Ohio (inc. KY, MI, IN) Sectional

Sectional Workouts From The Arnold Announced!

A look at what's to go down at The Arnold.

Sand bags are being filled, weighted vests are being unpacked and a general gearing up is happening for this weekend's Sectional at the Arnold Classic. Shown to the right is the massive 7000lbs worth of sand that the athletes will be moving around throughout the weekend (more info below).

The first three workouts for the weekend have been announced, with the final WOD still lingering in that ominous TBD status.

Here's what we can tell you:

5 Rounds For Time (completed with a weighted vest throughout 30/15lbs):
7 Deadlifts - 225/155lbs
11 Burpees

Sandbag Sprints
The distance, number of sandbags and weight to be announced at event.

2 Rounds For Time:
Row 500M
15 Overhead Squat - 95/65lbs
Row 500M
15 Toes-to-Bar

Will be announced after the third WOD's final heat!

This is a one day event so plan on packing in some serious work in a short period of time. We will be using the proportional scoring system.

You don't want to look bad in front of Arnold, and he will be there!

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42 comments on this entry

1. Anonymous wrote...

no lies, pretty disappointed. i was expecting way cooler wods. this is the arnold. our chance at some serious exposure. introduce the world to cf and show them why we all drink the kool aid and are so crazy dedicated to it. so many other sectionals have awesome programming and really show off cf and what its about. these wods are less than stellar and, real talk, kinda boring. hopefully wod 4 brings it!!!

2. cori wrote...

i really like them! i participated in the garage games in which there was a sandbag wod, and it was insane! i think these look great...weighted vests....sandbags....ohs....toes to bar....short and sweet too...which you will probably need since it's only a one day event. but what do i know? i'm definitely no expert. just an average female cf'er. but i give them 2 thumbs up!

3. Matt Martinec wrote...

I think they look great. We are trying to bring more people into the sport, if you make them over-the-top hard, then people will say "I can't do that". You don't want the people watching to think it's so hard that they never try. The best athletes will still come out on top and I suspect the WOD's will be harder for the Regionals and Games.

4. Riley wrote...

I love that they are breaking out the weighted vests, also keep in mind the fourth workout could be ANYTHING!

5. Karl Eagleman wrote...


6. Michael wrote...

These workouts look BRUTAL. If you don't think so, obviously you've never done a burpee with a 30lb weight vest on. 55 burpees with a 30lb weight vest? That will definitely separate the men from the boys.

7. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

Guess that's why he had to post 'anonymously', boring? 55 weighted Burpees, Sandbag sprints, 4 500 m rows. I think that'll be plenty rough!

8. Jordan wrote...

I assume deadlift stance does not matter? Sumo or regular being fine?

Also, since every sectional seems to have different burpee standards, what are they going to be?

9. Brian Yoak wrote...

Considering the venue, number of athletes, amount of work that needs to be completed, these are a good choice of WODs.

The 4th WOD could be anything.

Cannot wait to see the outcome!!

10. Gus wrote...

I can agree with all the comments. The first comment is true all that stuff doesn't look at hard at least for me, I often carry 80 or more lbs sandbags up flights of stairs, based off other events seen at previous games. I also agree that it should not be over the top crazy because you don't want to turn people away from CrossFit, plenty of people do what all ready with the crossfit ego that is sometime seen. In the end you really can't make everyone happy. What does it matter anyway, isn't the point to get a great workout? It's not about proving anything to anyone but yourself!

11. Aaron Shaffer wrote...

I think this is a good choice of WODs. Nice work guys!

12. Stephen Flamm - CrossFit Nasti wrote...

My criteria for judging CF competitions is whether or not competitors are punished for not having eliminated weaknesses in the fitness game. These WODs do nothing to expose weaknesses in pure strength, technical lifting, or explosiveness. In essence, the winners will simply be required to perform tasks that everyone else can perform, but simply do it faster. This is fine as one measure of fitness, but the lack of Oly lifting, heavy weights, or higher-skill movements (double-unders, muscle-ups, etc.) indicates that we will have to wait for the final WOD to see who has done the best job of training.

I own an affiliate, and along with 15 other athletes from our gym, will be competing. We have put in the time to refine Oly technique, build strength, and become proficient in gymnastics movements. I hope that we earn the right to show off the final product of this hard work after the cuts are made.

13. Joe M wrote...

Stephen, do you lift heavy weights, work on oly lifting, and do gymnastics movements to simply get better at those movements or to improve your real-world work capacity. If the magic is in those movements you'll get to prove it with unrelated tasks. I'd imagine if you worked hard at those things, your athletes will be able to see those results at this years competition vs someone who never bothered.

14. Jking wrote...

I've only been doing crossfit for 2 months so I'm stoked to do these wods and hopefully qualify. I think I'm ready to go. I've been doing burpees with 50lb vest for past few weeks

15. Lincoln Brown wrote...

What is the proportional scoring system? Stephen, could not agree more with your comments, well put, though I imagine the last WOD will take your points into account.

16. Tom Seryak wrote...


I think most will agree with your points; however, one of the purposes of the sectional is to promote the sport by encouraging all to sign-up and compete. At least with the first 3 workouts, I can't imagine too many competitors NOT being able to at least perform the workouts. I would imagine the final wod will have some higher technical movements along with many of them being tested further at the regional.

17. Brian Y wrote...

What needs to taken into account is that there is still a 4th WOD that has yet to be revealed. If you look at what has been revealed so far, you see a pretty similar blend of the movements and tasks that were occuring in Aromas last summer.
I have yet to see pull-ups, or heavy overhead Oly movements, and I anticipate that the 4th WOD will definitely expose weaknesses not necessarily evident in the first 3 workouts.

18. Stephen Flamm - CrossFit Nasti wrote...


True, but there will also be a cut before that final WOD. I like each of the three WODs individually; however, as a package used to determine which athletes are fit enough to advance to the finals, they leave too many areas and skills unexamined. Still looking forward to competing, and there is no doubt that those who make it out will have earned it...

19. Bill Henniger wrote...

1) Proportional Scoring means that if it is a max effort and you win with 100LBS then you get 100 points. If the next person gets 85 then they get 85 points. In short is is based off how close you are to 1st place.

2) The 2nd event starts 1 hour after the first event so there are heat overlaps.

3) Standards will be sent out tomorrow with video

We have about 250 athletes to cycled through the workouts between 8AM and approx 4PM.

See all of you this weekend.


20. Stephen wrote...


Does that mean that different groups of athletes will be performing the events in different orders, or simply that event 2 will quickly follow event 1 for everyone?

21. Rob wrote...

BIG UPS ON THE CHOICE OF WOD's!!!!!! Not knocking anybody but so many WOD's at these sectional are just so over done trying to be to exotic and clever. This is direct to the point and will let the best athlete win.

I can't take reading one more WOD that includes Spanish one armed reverse muscle-ups with upside down rowing for 5.34 rounds or a 11 minute cutoff.


22. Knutz wrote...


I couldn't agree more. The other "clever" wods are a bit rediculous for a sectional. I agree we must train for the unexpected but let's not lose our roots of crossfit. I believe these events will surprise the competitors with their mental and physical toughness. Also WOD 4 is still up for grabs. If people think these wods are easy then "BRING IT HARDER"

23. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

I like the WODs. The Crossfitter with the highest work capacity seems to win regardless of what you throw at them. Logistically I can't imagine running 250 athletes through 4 events in 8 hours. I'm sure Bill is working his ass off, hope you get more sleep than we did leading up to this thing.

24. charlie wrote...

Did some sandbag sprints and burpees wearing a vest this morning...dont kid yourself people the vest will test your functional strength to get your body up off the ground for the burpees. This will seperate the men from the boys for sure.

25. bingo wrote...

Very nicely done.

The sectionals are the wide end of the funnel, qualifying athletes to move on to the Regionals. IMO this first competition should be classic Crossfit, mostly in the Phosphagen pathway, with as few technical limitations as possible. Attract and give access to the broadest swath of athletes possible at this stage. Successfully done thus far. Given Rogue's fame for pull-up bar systems I predict that you will see scores of bars in the CF section and a 4th WOD that includes PU, for what is a Crossfit competition without a PU, eh?

Each of the Sectionals appears thus far to be a unique creature. At the Arnold's there are 250 athletes cycling through in a venue that is rather small (CF got enough, but JUST enough space), and with 175,000 other folks milling around. It's indoors. The venue drives the possible workouts. It is what it is.

So you trained your Oly lifts and your limit strength, huh? You don't think that training will be applicable here? Your training strategy won't transfer to these WOD's? I personally think what you have done will transfer well, and the base that you have laid will set up nicely for the Regionals. This is a fair first-pass test of General Physical Preparedness, a test of your ability as a trainer to train for whatever may come. Would you rather have a 6 week window to train for the knowable and risk being beaten by a specialist who gets drummed in the Regional?

Nice job coaches Henninger and Chapman. See you on Sunday.


26. Ralph Hicks wrote...

Wanted to do this ahead of time so I don't forget:

Thank you to everyone who I know has and is working just as hard as I am to get this event set up, ready to go and run smoothly.

I know I'll remember this day for probably my entire life so I thank you for taking a lot of time out of your already super busy life.

27. NU wrote...

I want to thank everyone as well, and put in my two cents that is probably not even worth that. I started crossfit because it was like nothing I have ever done, I believe if they told me to do 10 pullups for time in a WOD, and that was it, by god I am going to do those pullups as fast as I can and try to win.

There is no telling what you will do and that is why I do it. There is no place for complaining about or trying to critique a WOD. If you don't like it go to your globo gym and make up your own workouts. Otherwise beat everyone there at WHATEVER they tell you to do and move on and get better! Train for the unknowable! Even if you don't like it!

Thanks again for everyone working at all the events!

28. Stephen wrote...

To be clear, as a competitor, I have no issue with these events. They will all be brutal and fine tests of many aspects of fitness. My training has prepared me as well as is possible (given the nature of CF) for these events, whatever the fourth event may be, and all of the events from all of the other Sectionals. The competitor's job, again, is simply to be in the best shape possible for whatever may come up - to eliminate weaknesses. Everyone at our gym is in the best shape of their lives, and I see them all doing well.

The programmer's job is to provide events that yield, in this case, the 20 fittest athletes by CF's definition. The 20 athletes with the fewest weaknesses, who will have the best chance to advance beyond not only our Sectional, but our Regional, as well. To that end, I certainly anticipate a high-skill, heavy fourth event, something like last year's Games chipper, or hopefully something even simpler, such a couplet of heavy C&Js and muscle-ups.

I'm looking forward to meeting all those taking part in the Sectional, especially those who are actually testing themselves this weekend - the competition will be fierce.

29. Bill Henniger wrote...

Stephen - Everyone will start WOD 2 approximately 1 hour after they start WOD1. This will be an added obstacle to performing well.

With regards to the programming, "the funnel starts wide" is a very accurate description to an athletes journey from the Sectional WOD1 to the Regional WOD X.

Bring water, food and your A game because it will not be easy!


30. NP wrote...

Bill- Will there be any issues bringing in a cooler into the event? Going to need lots of fuel to make it through this day..

31. Scott wrote...

This will be my first taste of competition and I am really looking forward to it! See you all this weekend!

32. Bill Henniger wrote...

It will be relatively tight quarters and there will be about 200K people there so try to keep it reasonable. Bring general first aid gear to take care of yourself as well.

There is a chance that security will want to look into your cooler. Do not bring alcohol or something like that in the cooler!


33. Bill Henniger wrote...

Just spoke with security and they said as long as the cooler is for personal use. This means if you are the athlete bring food for you and not your clan.


34. NP wrote...

Thanks for looking that up Bill..
And definitely no plans to try and sneak in alcohol :)

35. tm wrote...

bill,when ru posting vid's for standards? thank you

36. Bill Henniger wrote...

We are compiling the video and pics for standards. They are very straight forward.

Should have them up in the next 4 hours.


37. Harvey R. wrote...

Any update on standards?

38. Cindy Clark wrote...

Any ideas on how the spectator viewing will be set up? Will there be bleachers or risers, or will all the events have to be watched from floor level? I will just die if I can't see anything like last year!!

39. lisa wrote...

im also trying to figure out the spectator situation. i just heard that there is room for only 1000 spectators. is this true? ive got some people driving some miles and it would be so disappointing if they cant watch. if i understand correctly though the arnold itself doesnt open on sunday until 10, but our first wod begins at 8... equals only cf-ers should be there that early or at least only people that are in cbus for specific events? best bet, just tell everyone to get there early early? any more info would be helpful. thanks!

40. Bill Henniger wrote...

There are three bleachers and how ever many people can fit in 20K sq ft. We have never held an event here but we plan on maximizing space for spectators as we respect the travel that all have made. Hopefully we will get some sleep before the event as we don't get to setup until 7PM on Saturday night and need to put about 4 semi's worth of gear in there.

I will work on more details there.

We are setting up the event with horse shoe viewing so you can sweep around the event area. The event last year was in a 3K square foot warehouse, this one is in a 40K square foot room.

I can assure you this, we are working around the clock to get this done. The last thing I want is for folks to have a poor experience.


41. Scott wrote...

THANKS!!!! Bill, I know it will be great!!

42. Bill Henniger wrote...

Standards have been sent out to the athletes and will be briefed at the event as well.

Our registration ran a bit longer than expected and we have 192 Men competing hence we were forced to get creative with the heat schedule. We have anywhere from 15-40 athletes/heat and it will be a mad house. The spectator area is smaller than we would have liked but will open up further after the first event.



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