Canada Regional

The BC Sectional Deadly Quartet

Canada represents with some deadly numbers.

Now with less than 3 weeks to the Sectionals athletes from across the Canadian province are dialing in their training in preparation for what's to come. As registration numbers continue to grow, here is a sample of the kind of athletes you can expect to see come March 27th-28th.

Clockwise from Upper Left:

Name: Kevin "Taz" Wallace
Affiliate: CrossFit Taranis
Angie: 14:16
Diane: 5:07
Isabel: 2:43
Linda: 20:45
800m Run: 2:26
Deadlift: 485lbs
Overhead Squat: 250lbs

Name: Steve Howell
Affiliate: Dawson Creek
Angie: 11:23
Cindy: 30 Rounds
Filthy Fifty: 14:20
Fran: 2:49
Murph (w/vest): 32:36
Nancy: 12:38
Back Squat: 341lbs
Clean and Jerk: 230lbs
Deadlift: 452lbs

Name: Pete Kendrick
Affiliate: CrossFit Optimum Performance
Fight Gone Bad: 382
Grace: 2:33
Helen: 7:46
Nate: 12 Rounds
400m Run: 56sec
500m Row: 1:24
Clean and Jerk: 230lbs
Deadlift: 435lbs

Alicia "D-con" Connors
Affiliate: CrossFit Taranis
Elizabeth: 11:41
Fran: 3:47
Grace: 3:38
Helen: 7:41
Bench Press: 155lbs
Clean and Jerk: 160lbs
Front Squat: 185lbs

For those of you still thinking about signing up, get it done. Registration will close Sunday March 14th and WOD's will be released on Sunday March 21st.

Options will exist to scale all WOD's, and you won't find a better environment to crush records and unearth weaknesses (though scaled workouts will disqualify you to qualify for Regionals). Come see what you've got!

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11 comments on this entry

1. Stephanie wrote...

Wow, I'm amazed at the run times these ELITE athletes are getting. WAY TO GO!

2. Rich Vos wrote...

I love how this sport is evolving. No longer is a sub-4 "Fran" or 400 lb. deadlift worthy of elite fitness. For those looking to compete just 2 years ago, both were considered pretty good and worthy of competition. Now that the field has grown and CrossFit athletes have gotten stronger, faster, and more technical, those who wish to compete in Aromas (or even the regionals) have to really step up their game, training, eating, and resting to the highest standards.

The 3 beasts displayed above look like all-around fit athletes. Good luck to them all!

3. Jeff Chester wrote...

Yeah Alicia!! Best of luck to you. Kill it!

4. Ben Wheeler wrote...

Taz & D-Con you two are badass ass! Its a pleasure to know you too!


Great to meet you at Taranis for the winter challenge. Good luck at the sectional!

5. Ben Wheeler wrote...

haha don't know where badass ass came from? just too excited for you guys I guess! Go Taranis!

6. Chris Schaalo wrote...

I've seen three of the four compete, and I can assure everyone who comes to watch you're in for a treat!
Especially when the little blonde starts demolishing everyone... guys included...

F*ck Yeah Taranis!

7. Patrick Vuong wrote...

Yeah Pete K! I know you're gonna represent our gym well. This guy is an amazing athlete with great determination. Make us proud!

8. jordan glasser wrote...

Yeah Steve. I will now give you your new nick name, Steve "BENZ" Howell.

See you in Squamish!

9. Aaron Bergland wrote...

Alica/Kevin: Way to guys, we're all going to have fun chasing you guys at Sectionals!

#2 Rich: You said there's only 3 beasts above? I see four, oh and Alicia being the biggest one of them all!

10. Jason - COP wrote...

Pete K thanks for joining C.O.P and bringing over the "Fit Town" peeps. Training with you guys on a regular basis has definitely raised my game. 18 days and counting to sectionals it going to be a good one!

11. Karen Howell wrote...

Good luck Steve from South Africa I'll be waiting to here if you make it too Calgary.


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