Ohio (inc. KY, MI, IN) Sectional

Arnold Sectional Wrap-up

CrossFit takes The Arnold by storm.

The Arnold Sectional Event is in the rearview mirrors, and it was a huge success. The athletes at this particular Sectional had to pack in 4 tough workouts in one day, one of which was a complete mystery to them until the 3rd WOD concluded. Here's a look at what they had to endure for the final workout of the day:

15-12-9 Reps for time of:
Power Clean and Jerk (155/105lbs)
Pull-ups - Chest-to-Bar Men/Chin-to-Bar Women
Box Jump (24"/20")
100' Sled Pull - Athlete is seated and pulled the weight 100' via rope - (115/70lbs)

Top 5 Women
1. Lisa Shiu
2. Julie Foucher
3. **Chastity Slone
4. Kelly McIntosh
5. Jennifer Smith
6. Courtney Valerious

**Pre-qualified for Regional

Top Men
1. Dan Bailey
2. David Ulmer
3. Dane Youtz
4. Matt Sharp
5. Joseph Weigel

CrossFit Games veteran Josh Everett finished 2nd in the sandbag sprint and top 4 in each of the first 3 WODs. Work in San Diego forced him to make an early exit before the final event was completed.

For a full list of results, go here.

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12 comments on this entry

1. PLEASE!!! wrote...

Please annnounce the Oregon/Idaho sectional WODs!!!!!!!!!

2. Yes! wrote...

or at least let us know when to look for them!

3. Scott from KY wrote...

It was great competing with everyone. I was honored to do all 4 workouts with the greatest athletes in our area. I will always remember this weekend. Good Luck at Regionals everyone!!

4. toomuch wrote...

wow who is that lisa chick,she is beautiful and badass,gr8 work girl!!!!!!!!!! go get them at regionals

5. Rookie wrote...

What a great event! The most fun I've ever had getting my butt kicked. Even had a temporary moment of excitement when the top 60 were announced with a slight scoring error and I was top 20 LOL! Thanks to all the volunteers and orginizers. The winners were all very quailifed and the top 3 from the regionals will do great in Aromas. Can't wait to do it again next year! Going to learn from that 4th WOD what I need to work on-I got destroyed on that one!

6. Cole Gruber wrote...

Wow! This was my first time at a Games event and it was amazing! The workouts were great, the athletes were great, the crowd was amazing, and all the volunteers did a great job at making it possible. CrossFit got some great exposure and these events are only going to get better and better. Now, if only I could get over this sore throat I have from trying to count reps over the tremendously loud crowd.

7. vince wrote...

How about the PA/DE/MD wods??? We get an email that the wods would be posted soon and to keep checking the main page. Here we are 24 hrs later and bubkis. I can't sleep, please someone throw us a bone. If you don't have the WODs by now I'm not sure what to say. Look at these other Sectionals annoucing the game plans. Can we take a page out of their book, please? Anyone?

8. Zach@CFLV wrote...

WOOHOO! Congrats Jen Smith! You're a rock star - we miss ya out here in Vegas! Best of luck @ Regionals!

9. MI CrossFitter wrote...

I'm not sure about that scoring method. I feel sorry for the women like Terri Rosen who would have finished 16th and qualified for the Regionals if the 2009 GAMES scoring were in place. Instead she finished 22nd with Proportional Scoring. Or Jessica Erickson, who qualified at the 20th spot barely getting into the Regionals, but would have been in 13th place. It seems like you should be judged compared to everyone in the competition and not just the finisher in each event.

10. Scoring wrote...

That is unfortunate for those athletes that would have qualified with the 2009 Games scoring; however, if it had been the other way around, there would have been other athletes that would not have qualified with the 2009 Games scoring but did with the proportional scoring. No matter what scoring method you use, there will always be someone who doesn't qualify but would have with a different scoring method in place. I personally think the proportional scoring is more accurate, because it takes into account exactly how much faster/heavier/etc one person finished a wod ahead of everyone else. With the 2009 Games scoring, your place doesn't change whether you finish 10 min ahead of someone or a half a second ahead. The 2009 Games scoring almost encourages people to slow down near the end of a workout to save their energy for the next one but still maintain their place, and I think we can all agree that this isn't what CF is all about.

11. MI CrossFitter wrote...

Re: Scoring

Well put, I can't really argue with that.

12. joe stephens wrote...

why did josh have to leave does he still go through to the games? really hope he does for me he is the mind and body of the games without the legends of crossfit will it really be the same. good work josh all the best


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