East Canada Sectional

Day 1 Results: East Canada Sectional

Clean and Jerk PRs were broken in nearly every heat.

The athletes and organizers at the East Canada Sectional finished the first day strong. Anthony & Jodi Bainbridge of CrossFit Frederiction check in with the following report.

"We want to thank all of our volunteers, judges, and athletes - you guys did an amazing job and today's success is because of your kick ass performance!

We also want to thank our sponsors: Rogue Fitness, Radical Edge, and the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport.

Now, on to the events!

The first event was a sandbag sprint of approximately 200m divided into 5 shuttles down and back. Males had to carry a 50 pound sandbag 'farmer's walk' style, while the women were allowed to shoulder the sandbag. By the third shuttle you could see the life get sucked out of the competitors - fast and furious! Best male time was 52 seconds by Kevin Wood and best female time was 1:02 by Tannaya Hantelman.

The second event shared a time limit with the first event. After their sprint the competitors could use remaining time to build up to a max effort clean and jerk. Most competitors played it smart and rested a couple of minutes before their first attempt. Most surprising about this event was the number of PRs that were broken in nearly every heat. It was absolutely unreal! Best lifts of the day were Tony Vienneau's 270lbs for the males and Tannaya Hantelman's 165lbs for the ladies.

Event three took a lot of people by surprise. Most were expecting to fly through a simple couplet of deadlifts and pull-ups at a Fran-like pace. However, the ring pull-ups (chest-to -ings) brought those plans to a crumbling halt. It became apparent very quickly that segmenting their pull-ups would help save their forearms - and most will tell you it still didn't work. Best male time was 4:29 by Andre-Rene LeClerc. Best female was 5:58 by Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet.

Tomorrow's final event will test competitor's ring skills with muscleups and their squat endurance with a heavy front squat, not to mention burpees thrown in for good measure.

Thank you to all the athletes who put on a great show for our spectators. You created a great atmosphere for the event. Rest well and good luck tomorrow!"

Top 5 Men
1. Alexandre Bureau
2. Andre-Rene LeClerc
3. Pierre-Paul Seguin
4. Rob Johns
5. Hugolin Chevrette

Top 5 Women
1. Tannaya Hantelman
2. Louise Hodge
3. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
4. Renee Martin
5. Sonia Picard

For a full list of results, click here.

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4 comments on this entry

1. Kate Rogers wrote...

Congrats Tannaya,
Your biggests fans
Halifax and Dartmouth Crossfitters

2. Jean wrote...

Great work Vince! Keep it up for the rest!!!
"Literally your biggest fan!"

3. krista wrote...

Nice pic Kevin - you always nail those run WODs.
Awesome results Sonia!
Best wishes you two in Calgary!

Congrats to all Crossfit Moncton and Fredericton athletes!

4. Amy Dicks wrote...

Tannaya, So proud of you. Congratulations Chickee :)


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