New England Sectional

Day 1 Results: New England Sectional - Plus Final Workout Announced

Heather Bergeron and Ben Bergeron are in the lead.

Day 1 of the New England Sectional is in the rearview mirror and was a total success. The athletes are now prepping for day 2 with a look at the final workout that lies ahead of them. The following words are from Jason Leydon of CrossFit Milford.

"The first day went amazing, the athletes laid it all on the line for the first two workouts. The day ran extremely smooth and the spectacle of their athletic performance was nothing short of amazing. Heather Bergeron who was in the Games last year is sitting in first place for the women with Sara Scholl right behind her in second and Lisa Mikkelsen in third place. For the men Ben Bergeron is in first place followed by Derek Mohamed and Eric Magee (2 and 3rd). There were some spectacular times in the workouts, and people left saying these were some of the hardest workouts they'd ever done, and they were grateful for the simplicity and elegance of the programming."

The Final Workout
4 rounds for time of:
* Stones ground-to-shoulder (112/65lbs)
** 100 meter Sandbag run (40/18lbs)
15 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)
15 Deadlifts (225/135lbs)
15 Burpees

* 4 Reps first round, 3 second, 2 third and 1 rep the fourth round
** 50 meter turn-around.

Top 5 Men
1. Ben Bergeron
2. Derek Mohamed
3. Eric Magee
4. Kyle Sikes
5. Tyson Weems

Top 5 Women
1. Heather Bergeron
2. Sarah Scholl
3. Lisa Mikkelsen
4. Jenny Davis
5. Kristen Miller

For a full list of results, click here.

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21 comments on this entry

1. Daigle wrote...

Go CrossFit New England!!!

2. Jason Ackerman - Albany CrossFit wrote...

Great job Jason, CrossFit Milford, and all the New England athletes competing! There is something to be said about "elegance" of the workouts. Simple yet challenging, and still true measures of CrossFit.

3. Kathy wrote...

I ditto Daigle's comment. Go Crossfit New England Really impressed with the competition.

4. Adam Nelson- CrossFit Casco Bay wrote...

GO Kyle Sikes (4th) and Tyson Weems (5th)....way to represent!! CrossFit Casco Bay bringing the heat!!

5. Vin Forde wrote...

I can't say that I am surprised...Heather and Ben along with everyone else at CFNE kick ass!!!

6. PatS wrote...

Nice job CFNE!

7. Kim Malz~FitMom/CrossFit Persevere wrote...

A splendid event put on by CF Milford and spectacular performances put on by all athletes.

Everyone who lays it all out there for all to see is a bad A$$ and winner!

8. Merle Mckenzie wrote...

Jason and Jocelyn Leydon put on an outstanding event. Top notch for sure.The volunteers and judges gave up an entire weekend to help make it flawless weekend. One cannot put into words the spectacle I witnessed of heart,sweat and blood that these amazing athletes performed.Truly a weekend worthy to the name Crossfit. Great job people.

9. Steve Liberati wrote...

This was a very well orchestrated event and a true pleasure to be a part of (as a spectator). It's no surprise that Jason and his crew have the reputation they do and as many members who train at CF Milford. Pat on the back to the judges and volunteers as well. Another great display of the great power our community.

10. Patrick Kennedy wrote...

Thank you Jason, Jocelyn, volunteers, and judges. CF Milford hosted an outstanding event! Best of luck to all the athletes moving forward.

11. Tom wrote...

Jay and Jocelyn thanks for hosting such an awesome event. Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed this weekend - everyone of you did great! Good luck to all going to the Regionals.
Also a special shout out to CFNE - you folks ROCK!

12. Ronda Rockett wrote...

Jay, Joce, the weekend was flawless. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I had a blast! ROnda Rockett

13. crossfitnewton wrote...

WOW!!!nice work from the dynamic duo, Ben and Heather.

14. Keith wrote...

Great execution by all of the crossfit Milford staff. Jayson gets an outstanding for the day!

Very proud of all of our Cynergy crossfitters! Way to represent! Eric Magee, Lindsey Johnson, Alex Morrison and Trish Hitchcock....on your way to Albany! Gutsy Performances!

15. Jon Gilson wrote...

Jason and Jocelyn, Judges and Volunteers,

Thanks for your hard work. The athletes embody the spirit of CrossFit, but your efforts give it soul.

Much love.


16. Chris Bean wrote...

I had e great time. The event was excellent. Kudos to you Jason for such a great job with CrossFit Milford and hosting the event! There was some remarkable talent exhibited and always leaves me wanting more!

17. Vin Lindsley wrote...

Thanks to everyone involved. ECC had a blast!

18. maggie selzer wrote...

as a first time competitor... i just want to say THANK YOU. i had a great experience and will be back for more!

19. Susan Singer wrote...

Jason and Jocelyn - you did an outstanding job this weekend. To the judges - I must say, the entire group was top notch - you all held everyone to the highest standard and that is no easy task. Two days of events went off flawlessly. Thank you for hosting, it was an incredible experience.

20. Jennifer Lawrence wrote...

Jason and Jocelyn, Thank you for hosting such an amazing event. You made the competitors feel welcomed and clearly communicated all expectations. The amount of planning and organization must have been incredible, but it seemed effortless as all aspects of the weekend were just phenomenal. It was wonderful to participate in such an outstanding competition.

21. Lisbeth wrote...

Great plan and outstanding execution. I enjoyed the entire thing -- as a member of CFHQ staff and as the owner of CrossFit Watertown with an athlete in the competition. Big thanks to Jason and the entire CrossFit Milford gang, the judges, all of the other volunteers, and the New England affiliates. Just plain awesome.


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