British Columbia Sectional

British Columbia Sectional Workouts Announced

WODs, scoring, scaling details, and more.

Jesse Bifano sends in the workouts and instructions for the BC Sectionals.

Last year the Western Canada Qualifier (BC, Alberta, Saskatchwan) had 24 women and 38 men who competed for the chance to move on. This year our province alone has 25 women, and 59 men who will be grinding out the workouts below for the right to compete in Calgary. We're expecting 250-300 people in the room this weekend, and if you haven't signed up to spectate yet... what are you waiting for? 5 days to go!

If you are completely unable to attend tune us in live by searching "BC Sectionals" at

Event 1 "Football Total" Saturday (8:30am start)
1RM Power Clean
1RM Back Squat
1RM Bench Press
1RM Deadlift

The Lifts will be done in the order above, completing one before moving on to the next.
You will be given a max of 3 attempts for each lift.
Your best 1RM in each will be combined for a total score.

Event 2 "Pride, Lust, and Envy" Saturday (1:30pm start)
As many rounds and reps as possible in 5min of:
7 Box jumps (24/20 inches)
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings (24/16Kg)

Event 3 Saturday (6pm start)
For time: 2000m Row

Event 4 "Ride the Lightning" Sunday (9am start)
5 Rounds for time of:
200m Medball Run (20/14lb)
9/4 Ring Dips
12 Pull-ups
15 Wallball (20/14lb)

Movement Standards: To be released on Wednesday March 23rd

Scoring: You will receive the number of points equivalent to your placing (e.g. 1st place receives 1 point, 27th place receives 27 points). The athlete with the least amount of points wins. In the event of a tie in a workout, each tying athlete will receive the same number of points and the next athlete will receive points for his or her overall place (e.g. if there is a tie for first both athletes will receive 1 point with the next athlete behind them receiving 3 points). In the event of an overall tie after the completion of Event 4 we'll use the placements in Event 4 to break the tie. If a tie still exists then placements in Event 2 will be used followed by Event 3, and finally Event 1.

Scaling: Any athlete that scales a workout will place behind all those who performed the workout as prescribed, both in individual standings and in overall placement. Athletes with the fewest scaled movements will rank first, followed by those who performed them as close to the prescribed weight as possible. Head judges' discretion may be used to place some athletes, meaning if you scale, similar to letting a fight go to decision, you may be putting your placement in the hands of the judges. Please note, if you start a workout as prescribed, or with a set scaling, you must complete the workout as such. Failure to do so will result in a DNF.

DNF: Any athlete who DNF a workout will place behind all those who scaled, both in individual workout standings and in overall placement.

Thank you to Fitness Town who has been a generous sponsor of our Sectional.

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35 comments on this entry

1. Deanna wrote...

Thank you thank you thank you... I can breathe now!!!

2. Jeff Chester wrote...

That is wicked awesome programming!

3. Alex wrote...

Workouts look good Jesse!

4. justin wrote...

Love the workouts!

5. Nils wrote...

Heather/Jesse - Awesome workouts! Looking forward to it in a big way!

6. Surrey Sterling wrote...

Let the good times roll! Nice work Jesse! Fantastic WODS!

7. Soraya wrote...

Brilliant, although I'm sure I'll hate you for it come Sunday afternoon haha.

8. Lucas wrote...

Wow. This is sick. I thought I was nervous before I found out the WODs, but this is a whole new swarm of butterflies in my belly.

Anyone have any predictions for the rounds totals in event 2 and the time domain for event 4?

9. Thor wrote...

It's gonna hurt! lets do this!!!

10. Rob Silver wrote...

these look absolutely dreadful! Maybe ill have to try them all soon...

Good luck BC!

11. Emily wrote...

Is that 9 ring dips for men, 4 for women in each round of WOD 4?

12. M wrote...

SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait for this weekend!!!

13. Jesse Bifano wrote...

Yes, 9 Ring Dips for men and 4 for women. WOD standards and overview will be up on Wednesday.

14. Uncle Rob wrote...

I'm pretty sure the Lightning is gonna ride me on Sunday!

15. chris bozman wrote...

Saturday looks like a long day, should be fun to watch,

16. Pete K wrote...

Awesome work Jesse & Heather!! Can't wait for this weekend... Should be a great time.

17. Doug wrote...

Is the 2nd WOD really only 5 minutes? Just want to know its not a typo... Otherwise,sweet, looking forward to sat.

18. Lammy wrote...

Heather / Jesse: Great stuff. The nerves have settled now...breathe in, breathe out...Now I'm excited.

19. Heather wrote...

5 minutes is not a typo.... pin it!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

20. The Pie wrote...

I love how people are getting on Cam for an accurate description of how the workouts will hit the body. He isn't saying it isn't a good test of fitness, which it will be, but I for one know for sure that I will be lit the F*ck up from the CrossFit Football Total as the opening event, KB swings in the second and rowing in the third.

What I will add to this however is there are athletes out there who's backs will hold up under these type of strains and those are the athletes we want to go through to the regionals and the games.

Tight backs were probably the biggest thing that prohibited some of the guys and gals by the time they got to the couplet in last years games.

If I was programing this sectional, I to would make sure I tested that.

Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

The Pie
CrossFit Lions

21. Chris S wrote...

That't what i like to hear Cam.

Lookin forward to seein everyone this weekend!

22. TeeDub80 wrote...

Raaawwwrrr thanks for the WoD's, look forward to meeting and competing with you all this weekend!

23. cam birtwell wrote...

Good to see these WODs, the only thing I will comment on is that it's not great programming in terms of the health of our discs/spines in general -

Max cleans, max squats AND max deadlifts with people really going for it plus ballistic flexion-extension with the kbs, plus highly repetitive strain (with a flexed lumbar spine) in the 2k row...

Aside from that, really looking forward to this, going to be a great weekend, thanks in advance for all your hard work!

24. Arjuna wrote...

@cam birtwell,
Ballistric flexion-extension? Really? yeah, and squats are bad on the knees so you shouldnt do them either. Overhead squats are tough on the psoas so better cut them out too. I am sure you are a tough competitior but your big exercise science terminology is a bit too much. Crossfit is for people who want to eat barbells for fun! Screw discs/spines! they are over rated! ha

25. Chris S wrote...

So don't flex your lumbar spine while rowing then. You should only be reaching as far forward as an inch or two past your toes anyways!

Also nobody said you had to do all four maxes! you could just hit heavy singles with them all... or take a '0' in one or two of the lifts... just sayin :P

26. Patrick V wrote...

These WODs have inspired me to year ;) They all look fun in a bad way ;)

Hey, come to Fitness Town for all your fitness equipment needs, we have concept 2s, oly bars, bumper plates, strength bands, abmats, oly lifting shoes and many more!

Look forward to this weekend!

27. cam birtwell wrote...

Arjuna, Chris, thanks for your insights, I had a good laugh

Chris I'm going take your advice - I'll open with a 350 clean, 650 squat, and 400 bench... then sit back on and sip kool aid on the deads... ;)

Regarding the rowing, we should take pictures and see how many people are neutral when rowing - my bet is not many.

Arjuna, there's no "r" in ballistic ;), how's that for terminology

Gonna be fun times for sure, see you up there

28. Cocktail wrote...

Are Victoria and Squamish on opposite sides of the international date line from one another

29. Josh R wrote...

Wow. Great job on the programming. This should be fair for everyone! Couldn't have thought it out better myself. Only wish there was a run considering Squamish has some of the best trails in the world :)

30. Globo wrote...

Yeah Ive been hitting the trails more thinking there would be a killer run, seems I should have been rowing instead...damn I hate rowing...

31. The Pie wrote...


You and me both buddy. I have been preaching to my gym for the last three months to work on their hill runs because I knew Quest University has some bad ass trails right near it.

Hate the 2k row.

The Pie
CrossFit Lions

32. Mark wrote...

It's go time boys and girls.... gonna be a great weekend, and ya the 2k row can pound sand.

CrossFit Langley

33. LP wrote...

I don't mean to sound like a dick, but can you post the movement standards already? the wods were already a day late; seems kinda unprofessional. Unless I am lost on this new site format, in which case I will eat my words.

34. Thor wrote...

There's 25min before they're "late" again... :P

35. Dave K wrote...

Nice work guys. I am very excited to come up and help out with the event. It would be nice to be competing, but, judging it will be for this year.

In regards to the programming. I like the 1RM workout at the beginning. This will be everyone's true strength as they are fresh. The strong will survive the afternoon. The weak will not. Rip would love this!!

Good Luck to all competitors!


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