Ohio (inc. KY, MI, IN) Sectional

CrossFit Sectionals at the Arnold

A breakdown of the schedule from the Ohio sectional.

Things are heating up in Columbus Ohio as we ready the equipment for the Sectional at the Arnold Classic. We have 8000 SQ FT of matting, 9000LBS of bumper plates, 200' of pullup bars, 40' rack stations, 50 weightlifting bars and much much more.

Starting on Friday in room B200 you can come check out the CrossFit booth, we will have a ton of gear setup and contests running throughout the weekend! The main event kicks off on Sunday!

Here is some basic information on the Sectional this weekend:

Important Dates and Times Line:

* March 3rd, 5:00 PM - WODs Released
* March 6th, 12:00-4:00 Early Check In Room B200 - Sign Waivers and get arm band and numbers. The more people who come during this time will help us greatly for Sunday.
* March 7th, 6:30-7:15 AM Late Registration - If you miss this you WILL NOT COMPETE . We strongly suggest you check in the day before and use Sunday morning to warm up.
* March 7th, 8:00 AM The event will kick off. The WODs and heats will run pretty much consecutively until almost 6:00 PM. Plan accordingly.

WOD Schedule:

* 8:00 AM - WOD #1
* TBD - WOD #2
* TBD - WOD #3
* TBT - WOD # 4

Other details:

* Athletes and volunteers will not have to pay to get into the Arnold
* Guests will have to pay. The Arnold is a different venue than other Sectional locations hence the entry fee is only $10/person.
* Admissions are handled by the Arnold and we have no control.
* Volunteers will get another email to coordinate jobs and tasking. (We are already greatly in debt to the volunteers, this event would not happen without their support. Thank you.)

The Arnold is a huge event with Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Powerlifting and bodybuilding during the course of the events. CrossFit Kids will is featured at the Arnold with Jeff and Mikki Martin, if you have a chance, check them and the other CrossFit events scheduled on the Arnold page.

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8 comments on this entry

1. nu wrote...

PUMPED to leave it all in that room on Sunday!

2. Jt wrote...

Are competitors going to have to pay to get in on Saturday to complete early check in?

3. Scott from KY wrote...


4. Bill Henniger wrote...

1) We will have the list there for you to get in on Saturday and Sunday for athletes - all of that information will be flowing to you via the athlete updates

2) TBT - Not sure what that is, should be TBD - sorry about that. Maybe it is a really important "to be determined"


5. Scott wrote...

Thanks Bill,

Also when we registered it said that we get a guest free? is that still true?


6. Rookie wrote...

I think I saw the free guest still has to pay to get into the arnold...I'm hoping to go register saturday AM and look around some then, so sunday I can get my WOD on! Any idea if WOD 4 is only for the top people (60 or so?) or if all of us are going to do all 4?

7. Rookie wrote...

Dumb Question---being that I've never been to or noticed/watched a video closely enough, what are the rules about chalk, gloves and tape? Are we allowed to use any/all, and will chalk be provided or do we have to bring our own? Is taping wrists allowed? I assume people with joint issues can wear a knee brace, right? Thanks.

8. Bill Henniger wrote...

We will announce the cutoffs with the WOD's. We will send out the standards to the athletes. You can wear a knee brace and chalk will be provided.

The guest thing is different at this venue, the athlete entry is $50 and the guest entry is $10.

We will have a FAQ out shortly



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