East Canada Sectional

Canada East Sectional Wrap-up

Anthony Bainbridge from CrossFit Fredericton debriefs us from New Brunswick.

Anthony Bainbridge from CrossFit Fredericton checked in with a debrief of the weekend in New Brunswick.

Part of being a good athlete is knowing how to plan your work. Know where you can sprint, know where you need to pace, know when you need to rest. This played a big role in our first three workouts, but even more so on the final AMRAP workout of muscle-ups, front squats, and burpees.

Some tried to sprint the entire thing only to crash and burn. Most athletes sprinted a round and took a break. Others sprinted movements that favored their strengths and paced the rest. In the end, the fittest athletes dominated the event by choosing a strategy that worked for them.

Seven of the top 13 men in this event were also in the top 10 overall. This domination was even more evident in the top women - nine of the top 12 women were also top 10 overall. Vincent Tremblay was best for the men with 166 reps and Camille LeBlance-Bazinet outpaced the women with 128 reps.

This wraps up an amazing weekend of gutsy performances, personal records, camaraderie, and community building. We are proud to have worked with everyone in attendance. As you might tell by this update, I am as exhausted as the competitors ... but it's a good exhausted.

The top 15 men are:
1. Andre-Rene LeClerc
2. Alexandre Bureau
3. Pierre-Paul Seguin
4. Evan Ellbogen
5. Hugolin Chevrette
6. Rob Johns
7. Kevin Wood
8. Matthieu Dubreucq
9. Vincent Tremblay
10. Yannik Morin
11. Jason Fleming
12. Tony Vienneau
13. Jeff MacRae
14. Ryan Kells
15. Mizar Fuentes-Ortega

The top 15 women are:
1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
2. Louise Hodge
3. Sonia Picard
4. Renee Martin
5. Emilie Pfeiffer-Badoux
6. Isabelle Tardif
7. Mélaine Petit
8. Tanya MacKenzie
9. Tracy Allen
10. Jacqueline Gelber
11. Micheline Chamandy
12. Patricia Conrad
13. Tannaya Hantelman
14. Heather Wood
15. Veronique Boisclair

Full Results!

Thank you for a great weekend! Good luck at Regionals!

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30 comments on this entry

1. Patrick (Crossfit Moncton) wrote...

The WODs were perfectly planned out and the whole weekend ran smoothly because of good volunteers and great planning from Jodi and Anthony. Thanks everyone that was involved.

Is it ok to share my pictures here? Most are of me and my fellow gym-mates but there are a lot of random people shots in there. Sorry if I didn't get everyone.


2. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

A huge thank you to our volunteers, judges, athletes, and sponsors. It was an awesome weekend and we are very grateful to have been a part of it!

3. Jonathan wrote...

Had an awesome weekend...nothing more I could ask for.

4. Mads Thygesen wrote...

Congratz to all athletes!
Tony good job man, it was a pleasure to meet and train with you under the olympics.

5. Mads Thygesen wrote...

Congratz to all athletes!
Tony good job man, it was a pleasure to meet and train with you under the olympics.

6. Louise wrote...

Thank you Anthony and Jodi,
This weekend was SMOOTH. The event ran on track, heats were never behind time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much!!!!!!!
You guys ROCK. Thanks to all the great judges and volunteers.
:) Lulu

7. Mathieu wrote...

Congratulation to all winners! A big thanks to all the volunteers and to Anthony and Jodi who organize this great event!

8. Ken Gall wrote...

Would someone be willing to post the final WOD? I heard several versions of it and just wanted to see what it was so we can program it here. Thanks!

9. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Big thanks to Anthony, Jodi and all of the volunteers that made this weekend possible. It was an absolute blast.

It was awsome to be part of such a great event and to see such great efforts and attitudes from the participants.


10. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Final WOD was AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Front Squats 155 and 105
8 Box Jump Burpees (Chest to deck at the bottom, and part of the foot has to be flat on top of the box but the entire foot does not have to be on the box. Full hip extension or clap not necessary)

11. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Oh and the box was 2 45 pound bumper plates stacked on top of each other with a small piece of PVC pipe in the center to prevent them from moving.


12. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Great Pics Patrick!

13. Jim Hardy wrote...

Thank you Jodi and Anthony for a great weekend. It was a great representation of the CrossFit spirit. Witnessing all those athletes give everything they had whether they have been doing CrossFit for 6 years or 6 months.

The event ran like clockwork and the volunteers were great. The judges were so helpful in the middle of your wod when you wanted to slow down and they encouraged you to keep moving.

Thanks again!

14. Darren Sears wrote...

Amazing to see the atheletes perform! Great venue for spectators.

15. Geoff Kelson wrote...

A big thanks to all volunteers and competitors. I was at the sectionals last year as a spectator and competed this year. It was a great weekend all around and we had a blast! I will definately be back again next year.

16. Kelsey wrote...

Thanks to everyone who brought such positive energy to the Sectional last weekend! The quiet focus on athletes' faces as they prepared for "3, 2, 1, go" was intense. The volume of cheering both pushed athletes to and rewarded them for inspiring performances. The excitement when PRs were achieved was contageous. I came away from the weekend inspired & without a voice!

17. Heather Wood wrote...

As a spectator at the qualifiiers in Fredericton, I thought everything was very well run. It went smootlhy and events were on time as scheduled. The atmosphere wes filled with a very high positive energy. Thanks to Jodi and Anthony for doing such a great job as hosts.

18. Alexandra Rupp wrote...

Hi Pat and Jodi!

The events went like buttah.... :D
Thanks to all the great volunteers, and organizers. The events were tough, but everything went smoothly, and everyone was supportive, coorperative, and respectful.
The only thing I could suggest is to perhaps sell coffee at the event...I know that may sound like an odd request, but it would be nice to have had some there, and not have to go out to get some for a jolt before the WODs :)
Cheers and thanks so much for an awesome time in NB :)


19. Marcel Daigle wrote...

What an excellent event. I was there as a spectator and was totally amazed at how things ran on schedule, this is always appreciated by spectators and participants. Awesome performances by all the competitors and a great job by the volunteers. Thank you very much.

20. hugolin Chevrette wrote...

That was awesome !!!! You guys rock !
See you next time for sure .
Thank's a lot !!!!

21. cheryl wrote...

thanks to the volunteers and organzers of this event. So great of you all to vounteer your time and talents. Many thanks

22. Janine wrote...

The weekend was fantastic!
Thanks to all the athletes for being on time with the schedule.
the atmosphere in there was absolutely unreal. The intensity and determination was shining through the gym.
Congratulations to all that qualified.

23. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the event. And thanks for the feedback so we can make this bigger and better next year!

For those who qualified for Regionals and want more info, please contact James Fitzgerald from CrossFit Calgary.

PS - We will post photos for download soon.

24. Pierre-paul Seguin wrote...

Anyone know where we will be able to find video and pictures once they becomre available?

25. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Pierre-paul, once they are available we will post the links here. I apologize for the delay!

26. yannik Morin wrote...

It's January first 2010 that I've decided to get in the CrossFit adventure. My friend and long time trainee Hugolin Chevrette along with my other friend an co-worker JJ Barrett have joined me in that 3 month Journey!!! It was awesome!
When we first look at Anthony's stats online, we did'nt think that we have a shot of doing any good... but we got encourage along the way when we met Jacques and is team at crossfit Montreal. They invite us to a local CrossFit meet where we really got hooked!!! The CrossFit Community is outstanding and we had a very good sporting experience in Fredericton. I wish I would've had the time to talk training with our host couple Antony and Jody which seems to be amazing athletes. Good Luck to All competitors who are going to Calgary. We are not going this year but certainly next Year....
Thanks to the volunteers, sponsor and everyone else who got involve in putting this competition together.
keep training hard,
YAnnik Morin and La Bat Cave Team.

27. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Yannik, Hugolin, JJ and the whole Bat Cave Team.. You guys rock. Get in touch so that we can do some WODS together every once in a while in Mtl,


28. George Karaminas wrote...

Hey everybody,

It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of this great event. Kudos to Anthony, Jodi and the entire team of volunteers for running a smooth show.

I felt exceptionally proud of myself for being a part of this event and working out with some totally amazing and inspiring athletes. Thanks to everybody for what they bring to the sport of CrossFit.

Congrats to all the qualifiers and particularly to the local teams from the greater Montreal area. Thanks for representing us, guys and gals!

I have posted my pictures online, mostly of the CrossFit Laval team, if anyone wants to take a look. Thanks to Patrick Arseneau for sharing his pics as well.

Feel free to share and upload your own pics to my gallery, if you like.


See you all next year!

29. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Hey everyone, we finally got photos back from the photographers. They tried to narrow them down, but we still ended up with 500+ photos taking up almost 2.5gb of space. Basically ... an enormous amount of photos to put online for download.

If you want the photos, mail me a DVD-R and I'll burn you a copy of everything we have and mail it back. Address is on our website.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

30. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Here's a highlight video of the weekend: http://vimeo.com/11404727

Again, sorry for the delay!


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