Lisa Dika of CrossFit Edmonton will be competing in this weekend's event.

Central Canada Sectional

Central Canada Sectional Workouts Announced

Prepare to meet the Canadian Crippler.

Athletes converge on Edmonton this weekend to battle it out and determine who will represent Central Canada in Regional Competition. Here's a look at the schedule of events.

Day 1

Event 1
3 Rep Max Overhead squat (20 min heats)

Movement Standards
* Squat must begin standing with the bar locked out over head
* The crease of the hip must dip clearly below the top of the knee
* The individual must stand the bar up 3 consecutive times showing control in the third rep at the top before unloading.

Each station with host 5 athletes per heat. Each station will have 3 judges/volunteers (1 movement judge and 2 plate loaders).

The athletes will be called to the rack in a preset order and perform 1 of 3 attempts for a 3 rep max weight. The athlete will tell the plate loaders the desired weight and once loaded attempt the set. The Athletes will cycle through in the preset order until all athletes have completed 3 attempts. The athletes are allowed only three attempts. A failed attempt will count as a score of 0 weights lifted for that attempt. No resets, once the bar has been removed from the rack, the lifter cannot return or jettison the bar until 3 successful reps have been completed otherwise it’s a failed attempt. If a rep is missed i.e., not deep enough or not stood up completely, the lifter can continue to work until 3 reps are judged successful.

Event 2

7 Minutes of Thrusters for max reps (95/65lbs)

Movement standards  
* The athlete must squat first with the crease of the hip clearly below the top of the knee and then drive the bar over head into the locked out position with the arms straight and the ear partially or completely showing to the front of the arm from the profile.
* If the bar is dropped at any point the next rep has to be taken from the ground and not caught off a bounce.

Each heat will accommodate 10 male athletes and 10 female athletes. Each athlete will have a judge assigned to them. The athletes will stand in front of the bar with out touching it until the command is given to start. On the “GO” the athlete may grab the bar and bring it to the shoulders. The first rep is counted when the athlete first squats below parallel and drives it over head into full lock out; a squat clean to thruster is legitimate. Each rep will be counted at the top of the movement as long as its preceded by a full squat. A rep will not count if it is picked up from the ground via power clean and then push pressed over head. You must squat first, and then drive it over head for a rep. The athletes must stay within the designated area for their station.

Event 3
5 Rounds for time of (15 min cap):
5 Power Cleans (155/105lbs)
10 Burpees
200m Run

Movement Standards
* Power clean - The bar must be lifted from the ground to the shoulders for each rep.
When receiving the bar to the shoulders the athlete must complete full hip and knee extension before lowering the bar regardless how deep the power clean was received.
* Burpee - The movement is initiated with the dropping into a push-up and lowering until the thighs and chest touch the ground completely. The movement is reversed and the individual must jump vertically with the arms extended fully over head. The ear must be clearly visible in front of the arms.
* 200m Run - You must enter and exit the track via pylons associated to your station.

There will be 10 male stations set up on the north side of the track spanning the distance of the straight away. 10 female stations will be set up on the opposite side of the track. The athletes will start standing in front of their barbells and on the 3,2,1, GO  they will complete the work out adhering to the movement standards.

Day 2

Event 4 “Canadian Crippler”
For time (22 min cap):
30 Chest to bar Pull-ups
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
400m run
30 Push-ups
15 Push Press or Jerk (135/85lbs)
30 Squats
15 Front squat (135/85lbs)
400m run
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
30 Chest to bar Pull-ups

Movement Standards
* Pull-up - Arms must be fully extended at the bottom. The chest must come in contact with the bar at the top.
* Deadlift - The bar must start touching the ground each rep. The athlete must stand up with hips and knees extended.
* 400m Run - Athletes must exit and enter the track via the specified gaits
* Push ups - You must touch your chest and thighs to the ground. You must achieve full extension at the top. The hips and chest must move in an aligned position.
* Push Press or Jerk - The bar must start from the shoulders. The bar must finish locked out with the hips and knees extended
* Squat - The crease of the hip must clearly dip below the top of the knees. The hips and knees must fully extend at the top.
* Front squat - The bar must be cleaned from the ground to the shoulders. The crease of the hip must dip clearly below the top of the knee. The hips and knees must be fully extended at the top

16 Athletes will accommodate each heat. The pull-ups will be executed on the mezzanine and then the athletes will have to move down to the field house floor and reach their designated station. For the run the athletes must exit and enter the track through pylons assigned to their station. After the second set of deadlifts the athletes must return to the mezzanine and finished at their assigned station.


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24 comments on this entry

1. Jenny wrote...


2. Katrina Burton wrote...

What are the start times?
Is there athlete check in Friday night or Saturday morning?

3. Chad wrote...

Basic Timeline:

Athlete Registration: 8:15 - 9:00
Event 1: 9:10 - 10:30
Event 2: 10:45 - 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00
Event 3: 1:10 - 3:30

Event 4: 8:30 - 12:00
Awards: 12:00 - 1:00

*All times are approximate and may vary on the actual day*

4. gaucoin wrote...

Nice-looking WODs there, Chad. Time to rock and roll!!

5. Erik Luber wrote...

Is scaling available?

6. Leya wrote...

These WODs are so worth the three days of nail biting waiting for them to get posted. They look like so much fun. Definitely looking forward to this weekend!

7. Sliver wrote...

So...I haven't had this question answered clearly yet.

Are competitors allowed 1 guest each or does every spectator have to pay the $50?

8. Auty wrote...

Scaling is allowed, it just takes you out of contention for 1 of the 15 qualifying spots.

Each competitor is allowed 1 guest free of charge

9. Katrina Burton wrote...

Pullups... horizontal plane or vertical plane? Just clarifying

10. Auty wrote...

Pull ups- The chest must come in contact with the bar at the top

11. Erik Luber wrote...

Are split jerks allowed in workout 4?
Also, wondering if it is possible find out what scoring system will be used. Thanks.

12. rwcorson wrote...

Let the fun begin!
Chad, a good cross section of exercises and time domains. Nice work!
Good luck to all competitors. Rip it up and enjoy!!

13. Auty wrote...

Split jerk it acceptable, as long as you finish with feet together and hips/knees fully extended

We've adopted the 09 Games scoring system 1st place receives 1 point 2nd place receives 2 point ect. Least amount of points wins.

14. gaucoin wrote...

Holy pull-up standard change, Batman!

15. Jeremy wrote...

It was worth the wait. These workouts are UNREAL

16. snoopy wrote...

The final WOD looks wicked. I am thinking that many may get a DNF in the time frame does that DQ them from qualifying or how will it work

17. Melisa C wrote...

For the OHS, do we have to jerk it up or can we get under it from the rack and stand up with it from there?

18. Jesse B wrote...

OHS question. If you miss your first set of OHS, can you load less weight on the bar for your 2nd set or is your beginning weight the lowest weight you can use?

19. Jeff D wrote...

Awesome looking workouts.....I am more than a little afraid. I saw the event schedule above, but I was wondering if there is a list of heats? Actually, how many competitors are registered?

20. Chad wrote...

Any movement questions that aren't covered in the standards above will be addressed at the event to all athletes.

Saturday heats will likely go on our website by Friday evening but will also be available at the event. All athletes must register/check-in between 8:15 and 9:00am Saturday morning.

21. Zwack wrote...

Will there be a warm up station available? If so what kind of weights and equiment will there be there?

22. Mike Sullivan wrote...

Not sure if I missed it, do kids get in free?

23. Tony wrote...

OMG, that 4th WOD looks brutal. Knowing that you still have 400m, 15 deads, and 30 pulls to go before the finish line, yikes!!!!

24. bk wrote...

Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows if we need to be there at 830 or if we need to be there and warmed up and ready to compete at 830!


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