N. California Sectional

Day 1 Results: NorCal Sectional

A first look at results from one of the largest Sectionals.

Day 1 of the NorCal Sectional is in the books. The following report comes from Hollis Molloy of CrossFit Santa Cruz.

“Nearly 400 NorCal athletes came out to try their hand at qualifying for Regionals.  With only 20 male and 20 female slots available, the competition was fierce. The athleticism, sportsmanship, heart and raw power displayed by all was truly inspiring. The day, however, was not without its problems. In the early morning hours, a logistical issue reared its ugly head. The location for Workout B needed to be changed.  Faced with a choice between a better spectator event or a better athlete event, the event coordinators chose to favor the athletes. While the situation was unfortunate, the decision was made to provide the best possible conditions for the competing athletes.  The rearranged logistics put all of the athletes on an equal footing and allowed for an amazing competition. In true NorCal spirit the spectators remained calm and provided ample support to the competing athletes.  

Tomorrow will be more spectator friendly, with all of the events happening on the stadium floor in full view.”

Top 5 Men
1. James Miranda
2. Gabe Surby
3. Neal Maddox
4. Scott Mainini
5. Michael Stahl

Top 5 Women
1. Ashley Vrieze
2. Laurie Galassi
3. Chyna Cho
4. Whitney Morse
Danielle Mulford

For a full list of results, go here.

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26 comments on this entry

1. Jon Akers wrote...

I'd like to thank the volunteers for the long hours they put in. My two judges were fair, encouraging and strict. Thanks.

By the way, is there a cutoff for tomorrow?

2. matt wrote...

so when is the wod tomorrow?

3. Paul wrote...

Are the heats posted anywhere for Sunday?

4. Dave Eubanks wrote...

Amen to that, the volunteers made for a great day yesterday.

I'd also like to know if there was a cut off for the wod(s) tomorrow, what time we as competitors are expected to check in, what our start times might be.... any of that info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

5. Jojo Ong wrote...

Yeah, who are advancing tomorrow?

6. Jonathan wrote...

It seems to me like the organizers of this event didn't exactly think it through that well. First, the last minute change in price of spectator tickets left some people with extra tickets that they couldn't use. Then even those spectators who were there didn't have a very good viewing experience of the event because of some failure to communicate with the school that was hosting it. And when they claimed that anyone with a mathematical chance of advancing could compete sunday, I don't think they realized that anyone who completed the two workouts today RX would have a mathematical chance of competing. And now at 10:45, over an hour and a half after I was told info about who could compete would be posted, nobody seems to know if they are competing or when. I would take a bit more time to think things through next time you try to plan a major event that many are expecting to attend and compete in.

7. greg wrote...

Does anyone know what time the games start tomorrow? Thanks.

8. Sarah Mulligan wrote...

Please stop whining spectators. Put the community and the athletes ahead of your own interests.

9. mike wrote...


10. mike wrote...


11. swp wrote...

11:08 pm and still no idea if we have to go back down there tomorrow. Un-freakin-believable!

12. Stacy Entrikin wrote...

This was the worst planned event by far! Half the crowd was charged $50 and had to sit in the bleachers and were completely unable to see anything! We demand our money back! And on top of that, the judges were ridiculous. People were getting called out on full ROM reps and there were others with the crappiest form ever getting counted consistently. Chest to bar, more like chin to bar. A joke through and through. And still we don't know if we are competing tomorrow and it is past 11 pm. Ridiculous!

13. Mike Minium wrote...

Until the post goes up, here are tomorrow's heat assignments:


14. Mike Minium wrote...

8am is the first heat.

15. Sean wrote...



16. Terry wrote...

You made the cut off at competitor 186th place competitor for men. Can you explain how you came up with this? There are few of us Masters over 50 doing this, it would be nice to know we compare. I am slightly behind the others but know I will kick some butt on tomrrow's WODS, But by your list it looks like I am excluded. I will be showing up and expect to get in a heat. Thanks

17. Ian Carver wrote...

Thank you, Mike.

18. Phil@cfv wrote...

Thank Mike.... dissappointed for a few of our athletes, but now I can try and get some rest.

19. Ant wrote...

What are the times for tomorrow for those of us in hotels stuck checking updates on cell phones. We can't tread PDFs. Or at least we can't.

20. Sarah Muliligan wrote...

I'm sorry for my previous comment. I understand that spectators are actually part of the community who paid money to view this poorly organized event and I didn't think of that when I made my previous comment.. Please accept my apologies.

21. Mike Minium wrote...

Heats run from 8am to 1:30pm.

22. CraigH DiabloCrossFit wrote...

Our athlete,Shannon Murphy did 30 ohs but her score is not listed! She would be in the top girls. HELP!!

23. LDV wrote...

After reading the comments, I feel compelled to share my opinion. First off, it is no easy task organizing an event of this size with as many variables as this one. Second, the purpose of the event is to determine which athletes move on to the regionals right? This weekend is, essentially, tryouts for the regionals; a big deal for many, but not the end-all-be-all of Crossfit competitions. I think the organizers may have anticipated more opportunity for spectators to be involved and to be closer to the competitors, and they damn well tried their hardest to make that happen. It unfortunately didn't work out that way. Everyone just keep in mind the beauty of Crossfit is the support and camaraderie involved,so lets show it!!! It's easy to be a critic when you're sitting in the stands! It takes more effort to be supportive. We're Crossfitters, let's act like it!

24. Javier wrote...

This was my first Crossfit event....and it will be my last one. I was a "spectator" there to support 2 competitors and to actually see them compete on Saturday. An absolute rip off. How can you justify that with a logistical mistake. It was extremely poor planning.

25. Gloria wrote...

I'm sure it is quite the complicated task to organize an event of this nature. I am also sure that by and large, most people appreciate that fact. However, if you are going to charge a $50 admission fee, I think it is appropriate that spectators will have expectations that the event will be organized well. Qualifer events are extremely important to a lot of people and just because it isn't 'THE event', doesn't mean that just because we are CrossFitters that we don't have expectations. Besides, many of the spectators are not CrossFitters. There are many that are checking out CrossFit for the first time, they are family members, little kids, parents and friends of athletes, etc. It's a long weekend for spectators as much as it is for the competitors and that needs to be taken into consideration.

26. Dave wrote...

Mike -

Are Pat the manimal's scores from both days going to count in the standings. I don't see them posted in day 2 wods.

You are missing day 2 scores for Marcus Filly. He crushed it and Angel was his judge. Ben Wise is going to be happy about it...

Great day today. Thanks! I am beat.


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