North European Sectional

Day 1 Results: North European Sectional

A huge success for the CrossFit community in Scandinavia.

Games qualification are again underway overseas and the first to check in with a report is Joakim of CrossFit STHLM.

"It was an action packed first day of the North East Europe Sectional.

The sport of CrossFit is new in Scandinavia but most of the active competitors in CrossFit attended. The first workout was a triplet of double-unders, kettlebell thrusters and hanstand push-ups and tested the athletes skills as well as stamina, while the second workout, a chipper was true a test of work capacity and proved hard on all, a few competitors were unable to finished within the set time limit.

The day was a huge success for the CrossFit community in Scandinavia, and the spirit among competitors and spectators was great.

To make sure that standards where at the highest level, CrossFit STHLM brought in Hollis Molloy of CrossFit Santa Cruz, who made sure that everyone was held to the highest standards. The icing on the cake was that Mikko Salo the winner of the 2009 CrossFit Games attended and demonstrated the movement standards for each event.

After a hard day of work the athletes are now off to rest as day two promises to become even more intense as the competition continues."

Top 5 Men
1. Aleksandr Aleksandrov
2. Erik la Cour
3. Martin Møller
4. Frederik Ægidius
5. Asger Froesig Soerensen

Top 5 Women
1. Jenny Jacobsen
2. Ditte Jacobsen
3. Sarah Elisabeth Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup
4. Kristin Mykkanen
5. Essi Koskinen

For a full list of results, click here.

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11 comments on this entry

1. Chris Holt wrote...


2. Jon B wrote...

Way to represent, Hollis!

3. N wrote...

The list of results show the south (instead of north) sectional results ;).

4. jindog1966 wrote...

Hollis, you are LEGIT! Look forward to your return to CFSC.

5. Courtney wrote...

Way to go Jenny!!

6. Emilie Hjortsø wrote...

Congratulations! Great scores! Especially to you, Ditte, Sarah and Asger! Would have loved to be there and cheer you on!

7. Allan Hansen wrote...

Way to go Erik!! Can't wait to see the games 2010 - this is gonna be awesome :)

8. Hollis wrote...

Congratulations to all the athletes that competed this past weekend.

Big Thanks to the Staff. You all did a great job

The judges were amazing and held all the athletes to the highest standards.

CrossFit Stockholm can be proud of the community they have grown and the entire Northern European Community is outstanding.

Special thanks to the Danish athletes for their support and enthusiasm.

9. Morten Vinther wrote...

Great result Erik! Congratulations:-) when you qualify for the games, we'll start looking at tickets:-) Keep up the good work man.

10. Sarah Troelsen Krarup wrote...

Thanks to CrossFit STHLM, Hollis, athletes, judges, officials and supporters for a GREAT weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Halmstad for the European Qual.

Sarah, Denmark

11. Elvar Þór Karlsson wrote...

What were the WODS?

specially the chipper :)


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