San Diego (inc. AZ) Sectional

Day 1 Results: SD/AZ Sectional

Clever puts on a show in SoCal.

Day one of the San Diego/Arizona Sectional proved to be an amazing showcase of some of the fittest human beings in the southwest.  Although the 81 degree weather was above the average for this time of year, conditions were set for some outstanding performances. Today’s standings show the top five men and top five women are separated by only a few points after two very arduous workouts.   
The first event included 1.5 (women) and 2 pood (men) kettlebell swings and 224lb/153lb deadlifts and a run.  The heavy kettlebell swings proved to be a sticking point for many athletes, but several athletes still put out some amazing performances. The top time for men was: 7:56 by Raymond McConnell and the top time for the women was 9:08 by Kristan Clever.
The second workout of 7 rounds of 7 Snatch (63/94 pound) and 21 Double-unders highlighted the athletes propensity for skill and stamina.  Multiple men and women completed the workout in under 6 minutes.

Top 5 Men
1. Michael Moseley
2. Thomas Daya
3. John Navarro
4. Christer Idland
5. Trevor Gelder

Top 5 Women
1. Kristan Clever
2. Amanda Butterfield
3. Teshina DeBoer
4. Ayo Anise
5. Lauren Andrade
For more results from the SD/AZ Sectional, go here.

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11 comments on this entry

1. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Yeah Ayo and Lauren! Better watch out! Andrea and Marisa are comin' for ya!!!

2. Mike in L.A. wrote...

Nice work, Kris!


3. keith wrote...

Does anybody know if it will still be possible to qualify for regionals if you could not make your sectional?

4. Jeff wrote...

Unreal performance from Amanda Butterfield, Mike Moseley, and Thomas Daya!! From what I heard they are all from the same gym in Tucson!

5. Greg wrote...

Kick some ass, Teshina! Get Mean!

6. Kevin wrote...

You are right, they are from CrossFit Northwest Tucson. Way to go, Amanda, Michael, and TJ.

7. Paul Estrada wrote...

It was a great event to be a part of! Thanks to SoCal and every one that had a hand in it! I thought it was a great test to find the most well rounded athletes.

Can't wait to see the photos!

8. sarah wrote...

I'm so proud of you, Lauren! What a stud! Also, great job SoCal guys and gals! Awesome job specifically to the SoCal hotties--Ayo, Marisa, Andrea and Emily!!! You're all beautiful and strong.

9. Justin Smith wrote...

I would have thought Connor Martin would have finished first, easily dominating, after being a CrossFit Kid, raised on CrossFit!

10. Justin Smith wrote...

No disrespect intended by the way! He finished solid all things considering.

11. Mike wrote...

Conner injured his ribs.


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