Georgia Sectional

Georgia Sectional Wrap-up

All the news that's fit to print from Georgia.

The Georgia Sectional is a wrap and the top 3 men and women of the area move on to the Southeast Regional in Jacksonville, FL. In the Women's division, Leah Polaski took home the gold as Bethanie Harsh and Camilla Meshiea came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. On the mens side, Ken Gall stood atop the podium at the end of the day while Jonathan Horowitz took home second, Travis Harrison finished 3rd.

Kyle Maynard competed in all of the events, setting the course record on the day two triplet, at 6:07. The first event of the weekend was a 1000 meter row followed by a run up 1.2 miles of mountainside. In his first attempt at anything over 1 mile, Kyle attacked the run and smiled down from the top of the mountain.

A closer look at the scores show that the second WOD, a chipper called "The Jackhammer" left 37 men and 5 women with DNF's next to their name. Both first place finishers for the weekend cleaned house on this particular workout. Ken Gall and Leah Polanski finished over a minute ahead of their closest competitor in this chipper.

The top 15 Men and Women advance from this round on to the Regional. Here's how they stack up:

1. Ken Gall
2. Jonathan Horowitz
3. Travis Harrison
4. Jay Davidson
5. Jason Campbell
6. Rob Miller
7. David Psiaki
8. Brian Prochaska
9. Matthew Link
10. Brian Gregory
11. Benjamin Davis
12. Ryan Hart
13. Matt Baird
14. Michael Krueger
15. La Mar Sheppard

1. Leah Polaski
2. Bethanie Harsh
3. Camilla Meshiea
4. Jamie Chan
5. Desiree Winburn
6. Rebecca Rose
7. Kirstin Orphan
8. Jenn Harris
9. Beth Dietrich
10. Brooke Hembree
11. Brooke Clay
12. Leah Anderson
13. Drew Slone
14. Hilary Stiefelmeyer
15. Yvette Coddington

Athletes who failed to qualify are encouraged to stay prepared. Should qualified athletes forfeit their spot, all competitors will move up one position.

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29 comments on this entry

1. Deana wrote...

I'm almost afraid to ask, but what did the "Jackhammer" wod consist of?

2. James wrote...

It was a great weekend competing with some truly gifted atheletes. Ken G is a great inspiration to us over 35 atheletes and even though I didn't qualify he makes me want to work even harder for next year. Great work and kick ass at regionals.

3. Drew wrote...

The Jackhammer was the following:

60 KB Swings (1.5/1 pood)
50 Box Jumps (24")
40 Wall Balls (20/12lb)
30 Pull-ups
20 GHD Sit-ups
10 Snatches (115/65lb squat or power, no press out)
100ft Overhead Lunge (45/25lb)

To all my fellow female competitors, I look forward to seeing you at regionals. Amazing stuff from everyone this weekend! :)

4. Chris wrote...

Why did they get a DNF? (was there a time limit or did they just not manage to complete the WOD at all?)

5. Bridget wrote...

6. Desiree Rose - should be Rebecca Rose

6. cori wrote...

i had the privilege of competing against leah polaski in a local competition at the garage (actually i had the privilege of being crushed by leah in a local competition)...she is an unbelievable athlete!! i look forward to following her on her road to the games! congrats girlie! way to kick some a$$!!!!!!!

also congrats to ALL of the female competitors this weekend!!

7. Drea wrote...

Can anyone tell me what the "Jackhammer" wod that wrecked so many was?

8. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

Congratulations to all the qualifying athletes!

Thanks to all my volunteers and judges. There is no way we could have pulled this thing off without you. You all worked your asses off! Stacy and Kim, you girls rocked! Rich, thanks for all the score keeping. You are the man.

A big thank you to all my head judges and WOD leaders. You guys and girls were amazing!

And last, I would like to thank my co-organizers...Jeff, Travis, and "the GodFather" Dan MacDougald. You all made the perfect team. Thanks!

I can't wait to compete against all these amazing athletes in Jacksonville. Good luck to all!

9. Ken Gall wrote...

Thanks all for the great event. Congrats to all the athletes who laid it all on the line.

James, thanks for the extremely kind comment, glad I was able to spark some inspiration!

My inspiration came from Kyle Maynard. His demonstration of strength, courage, and persistence was more impressive than anything I have witnessed. Ever. Inside or outside the gym. Kyle, it was an honor to compete with you.

As far as the jackhammer. A few comments. Time cutoff for me was 17 min for men. Standards were VERY strict (as they should be).

Box jumps had to be full extension and full opening of knees above box. When you force knees also to be open (many videos people still do not extend knees) cycling them takes some skill at that height.

Wallballs were "special" and they challenged a lot of people, including myself. I think the min height was close to 11 ft, so the center of the ball was maybe at 11.5 or more on the side of a rental truck. And I am not sure if this was on purpose or not (haha) but the balls were REALLY out of balance. It was an interesting challenge. At one point my ball bounced on the ground and flew about 6 feet under the truck and I has to crawl under and go get it. it was cool because I used that opportunity to kick another guys ball down the street to take the lead. Lesson: Practice higher wallballs sometimes and maybe use one that is not "perfect"!

Overhead lunge was with one arm holding a 45# dumbell. If you put the dumbell down in front of you the judge would place it back where you took your last step.

Snatch was tough in that press outs were not allowed, and the standards were olympic level strict (they had experienced o-lifters judging just this).

Manageable chipper for sure, but some sticking points for smaller athletes. I loved the strict standards.

10. Justin Key wrote...

I would like to say a very BIG thank you to everyone involved this weekend... All of the people that made this event happen (Mike G, Jeff, Travis, Kim and everyone else that were behind the scenes), all of the volunteers (judging and otherwise, all of the AMAZING ATHLETES, the vendors, and all of you who came out to watch and support. CrossFit has one of the best communities that I have had the pleasure of being a part of and although I did not qualify I HAVE to go to Jax to continue and support those that did... So from a competitor, spectator, coach, and future affiliate owner.... THANK YOU to all, another very wonderful and memorable weekend.

11. Justin Key wrote...

Hey Ken... what do you mean sticking point for smaller athletes :-)..... the chipper was AWESOME!!!! And I actually finished and I'm a little guy... I mean dang man, what are you saying.... hahahaha
Great job this weekend man, will be pulling for you in JAX!

12. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

You are what this community is all about. Thanks for offering to help clean up at the end of each day. You should have been at your hotel resting up, but instead you wanted to lend a helping hand. You kicked ass out there, brother. I'm glad you are part of the GA CrossFit family. You know I will be at your Grand Opening. Thanks for everything!

13. Tyler wrote...

The jackhammer is an awesome WOD I did it yeaterday. What is a press out for the snatches. What were the times for a few of the athletes that were participating?

14. Link wrote...

Great event, and even greater people!

As Ken said, Kyle Maynard was a true inspiration. After hearing he made it all the way to the top of Stone Mountain by himself in almost 2 hours, I knew I would never complain about how long a workout is ever again.

Ken was a animal (although I think I saw that sneaky wall ball kick under the truck). I also like the description of the wall balls being "special". Don't worry about the times that we put up for The Jackhammer, its going to be a bit hard to duplicate what we had to do.

Big thanks to MikeG and all the judges and volunteers, and a big congrats to all the competitors that came out!

15. Matt Baird wrote...

I echo the sentiments of my fellow competitors Ken G and Link as the heart and character of Kyle Maynard was truly on display and served as the embodiment of what life with purpose is all about.
Also Ken G, did you break a sweat at any point during the 4 WODS? I really don't think so, and if anyone has video of Link screaming into the camera after his C&J, and Travis Harrison's epic double split jerk try at 330#, I want to see it.
Thanks to Mike G and Travis, and anyone else who helped bring Georgia's crossfit community together for a great weekend at the "Rock."


16. Kate wrote...

Do we have a date for JAX yet??
Awesome job everyone this weekend!

17. dan S. wrote...

NO Excuse Kyle! Your an incredible athlete my friend.

18. Kris Kepler wrote...

what was the description of the WOD the Kyle crushed? thank you.

19. Taylor Smith wrote...

Congrats to the top 15. You guys killed it this weekend. Good luck in Jacksonville!

20. Jonathan Horowitz wrote...

I basically want to echo everything that has already been said:

Fellow competitors - It was a truly fierce weekend and I feel so privileged to even be in the same arena with you all. CrossFit in Georgia is no joke, and I look forward to some excellent representation come time for the Dirty South in Jacksonville. Kyle Maynard surely epitomizes that, watching him bust his ass up that mountain as the rest of us bitched about how cold it was and how terrible it was really put things in perspective. His performance was awe-inspiring and something I will never forget. I love this community and I thank all of you for the challenges and motivation that you inspire in me.

Judges and volunteers: You made this thing happen, and relatively smoothly at that. Without you all there would be no way to test ourselves the way we did this weekend. Thank you a thousand times over.

Organizers: Big props go to Mike G, Dan, T-rex, and everyone else I don't know about for putting together what I think was the most balanced set of WODs I have ever seen at a Crossfit event. I feel like this competition pushed every single one of my limits, which is what I expected when I started CrossFit. Awesome work, and thanks again.

I look forward to taking things to the next level in Jacksonville in May.

21. Justin Key wrote...

Mike G.... I don't need to rest brother.... I CrossFit :-) Thanks for the kind words though man, means a lot.
And to all of you that were there this weekend, in any capacity I will let everyone know when our box opens up, We want to have a Kick ASS Grand opening WOD.... and since it is me, you know it is gonna have to be a HERO WOD, always and forever honoring my brothers and sisters in arms!
Many thanks again to everyone and I can not say enough how proud I am to be involved in this community. You all motovate the shit out of me and make me a better person.
Justin Key

22. Taylor Smith wrote...

Justin, your my hero. Great job this weekend. Can't wait for the opening.

23. Justin Key wrote...

Taylor..... You sir are a kick ass CrossFitter and a great person. If I don't see you when we open up I will drive to wherever you are and kick your ass (luckily I fight better than I CrossFit) HA!!!
Can't wait to compete against you again soon.
P.S.... One gallon of whole milk a day :-)
Justin Key

24. Trebor@CrossFit Valdosta wrote...

Great job to all who competed and to all the staff for putting on a great competition. Had a blast. Kyle, you are an amazing inspiration. It was incredible watching you compete. You truly are my inspiration man!!!
I had an awesome time. Thanks to all.

25. Damon Mosley_CrossFit Rx wrote...

What a wonderful weekend and an amazing display of athleticism and sportsmanship by all competitors and teams involved. It was an honor to be a part of it and I am very proud of the Georgia Team for putting on an awesome show.

Congrats to team CFATL for dominating the field again (Dan, I know you are a proud Papa). I'm sure Jacksonville is going to be even more of a blast and I CANNOT wait!! BTW, I'm pretty sure it's the 3rd weekend in May...

26. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

Great job this weekend! You are an amazing athlete. You kicked ass, brother!

27. brian p wrote...

Thank you to everyone for the great weekend. it should be obvious from the comments that some seriously impressive stuff happened this weekend and I'm glad I was there to experience it.

I wish I could have stuck around after the last WOD to celebrate and thank the organizers, judges and volunteers in person, but thank you MikeG, judges, and everyone else. (via-comment instead)

brian prochaska

28. Jackyl wrote...

Ok, I wasn't there, but could someone explain to me how Kyle Maynard could set the course record on a triplet if he isn't doing it RX'ed?


29. Scotty wrote...

I like how on boards, cf'ers are giving Travis' excellent placing to CF Football.

What they failed to mention was that Travis was an ACTUAL ATHLETE before ever hearing about cf. He won a national championsip at Valdosta St for f*ck's sake.

He didn't get to 5'8" and 215# doing Fran and Helen.


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