Oklahoma (inc. N. TX, NM, AR) Sectional

Eric Barber on the NM/AR/OK/ MS/North Texas Sectional Wrap Up

It may have been biting cold outside, but it was a warm gathering inside. Athletes from all over Oklahoma, North Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico poured in to a hollowed out warehouse and made themselves right at home. Even strong rivals were seen greeting one another with hearty bear hugs and wishing each other the best of luck in the days to follow.

After some brief announcements, we got right to the question on everyone's minds: What in the world is Event #2 going to be!?! And the answer was:

For time:
50m Sled Drag running forward (90/50lbs)
21 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running backward
15 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running forward
9 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running backward
10 minute time limit.

We concluded the evening with demonstrations of the strict form standards expected from both athletes and judges on all three events, answered questions and sent the athletes back to their hotels for a restless night.

The next two days were spectacular. With events that most CrossFitters can perform as Rx'd, it was anyone's game. This, of course, drove the competitive spirit through the roof. Competitors had to show composure and focus when reps were not counted, burpee penalties were given and the noise was deafening. They had to have hearts of lions on the sled drag event (what exactly do you do when you're 20 meters from the finish line and your legs simply stop working?). They had to show proficiency and technique in many of the most common CrossFit movements. They had to be strong. They had to be fast. It was classic CrossFit.

The top thirty male and females were awarded medals and the spot to compete at Hell's Half Acre for the Regional Qualifiers in May. In the end, the top three women were:
1. Candice Ruiz
2. Victoria Bahr
3. Ginny King

Top 3 men:
1. Chase Ingram
2. Paul Smith
3. Jeff Reed

Both first place winners were given a Tactical Sandbag and HG Collars donated by Rouge Fitness and a free Gymnastic Certification from Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics.

For pictures of the events, go to Brian Youngblood's site.

For the SCS results, click HERE

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14 comments on this entry

1. A.M. wrote...


2. ken c wrote...

i've been in a lot of crossfit competitions and i don't think i've ever seen the 1st place male also win every single event. chase ingraham put down one of the best performances i've ever heard of. i say heard because i never saw a second of it. he was in the heat before me and i was always warming up. congrats to chase and all the guys from dallas central.

as for the women, the push for first place was EPIC! victoria bahr and candice ruiz went at it like a couple of lions fighting over raw meat. candice had a 5 second lead going into the last event and victoria put down the amazing and unbeleivable time of 8:46. candice went next. she had done a practice run of the workout earlier in the week in 10:52. she moved through all the lifts like a tazmanian devil and in the end finished with an 8:49. she won overall by 2 seconds! so impressed with victoria and candice. should be a great regional.

3. dean. wrote...

ken, you are a class act and someone that everyone in Crossfit should emulate. great going to battle with you.

we've got videos if you want to see, shoot me an email.

4. Chase wrote...

Ken, I'm speechless man, being someone I have looked up to and admired since seeing you first compete at Regionals last year when I watched from the sidelines, that means alot, thank you so much.

I am so proud of all our CFDC athletes over the weekend, our girls especially, Victoria was incredible!

Eric, thanks for putting on a great event, these WOD's were great, grass roots crossfit style and kicked the crap out of everyone! Don't be fooled by that sled workout!

5. Mike wrote...

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend, it was an awesome event to be a part of.

Everyone from CFDC represented...couldn't be more proud of you guys!

Eric, Chase said it best, thank you for putting on such a great event. The weekend was a blast, and the WOD's were great.

6. Dee wrote...

I couldn't have summed it up any better! Congrats again Chase and Vic and everyone who competed this weekend!! Thanks again Luila and Eric for such an amazing weekend.

7. Victoria wrote...

Ken- Thank you. Candice, as well as the other competitors, did such an AMAZING job this past weekend. I know that I couldn't have done it without the support of the CFDC crew, especially the ladies who I am lucky enough to workout with day in and day out.

Eric- I will be the second to take Chase's words, "thank you for putting on such a great event"

8. Bryan K. wrote...

Eric, thanks for the awesome weekend! I had a blast competing with all of you. Chase - you're a beast

9. Chad wrote...

I am so proud to be a part of this CrossFit community. All the awesome athletes showed what they had. It was great to meet so many new friends. Thanks to all who were invovled in last weekends events.

10. Candice wrote...

This past weekend was very organized and it was obvious that the planning for it was well thought out. The events were light, and many complained that they were not hard enough, but Eric's reasoning for that made each choice of event more than appropriate. (and by the way, they are not easy...each of them hurt as bad as "Fran," if not worse). Awesome set up, Eric and thanks again for everything!

To the competitors-awesome job! Especially Victoria and Ginny for making these events a fight for the finish. It should never be any other way than that. You two are great athlete's and I hope that each of us takes a spot on the podium at the Regionals event...let's get to the Games!

To my GSX crew-you guys are freakin' animals! Great job to Ken, Raif, Chris, Buzzard, Steven, Ryan, and Andrew and Mackey of CF Seven. Ken, aka "Dad," you are truly getting old, dude. (I got 8:48 in that last WOD. Every second counts)! Ken, you and Chris are great coaches and I wouldn't be where I am today without both of you. Chris's programming at the box and Ken's experience as a coach all come out at GSX and anyone who trains there is truly getting the best guidance there is. Thank you guys and keep it up.

11. Jackyl wrote...

Imagine that - Chase Ingraham (an actual athlete) DOMINATED the exercising contest.

After only cf'ing for a year?

12. Ginny wrote...

Thanks Eric and Luila for such a great weekend! You guys put on a stellar event.

13. Greg wrote...

I did wod 1 today and that's no joke man.

14. Candice wrote...

(If there is more than one post from me, I apologize. I don't know why this thing didn't post the first time).

This past weekend was awesome. Eric, thanks for everything and for keeping everything so organized. I had a blast!

To the competitor's-Great job to all! Especially Victoria and Ginny for making the fight for the finish so intense. That's the way it should be and I hope to stand with both of you on the podium at Regionals. Let's get to the Games!

To my GSX crew- WHOOT! WHOOT! You guys are all animals! Awesome job by Ken, Raif, Chris, Buzzard, Steven, Ryan, and Andrew and Mackey of CF Seven. You guys did great! Ken, aka "dad," you are truly getting old, dude...you can't remember a thing! (Gotta give you crap for taking a second from me on that last WOD. I got 8:48 and barely won by only 3 seconds). I'll get you back during our next "Mr. Joshua" or "Lumberjack 20." And Ken and Chris, thank you for being such great coaches. Your coaching, guidance, experience, and programming has helped me to become the athlete that I am today. Thank you. I truly appreciate it.


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