Georgia Sectional

Michael Giardina on the Georgia Sectional

A full report from Giardina from the South East.

Georgia Sectional Director Michael Giardina checks in with the following words about his event from the weekend:

"Day one started out at the bottom of Stone Mountain. As the first heat got warmed up, my team and I climbed up the mountain to set up the finish line. The top of that mountain was cold and the wind cut right through you. On the radio, we got the 3-2-1 go! I know a lot of athletes who have run this mountain, so I had a good idea of what the top times would be. I was wrong. Jonathan Sutton completed a 1000m row and a 1.2 mile run up this mountain in 13:52, Greg Stack came in a little behind him in 14:18 for 2nd. Our overall mens winner came in third with 14:52. The female athletes were blazing fast. Camilla Meshiea, 3rd overall, took the number one spot at the top of the mountain. She was followed by Sarah Pledger and a tie for 3rd by Leah Polaski and Jennifer McKenzie. One of the biggest highlights of this mountain race was in the last heat. Kyle Maynard showed up ready to compete. I had no idea he was even going to be here. I was told he was in the last heat, but I did not expect him to go up the mountain. Once again, I was wrong. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. When he got to the top, we talked for a few minutes. Kyle, being a humble athlete, acted like it was no big deal. To him, I'm sure it wasn't. He just continues to set goals and conquer them. He told me that this was the first time he had ever attempted anything over a mile... So he decided to climb a 1.2 mile mountain. Amazing!

The next event was the The Jackhammer. This one made me a little nervous. We had a 17 minute cutoff and only 1 athlete made it through from the first heat. I was shocked. The next heat had similar results. I think only 2 made it from that one. This is about the time I lost my voice. I was so scared that I programmed these athletes out of competition. I spent my time screaming at the lunging athletes, "do not drop that dumbbell and get past this fucking line!" I finally got what I wanted. Thirty nine men made it through The Jackhammer. Ken Gall blazed through this workout in 11:14, followed by Travis Harrison (12:17) and Rob Miller (12:18). The girls had a 20 minute cut off, but they didn't even need it. Twenty one of the twenty six had no problem getting across. The one armed overhead lunge was no problem for this group of girls. Leah polaski made this thing look easy. She crushed it with a time of 13:31 and following her was Bethanie Harsh with 14:41. Both of these girls were from CrossFit Atlanta, of course. Close behind Bethanie was the powerhouse Jamie Chan with 15:13.

Day two started with a ground to overhead workout. This WOD was owned by Travis Harrison, who hit a 315lb clean and jerk. It went up so easy that he just said screw it and went for 330, barely missed it. Behind Travis was Brad Lambert, Matthew Link, and Robert Creel with 275 and a tie for 270. The girls competition went to Jenn Harris with a 170lb clean and jerk. Second place was a three way tie between Leah Polaski, Jamie Chan, and Rebecca Rose while Bethanie Harsh and Adrienne Clay shared third. One of the coolest things I saw was the last ten seconds of the Leah Polaski and Jamie Chan heat. After Leah dropped her weight on her head and Jamie fell down and dropped hers on her chest, they both nailed 160 with less than 10 seconds left.

The day ended with my triplet, the Ground and Pound. This workout crushed athletes. It was the perfect way to finish the weekend. We had to spend a little extra time between heats so we could get the athletes off the ground and clear it for the next heat. Kyle Maynard took first on this workout. Before the workout, he looked pretty nervous about his deadlifts. Ben Davis told me that the deadlift was extremely difficult for him. Well, not on this day. Kyle put up the fastest time with 6:07. Kyle competed in every workout! Behind Kyle was Travis Harrison (6:30), who had no problem with the thrusters but struggled with the burpees. It was all downhill once he got to the deadlifts, 225 was nothing for this beast. Taking third was Ken Gall with 6:49 and behind him was Brian Prochaska with 7:03. The girl heats were dominated, once again, by Leah Polaski. She sealed her 1st overall place with a time of 7:11. Jenn Harris, Camilla Meshiea, and Bethanie Harsh followed her with 7:40, 7:58, and 8:12. Everyone was smoked after this workout except for Camilla Meshiea. She finished the workout, threw her hands up in the air, and busted out a little dance with a huge smile on her face."

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6 comments on this entry

1. Phil_CFED wrote...

This was an awesome weekend filled with great programing, awesome volunteers and incredible athletes. Thanks to Mike G and company for putting on a great show. I can't wait to watch the Georgia team dominate in the SE Regionals!

2. Nick Barbosa wrote...

You had better compete next year, Mike.

3. Justin Key wrote...

I am going to keep posting this in as many places as I am allowed. THANK YOU to everyone involved this weekend. From the volunteers, to the spectators, to the vendors, and of course all the amazing athletes and the event organizers. This was a wonderful weekend that tested every facet of physical ability (at least it did for me). The programming was PERFECT and I truly believe that Georgia will be sending the best CrossFitters to the Dirty South Qualifiers (holy shit is that gonna be intense).

Special thanks to Kyle for being Kyle, I first met Kyle in the MMA circle and he was awe inspiring in that venue and is no less an inspiration as a CrossFitter.

Once again to all the people behind the scenes and/or behind the athletes that competed this weekend. GREAT JOB!
Justin Key

4. Ken Gall wrote...

Nick: Mike is competing this year - he has an automatic bid to regionals since he qualified for the games last year.

Justin: good to compete with you again. Glad you did not use the rolling pin on my legs, that may have hampered my performance. haha

5. Justin Key wrote...

Ken... the rolling pin was the secret to my success... wait, I didn't make it, damn! Note to self, leave rolling pin at home next time :-)

6. L wrote...

Will there be a vidoe of the event posted?


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