Hawaii Sectional

Hawaii Sectional WODs Announced

For those of you patiently waiting for the Hawaii Sectional WODs to drop, you're in luck. Here's a look at what the athletes and judges are up against for this weekend's event. Scores for the "Skills Sessions" will be awarded based on the athletes ability to complete each skill in the allotted time or at the allotted weight. Athletes finishing first in each WOD receive 10 points for their efforts, 2nd place collects 9 points, etc. Overall winner from the weekend will have the most points in his or her possession at the end of this two day test. All form standards will be demonstrated the morning of the first day of the sectional, March 13th.

Workout 1 (Saturday) "Nasty Girls"

3 Rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95lbs)

Workout 2 (Saturday) "Skill Session A"

1. Unbroken Kipping Pull Ups (30/20)
2. 10 Unbroken Overhead Squats (135/95lbs)
3. Unbroken One-legged Squats - each leg (10/6)
4. 45 20-inch Box Jumps completed in one minute
*5. Unbroken Hand Stand Push-ups (2/4)

* Men use paralettes for HSPU while women complete reps from the floor.
** All tests are pass/fail. Each athlete has one chance at each test. Successful execution of each movement awards the athlete 2 points.

Workout 3 (Saturday)

For time:
150 Double-unders
9 Deadlifts (315/185lbs)
100 Double-unders
6 Deadlifts (315/185lbs)
50 Double-unders
3 Deadlifts (315/185lbs)

Workout 4 (Sunday) "Skill Session B"

1. 500m Row (sub 1:35/1:50)
2. L-Sit Hold (25/15sec)
3. 1 Squat Clean & Jerk (225/135lbs)
4. Punchbowl Loop Run - approx 900 meters (sub 2:30/2:50)
5. 20 foot Rope climb no feet

Workout 5 (Sunday) "The Gauntlet"

30 min time limit. Athlete with the highest number rounds of Cindy at the end wins.

1000M Row
50 Thrusters (45# Men/ 30# Women)
30 Pull-ups

- then -

10 rounds
3 Snatches (135# Men/85# Women)
15 Wall Ball (20# @ 10 foot target/16# @ 8 foot target Women)

- then -

AMRAP of "Cindy" in the remaining 30 minutes

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171 comments on this entry

1. Erik "Dirty" Alvarez wrote...

everyone might as well quit now...or prepare to be disappointed cause i got this one in the bag...JABRONIs


2. WHAT? wrote...

This is more complex than the actual games last year! I can't believe HQ allowed this in a sectional competition. These people obviously don't want to send many folks to the games this year. What a let down for new crossfitters!

3. Ryan at CrossFit 714 wrote...

Brutal wods. Wow! Glad I am in SoCal.

Good luck, Guys!!!

4. Jason wrote...


5. Bryant wrote...

We get to send three men and three women to the Regionals. The WODS don't change how many people we send to Regionals. We want to send well rounded CFers to compete in the mainland.
Anybody who is going to actually going to be able to compete in the games this year should be able to do these WODs and skill test.
As for people that can't do the Rx version of the wods we have scaled versions so everybody even new CFers can have fun at the event if they wanted to join in.

6. Mary wrote...

I second that "WOW" ! Brutal! Good luck to everyone participating!

7. C-lina wrote...

Hey "What!" That's how we roll in Hawaii. We are a well rounded bunch of athletes.

8. ? wrote...

all the games weren't this complex. this is not a true test of fitness. too much skill. may as well have a basketball hoop, football toss, bass fishing, and sharp shooting contest. this is disappointing. i want a refund

9. Bryant wrote...

?- I will give your money back just email me, no problem.

Here is the rest of the scoring that didn't make it on-

Scoring on the WODs 1st place will get 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, etc. Scoring for the skills sessions will be 2 points for each successful test completed and Athletes will have one chance at each test. The Athlete with the highest amount of points at the end of day two is the winner! All the form standards will demonstrated and fully explained at the Athletes meeting the morning of the games on the 13th.

10. Caroline wrote...

Probably want your money back because you can't do it...

11. J9-RedShed CrossFit wrote...


12. 9am'er wrote...

If Cheryl doesn't coach the 9am MWF...then I want my money back.

13. Erik "Dirty" Alvarez wrote...

Too much skill????!!!...I say, NOT ENOUGH!!! "Is this not why you are here?" "Are you not entertained"-Gladiator

p.s. HTFU (Harden the F**k Up)

14. Robert wrote...


15. PBJ wrote...

Dear "What?",

It sounds like you are not confident in your own abilities. It's ok. Not everyone is cut out for the games. I'm sure if you dropped into CFO, Bryant or any of the highly trained staff of Level 2 certified coaches will set you up with the roadmap to success. The elements program will assess your abilities and identify any shortfalls you may have. From there, we can build you up with the RX checklist and get you ready for participation in the 2011 Games. Maybe CrossFit isn't the answer you're looking for. There are numerous 24 Hour Fitnesses in the surrounding area that might satisfy your fitness needs.

I hope this helps.


16. Jesse gray wrote...

? and What?,

Clearly you are the same person so this is aimed at you. What are you talking about?! Too complex? You think these WODs are so hard that you won't be able to fill all 3 spots Hawaii gets for the regional? What do you even mean by complex by the way? Are there movements or a combination of movements that are too complicated for you to comprehend? WOD 1 is a standard girl WOD, both the "skill" WODs are pretty straight forward. WOD 2, DLs and DUs, seems pretty simple to me, very similar to a classic CFFB WOD actually. The "Gauntlet" WOD is the only one that's a bit unusual but still, it's just a mash up of other WODs in a format that I've seen going around. This is a pretty good mix, you have skills, met-con and strength all represented here. The top 3 should be excellent representatives of the islands!

17. Emilia wrote...

You talk smack but don't put your name?!?!! Weak sauce...see you Saturday!

18. TheCondor wrote...

Dirty said it ALL!!!

Hawaii is going to spit out a beast for the games this year!!!

19. Maila wrote...

Oh my gosh!! This is going to be so fun to watch. I'm only doing the scaled/fun version and I'm totally nervous. Good luck everyone!

20. gios wrote...

When they said "Bring it", the Island Team said "Where and how hard?"

I'm itching to see who comes out on top.

Great WOD's. You guys rock!

Best to all of the participants.

21. HYN wrote...

Look out everybody hurricane HYN is coming to blow your doors down!!!!!

22. Frank wrote...

WODs look good and will be a good test. However, if ROM is strictly enforced on the snatch (which I assume it will be e.g. no press out) then there may be a high number of DNFs on the Guantlet. With that being said if you can't snatch 135# you probably won't make it to the games anyways. Key point focus on your olympic lifting technique for future competitions.

23. Dan wrote...

This is great stuff -- love seeing skills put right up there with straight-up WODS, right where they belong. This is great and true CrossFit.

24. Brian wrote...

It's like a 2 year old had a seizure and started randomly writing out Crossfit exercises and someone decided to call it the 'Hawaii Sectional WODs'

Also, do you realize 900m in under 2:30 is the equivalent of 4:28 mile pace?

25. Grown Here Not Flown Here wrote...

I hope we remember that what we're ultimately trying to do — as a state — is represent Hawaii well.

That being said, I will root for the winners, so long as they represent Hawaii for who we are.

Ultimately, the best Hawaii CF athletes would be Native Hawaiians and/or people born and raised in Hawaii — or those who have a strong understanding of the people and the culture.

If not, you should train culturally just as hard as you do physically before you enter the national level. That is all I ask.


26. Brian Dunlap wrote...

What the hell do you mean "too much skill?!" Those are all basic movements used in every day CF Wods (with possible exception of L-Sit hold, but hey, that's what might seperate the good from the not as good). I personally think it's an awesome idea. I just competed in the Carolina Sectionals, and would love the opportunity to compete in these tests of fitness. Therefore, instead of giving "What?" his money back, I propose that you let me take his spot instead. Now all I need is someone to pay for my plane ticket from South Carolina to Hawaii. Any takers? PS I'm 23, single, and ready to mingle!

27. PBJ wrote...


CrossFit is scary. It hurts physically and emotionally. Think about it. It's frustrating to see people next to you accomplishing amazing feats when have settled for mediocrity. Come on down to CFO and let's get you started on a program and off the JV bench. I agree, that is a fast paced run. Especially for a big boy like myself. But with a little heart, a lot less bitching, and some courage...you would be surprised what you are capable of doing. Courtney and Stef D have started the CF Kids program. We start from there and get you ready to tackle these "2 year old WOD's".

So come on down, there is a program for all fitness levels.


28. Jeff wrote...

I love these WODS!! I wish it was my sectional. The only thing I don't like is that people in place 11 get no points. Once the first 10 people finish the timed WODS everyone else will quit because it won't matter if you come 11th or 100th you get the same points. It would be nice if there was some incentive to finish the WODs besides "just because".

29. XX wrote...

WOD 1, middleish metcon, coordinated strength necessary. Is it DNF if you can't do muscle ups?

WOD 2, all strength-endurance max efforts, from a few seconds to about 1 minute

WOD 3, metcon, 5 min for beasts. Double unders...you either have coordinated rhythm or you don't.

WOD 4, gymnastic body tension challenges, speed endurance, demonstration of explosive power

WOD 5, chipper like metcon, long time domain.

Seriously, well reasoned.

30. John B. wrote...

Awww Snap! This is gonna be awesome!

Can we bring our own jump rope???

31. Robert wrote...

This will definitely expose the weaknesses in my game. At least I will know what I need to work harder on in training. Gonna be fun! See you guys on Saturday!

32. Frank wrote...


No doubt crossfit is tough. However, do you know the speed maintenance required to maintain a sub 4:28 mile. I am sure you don't. Professional middle distance runners (i.e. sub four minute milers) have the capacity to maintain such pace based on conditioning and genetics. If you would ask the majority of sub 4:28 milers to perform a properly executed snatch at 135lbs the majority would fail. The simple reason being is that you need to be as lean (little muscle bulk on upper body) as possible to maintain that speed.

I give you the world of credit trying to run a sub 4:30 mile pace but there is no chance you would come close to running that on sheer heart and toughness alone. Some bodies can only do so much given the weight to strength. Crossfit requires athletes to have exceptional strength to weight ratio. I will watch very closely to the number of athletes that can pull off the 900m requirement and perform a proper snatch.

Best of luck with 4:28 mile pace PBJ.

33. XX wrote...

2:30 900 M...that's a tough one but a few should be able to do it. I've seen plenty of big CrossFit guys run a 800 M in 2:40-2:50. I think only a few will get it and instead of DNF people, it just separates them by points. This will be epic to watch!

34. Juggins wrote...

Well-rounded indeed! I don't think anyone will walk away unscathed.

35. Kerry wrote...

I love it!!! Dirty with as much smack as you talk you better bring it!!!!

This is going to be an amazing event, can't wait to see all the fire breathers take this on. Go Team CFO!!!!

@ ?, really?? Man up and don't cry on a forum. It shows weakness.

36. Frank wrote...


if they maintained the 2:40 to 2:50 pace for 800m you will be looking at 900m times of about 3:00 to 3:20. Which are very respectable times but not even close to making the required time. I have doubts if anyone will make this time.

37. Winchester wrote...

Nice... NICE!

38. Candice wrote...

These are very creative WODs and I love them! I do think that some of them would be better for a Regionals competition though. I would be willing to bet that this is going to divide the numbers quite a bit. Good luck to everyone competing!

39. Kat wrote...

Very cool workouts!
Love that heavy weights as well as running, rowing and gymnastic elements are all tested. You truely have to be good at all elements to do well at this sectional.

LOVE the idea of the skills sessions!

Great job programmers!

40. Bryant wrote...

Franks-Just measured the route in real life not on google maps. It is 800-810 meters if you hold tight to the corners. We based the time on the based on the top 20% of times we have seen here for the "punchbowl loop"

41. CFO IS ALL HAOLES wrote...


Nah nah just joke

42. Lincoln Brigham wrote...

"Also, do you realize 900m in under 2:30 is the equivalent of 4:28 mile pace?"

I ran the 880 in high-school in 2:11. I was an unimpressive half-miler. However, this will be difficult considering it's at the end of a long weekend of WODs and right after the 1:35 500m row.

43. Frank wrote...


-First you ran that in high school so I bet you would have had a tough time coming back in sub 20 seconds for the last 100m. Second-I bet back in highs school you would have had a tough time with the 135lbs snatch 30 times.

All I'm saying is that given the requirements of crossfit it would be a very difficult feat to have a body structure based on both total functional strength and the speed endurance required to maintain a sub 4:28 mile.

44. Leo S wrote...

Bryant - I don't know you, but I have mad respect for these WoD's.
I'm not hoping that something similar will come up at the my Regional Qualifier!

45. James wrote...

This looks like the hardest and most varied crossfit test i have ever seen! I wonder if Bryan Clay (decathlete) could do it if he learned how to perform every exercise.

46. ron wrote...

Hands down the best WOD's from any sectional.

47. Leo S wrote...

Ha... too much work in one day. Posted the wrong thing!
Should say:

I'm NOW hoping that something similar will come up at the my Regional Qualifier!

48. Robert wrote...

The Skill Sessions WODs are very interesting, I'm assuming it was inspired by the Athletic Skill Levels 1-IV by Dave Werner of Crossfit Seattle, which seems perfect for a competition such as this.

Good luck to all the competitors!

49. Scott A wrote...

It's a comp, not some Sunday afternoon picnic. The hawaii sect will produce some true hardcore dude and gals. If you want a refund you probably should've realized what you got into in the first place, a series of comp's to find the most fittest person on the planet.

HTFU and show up anyways and get some expeirence under your belt so you can better prepare for next year. You shouldn't quit before you even start!

50. XX wrote...

Hi Frank,

Please frame your argument with respect to the event in question. We are not talking about a sub 4:28 mile. We are talking about a sub 2:30, 810 to 900 M loop. A loop which the organizer has looked at actual data to base times off of.

This is like saying a 400 M time test of 62 seconds is like running a sub 4:08 mile. Totally different things. There a few crossfitters at every gym that can run a 400 M under 62 seconds. Crossfitters that can run a mile in under 4:08...probably not.

Based off of Bryan's addtional info, I bet someone will be able to run it and also snatch 135, 30 times. The 135 snatch isn't the issue at all here...that is "easy" as compared to a sub 2:30 800 M.

arm- chairing quarterbacking from afar,

51. G-Spot wrote...

I just ran 2 punchbowl loops in 5:04 and can easily snatch 135...

52. Will C. wrote...

There it is people. Like it or hate it, the strong and most balanced will dominate. The weak will learn what they need to work on. It's life...get used to it.

Best of luck to all athletes!

53. LIncoln wrote...

Nobody is going to have to "maintain a sub 4:28 mile".

When I ran 2:11 for the half-mile, my mile time was around 5:00 at best. I was probably a better miler than a half-miler, mostly because I had no footspeed to speak of. So comparing this event to a 4:28 mile is simply not right.

Bryant also updated his post to say that the distance is more like 80-810 meters. So that's a 2:30 half-mile pace.

54. Christian wrote...

Frank -
I think that the point of these "skill sessions" is not that everybody can do them. They are clearly very rigorous tasks, but none of them are impossible to do, even the 900m run, which is not a very tough feat for an experienced runner. The goal of these skill sessions will be to find out who will be able to complete the 900m run in under 2:30 while being able to complete most of the other tasks. As said before, this is not a picnic, they have to find only three of the best from their region, and those three have no right moving on if they can't complete most of those tasks.

55. C-Lina wrote...

@ Will C - I believe the phrase you're looking for is nut up or shut up

56. Monique wrote...

Bryant- these look so awesome! But I am so glad that I am not in HA :) I hope all the Regional hosts are taking a good long look and taking notes. Awesome! And please, someone from your outfit, take some good quality video. I HAVE to see this, will be killer.

57. Rudy Outlaw CF wrote...

As an absolute innocent bystander let me say - effing genius. Great job to whomever wrote these wods. "The Gauntlet" is the single most creative set of work that I have ever seen. I don't know how much OPT influenced the set of tests, but they're perfect also. At first I was suprised at the lack of a 1rm strength event, but then quickly realized that I would have just rewarded the extremists and you guys have obviously done a good enough job of testing for any weakness. I wouldn't kill this, but I wish it was my section. Perfect.

58. jason Leydon... CrossFit MIlford wrote...

Bryant... way to represent.. great WOD's!! CrossFit Oahu son....

59. JAMO wrote...


I'M SO F'N AMPTED (hence the caps)

60. Joe Hardy wrote...

I think a basketball hoop, football toss, bass fishing, and sharp shooting contest would all be good editions to the games! One at a time. Crossfit is about performing at the unknown and these WODs are certainly unknown to many of us in the community! I see nothing to complain about, whoever comes out on top will do well at regionals and at the games if they make it. Only thing I don't like is that some of the WODs are already WODs that people have done. I would like to see games WODs be completely new and original, but it is what it is and this sectional is very original! I hate it when I see sectionals and regionals modeling last year's games because if it is one thing we know it is that this year will not be like last year or the year before that or the year before that. This year's games will be different and this sectional is a good look into that!

61. kam wrote...

Great programming - but good luck recovering for sectionals..

The cream will always come to the top no matter what the test.

62. Tom Seryak wrote...

This looks like a very creative and great test to find the fittest at THE CrossFit Games (exception being increased standards for skill session A and B), which makes it completely inappropriate for a sectional qualifier. Folks will be recovering for weeks...

63. karl Eagleman wrote...

Holy cow. I guarantee, everybody in the CF world is going to be talking about this.

64. karl Eagleman wrote...

Holy cow. I guarantee, everybody in the CF world is going to be talking about this.

65. Sean A. wrote...

A weekend of pure BADASSITY!

66. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Wow these look like fun! That final WOD looks tought. I can't wait to try it. Good luck to all competitors!

67. Steve Liberati wrote...

Way too much volume over one day for an individual (even a very fit one at that) to push the max intensity on each single workout in an effort to test one's work capacity and max power production.

While creative, this is what I would consider irresponsible programming, IMHO.

68. Jesse wrote...

what are the chances of a new crossfitter making it to the games anyway? if you have the skills and are able to do the other WODs fast then you will fit in right with the people who will do well in the regionals

69. brett wrote...

I like the idea of requiring some skills. I'm looking at them and wondering if I could do the run and box jumps in time. Is kipping allowed on the HSPU?

So, I'd be hoping to score 14 points (for 7/10) in the skills since a "fail" is just no points awarded, not a DNF... It doesn't seem like everyone gets that.

Someone made a good point though. If I'm doing pretty good on the timed WODs, but 10 guys finish before I do, I get nothing for finishing faster than the remainder and have no separation from the rest of the field point-wise! There could easily be a 20 way tie for 3rd. I'm not a fan of that scoring system.

What if you doubled or tripled the points (depending on the size of he RX'ed field), giving 4 or 6 points for the skills and counting down from 20 or 30 with points awarded for fastest finishers? Wouldn't that give you a closer race, maintain the importance of the skills and separate out a larger field?

It's not even my sectional. I'm just thinking as if it were.

70. Jenna wrote...

Coolest sectional ever. Love it!

71. Stephen - CrossFit Nasti wrote...

An excellent test to weed out those with any weaknesses in their set of CF skills, which is exactly what a Sectional should do. Heavy volume, but anyone training to actually get to the Games will be able to handle this and recover well. Very nicely done, Bryant.

72. Armen Hammer wrote...

The events are all pretty rad, but the question I ask is this: will this programming find the best Hawaiian athlete better than programming that isn't as brutal on the body? I think not.

With such little time between the Sectionals and Regionals (about 6 weeks), it may have been more practical to program something that would have allowed athletes to deload and recover properly in order to perform at their best at the Regionals.

I respect the creativity of the events, and I'll be trying these out sometime. Unfortunately, it seems the event organizers were a little overzealous in their attempts to make the most badass Sectional and lost sight of the fact that the Sectionals are just the first round of the very short Games season.

Good luck to all the athletes competing. I can't wait to see the results.

73. B.W - Aus wrote...

To Be Straight - These are the best, well thought out workouts that have been announced globally thus far.

A tremendous job by the organizers!!

74. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

I'm wishing I'd had the good sense to come compete in your Sectional instead of Norcal - it's warmer, the beaches are nicer, and the WODs kick ass. Too much volume? I respectfully disagree. I've been doing doubles for the last couple of weeks with no issues. The skill tests aren't too taxing and outside of the heavy deadlifts the WODs are light.

I'll do Saturday's triplet tomorrow and post how it goes.

75. Jason... CrossFit Epic wrote...

PHENOMENAL! If only I could catch a flight to witness this!

76. Arsenio wrote...

thats a true test of a fuckin warrior right there! whoever emerges from the rubble is a fuckin beast!....No Ka 'Oi

77. Danny@CrossFit Santa Clara wrote...

Way to separate the field, awesome WOD's, very well rounded. I wish I were competing in this sectional, even though I probably wouldn't make the top 3. Good luck Hawaii, it will be interesting.

78. Kaia wrote...

Soo... "Brian"- you are RUDE. PLEASE do not say stuff like "a 2 year-old having a seizure." Watch yourself. If you guys are really spending this much time on a blog about CF and complaining about tough wods, maybe you should go and train a little harder in all your free time. Instead of figuring out exactly what pace you would have to be going at, just DO it. Bryant is a genius, by the way, and shouldn't be questioned. As for the people talking about being Hawaiian, e hele aku paha 'oe a e 'ike, 'olelo 'ia ma ia wahi punaewele, 'o keia ke kanaka me ke ola kino maika'i loa MA Hawai'i, 'a'ole ke kanaka HAWAI'I me ke ola kino maika'i loa. Mahalo a nui :)

79. Josh wrote...

Wow. I really disagree with these WODS. This is almost worse than the 2009 Games. The point of sectionals isn't to destroy the athletes but to test them fairly so they can move onto to the regionals. I feel for everyone trying out in Hawaii. Very horrible programming.

80. Ryan wrote...

Skill Session best idea so far in the sectional programing

81. Aaron wrote...

Straight badness from the 808 son. Come and get it.

Tammy's only statement was "great googley moogley". Can't wait for this weekend.

Haters get crushed...

82. Julius wrote...

I don't see what everyone's complaining about. Sure, not everyone is going to be able to complete all of the skill sessions... but then again, if they were, including them would be pointless.

83. jamie@CFA wrote...

It's easy to make judgement now .. how about you hold off on your perception of whats to hard and easy until regionals are over ...There are athletes WODing 3 times a day in prep for the games... (ones that finished top 10 last year) For anyone to knock this programming just by appearance is just looking for something to bitch about .. good on you Bryant for not being afraid to stick it out there. Good Luck to all the athletes in Hawaii!!!!

84. Jesse wrote...

Grown here not flown here - Do you think Hawaii is another country or another state? I've never heard anyone from another state make a statement like

"If not, you should train culturally just as hard as you do physically before you enter the national level. That is all I ask."

I've never heard anyone from the SoCal or Texas or AL sectionials saying, I hope only people born and raised here should win, and if they aren't, they should study the culture as hard as they do at Crossfit!

Sorry, I had to post something, your post just cracked me up.

Great WOD's by the way.

85. Jonathan- CrossFit Coeur D'Alene wrote...

Kick ass program.

86. mra wrote...

yeah i'm with kaia...mele kalikimaka!

87. NickH wrote...

I'm going to do these WODs and I probably won't place high, but with the exception of a few of the skills, I'm pretty sure I won't DNF. I won't be super fast. If you all think this stuff is "too much skill" or "too much volume," I really think you all ought to re-think your training and diet.

If raw power output is all you care about, you're neglecting another dimension of fitness that that used to populate the Journal of old. The hardest "skill" is the muscle-up, which is an 'A' level. Gymnasts do *much* harder things in their sleep. I would like to see a truer measure of fitness that would incorporate hand-balancing, complex gymnastics movements, and maybe even parkour. That might be too much effort to A) train people or B) learn. Deadlifts and power cleans may be all a lot of people can muster, but you shouldn't be talking shit and calling yourself "elite," if the thought of a 25 second L-sit or a one-legged squat scare you.

Also, if you think those WODs are too skill-based, or too long, how does that stack up against the notion of training for life. Soldiers I know spend twice as long rucking and carrying heavy equipment in the field. I feel bad for folks whose sectional wasn't on par with ours.

If we're looking for the fittest people in the world, a broad and deep test is necessary. Simple power output will not give you a show of true fitness.

88. C-line/ Caroline wrote...

Dear Armen Hammer,Hawai'i Sectionals are held to find the best HAWAI'I athlete. It does not exclude the many ethnicities living IN Hawai'i. Hawaiians are a race of people and the word is not interchangable with saying you live IN Hawai'i as in people who live in California are Californians. Just a little fact many do not realize. I am in agreement with Stephen and Damon and MANY others as to your idea of "deloading" etc.

Dear Brian, my daughter has a seizure disorder. You are not too bright, besides being insulting, as has been shown by several persons above this comment. (Mahalo, Pretty Boy!)

Too many skills?... Dear "What?", PLEASE take your $$$ back.

Dear CFO IS ONLY HAOLES, Oh, brother and NOT!!!

Dear Grown Here Not Flown Here, *YAWN* and huh???... does not apply, as Jesse states.

Kaia and mra: you are great :)

Bryant is a genius? HELL YEA!

89. C-line/ Caroline wrote...

Sorry "What?"... just "?" needs their $$$ back. Bryant and PBJ answered YOUR concerns!

90. Emily wrote...

I just heard about Cross Fit and was looking through the site and because I live in Hawaii, I stumbled upon this page about how the Cross Fit Games are this weekend. "Perfect!" I thought, "I should go check that out." I like running and weight training, but have been wanting to challenge myself in different ways. After seeing how mean, offensive AND defensive you all are on here, I don't think it's for me. I heard Cross Fit was for everyone at all levels and abilities and know people who have gotten great results from it. I'm just disappointed with this know-it-all, bullyish type of attitude. Sorry, I was excited to check it out and now I'm so let down. I don't know who "CFO" is or who or what a "WOD" is or what or who "PBJ" is, but you're really mean, especially what you said about 24 Hour Fitness. If Cross Fit is so great, why aren't there more people doing it and so many more people at 24 Hour Fitness? Maybe it's because you all think you're better than everybody else. What a turn off.

91. Carlos wrote...


I've been training CrossFit for 5 years now. These people are not the true representatives of this sport/training method. I encourage you to look into CrossFit and give it a shot. Forgive these folks above. They are completely wrapped up in their own selfish endeavors. They forget that this event is for the games. And, that is exactly what they are......Games. CrossFit is a special program that has helped people from all different backgrounds achieve a broad range of goals. Please reconsider....CrossFit is full of all types of people just like you who don't look down on the rest of the world because they are different. They are a huge community of people just looking for something different and fun.

Hope this helps,


92. Emily wrote...

I really appreciate that, Carlos. I've been looking through this website and I can see how other people don't act like the people are acting here. Hawaii is supposed to be a place of aloha and yet, we have the most embarrassing stuff being said here! PBJ works out at Cross Fit Oahu, so I'm definitely not going there. I can't handle that immaturity. There are 2 others on Oahu, but again, all this bashing makes me sick. Nothing's wrong with a little competition, but this is the poorest sportsmanship I've ever seen in all my years of being an athlete.

93. Juggins wrote...

Emily, I understand your stance, but would also hope that you wouldn't judge an entire community based upon a few comments of a few of our more vocal athletes. Internet bantering/bickering is one thing, but is not necessarily a true reflection of what's reality. I'm biased towards CFO, and have an endless amount of love for the gym, coaches, and the community that's built up around it since it's inception. This story can be repeated at all the CrossFits on this island, and dare I say it, globally. I'd highly suggest you just check out all three, and feel each one out. Each has a unique flavor, and that's the beauty of the open-source CrossFit model. I've had the pleasure and honor to meet all the owners and trainers on this island, and what a truly amazing group they are.

94. Tom wrote...

Emily, I echo what Carlos said above and am glad to see you are still open to trying CrossFit. The comments above are not what I would consider typical in the CF community as a whole. What is typical is a community that cheers loudest for the person who finishes last, that pushes hard each workout for themselves, that never cheats a rep, and does it right when no one is looking. CF is known to have an "a-hole filter" because of how tough it is. Sometimes it doesn't fully work. Give it a shot, and please tune out the noise above.

95. Juan Pablo "won" wrote...

huuummmm fucking Dr. Powers writing good wods as usual.. well done, like a pro

i didnt pay attention to the names.. but for those people that are posting stuff like if im in the 11 place.. or after the 11 and i dont get any point or i dont score shit.. and bla bla bla.. is just a good idea to give some points to get people motivated to finish the wod and bla bla bla..

what kind of pussy shit is that? .. if you finish after the 10 you dont get points and thats it... you should be finishing the workout anyway for yourself.. for your own pride..because you are a crossfiter and not a quiter..

im from south america (clearly you can get realized because my writing) and since i got here i have seen coaches teaching kids to play without scoring because nobody looses or giving medals to first and the 30th place.. loosing is part of the learning to get better and be a winner.. if you were in the 11 place i can bet that you are not going to like it and the next time you will try twice harder

go CFO.. Gspot, dirty and the byron

96. LP wrote...

The winner of the '10 games may come from HI. That last WOD is inSaNe!!! Awesome, but insane!

97. Brett wrote...

"Won" - Totally agree that any CrossFitter with any heart would do their best to finish every WOD regardless of points or placing. I just think there should be a way to separate a larger field to avoid ties. My suggestion might have the reverse effect if the top people finish close to each other in every workout though...

Your English isn't bad (better than many Americans), but your language is atrocious!

98. Rodney wrote...

I think ...and this is just 1 individuals opinion, that this is probably the best venue to test a true "Crossfitters" abilities..genius and can only say I wish I were competing in this one! Good luck to all and I am sure this will produce the an accomplished athlete to represent!

99. caleb wrote...

Awesome programming! I love these WODs! Will points be given for people who can't do a certain skill, but come close? For example, my 500m row PR is 1:37. Would I get any credit for that, or would it be better to just sit out the row and save my energy?

100. BTM wrote...

For clarity's sake, if the Punchbowl loop is closer to 800m, shouldn't you change it in the body of the post? I realize that particular skill accounts for 4% of the entire competition (1/5th of Skill set B, which is one of 5 workouts), but you would have drawn a similar amount of ire if you had made a typo for the 1 Squat Clean & Jerk and had typed (300/200lbs). For people that understand and have competed in the 800m run, the 100m discrepancy with a 2:30 cutoff makes a big difference.

This is definitely one of the most creative approaches to the Sectionals that we've seen yet. However, it will be interesting to see the impact this will have on athletes ability to recover and adequately prepare for Regionals and the Games themselves.

101. FaithieG wrote...

This is just rude hahha

102. Brian Dunlap wrote...

PLEASE tell me that is your real name! Awesome!

103. Badger wrote...

This is a walk in the park for the CFO Crew. Good luck guys!

104. Brian Dunlap wrote...

Emily, I just got done with my 4th competition to date. I've competed with CrossFitters from the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, and have had nothing but great experiences. I have NEVER heard as much complaining as I've heard on this site. CrossFit has only been around for 6-7 years, and it's only in it's 4th year as a sport. As it gets bigger, there are going to of course be more people who yell out complaints (who of course allways use fake alias' to hide behind because they are cowards). However, as it gets bigger, the negative minority will CONTINUE to be outnumbered by great people who show unmatched camraderie and spirit. I've never competed in a sport where athletes who are competing against eachother are also CHEERING for eachother. It's an unbelievable experience, at least where I'm from.

And to "Juan Pablo 'won,'" watching your f**king language!

105. Stephen - CrossFit Nasti wrote...

For those concerned with volume and the notion that the three who advance will not have enough time to recover in time for Regionals: the skill sessions will not be taxing for the winners. Most of these tasks - 30 unbroken pull-ups, 10 OHS @ 135, a sub-1:35 500m row, :25 L-sit, 2 parallette HSPUs, a 225 C&J - will be well short of all-out efforts. In fact, the only really intense task will likely be the run. As for the metcons, the high volume final WOD consists of all light weights or even bodyweight, and the one relatively heavy movement, the DL, is limited to 18 repetitions.

106. J Hoggan wrote...

Brilliant programming. Wish I could be there.

Oh, and Emily - I'd also encourage you to go ahead and give it a shot. I've found that cocky d-bags, while certainly present, are really in the minority in the crossfit community (and are over-represented in the blog comments). I've competed in a bunch of different sports, and the sportsmanship here is by far the best I've ever seen.

107. Howard Little wrote...

What about recovery!?!? I hope there is enough to the recover from this train wreck of a day, train for regionals, taper off and compete at 100% in regionals... then do the same thing while not being over trained or stressing your body too much.

To the winner of this onslaught of torture that is being disguised as a sectional competition, I say hats off to you. I am not from Hawaii but you can bet your sweet ass that if I have no personal favorites or friends in the Games you will be the one whom I am routing for. For if you do not win it would look to be a waste of a horrendous day of programming.

108. Kehau wrote...

I wasn't going to comment but I can't help it at this point: The programming is totally biased toward CFO.

There are 10 affiliates total in Hawaii and I'm not sure how one of the 10 got to dominate the programming that parallels its own RX checklist.

I will be stoked if someone-- anyone-- from another affiliate takes out CFO. Especially because they're gloating so damn much. Really? Hawaii is much more humble than that. Get it together and represent with your fitness this weekend -- not with your trash talking now.

I've never met you guys other than what I'm reading here, but I agree with Emily -- who's totally unbiased by the way -- CFO seems like they're mean and prideful. I'm glad I don't live on Oahu. And if I did, I would check out any of the other affiliates. (Hardass looks cool.)

109. Lucy wrote...

Dont let the negative comments let you down..Crossfit is an awesome community but in every community you will witness the "fire breathers" that may come across as intimidating/caulky. But in all reality it is just people that are proud of their strengths. When I first started I didnt know how to squat, do a pull up or lift a barbell. Its been 2 and 1/2 years that Crossfit has been a HUGE part of my life and for the first time I am mentally and physically strong enough to compete at my Sectionsl (SoCal)I have made amazing friend thru Crossfit, and most importantly, I have overcome extremely challenging personal obstacles. Dont let the comments get to you..try it out, set personal goals, form relationships with Crossfitters you admire, and most of all just have fun!! :)

BTW-CrAzY WODS at this Sectional..good luck to all competing! Im excited to read up on the results!

110. Howard Little wrote...

What you aren't understanding is most of these things are done in one day for three days and then rest and recover. Not doing 5 WODs in a 2 day period, not only WODs but we are talking about superior and elite stature WODs. This going to be heavily taxing and demanding on the athletes. Yes, even/ especially the winners for they have to push that much more and go that much faster.

111. Mary wrote...

There certainly are a lot of comments about the programming here. One thing I know for certain, the athletes from our box are going to go and give it all they have. I will be proud to be in the crowd cheering them on! They represent what I love most about CF! Regular people inspiring those around them with their ability to push beyond their limits and remain humble while doing so. They will prove themselves on the battle field not on the comment boards!

112. Emilia wrote...

I find your comment to be one of the most offensive and misdirected on this blog...most of the trash-talking is just a bunch of ribbing from the community to all the whiners and amongst the competitors to let off steam before the nerve-racking events. Everyone needs to learn to take a joke...or maybe CrossFit truly isn't the right place for you.

Secondly,in response to your comment: "There are 10 affiliates total in Hawaii and I'm not sure how one of the 10 got to dominate the programming that parallels its own RX checklist," only three of the TEN elements are related to what we strive for on the RX checklist. This competition is meant to get the BEST OF THE BEST to represent Hawaii at Regionals. If anyone is going to stand a chance at Regionals, not to mention the Games, they are going to have to be able to complete a majority of these tasks. If you don't know how to do it, then let's hope people are quick learners...if I'm not mistaken, Miko (the winner from last year's Games) didn't know how to do a double-under and learned a few minutes before an event. That right there is what CrossFit is about.

As for the other events, they are all classic CrossFit. How is that biased towards CFO?!?! They belong to the whole community...

Lastly, I find your statement:"I will be stoked if someone-- anyone-- from another affiliate takes out CFO. Especially because they're gloating so damn much," extremely hateful. The people at CFO are not "mean and prideful." I've been with them for almost 3 years now...my entire family (mom, dad, little sister, husband and infant son) are a part of the greater CFO family. They have been there for us through thick and thin. They were there to cheer me through my last workout before I gave birth (two days before) and were there to cheer me when I came back two weeks later. AND I know they will be there to cheer me (and ALL other competitors) when I compete at this weekend's event 7 1/2 months after giving birth. With all due respect, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Hope to see you at the event (even if you'll be rooting for everyone BUT the CFO crew). Kisses!

113. C-lina wrote...

What affiliate are you from? CFO is hosting the sectionals. Therefore, they make the workouts. Maybe head quarters picked CFO because they are currently the only affiliate than can accommodate 40 athletes and 100 spectators. If your affiliate can do it then by all means, do so. I do know every Hawaii affiliate was asked for help and volunteers so you shouldn't be feel slighted. If you really are about the aloha then why don't you come down this weekend and volunteer instead of making negative blanket statements about something you obviously don't have the facts on. Now THAT is being rude.

114. Brian Dunlap wrote...

So many things I could respond with. I think I'll just go with a plain and simple "DUH!" Of course the events are going to look like the host affiliate's programming! That's because it's what they believe is an ideal test of fitness. That is the same case in any sectional you compete in. Simple solution to this: 1 month out from competition, start following the WODs from the host affiliate's website. That's what I did for my sectionals, as well as the Iron Curtain Challenge back in November. And I really don't get what everyone is complaining about. These are STANDARD movements for the most part. I've participated in 4 competitons against tremendous athletes, never finishing higher than 21st overall, and have NO doubt that I could finish this 2 day event. I really don't understand why everyone is complaining. I have the mental image now of a bunch of tough guys sulking in the corner, pitching a fit, saying "I don't WANT to do 30 unbroken pullups, and YOU can't make me!" Grow up. Or just start doing 5K charity runs. I hear you're allowed to walk in most of those.

115. Bryant wrote...


I just want to address your opinion of me making programming totally biased toward CFO. I do not mind if you don't change your opinion but I think it would be interesting for you to have some more facts.

I was asked by HQ to host and program this weekends WODs and I agreed. It wasn't a subversive plot to have only CFO athletes win.

The Rx Checklist that we test here every month is based off of all the movements/weights in all the CrossFit benchmark workouts you would need to master to do all the Bechmarks workouts Rx. Every CFer should be doing these movements anyway if the are planning on going to the games. Also none of the Skill Session tests are on the Rx Checklist except the 5 HSPU for women. All the others are different.

I take my responsibility as a host very seriously. As I am sure is the norm in all the host facilities none of the athletes knew anything about the WODs for this weekend before the rest of the world. Our judging staff only knew this week and would have killed them if they leaked the WODs. I can send you the emails.

We may be mean and prideful hear who knows? I would suggest you check out something like our Flickr page which has over 2000 photos and may be a better representation of our members then the above comments.


Finally I would be stoked too if any other affiliates "takes out CFO"! Why? Because I believe in this competition and only want to send the best from the islands. (Hardass doesn't look cool they are cool)

116. Brandon wrote...

From a former Hawaii resident now living on the mainland but family still in Hawaii, I say you guys put on a great set of wods! I think it's going to be a great weekend for Hawaii. I got my own box competing in the SoCal events this weekend too, so it's going to be a great weekend for me watching two sectional competitions! Good luck Hawaii. See you at the regionalS!!!

117. Stephen - CrossFit Nasti wrote...

Howard Little,

I do understand the 2-day format. I have competed in multiple CF events with multiple WODs, most recently at the Arnold this past weekend. I do not anticipate these to be too much to recover from. Again, for the top finishers, a 1:35 500m row is a coast. A 225 C&J is a warm-up, as are 135 lb. OHS. 30 pull-ups are well below a max effort.

118. Eric wrote...

I can't see how this programming favors CFO or anyone else for that matter--it looks like everyone will get smoked equally. Aside from the L-sit all the movements and weights show up regularly in CF.com WODs. There's strength work, metcon, bodyweight stuff, and gymnastics. Whoever earns Regionals spots out of this Sectional will be extremely well-rounded. I know Bryant and most of the other trainers at CFO and have absolutely no reason to question their integrity in regards to the programming or anything else.

As others have mentioned, don't form any opinions about CF as a whole or the community at CFO based on the comments on this post. I can't speak from experience with any of the other Hawaii affiliates, but I trained at CFO for about 6 months before I moved to SD (and on a daily basis when I took a trip back to Oahu last year) and they are extremely welcoming of new members. They may have the largest collection of all-around good people of any group I've ever been involved with. If you go to CFO you will see huge fitness gains, have fun doing it, and make about 100 new friends.

119. Leighson "Steakhouse" wrote...

Aloha gang, this weekend is going to be insane and I look forward to meeting crossfitters, new school and old oldschool, from all walks of life and from all over the world,. If you want to talk story look for me, I'll be the not so tall, not so dark, not so handsome, oriental judge. CrossFit has definitely changed my life, I am looking forward to meeting more of the community.
To all of the competitors, in the spirit of the warriors of the 442 "GAMBATE!!! GO FOR BROKE!!!" Best of luck to everyone.
I really like the programming for this sectionals, the girl WODs brings it back to old school CrossFit.

120. Matt Chan wrote...

I love each of these WOD's!!! The skill sesh WOD's are particularly interesting - props to whoever programmed this sectional.

121. Max Fernandez wrote...

Yes, these are very challenging workouts but this is the CrossFit build up to the games. I personally like these workouts and wish all the best. Looks like it will be a well balanced winner.

122. Jon Boy wrote...

Unlisted event in skill session B is #6 Bass Fishing. Bring your rod and reel or be DNF'd!

123. G-spot wrote...

Your the man Jon Boy, but I heard it bow hunting. I'm gonna bring both just in case

124. Jaime wrote...

Just wanted to wish all of the Hawaii competitors, best of luck! I am so excited for the end results..back in 2007 we were the only affiliate on Maui and Crossfit was very unknown to almost everyone on the island. It is so great to see the growth over the years. We have since moved to the East Coast and transfered the name. At that time CFO was extremely supportive to my husband and I and our facility.I think that they have a wonderful CF ohana, philosophy and the programming should not be taken personally or thought negatively. In my opinion one of the great things about being a Crossfitter is the community of support from other affiliates and athletes...just know that there is someone in Virginia Beach, VA that is proud of each competitor and is rooting for Hawaii to represent!

125. Justin A in Nor Cal wrote...

I just ran The Gauntlet.
I made the Gauntlet and two scaled versions the WOD at our box.
I like the programing, nice WOD's.

126. Kehau wrote...

I just wrote an awesome, or at least what I thought was, debate in response to Bryant, C-Lina and Emilia. And it deleted. Five times.

So I am going to take the cues from fate/higher power to instead switch gears and admit that I was getting caught up in the smack talking.

Bryant's response was professional and tactful. Thank you for explaining more, especially as the outer islands tend to feel very separate from big, bad Oahu.

Also, apologies go out to C-Lina, Emilia and other CFO athletes. I am sure you're not all like PB&J. Maybe he's just, um, really sarcastic?

Regardless, don't want to get started on the wrong foot.

So, retract my statements? Can we be CF friends?

127. maila wrote...

Whoever earns a spot this weekend and from whichever gym they come from, they'll be very worthy of it! The WODs will challenge every aspect of CrossFit. The greatest thing about CrossFit besides getting into the best shape of my life (so far, hopefully I'll get better!) is that these people who challenge me and cheer for me have become like a family to me. I don't blame the CFO team for their passion for their gym and competitors. If people were bashing Hardass on here like crazy, I'd probably want to prick up like a porcupine too! Emotions are high because ALL these competitors have worked very hard to move forward. Whoever goes on to regionals will be representing HAWAII first and I hope the entire Hawaii CF community will come together as the athletes make Hawaii proud.

By the way, I got to talk to Brian & Katie Heinrich of CFO last night and they're super cool. Katie's gonna rock it. As usual!

Meanwhile, I'll be like the little engine that could in the novice heats. I think I can, I think I can...YIKES!

All the best to all.

128. J9 wrote...

I may be wrong, but I don't think that it is the competitors that are complaining about the WODs (it is everyone else)...I think that these athletes are all bad *ss and ready to take them on no matter what.
That is why you will see some serious contenders from Hawaii in the next round at the regionals!

Good luck and can't wait to see the outcome (and videos) of this!

129. NickH wrote...

To anyone who got the impression that CFO is a bunch of cocky, conceited folks, I have to strongly deny that. I've been involved with CrossFit Oahu pretty much since the beginning and I can tell you that I've experienced nothing but humility and integrity since starting. Bryant, and our gym in general, embodies CrossFit more than most I've seen--and I've been to my share of affiliates.

People trash talk, but to judge an entire affiliate, whose membership is (I'm guessing) over 200 individuals, is engage in the most uncritical of thinking. Trash talk is half the fun of competition. I'm prone to trash talk, even though I'm usually never the winner of any WOD. It is just a bit of friendly ribbing. No harm, no foul. We all know our weaknesses and that's what so great about confronting them; we get to eventually overcome them.

I'm looking forward to meeting other CrossFitters in Hawaii and seeing how I stack up. I'm sure it will be a bit of a motivator and wake-up call for all of us.

130. Hardass Fitness wrote...

Thank you to all those involved in putting together a challenging and eventful weekend. Programming is great! Hawaii can be proud of the athletes that come out on top. Best of luck to all athletes. It's going to be a great weekend!

131. CFO Prom King wrote...

I heard that guy PBJ can be real sarcastic but is extremely easy on the eyes (irony). Oh wait, that is me.

To all that show-

Good luck this weekend. Unfortunately I was called to defend your freedom/ability to compete and won't be back on island for another week. Duty called and I had to answer. Guam and Korea. I will engage the qualifiers when HQ announces the military video applications. I can't wait to log in and see the results Monday morning!


132. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

So day 1 WODs are done. I feel pretty good, not too taxed. I should have went all out at Nasty Girls, made the mistake of going 80% on airsquats, didn't PR.

Nasty Girls - 10:02. All AS & HPC's unbroken. MU's 7, 4/3, 4/2/1.

Skills Test - did all but HSPU's. Assumed they were head to floor, couldn't get out of the hole without a monster kip. Had a trainer who judged our Sectionals judge all movements.
Deadlift/Dbl Under Wod: 6:38rx. Somebody's going to go sub 4 on this. Couldn't get in a great rhythm on dbl unders, did sets from 20-40 but didn't rest. All deadlifts unbroken.

If this was my Sectional I'd feel fine going into day 2. The workouts look tough but the volume today wasn't a big deal. Good luck!

133. travis-crossfit east sacramento wrote...

bryant, sick test of true fitness. i wish this was part of the norcal sectional, i think skills and technique is waaay too overlooked in the name of sheer power output at times. nick, excellent comment, i fuckin love it. great job guys.

134. C-line / Caroline wrote...

Emilia, Mama loves you...bada** mama YOU :) ALVAKONG....AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! G-spot... you know the pace, Brother. The Byron... go, man, go. FKC... Jersey power! Hawai'i CF athletes - ALOOOOOHA. Geev 'em!

135. Loraine wrote...

I find it interesting that each Sectional that has included muscle ups and/or handstand pushups in the WODs, the whining/complaining increases(Note back to the Washingotn sectional WOD announcements). Obviously those are two skills that A LOT of people are lacking. What makes you think you can compete at the Games if you don't have these skills???

136. Richard wrote...

All the best to everyone competing tomorrow! Mark and I will be holding down the 45 and older category (oh yeah there's not one!) and scaling a bunch of things but it will be a day to remember no doubt. Can't wait to make new friends, test new limits and set some new PR's. Great way to spend a weekend in my book. Thanks to Bryant and CFO and all the volunteers that are making this possible!

137. B wrote...

@"?" and/or "What?"

I admittedly did not read through all of the posts, but... I think the skill set WODs are brilliant and completely appropriate for the sectionals. But I must say I took pause when I saw wod #5. Three "girls" in 30 minutes or less is really tough and I imagine you may get some who will DNF. Scaling is one thing but it just seems to me that the wods at the sectional level should not have a bunch of DNFs. If you notice many of the other sectionals had some wods where many of the participants, particularly the women, DNFed. Just seems wods at that difficultly level are more appropriate for the regionals, not the sectionals. So,
"?" and/or "What?", I see what you're saying

Just my 2 cents.

Oh and just to be clear, I'm not saying any of this because I wouldn't be able to do any of these wods. In fact, I'd be quite happy if they showed up in my upcoming sectional. Just not sure that's the point.

Good luck everyone!

138. PBJ wrote...

Today is the day. We will see if any of the whiny, crybaby, sissy, lazy, weak, subpar "athletes" show up and make good on Bryant's supposed inefficient attempt at programming. I should be there selling some "Man Up" pills in the parking lot. Or as Dirty Alvarez would say: "HTFU".

Good Luck!


139. PBJ wrote...

Today is the day. We will see if any of the whiny, crybaby, sissy, lazy, weak, subpar "athletes" show up and make good on Bryant's supposed inefficient attempt at programming. I should be there selling some "Man Up" pills in the parking lot. Or as Dirty Alvarez would say: "HTFU".

Good Luck!


140. Bryant wrote...

Everything is all set up and we are ready to go in 2 hours. We will keep everybody up to date.

P.S. Thanks for trolling PBJ...

141. bingo wrote...


I'd respectfully disagree. I'm on record lots of places as saying the Sectionals should be the wide end of the funnel into the competitive aspect of Crossfit. It's my opinion that we should do EXACTLY that, use existing WOD's. In fact, I'd do classic CF WOD like the "Girls" and maybe a "Hero" in the Sectionals so that the maximum number of folks are exposed to classic Crossfit. Do WOD's largely in the phosphagen pathway; exclude as few people as possible by using complex movements or skills (I wouldn't ask for HSPU or MU in the Sectionals for ex.).

The format for the Hawaii Sectionals is PERFECT for a Regional IMO. I hope the folks running them take a hard and long look at what the HI folks have done with their programming here. Add volume. Exclude those without the more complex CF movements so that we don't have someone unable to do a WOD at the Games with a known CF movement.

I love this programming; I just think it's one level too soon. Not that anybody has, or would ask me :=)


142. Chewie (CFHC) wrote...

So many posts, damn!
Challenging stuff, no doubt. But if it was "easier" wouldn't the same people win anyway? Whatever, can't please everyone.

And PBJ is simply filling a role: every site/post/box/whatever needs an annoying, immature, loudmouth. PBJ is just doing his/her job. And doing it quite well. We have our own at our box, believe that.

Good luck peeps, this would make me cry, but I'd still give it my all. And Emily, just so ya know, THAT is what CrossFit is all about. Assholes are everywhere in every sport/job/state/etc. The town I live in is full of em, and I mean full, as in, the VAST majority. Truth is, my CF peeps are the best peeps I know. They're pretty much my fam.

Cheers all...

143. Mandy wrote...

Hi guys, I'm from Australia & have just checked out your WODs - tough weekend ahead!!

But in saying that and after reading some of the comments on this post, with only having 3 spots to allocate to go to the Games, don't you WANT the best, most well rounded athlete to represent Hawaii? You don't know what they're going to pull out at the Games. And isn't that the idea of CrossFit - it shows your weaknesses so you can work on them and therefore will eventually make you good at ALL disciplines.

I think the WODs cover off on a broad range of CrossFit movements really well. Just glad I don't have to spend the weekend doing them!!!

Good luck everyone!!

144. leesa souza wrote...

Well this was entertaining to say the least. BUT no matter if you were from CFO, Hardass, Ewa beach, Maui or the Big Island gyms, I was there and saw all the Hawaii(an) Crossfitters open up one HUGE can of Primo whoop ass. All the trash talking had no place on the black mat, there was only respect for all the athletes who had "big enough" ones to compete. No matter what gym you were from, you were cheering for Cheyne who has to weigh about 115 lbs finish a crazy Nasty Girls as rx!. That's the spirit of crossfit. All the Hawaii competitors deserve some serious props for insane WOD's and the work it took to get there! And p.s- I thought whining wasn't allowed?

145. Mark wrote...

Racist much?

146. Bryant wrote...

Aloha all! Day one is in the books.
The top three for men and women are below-

Top 3 Men

1.Andrew Byron (CFO)

2.Erik Alvarez (CFO)

3.Adam Jamieson (CFO)

Top 3 Women

1.Katie Heinrich (CFO)

2.Emilia Quezada (CFO)

3.Courtney Johnson (CFO)

The online scoring for the women is a litte off but the above is correct.

Here are some sites for people that would like to keep up to date on every thing-

CFO Blog-

CFO Facebook Page-

CFO Twitter Page-

CFO Flickr Page-

We are editing the videos for everybody to watch tonight and I'll let everybody know how the Gauntlet goes tomorrow.

147. Bryant wrote...

Aloha all! Day one is in the books.
The top three for men and women are below-

Top 3 Men

1.Andrew Byron (CFO)

2.Erik Alvarez (CFO)

3.Adam Jamieson (CFO)

Top 3 Women

1.Katie Heinrich (CFO)

2.Emilia Quezada (CFO)

3.Courtney Johnson (CFO)

The online scoring for the women is a litte off but the above is correct.

Here are some sites for people that would like to keep up to date on every thing-

CFO Blog-

CFO Facebook Page-

CFO Twitter Page-

CFO Flickr Page-

We are editing the videos for everybody to watch tonight and I'll let everybody know how the Gauntlet goes tomorrow.

148. leesa souza wrote...

No racism, just proud to see such talent from our island.

149. Mark wrote...

That's not racist? What if a mainlander said it? Only people from the continental US should represent in SoCal, or in NorCal. Does that sound more racist? No people that weren't born on the mainland should compete in the mainland sectionals. Sounds stupid doesn't it? Just because a minority group says it doesn't make it not racist. The people who aren't islanders are in HI because they love it. In a lot of cases, those people probably love it more than those that were born there.

150. freddy c._one world wrote...


I love that you included Skill Testing into the qual. That is genius stuff. Even if the Skills Test included all the 32 skills from the CFO RX'd Checklist (which I personally had the pleasure of attempting at CFO), how could anyone argue it? If you are going to the Regionals, you should be able to complete the skills easily. DUH!

The workout load is too demanding?!?!?! WTF PEOPLE?!?!? The whole premise of the CrossFit Games last year was to see how much you could overtax the human body. The one who survived at the end was "the fittest man/woman" on the planet. I think most of you weren't there and have no idea just how truly insane the work load actually was. I watched and all I could think was, "So happy that I am a mediocre CrossFitter."

The programming for this qualifier is right in line with the way the Games have gone so far. Extreme exercising. Stop being whiney pussies.

151. A.O. wrote...

Thats why although I have never met Freddy Camacho....I go on his website daily....he gets it!

152. frankie wrote...

It's amazing how personal some people take all of this. People, bottom line, it's freaking excercise! Yeah, it's a "competition" but only for the top notch CFers. For the rest of us, it's just another set of wods in a cool environment. The fact that this is the 150th post is pathetic. Part of why I love CrossFit so much is the philosophy of "Shut up and wod." Judging by the posts here, there are some trolls that have never heard that. Pretend to be whatever you want on a blog. But the bottom line is, actions speak louder than words.


153. PBJ wrote...

What's a troll? I've been called one twice now. I don't live under a bridge, grind up bones for my dinner and sell Charlie's hole to the Nightman (if you know your It's Always Sunny mythology).

Needless to say, none of the critics were there to compete in Bryant's amazing breakdown of physical ability. Freddy said it best, if you can't meet the RX checklist, you shouldn't compete.

The Guantlet is about to begin and I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I'm predicting 4 as a somewhat high score with a good chuck of people not making it to Cindy.


154. Steffer wrote...

So if you don't meet the RX checklist, you shouldn't compete... Nice attitude. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it an OPEN competition? Being able to do a checklist is not a requirement, right? In other words, it's not an elitist Country Club my friend. So glad I don't know any CrossFitters like those of you that have that attitude because that's sad. Believe me, that opinion would probably serve you better if you would have kept it to yourself. Your beloved RX Checklist is not an SAT exam, as much as you would like it to be, so get over yourselves.
I hope every competitor had a great time. I'm quite sure they gave all of their heart, something that I'm sure is NOT on any checklist, yet a key component to happiness in life.

155. Damon - WCF wrote...

Does anyone know the HSPU ROM standards? Kipping, no kipping? How tall were the parallelettes? Was it head to floor?

156. NickH wrote...

Must break plane. My head hit the mat. No kipping.

As for the RX checklist, it wasn't necessary to win, but you need to bring your A-Game to this debacle. Mine was a b-game.

157. Gabe wrote...


I'd buy that shirt. LifeasRx please make it!

158. PBJ wrote...


My comment about the RX Checklist was to get people fired up. I knew if I said what I said I would get the response I got. You definitely don't need it to compete. It just makes life a little easier for you, the competitor, when facing a WOD. I am in fact a jerkass and love to get things going and firing people up. In all honesty, it's purely about heart. If you've got it, you can accomplish anything.

Congratulations to all that took part in the event (competitor and volunteer) and hat's off to all Top 3 winners. Next stop, Regionals.

159. B wrote...

freddy_c., first let me say I am a big fan of yours. The One World blog is bookmarked on my computer and I love your straightforwardness (is that a word? haha). I agree that the skills based wods are brilliant. Most of the skills selected are not easy but not out of reach either.

That said, I guess I was under the impression that the CrossFit Games "Tournament" if you will was supposed to be like a funnel - very wide at the sectionals level, narrowing at the regionals level and narrower still at the Games themselves. I remember a video by Dave Castro where he alluded to something like this. My takeaway was that the wods would be slightly less challenging at the sectionals level. Am I off base in thinking that's a sounds way to approach the Tournament this year?

160. J Hoggan wrote...

I love how there were a total of only 21 competitors at this sectionals, yet almost 160 comments about it (so far). I can see a lot of peopler were fired up about the programming (which, as I said before, was brilliant), but it looks like there was also a lot of whining about inter-box rivalries and other similar crap. Seems like a lot of chips on your shoulders for only 21 athletes.

And on a side note...

Grown Here Not Flown Here - You're an idiot, and a racist idiot at that. Good job 'representing' Hawaii. The only people or groups that competitors might be representing at regionals and the games are themselves, their boxes/coaches, and their sectionals coordinator. This is because whoever wins the games will show (1) they're an incredible athlete, (2) they have good coaching/programming, and (3) their sectional coordinators designed a series of tests that put forward the best athlete in the section. That's it. This isn't the olympics where each country allocates funds to train their best athletes. This is just a way to find great athletes. If, for example, a military member is stationed in Hawaii and kicks your ass in all the WODs and qualifies, he should go forward. It's not about you, or Hawaii, or the US or any country, for that matter. Get over yourself.

161. Richard wrote...

Just a post sectional note from a 45 year old, level 1, 2 1/2 year 3x a week CF open competitor: Though the WODs and skills looked far beyond my abilities, as usual, Crossfit's unique environment, terrific supporters, classy and sportsman-like behavior and unbridled energy from the crowd, the volunteers and the athletes pushed me to new PR's and a better performance than I ever imagined. Skills I hesitated to even try I accomplished RX (no feet rope climb, 30 straight pull-ups and sub-1:35 500m row)and others I thought I could do I fell short (800m run, L-sit). The scaled WODs were perfect for me and I am sore in every inch of my body today. What a great time, what an inspiration, and what a an effort by everyone this weekend. Though I'm moving to California I plan to return to Hawaii to do this again next year. Had a blast and met a lot of new CF friends. Thanks for putting together a fantastic event Bryant!

162. Snow Job wrote...

After competing this weekend in the Hawaii sectionals, and pouring everything I had into these workouts and skill tests, I can safely say it's been one of the best CrossFit experiences of my life. The sportsmanship between gyms and competitors was incredible, and it reignited my passion to push myself even further.

I'm surprised there has been such a backlash at Bryant's decision for the sectional workouts. I would imagine that the games would require both physical fitness and technical skill. The weekend wasn't easy, but the load wasn't so much that we're destroyed for the next week. It was a great test of skill, strength, speed, endurance, and will. How far will you go in the games if you lack these things?

My favorite workout was the aptly named "Gauntlet." It was downright miserable, let me tell you, but that workout made me push myself harder than I ever have, and I now know what I am truly capable of. I didn't expect to get past Karabell, but when I finished my 150th wall ball and moved over to the pullup bar to start my Cindy's, I had such a feeling of accomplishment and pride that I was able to push that far and keep going.

To see so many athletes push that hard, break through new PR's, and maintain such a positive attitude is what to me exemplifies the ideal CrossFit athlete. Thanks to everyone for making it such a memorable and exciting weekend!


163. Petey wrote...

no worries brah, I wen did this WOD in hawaiian time!

164. CBL wrote...

Congrats to all who competed and especially the top male and female. Besides being the best CF'ers they also represent da islands bringing with them the best spirit of Aloha, humility and modesty.

165. Uterb wrote...

BFF and I mean forever! :-)

166. mOuri wrote...

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