Central Canada Sectional

Day 1 Results: Central Canada Sectional

Words and photos from the first round of competition in Alberta.

The first two events of the Central Canada Sectional were dominated by two athletes: Jeremy Meredith of Fort McMurray, Alta., and Angela Desjarlais of Regina, Sask.

Both athletes placed first in the 3RM overhead squat WOD that kicked off the event, though Meredith had to share the top spot with Brett Marshall, who managed to equal Meredith’s 245-lb. lift. Marshall, who finished second at the 2007 CrossFit Games, weighs only about 150 lb. but didn’t miss a single rep in the OHS WOD after opening with four 45-lb. bumpers and change on the bar.

Both Meredith and Desjarlais were on top again in the next WOD: seven minutes of thrusters (95/65 lb.) for max reps. Desjarlais, a police officer and former powerlifter, managed 97 reps, which put her atop the standings alongside Becky Hogg, who also cranked out 97 reps. On the men’s side, Meredith owned the WOD by cranking out 115 reps, with second-placed finisher Erik Szakaly 15 reps behind. Marshall finished sixth to sit in second place overall.

Marshall’s performance is particularly impressive considering his daughter brought him back a special present from Mexico: a nasty cold.
“I’m missing a gear,” Marshall said.

This is the first individual effort for the firefighter in several years, though he was a member of the CrossFit Calgary Affiliate Cup team that finished fourth in the 2009 CrossFit Games.

“I haven’t competed individually in a couple of years, so my intent was to come in here and make a mark,” he said. “I wanted to be a clear leader. I knew as of middle of this week that wasn’t going to be the case. I had to adjust my game plan. I still want to do well, and I think I will. I’m just trying to qualify right now.”

For the women, Ali Loach of CrossFit Calgary sat in second place going into WOD 3: five rounds of five cleans (155/105 lb.), 10 burpees and a lap of the 200-meter track.

Loach was happy that the programming went her way on Day 1—she loves overhead squats—but isn’t sure what Day 2 and the Canadian Crippler chipper will bring.

“It’s not up my alley,” she said of WOD 4. “I do mentally better when it’s short, but the weights aren’t too heavy, so it’s just a matter of me shutting off the brain.”

As of press time the athletes were attacking WOD 3, with Curt Manning of Edmonton’s Spark Sport Conditioning posting a blazing time that saw him complete the workout just as the next-fastest competitors in his heat were starting their final lap of the track. Manning sat in seventh going into the WOD and appears to be poised to take a run at the top 5.

Top 5 Men
Erik Szakaly
Jeremy Meredith
Brett Marshall
Dan Rogers
Curt Manning

Top 5 Women
Chelsea Miller
Shelly Fleming
Heather Gillespie
Ali Loach
Lisa Makofka

For a full list of results, go here.

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Brett Marshall - 3rd after day 1.
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10 comments on this entry

1. Sliver wrote...

Great article and great results everybody....except Desjarlais tied Becky Hogg with 97 Thrusters in WOD 2 and didn't "own" the event.

Sorry....just proud of Becky and needed to point it out. ;)

2. Patrick wrote...

Crossfit world, brace yourself for Erik Szakaly. I have seen this kid perform the last 13 months and his work capacity and muscle endurance is amazing.

3. bk wrote...

we're taking the bus so we're just wondering if we need to be there at 8:30 or there ready and warmed up at 8:30? cause depending on the time we might have to take a cab.

4. Kim wrote...

Credit where credit is due.

As Sliv pointed out above, that 97 thrusters was a tie with Becky Hogg. Not taking anything away from Angela of course but Brett got mention for the tie against Jeremy. Show some love for Becky!

5. Kat wrote...

omglol. Ang, "own" tomorrow, kay?

6. Auty wrote...

The first heat starts at 8:30

7. Sliver wrote...

Ang is doin great Kat....in fact, she's one of my faves...especially when she OHS' more than half of the guys. lol

Just showing dome love to another great gal. ;)

Go hard today folks!

8. Aud wrote...

I have read this article over and over again and I can't find the reference to Ang "owing' anything - is it just me - or inspite of "not taking anything away from Angela.." you still did...

Great job Angela....two 1st placed finishes well done!

9. Sliver wrote...

The author made the correction Audy...and even added Becky to the story.
Kind of like going from regular pull-ups to chest to bar. Changes can be made. ;) lol

All ribbing aside pal, we had a great time and you guys ran a very smooth event. Thank-you for hosting and having such great volunteers.

10. Sliver wrote...

Just realized this is someone named Audrey from Saskatchewan and not AuTy....lol.

I know you're defending Ang....we love Ang and chilled with her today.
I was just defending Becky and wanted to show her some props.

Everyone did great, and I can't speak for everyone, but I had a fantastic time. And as said before...smooth event and great hosts...

Sorry for the mixup AuTy. ;)


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