The top 15 men and women of the Central Canada Sectional.

Central Canada Sectional

Central Canada Wrap-Up

The Canadian Crippler separates the pack on the final day.

The following report on the Central Canada Sectional comes from our very own Mike Warkentin of the CrossFit Journal.

"Day 2 of the Central Canada Sectional was all about the Canadian Crippler, a chipper inspired by the final WOD at the 2009 CrossFit Games.

With a trip to the Canadian Regionals on the line, athletes were faced with 30 pull-ups, 15 deadlifts (225/155 lb.), a 400-meter run, 30 push-ups, 15 push presses/jerks (135/85 lb.), 30 squats, 15 front squats (135/85 lb.), a 400-meter run, 15 deadlifts (225/155 lb.) and another 30 pull-ups.

Several athletes in the early heats found themselves still on the bar when the 22-minute time cap arrived, but more and more competitors destroyed the WOD as heats progressed. For the men, Graham Hannah set a fast time of 13:04 in one of the early heats, and Pam DeMan had an early top time for the women.

The top six male and female competitors were grouped together in the last heat, with Erik Szakaly taking a slight lead into the final and Chelsea Miller atop the women's standings.

All 12 athletes ripped though pull-ups on the mezzanine above the main floor before sprinting to the barbells for deadlifts. CrossFit Calgary's Brett Marshall, feeling better after fighting illness on Day 1, was spectacular, charging through most of the movements in unbroken sets. He was stalked by Dan Rogers, with Szakaly still in contention in the late stages.

Rogers was first back on the mezzanine for the final pull-ups, with a bare-chested Marshall hot on his heels. Separated on the bar by only a foot, Marshall and Rogers dueled for the lead, with Marshall using his amazing endurance to pull ahead and win the event in time of 10:20. Szakaly (11:28) finished just behind Rogers (10:57), which was enough to give him the overall title.

Chelsea Miller and Shelly Fleming similarly found themselves head to head on the final set of pull-ups, with a screaming crowd encouraging them to squeeze out a few more reps. Miller proved to be the stronger athlete and clocked in ahead of Fleming in 14:51, but first place in the workout went to Heather Gillespie (14:34). Lisa Makofka was third in a time of 15:08.

Miller finished four points ahead of Gillespie in the final standings, and after workout 4, Miller said the competition in the final heat drove her through the reps.

"It was pretty amazing to have that whole group of girls going because it was pushing all of us to our max," said the 24-year-old firefighter who trains at CrossFit Calgary.

"Knowing that they were there and they were that close, I knew I had to keep pushing or I might get bumped down. It was amazing having that competition."

Szakaly found that WOD 1—3RM overhead squat—was his weakest, but he built up enough momentum after that to finish one point ahead of Marshall in the overall tally. Szakaly has competed before at events hosted by CrossFit Saskatoon, CrossFit Lethbridge and CrossFit Edmonton, but this is his first run at the CrossFit Games. Now he'll be going into the Canadian Regionals as a top competitor.

"I'd say the pressure is on," the 24-year-old said of being a No.1 seed. "It's tough. You've got to look at the guys that weren't in here—the guys that went to worlds last year and won nationals last year. You've got to remember those guys. I went and watched last year. I was a month into CrossFit, and I was like, ‘These guys are monsters.' Those are kind of my idols, so going against them, it will be (about) being smart and using that month and a bit getting ready."

Szakaly, who trains at a Globo Gym in Calgary, is now officially a monster in his own right."

Top 5 Males
1. Erik Szakaly
2. Brett Marshall
3. Dan Rogers
4. Curt Manning
5. Jeremy Meredith

Top 5 Females
1. Chelsea Miller
2. Heather Gillespie
3. Shelly Fleming
4. Lisa Makofka
5. Michelle Savard

For a full list of results, go here.

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7 comments on this entry

1. Graham wrote...

Way to be Curt!

2. Kim wrote...

Great job Curt! And of course everyone...especially all the SPARKers - proud of you!

And a great job to Chad and Auty for hosting. It was great guys.

3. Lisa Makofka wrote...

It was a great weekend with truly inspiring performances by many athletes. A great community of people and an event that was second to none.

Thank you Chad and Auty you guys did an amazing job everything was run very smoothly and on time and the volunteers did an incredible job.

4. Leya wrote...

Congrats to everyone moving forward to Regionals! Chad and Auty , you did a fantastic job organizing this event. It was just awesome. I don't think I've ever had so much fun destroying my quads! Thanks so much to OPT and the judges and to all the volunteers. You all made this weekend a great experience!

5. Alvaro wrote...

Way to go Brett, Jeremy, Chelsea, Shelly & Michelle. Awesome job!

6. Michelle Savard wrote...

Thanks to Chad and Auty for such a well organized, well run event!!! Congrats to all the athletes who participated and put everything on the line. Big shout out to the volunteers and judges, especially those who traveled to Edmonton to help out!

7. Robin @ CrossFit Regina wrote...

Thanks to Chad, Auty, OPT and everyone who helped to make this a fantastic event.

Congrats to the 4 athletes from CrossFit Regina who advance to Regionals: AngDesj, Kelly, Shae and Blair!


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