S. California Sectional

Athlete Profile: Alec Hanson

Representing all those closet geeks out there.

Name: Alec Hanson
Age: 28
Weight: 175
Height: 6'0"

Alec is the co-owner of the Southern California based Affiliate CrossFit Costa Mesa. While he still maintains a full time desk job in the finance industry he finds time to train and coach others. While he's a self proclaimed "super nerd" because he maintains a position in a highly successful World of Warcraft team, he's happy with CrossFit because, in his words "I'm not a 90 pound weakling anymore." Surely that's a good thing for someone so into video games. Alec will be competing in this weekends SoCal Sectional at UCLA.

Fran: 3:24
Grace: 2:48
Filthy Fifty: 19:34
FGB: 368
Cindy: 26 Rounds
Nancy: 14:57
Annie: 7:51

Deadlift: 383lbs
Back Squat: 325lbs
100m Sprint Backwards: 1:19
Front Squat: 270
World of Warcraft Character: Gnome Tank
Clean and Jerk: 245lbs
Snatch: 177lbs
One Arm Snatch: 115lbs
Box Jump: 56 inches
Overhead Squat: 225lbs
10x BW OHS at 177lbs
Double-unders (continuous): 55
Kipping Pull-ups (continuous): 36
Longest Time Period with a Mustache: 1 Month
500m Row: 1:27
Standing Broad Jump: 7.5 feet

Favorite WOD: Nancy
Least Favorite: Eva (although it's a love/hate thing)
Favorite Movement: Clean or OHS, toss up
Least Favorite Movement: Press

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17 comments on this entry

1. Montana wrote...

Not to take away from this athlete, but does anyone know when Oregon is posting our sectional workouts?

2. Ryan at CrossFit 714 wrote...

stay classy, alec.

3. Slaughter wrote...

I love crossfit, i love video games. Good stuff Alec

4. Lindsay wrote...

Yeah Alec!

5. Alec wrote...

Thanks guys. Live the dream!

6. Mehdi wrote...

tsk tsk Alliance, what a shame ;)
Good luck Alec.

7. Mindy wrote...

Good stuff, Alec. Best of luck this weekend. Too bad you can't use any spells in the sectional. Or can you......

8. Marky wrote...

Im rooting for you Bro! Get some!

9. Robert wrote...

Good luck from the staff at Free Wheelchair Mission Alec! I'll be judging this weekend, hope I run into you =)

10. Alec wrote...

Thanks guys! It will be a blast.

11. Katie wrote...

Yayayay that's my trainer !! WOOHOO!

12. Tani wrote...

Good luck!! And remember what Mr. Miyagi says, "Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything." Break out the chopsticks cuz you're gonna kill it!

13. Phil wrote...

ok, gnome tank, so a warrior or a dk? You should also throw out the name of your realm and guild. The avid CF/WoW player base has a new champion.

14. Jennifer N. wrote...

GOOD LUCK ALEC!!! I'm sure you'll do great, see you there!!

15. Midge wrote...

Go get them!!! You are the best.

16. ronw wrote...

i wonder what server he is on.....i would love to wow it up with a cf monster.

17. Ed king wrote...

Haha! No way! Glad to see I'm not the only wow nerd who has a dream to go to aromas! :) Good luck man, I'll be cheering for you.

Good hunting,

Orc Tank.

Shitty job but someones gatta do it ;) :P


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