Florida Sectional

Florida Sectional WODs Announced

Another in the laundry list of sectionals going off this weekend is Florida. Here's a look at the events that will be taking place over the weekend.

Workout 1 (Saturday)

Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds of:
150m Sprint
5 Rolling Burpees (AKA "Man on Fire")
Max Rep Kettlebell Swings (M:70#, W:53#)

Score = Total Kettlebell Swings

Workout 2 (Saturday)

3 Minutes Max Box Jump (24/20 inch)
1 Minute Rest
3 Minutes Pull-ups
1 Minute Rest
3 Minutes Thrusters (M:115#, W:83#)

Score = Total reps for all 3 exercises

Workout 3 (Sunday)

In 10 Minutes:
1 RM Ground-to-Chest
1 RM Chest-to-Overhead

Score = 2 loads combined is total score

*May be 2 complete separate movements at different weights. May use rack for Chest to Overhead.

Workout 4 (Sunday)

For time:
1500m Row
400m Sandbag Run (60/35lbs)
2000m Trail Run

Score = Total time

Movement standards video: http://vimeo.com/10021915

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60 comments on this entry

1. Wyatt wrote...

Nice work Todd!

2. Jesse wrote...

I like the workouts :) good test of all around fitness

3. Dan Chavez wrote...

I'm there....

4. Ryan at CrossFit 714 wrote...

cool wods!

5. Greg wrote...

Do we get to know what the day schedule is like?

Saturday Wod's 1 & 2
Sunday Wod's 3 & 4


All in all great workouts you guys!

6. anthony alvarenga wrote...

Love the wods .. cant wait to see c.f.b.p in action.

7. Douglas wrote...

Great Workouts! Looking forward to it!

8. Heath Powell wrote...

Ok, this looks great! No plans for knee high razor wire on the trail run right?

9. Nick wrote...

Do you have to remain on the bar for the max pullups or can you come off??

10. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

oh wow - looks cool!

11. Jesse Owen wrote...

Like the WODs Todd should be fun....

12. Nick wrote...

Nevermind.. Makes no sense. Not asking for unbroken pullups just 3 mins of work! Looks like fun.. heavy thrusters ouch.. Hopefully you big guys are good and tired from the box jumps and pull ups hahah

13. Kim wrote...

You got this Joey!!!!

14. Hanna from Hardcore wrote...

Bring on Saturday!

15. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Workouts 1 & 2 on Saturday
Workouts 3 & 4 on Sunday

No 5th WOD

16. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

Does everyone do all the WOD's or are people eliminated from Sunday?

17. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Competitor registration is CLOSED. We chose to close it Monday once the movement standards were released. If you wanted to compete, you had since December to register. We did not feel it was fair to allow registration once the "unknown and unknowable" was "known and knowable"

18. tee wrote...

Let the Metcon Games begin.

19. Brandon Edwards wrote...

What is the time limit for the 4th WOD?

20. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

No elimination or cuts.

No time limit on WOD 4

21. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

Not really met-con games. This includes 2 max effort lifts and a nice blend of energy pathways.

22. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Movement standards


23. Eric Auciello wrote...

Todd, When will heat times be announced? Thnx

24. Steven@CrossFitAffliction wrote...

Can we throw in a Hot Dog eating contest for the coaches.

I been training my whole life for that wod.

25. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

I'm hoping to have a more detailed email out to competitors tonight

26. Rob wrote...

Can we rack jerk it?

27. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

hells yeah. I am ready for that

28. Steve Gibb wrote...

Looks like a pretty well rounded weekend of brutality !

29. Brandon Edwards wrote...

Can we jerk or push-press behind the neck?

30. Monique wrote...

I am thinking no, since it's "chest to overhead"

31. Tigress Hardcore wrote...

Great workouts Todd. Something for everybody

32. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Rob & Brando: No

33. tee wrote...

WOD 1: 8-minute multi-movement metcon
WOD 2: 11-minute multi-movement metcon
WOD 3: peak power event
WOD 4: 15-minute multi-movement metcon

I'm sensing a bias towards medium-duration, multi-movement metcons. Call me crazy.
Let the MetCon Games begin!

34. Todd Lynch - CrossFit BGI wrote...

Troll...err Tee:

Correction- WOD 2 is only 9 minutes of actual work (or metcon as you refer to it). WOD 4 in 15 minutes? Goodluck with that

35. Tee wrote...

Okay, 20 minutes for WOD 4. What is your point? Three events that take a similar amount of time to finish. Only one pure power event. No long endurance event, at least not what any endurance athlete would consider long.

How many events does it take to find the best athlete in the category of "Multi Exercise Workouts In The One-Half To Two-Thirds Oxidative Time Domain" i.e. the Crossfit Metcon?

36. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Logistically it's very difficult to include an endurance event. Even a 5K run isn't truly a measure of endurance. How exciting would it be to have a 1 hour rowing time trial? Yawn. Endurance events happy virtually every weekend all across America. We don't need them at Crossfit Sectionals.

37. Match wrote...

Maybe you should take up power lifting or ultra marathons or both if thats the events you want to see?
I also dont see how a 9 minute workout and a 20 minute workout are the same either?
You obviously havent ever run an event with 100s of competitors or you would understand some of the parameters these guys have.
Well done on the WODs

38. Just Curious wrote...

Hello & good luck to all the competitors! Just curious...does one coach or CrossFit gym in your area program the sectionals or do they all come together and do it? It seems like it would be fair that all the coaches come together for programming, otherwise, the programming could end up biased towards certain athletes of the "host" gym.

39. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Timeline for the weekend:

Opening Ceremony starts at 8am
First WOD kicks off at 9am
Second WOD starts at 1pm
Day should end around 5:30pm

First WOD kicks off at 8am
Second WOD starts at 1pm
Closing Ceremony approx 5:00pm
Day should end around 5:30pm

40. Silke aka Stoli (Hardcore) wrote...

I think you guys did a great job. Especially for the number of competitors you have to hold! Love the challenge of heavier Thrusters at the end of day 1 and all muscle groups are used equally! Very excited..

41. Alan K (CF Triumph) wrote...

Only 2 wods a day...Nice
Thought for sure you would have to qualify for the 4th wod.

When we check in today can we look at the trail?
Or describe it to us?
Want to make sure I wear the right gear.

42. Rhis Cussell wrote...

On WODs 1 & 4, are we able to wear cleated shoes i.e. football/soccer cleats? Dude wants to know (its dependant upon whether he'll work out and participate or not)

43. alan k wrote...

Nevermind just got the sectional packet

44. Georgie wrote...

I can't wait to see the outcome of this competition. Let's go CFDRB, show'em what you got and let them know they have to HTFU.

45. steve wrote...

I guess you cant keep everyone happy.

Guess her husband did an ultra marathon when he said he was going to get milk and never came back home.

Good job Todd.

People talk all crazy sh#! , however they have no idea how hard it is to set up an event like this.

By the way, this is only the sectionals. WODs like you are saying will possibly come up at the Regionals or Games. Or maybe you are following the wrong sport.

46. Cathy wrote...

Great Job Todd and Dana...!Hosting events like this take tons of time a dedication to the sport that we all LOVE!They have done an EXCEPTIONAL job in putting this all together, and oh by the way still running their gym!See you all tomorrow!

47. Cathy wrote...

Great Job Todd and Dana...!Hosting events like this take tons of time a dedication to the sport that we all LOVE!They have done an EXCEPTIONAL job in putting this all together, and oh by the way still running their gym!See you all tomorrow!

48. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Reminder: Tomorrow is day light savings. Set your clocks ahead and be on time for your MANDATORY 7:30am WOD briefing

49. Jason aka 40 grit wrote...

Great effort CFFWB. Everyone did good. I was very proud of our support of each other. The team spirit was definitely there. Keep kicking ass tomorrow. You runners better show it tomorrow. Lol

50. Matt Baird wrote...

Melissa Kiel is a cross anomaly!!! I got 500 bucks that says she dominates and takes first.

51. Mark L wrote...

Day 1 Results ????

52. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...


53. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

Todd, Dana and everybody else

The whole weekend ran very smooth and was a ton of fun. The WODs were much more challenging than a lot of people expected. Thanks again for everything.

Congrats to all the competitore and especially to Dan and Pete from our box.

One final note: a special thanks to the judges who had to turn the other cheek during some frustrating moments. Thanks for volunteering your time.

54. Alan K CF Triumph wrote...

Just want to express my Thanks to Todd and everyone who
helped make this weekend happen had an Awesom Time.

You and your staff,judges,volunteers etc...everyone
And to the Crossfit Community.....Thank You Very Much

55. Daniel Martin wrote...

Thanks to every single person that helped put together a very well run and efficient event. BGI staff, judges, volunteers, medical, the guy that cleaned the port-o-lets, the chip timers (Never though I'd see that at a CF competition!), every single last person that made this a special weekend for a lot of people. Thank You!
We brought 8 people from our gym, 5 first timers, and they all enjoyed every second of the weekend.
It's no easy task to pull off a show of that size and you guys nailed it. BRAVO!

56. TJ OConnor wrote...

Thank you to everyone that made this weekend possible. Dana and Todd: you have a beautiful box, and did a great job hosting! We had a blast and everything moved like clock-work! The energy was amazing and the athletes really put on a show. Real Fitness is sending one male and one female Athlete to Jacksonville... See you at Regionals!

57. Sarah wrote...

Hats off to everyone at BGI. The entire event ran so smoothly. Todd, you ran a great show - very professional.

The WODs were fun and tough (that's Crossfit) Everyone kicked ass! Congrats to everyone who made it to regionals - you did awesome!!!

58. Todd Lynch - CrossFit BGI wrote...

Thank you to everyone for the compliments, but honestly there were soooooo many people that made this event a success. I had a GREAT staff that handled every little problem that arose seamlessly. I am extremely grateful to them.
Congrats to all those that qualified. I think most in attendance feel the WODs were a good test of fitness.
I will get a recap of the weekend in to HQ tomorrow.

TJ: Dana has a beautiful box. I just get to work in it ;)

59. Rudy wrote...

Awesome wkend and great atmosphere. Just wanted to thank everyone involved. You guys and gals put on a great event. Hope to see a great turnout of FL peeps at Regionals!

60. Todd (CrossFit BGI) wrote...

Pics from the weekend:



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