Alabama (inc. TN, MS) Sectional

Bama Sectional Final Results

The Alabama sectional, which includes both Tennessee and Mississippi wrapped up just this last weekend. Russell Berger, former CrossFit Games competitor directed the event and checked in with the following.

"Day two wrapped up well. We had great energy, a roaring crowd, and a strong showing from all competitors. Handstand Push-ups ate some peoples lunch, but most of them grinded away at them, first place in the final event going to both Rich Froning (shown above) and Michelle Kinney (also pictured), who placed 1st overall at the end of the competition. Special awards were given to the 1st place finishers of 'The Corps' WOD from the Marines. Drew Shamblin and Christina Van Der Hulst both received engraved ammo cans filled with concrete."

Top 15 Men
1. Rich Froning Jr.
2. Drew Shamblin
3. Mike McGoldrick
4. Forrest Walden
5. Stephen Camiolo
6. Jeffrey Barnett
7. Aaron Betts
8. Paul Smith
9. Kevin Lowe
10. Michael McElroy
11. Kyle Mooneyham
12. Stephen Hand
13. Tra Griffin
14. Tra Justavino
15. Jason Daniel

Top 15 Women
1. Michelle Kinney
2. Christina Van Der Hulst
3. Amber Hill
4. Carissa Boone
5. Shyla Cundall
6. Sarabeth McLendon
7. Karen Hubbard
8. Courtney Patterson
9. Cori Watts
10. Ashley Bledsoe
11. Sara McCleary
12. Tracey Rauer
13. Eileen Parrish
14. Jordan Pepe
15. Katie Glasscock

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9 comments on this entry

1. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Those are two bad ass athletes in that picture! Great job this weekend to all competitors, staff, and volunteers!

See you in Jax!


2. patrick wrote...


3. Tom wrote...

We've posted a bunch (but not nearly all) the photos from the games

More will be coming.

4. Katie wrote...

Patrick... something tells me you are sporting a shirt with the arm holes cut out right about now...

5. Jeremiah Malmberg wrote...

The 14th place finisher from the Alabama Sectionals First name is Duran Justavino from Crossfit Hattiesburg

6. Victor Vega wrote...

First time at a CrossFit Games Event. My wife and I have been doing CrossFit @ CrossFit Impulse since last week of January of this year. It was great to see what the long term results will be.
We volunteered selling T-Shirts for the various affiliates that participated. This turned out very well, making ~$800-900 each day on T-shirts. I'm telling you, there's a HUGE market for CrossFit apparel, it can EASILY go the way of TAPOUT or even UnderArmor. Specially if you start making apparel and gear that works for the various aspects of CrossFit, instead of specific sports like most gear/apparel out there.
The AL/TN/MS sectionals were a great inspiration; I saw great camaraderie, and friends and family support. It was great to have the Marine Corps, Hi-Temp, and 2Pood there. Getting more vendors (sports authority, Academy, Dick's, Nike..hey why not) and the military with their cool recruiting tents, obstacle courses, and rock climbing walls could really make it a great event for the community (but drop the spectator price to like $10/person). As a result you would get more people signed up for CrossFit.

Good luck to everyone going to Regionals!

7. Rich wrote...

Just wanted to tell Russell and all the volunteers thanks for a great first time CrossFit event experience. Russell and all the judges did a great job and handled all situations very professionals. Pull up bar malfunction was handled perfectly, wall ball target was hard to hit which is the way its supposed to be, and the standards for all the workouts were different from what most people had trained at which is what CrossFit is all about, the unknown and unknowable. Congratulations to all competitors and I look forward to seeing you all in Jacksonville.

8. Clay wrote...

Richie is a badass, I once stayed at his house on vacation.

9. darlene barnett wrote...

Way to go son!! I knew you were the best in all you do!!ll



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