British Columbia Sectional

BC Sectionals Overview and Movement Standards

C2 provides a full race kit for the BC Sectionals

Concept 2 has been generous enough to hook us up with a full race kit for the third event.  What does that mean? All 10 Ergs in each heat will be linked together.  On the athletes' screens will appear the heat leader (+ how far they are ahead in meters), the person just in front of you (distance in meters), and the person behind you (distance in meters).  Additionally, we’ve rented a projector so all the spectators can watch the racers go head to head. Big thanks to Concept 2.

Two days to go.  Please take a look at the movement standards videos.

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Video Downloads

Workout 1 "Football Total" Movement Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Workout 2 "Pride, Lust, And Envy" Movement Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Workout 3 "2K Row" Movement Standards

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Workout 4 "Ride The Lightning" Movement Standards

Download as QuickTime.
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32 comments on this entry

1. Chris - CrossFit Kelowna wrote...

That's pretty cool about the rowers! Not sure if I like knowing where everyone is, only because I can't just row my own race... haha!

2. Kevin Wallace wrote...

For the second workout it now Ground to overhead not burpees?

3. Dan - CrossFit Taranis wrote...

Is it just me or did something change here?.?.?... WOD #2 was posted as burpees but standards video says shoulders to overhead. Which one will it be?

PS. Love the row standards video!

4. Chris wrote...

Didn't see anything mentioned regarding the use of belts for the CFFB Total.

5. The Pie wrote...

I'm pretty sure the workouts will stay as posted originally. I'm guessing the same thing is so for the womens reps on the ring dips in the last workout.

I talked to jesse two days ago after the workouts were released about the burpee standard, therefore I'm pretty sure he is sticking with that. God I hope not however as I much prefer that workout with shoulder to overhead at that weight.

I hated CrossFit Football Total before today and now I really hate it with bodyweight factored in. Being a big guy who is weak is going to be a real disadvantage here.

6. Sterling wrote...

Quick question Jesse. Can we do a sumo style deadlift?

7. darkwing duck wrote...


8. Scotty Grubb wrote...

Anyone want to split a ticket for Sqamish ??
Please call or email
604 618 4401

9. John wrote...

Umm whats up with WOD 2?
Are belts goin to be ok on the total?
And what is the height for wallballs?

10. Myriam wrote...

How much time will there be to warm up for the 4 different lifts? Will we have to warm them all up before the power clean or will there be time in between the 4?

11. Deanna wrote...

The weight of the kb swings changed as well...

12. Jesse Bifano wrote...

Questions answered:

2. The videos posted are being pulled with the proper ones going up very shortly. The WODs are exactly as posted two days ago. No Wilks Coefficient, WOD 2 with Burpees, 9/4 Ring Dips.
3. Conventional Deadlifts on the Football Total.
4. Belts on the Total are accepted but clothing must be the same as you would wear for any of the other WODs.

13. Nils wrote...

No Wilks? :-(
That was going to be my saving grace.
Love the C2 hookup though!

14. Jesse Gray wrote...

Just wanted to say that I've rowed in indoor comps where all the C2s were hooked up and it's really cool. You get the mini version of the race on your personal monitor and the full version on the screen. It's definitely a game changer! Get used to being very disciplined, it's easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and burn yourself out. It should really push the pace at the end as well! Good luck and remember, don't false start!

15. Steve wrote...

Will the guys and girls heats for the rowing be far enough apart to allow them to be each others coaches?

Also, if a wall ball hits the wall above the mark does it still count?


16. Lucas wrote...

Oh man, that would be so much better if they did a CFFB total/bodyweight ratio to score event 1

17. Ryley wrote...

@Lucas, by the same argument should we be giving a handicap to heavy athletes during bodyweight exercises?

18. Lucas wrote...


Nope! ;)

19. Dan - CrossFit Taranis wrote...

Lucas and Ryley

It really only boils down to one question. What was the desired intent of the WOD? Was it to see who is the strongest mo fo out there on those 4 lifts or was it to see who had the greatest strength to weight raio?

Both are valid tests in my opinion, and given the way the other wods are structured I think they did a great job. Add load to WOD #2 instead of the burpee and I think the stregth to weight ratio test would be more applicable. The fact that it wont be there means the lighter Kb and the burpee even the playing feild out a bit for us light weights. The way it's set up is solid, it will all come out in the wash.

So let's not forget, being a light weight isn't an excuse to not be strong, and being heavy doesn't void you of the need to be able to do pull ups unassisted! We are CrossFiters after all.

20. thor wrote...

You light AND heavy kids have nothing to complain about! Its being tall that sucks... It should be weight x distance moved for each lift :D

Personally I'm going to try to completely ignore those monitors until the last 250m! :S

21. Jesse Bifano wrote...

Wallball will count if it touches or is above the line. Though given the layout any wallballs above 10'8" will see you chasing after your ball. For the Football WOD you'll want to be pretty warmed up for all lifts when your heat begins, as you'll lift once every 5 minutes for an hour (=12 lifts), unless you opt out of a lift).

22. Lucas wrote...


What kind of opportunities will we have to warm up? If we show up early can we start building up on some barbells? will there be equipment set aside for prep before the heat? can we practice lifts between attempts? Can I, say, warm up my deadlift between my 3 bench press attempts?

23. Annie wrote...

where does it say body weight was factored for total!? is that for real?

24. Sterling wrote...

Jesse. On the burpees. If I miss the ring can I jump up again and hit the ring on a second effort with out doing the burpee for that rep or does another complete burpee have to be performed?

25. Jon wrote...

That is good about the clothing & belt clarification...I usually like to do all my WODs in squat suits and knee wraps...

26. Sterling wrote...

Ya I couldn't agree more Jon. I like to wear my knee wraps while hitting HSPU's. Takes alot of the load off! Good times man look forward to meeting everyone!

27. JOn wrote...

...and I find that having a extra stiff bench shirt on really helps me run and row with ease.

28. Jesse Bifano wrote...

Doors will open at 7AM. There will be a separate warm up area, with as much spare equipment as we can muster. If you want to practice lifts between attempts that's cool. But don't miss your next lift. Burpees: if you miss the ring you can jump up a second time for the rep. I will personally high five anyone who performs WOD 2, 3, or 4 in a bench shirt.

29. Globo wrote...

Hey Jesse one more question cause you haven't had enough yet...

On ring dips when kipping is allowed there are times we all have seen a hinge at the hip and only the upper body is moving through the range of motion and the lower body and hip stay pretty much at the same level the whole time.

Is this going to be looked at as a fault also? Just want to clarify if it hasn't already been mentioned.

30. Sterling wrote...

Now that is an excellent question. Those BS ring dips can buy you a mountain of time.

31. Mike Shilton wrote...

Good luck guys! Balls to the wall!

32. charlie wrote...

I am just watching the movement standards and as a kettlebell instructor and athlete it bugs me that crossfit forces the overhead lockout on the swing. This is not a proper swing movement so why do you force it that way. The idea that by taking the movement to an overhead position makes it better or more difficult is poor logic. If you really want to take it to the next level make the competitor use a heavier kettlebell or why not make it a snatch, at least then you would be re-enforcing proper technique of a movement and exercise.
Kettlebell lifting and athletics both in competition and coaching have developed by some tremendous coaches, athletes and strongman so forcing a technique that is Not instructed or performed by those same individuals in the kettlebell community seems a poor decision at best and at worst an unsafe decision. This seem to me to go against what I see as the ideal of this fitness community; more concerned with healthy and proper movement then the often unsafe or improper movements in many traditional gyms which are all to often concerned with ego and looks.
This is my thought!
Good Luck to all the athletes!!!


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