you girl!!

6. Lidia Martinez wrote...

Great job everyone!!

7. Kandi (Irv's daughter) wrote...

Emily- Irv Jensen says congratulations on a big win! Wow, you are one crazy strong girl! And to think I used to buy school fund raiser wrapping paper from that same little girl! Congratulations, what a fabulous achievement. - Irv

Emily- I do Crossfit and know how crazy hard it is. Fabulous job. My husband and I watched the Washington Sections a couple of weeks ago. I was excited to hear how well you did. Good luck at Regionals. :) -Kandi


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