Florida Sectional

Florida Sectionals Wrap Up

Torrential rains created an unexpected obstacle for the Florida Sectionals last weekend. On the Friday night before the competition, the field for Event 1 was flooded, and the majority of the course had to be shifted over.

Saturday opened with beautiful skies and 70 degrees. The weather and the competition never looked back. The first event seemed to catch most competitors by surprise. They underestimated the toll the rolling burpees (AKA "Man on Fire") would have after the first couple rounds.

The next real "surprise" was Event 4. It was a 1500m row followed by a 400m sandbag run and then a 2000m trail run. The surprise came in the terrain. The competitors figured they were competing in West Palm Florida and the terrain would be flat. We managed to find a nice little mountain bike trail that proved to be a little more than "flat." More than a few athletes were caught off guard.

At the end of the weekend, the Florida Sectional found its 15 fittest men and women to send to Regionals. Melissa Kiel dominated the women, taking two 1st place finishes, a third, and a sixth. Jared Davis took first overall for the guys.

For pics of the event, check out Omar Torres Photography.

Top 15 Men:
1. Jared Davis (pictured)
2. Chase Daniels
3. Matthew Kirkpatrick
4. Peter Kazanas
5. Stephen Walters
6. Tanner Graham
7. Guido Trinidad
8. Ben Plotnicki
9. Dominick Paonessa
10. Daniel Martin
11. Justin Thompson
12. Jason Haines
13. Andrey Subbotin
14. Mike Grace
15. Jesse Noboa

Top 15 Women:
1. Melissa Kiel
2. Rachel Reichert
3. Christina Ruggiero
4. Talayna Rowles
5. Fortune Santos
6. Wendy Shafranski
7. Ami Wight
8. April Lowe
9. Catherine O'Brien
10. Silke Vonsaalfeld
11. Katie Lewis
12. Brittani Russell
13. Kimberly McLeish
14. Lindsey Gallucci
15. Aline Labar

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18 comments on this entry

1. Rob Silver wrote...

Way to go guys and gals! The florida wods looked so "fun"

2. Nick B. wrote...

I want to send a shout out to Jon Skidmore, Justin Shwaig., and April Lowe. You all did amazing and I am proud to train with you guys.

3. Douglas wrote...

Great job everyone... Congrats to Ami Wight!!

4. Matt Baird wrote...

Melissa Kiel is a dominate force!! She will WIN Regionals, and look out for her in Aromas. There is a changing of the guard among the top spot for the girls this year. Should be EPIC!

5. Steve wrote...

Great job Doos!!! Way to bring home the gold in the men's competition. Can't wait to see you tear it up at Regionals and continue to represent CrossfitSS.
Great job to Christina as well who placed 3rd in the women's competition and is also a major force from CrossfitSS.

6. REDMAN wrote...


7. Leo S wrote...

Great event & we got lucky with weather!
Thanks to everyone for hard work & dedication - athletes, judges, volunteers, Todd, Dana, Tommy & Justin!

Can't wait to compete with all these guys in Jax!

8. Blaine Ehrlich wrote...

Amazing weekend. Very inspirational. I wish I had competed instead of judged. Guido & Mario going head to head was amazing to watch in Heat 1 of every WOD. The ladies were the most inspiring...as most of the time I was judging the the gals.

I can't wait till Jax!!

9. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

It was an awesome weekend. All the competitors were great. Congrats to Dan and Pete from CrossFit 305 down here in Miami.

10. scott wisuri wrote...

nice work chase!!!

11. Karla Suarez wrote...

Way to represent Peak360 Guido!! So proud of you and know you will bring it home in the regionals and this time you will stay in 1st! Congrats coach

12. Eric Auciello wrote...

Great weekend. Congrats to Rudy and Mike...way to represent CrossFit Revolution!

13. Ron O. wrote...

Great Job HEW,
Chase way to represent Bro!!!!

Great job to Johny Mac, Todd & Daina, Tommy & Jenny Way to keep the event tight.
Thank you Guys great job!!!!!!!
Look forward to next year and the over forties qualifiers.

14. Adriana wrote...

What a great weekend!!!!
BGI you guys did a fantastic job in organizing this incredible event....it takes so much work to put something like that together, and your efforts and sacrifices are truly appreciated.
Thank you to all the Judges as well for giving up their weekends to support so many great athletes!!!!!!

15. Heath Powell wrote...

Loved the Event. I know what needs to be done for next year. You guys are on another level!

16. Mike Manning wrote...

Thanks Todd and Dana! We know how much hard effort was spent hosting a hugely successful event the way you did! You deserve that vacation... Donna and I volunteer to fill in at your gym just so you guys can get away!

17. rachel batista (pnut cfhardcore) wrote...

to everyone who helped to bring this event together,
you guys did an amazing job with this event. well planed out and run.

see ya'll in may!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Courtney wrote...

Great Job Jared!!! You are the MAN!!


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