British Columbia Sectional

BC Sectional Wrap-Up

The results from BC are in!

Jesse Bifano writes about BC Sectional:
First off we'd really like to acknowledge the massive effort and support from all our volunteers; many people worked much longer than they were asked, to make the BC Sectional what it was.  Athlete performance this weekend was astounding.  After Saturdays WODs and many PR's athletes showed up to a grinder of a workout that required more of any athlete than would have appeared on paper just a couple days before.  Although the fastest men and women where in the 12-14 minute range many athletes poured their soul out trying to finish as Rx'd. It was edge of the seat performances, with spectators seemingly endless ability to cheer on those who were left to finish alone.  For a provincial community of 26 gyms we had one hell of a great weekend and have some killers moving forward to the regionals, that have more to offer than just fast times and heavy lifts.

Thanks again to Fitness Town, Concept 2, John Welbourn at CrossFit Football, and Quest University for all the assistance in making the weekend great.         

Top men
1. Peter Kendrick
2. Lucas Parker
3. Tyson Takasaki
4. Caleb Roda
5. Steve Howell

Top women
1. Emily Beers
2. Alicia Conners
3. Christa Solomon
4. Sara Stamm Bergland
5. Ainslie Kehler

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11 comments on this entry

1. Lucas wrote...

I can't express how awesome this weekend was. It was so fun to compete with you all and it was inspiring to see how hard eveybody pushed themselves. I made a lot of new friends and a lot of great memories. BIG thanks to all the volunteers, especially the judges!

2. Aaron wrote...

I totally agree with Lucas, great weekend. Way to push everyone who competed and especially those who qualified, Ill be there at Regionals cheer for all of you!

3. Drew wrote...

Great time with great people that were so encouraging!
Very big thanks to Jesse, Heather, judges and voluteers for a fantastic event.

CrossFit rules!

4. Mark wrote...

Great effort by all,athletes and judges. It was good to meet so many elite athletes. looking forward to crossing paths again soon. good luck to everyone in calgary. see you there.

Crossfit Langley

5. Mike Eberts wrote...

What an awesome weekend it was! What was so great that everyone was in the crossfit spirit! Of course the competitors wanted to win but we all want the best competitors to move on and we cheered for everone no matter who they were and I believe we all did our very best in every moment!

6. Jeff wrote...


You are the true spirit of CrossFit. You've only been doing this for 6 weeks and jumped in with the Lions for the competition. You ROCK!

When you came through my judging station on the Second WOD I was beyond impressed with your determination and attitude to do the best you can do.

Then to watch you complete the "ride the lightning" WOD on day 2........nothing short of amazing.

The judges decision to award you the "Spirit of the games" award for the weekend was unanimous, no discussion required.

Way to represent that CrossFit is for EVERYONE!

Good job brother, it was a pleasure to meet you and I was very proud and feel privileged to have judged one of your workouts!

7. Drew wrote...


Thanks man.

8. Troy Angrignon wrote...

Like those above, I want to thank Jesse and Heather for building a great community here in Squamish and for taking on this sectionals like they do everything else - with an attention to detail like nobody else.

In the last few years, I have raced mountain bikes, trail foot races, and triathlons but I have to say this was more fun than all of them.

You/we collectively are a kick ass, supportive, inspiring, and great group of people. I met awesome people from all over the province, in particular from Vancouver, North Van, Victoria, Kelowna, Maple Ridge, Dawson Creek, but there were many more. I hope to see and train with all of you again somewhere.

9. Ryan wrote...

Congrats Christa aka Brown Bread! You rocked it!

10. cam birtwell wrote...

thanks to jesse, heather, and the huge crew of excellent judges and volunteers, smoothly run event which must have taken a huge amount of preparation.

the programming for the events was top - notch: allowing athletes to settle into the competition and hit strength while fresh was the best possible start. From there the 5 min amrap, 2k row, and longer metcon provided successively longer time domains without the accumulation of a lot of unnecessary fatigue or muscle damage.

To test these four time domains and not wreck people in the process takes a lot of planning and care. i chatted with more than a few people who were glad we weren't doing the central canada wods (7 min of thrusters??? okay to test the time domain but not if you want to actually perform well from then on!).

my concern about people's backs appears to be unfounded, many hit DL pr's and continued to rock the rest of the workouts, awesome to see.

definitely that was one of the most physically, psychologically, and emotionally charged weekends i've ever been a part of, so glad we brought a good crew from crossfit zone to represent and that crossfit squamish was chosen to put the event on.

thanks again, hope to see all my new friends soon,


11. Sterling wrote...

I second what Cam said! It was incredible!


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