Pennslyvania (inc. MD, DE) Sectional

PA/MD/DE Sectional WODs Announced

The Pennsylvania/Maryland/Delaware Section is coming right up so it's high time we let you competitors in on what you're up against. The following information comes straight from 2009 CrossFit Games Champion Tanya Wagner herself.

Workout 1 (Indoor)

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
Floor-to-Overhead (155/85lbs)

* Barbell can move anyway from the floor to overhead (c&j, snatch, squat clean, split jerk...)
* Arms must be at full extension overhead with elbow in line over shoulder and both legs must be at full extension with feet reset under your body (no wider than shoulder width) before bar returns to the floor.
*arms and legs must be at full extension, locked out at the same time with feet back under body before barbell returns to floor.

Workout 2 (Outdoor)

In 10 minutes as many reps as possible of:

500m Run
1-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (35/26lbs)

Note: "Nicole" style scoring, put the kettlebell down at any point and run 200m.

* Bottom of the bell must stay above shoulder for entire squat for rep to count, hip crease below knee for full depth and hips at full extension at the top of the squat.
* Every time the bottom of the kb touches shoulder, head, or falls below the shoulder you must run 200m before returning to the kb and continuing.
* You may change hands as long as the bell does not fall below your shoulder or touch your shoulder or head. Holding with 2 hands overhead is acceptable only when resting or changing hands.
* For the rep to count, the kettlebell must remain in the same hand for the full duration of the squat.

Workout 3 (Indoor)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
(35/15lb vest worn throughout)

Row 1000m - This is only done once to start the heat.


20 Double-unders
15 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
10 Ring Push-ups
5 Pull-ups

* Double Unders - 2 Swings per jump, some jump ropes will be available, we recommend bringing your own rope to use.
* Wall Balls - Full depth hip crease below knee and entire ball must hit above 10'/8' target line and hit the wall.
* Ring Push-ups (fixed height with bumper plate under athlete) chest to plate vest/chest must touch plate at the bottom and arms must be fully locked out before a knee can come down for rep to count. The rings must stay over the plate during the entire duration of the pushup for the rep to count (arm width does not matter, however the rings cannot go in front of or behind the plate).
* Pull-ups - Arms at full extension and chin must clear over the bar, touching the bar is no good, must be over the height of the bar for rep to count.
* Scoring on this event is on every rep after the 1k row
* Scaling is wearing no vest, score won't count. Just need 1 rep with vest to be in contention.


March 13th - CrossFit KoP (200 Dekalb St. Bridgeport, PA 19405)

7:30-8:30am - Athlete Registration
8:00am - Spectator Registration Opens
8:30am - Athlete Meeting
8:45am - National Anthem
9:00am - First Heat Begins
6:25pm - Final Heat Ends
6:45pm (approx.) - Awards

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Workout 1 Movement Standards Are The Same As The Utah/Nevada Sectional...

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<Strong>Workout 3 Standards Video</Strong> ...

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76 comments on this entry

1. Tanya Wagner wrote...

WOD 1 is 3 minutes floor-to-overhead only.

2. Bill wrote...

Is the second workout scored by total reps on the squat only?

3. j wrote...

I can barely do a one armed Overhead Airsquat with no weight. This is going to be a real treat.

4. Tanya Wagner wrote...


Yes, scoring is on the squats only.

5. Aimee wrote...

What is the fixed height on the rings for the ring push-up? thanks.

6. Paul wrote...

500m Run
1-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (35/26lbs)

Note: "Nicole" style scoring, put the kettlebell down at any point and run 200m

Is the run 200M or 500M?

7. ed wrote...

The anticipation was eating me alive...i must say i'm impressed with the creativity of WOD 3. Awesome..i love it. wod 2 scares me more than anything

8. ed wrote...

quick question on the wallball. at the games you saw athletes throwing the ball to the target and letting it hit the floor. a.) does that count as a rep and b.) if after it hits the target and bounces off the ground i then grab the ball in mid-air and throw it to the target, rep? or no rep?

9. Tanya Wagner wrote...

The height of the rings will be consistent for all athletes. The rings will be just high enough that your knuckles won't touch the plate (approximately 1-3 inches above the plate).

The first run is ~500m, then every run after you begin your squats will be ~200m.

10. Tanya Wagner wrote...


a. yes, the wall ball shot still counts if you do not catch it and it hits the floor

b. we will count the next rep if the ball is "caught" off the bounce as long as it's caught with your hip crease below your knee before performing your next attempt

11. Barry Weidner-CF Generation wrote...

Outstanding WODS!!! I am so pumped. See everyone this weekend. Best of luck to all competitors.

12. BQ wrote...

Looks like fun! Thx Apex crew for all ur hard work! Should b an exciting day!

13. Sheldon wrote...


Are you trying to make me look silly by making me do double-unders with 35 lbs strapped to me? If so, well done.

I sure do wish they were ring dips!

Let's do this.

14. Mark Rosenbaum wrote...

Whe do we find out about which heat we are in and such?

15. Kit wrote...


I assume we can use any damper setting?

Can't wait, till saturday!


16. Jason wrote...

In the famous word of Chris Farley:


17. Chris Schaalo wrote...


What's with the random weight choices for WOD #1?
The weight for guys is heavier than Grace weight, but the weight for girls is lighter than Grace weight?

18. Billy wrote...

Im glad this isnt my sectional. very strange workouts. All 3 amraps. No 4th wod. only 33min of workouts. wod 1 weight is heavy for guys and way light for women. 3 minutes is kinda weak. overhead kb squats at that weight donts seem very challenging. And rowing with a vest is kinda wierd. Should be interesting...

19. The Champ wrote...

The Champ lives and is happy with the wod's. Going to be fun running and squating in the rain. Bring your rubbers people.

So my stats for the last wod will be 39m/6/240#. Ha. Everyone competing at 35#'s over their weight is going to be interesting.

20. Jay Raymond wrote...

How many overhead kettlebell squats? As many as possible or 15 reps total?

21. CJ wrote...

I'm really disappointed in these WODs. 3 AMRAPs, no 1RM, no real skill work that punishes competitors, no heavy METCONs(see Oregon/Idaho WODs). This sectional caters to the generalist and I feel will not send the best Crossfitter's to the Regional.

22. J wrote...

Yea, the bigger guys will have the advantage Saturday.

23. Jay wrote...


Isn't CF designed to reward the generalist and punish the specialist? No matter what happens, the best will always advance. I cannot picture a situation where any of your top CFers would not do extremely well in any of these WODs. I believe the WODs are nice and they are also punishing. Until you have tried WOD 3, no one can comment on its BLOWS. The cream will rise to the top and move on to Regionals.

People are complaining about no HSPU or MU. My strong bet is that a person with MU can do a BUNCH more ring push-ups than somone without a MU. My guess is that someone that can do 20 strung HSPU can keep a 35# bell above their head more since they can lock out their elbows.

In the end, I would bet everything that we will not be looking at the competition and saying...I can't believe so and so didn't make it.

Just my 2 cents.

24. Steve Liberati wrote...

CJ, you got it right....This sectional caters the generalist.

Welcome to CrossFit!

25. CJ wrote...


I couldn't disagree more with your assessment. I do not see how ring push-ups relate to muscle ups; if the WOD would have been ring dips then I might be more inclined to agree.

I guess my problem here is that our sectional is taking the top 20 men/women and I don't believe these WODs will really separate the men from the boys so to speak. These WODs are more about strategy than anything else. Hopefully, I will be eating crow come Monday morning and feel completely destroyed by these WODs and if I'm wrong I will happily recant here.

I've always believed in the mantra that if your not scared of the WOD it's not hard enough. Oregon/Idaho scare me, these do not.

26. Nick wrote...

Did someone really complain about a crossit competition catering to "generalists"?

Looking forward to getting my butt kicked with that 35lb vest on.

27. CJ wrote...

Maybe generalist is the wrong term for what I'm trying to express. I could run my intermediate classes through these WODs and they could do all the movements. Are they going to have competitive AMRAPs scores, no, but they could complete every WOD without receiving a DNF.

28. Sheldon wrote...

It's a Sectional...isn't that kind of the point? This way more people can compete and get a taste of that Games experience without having to worry about DNF'ing workouts. Like you said, not everyone will have competitive scores. We shall see come Saturday but I'm willing to bet that there is quite a bit of separation between the elite athletes and the average.

Another reason I think this plays well to the regular CrossFitter looking to get a Games experience is that everyone competes for the same amount of you don't have people out there struggling through a work-based WOD while other people are already off to the side eating their post-WOD meals.

29. The Champ wrote...

Just one question for Tanya:

Will every athlete be performing the wod's in order?: wod #1, then #2 then #3?

30. FP wrote...

Well said Sheldon. I feel like every other sectional has it's fair share of complaints. People see things based on what their strengths and weaknesses are. Idaho doesn't have any kind of run or row in the is that a better test of fitness???

I think this will be a good test for all CrossFitters....let's do this. Good luck everyone.
See you Sat.

31. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

CJ- How many people at your gym could complete the following wods:
7k hill run
at least 1 deadlift at 305/185
175m sprint w/ 70/35# sandbag
2x 500m row and drive a stake into the ground
hang squat snatches with 75/45#, wallballs

My guess is all of them. There's your entire first day for the Games, not Sectionals but Games. Average Crossfitters would have finished poorly in those events but still could have gotten a score in all of them.

It blows my mind that I see so many comments about sectionals not including handstand pushups or muscle-ups. These are sectionals, a chance for anyone to compete and see if they are fit enough to move on. The Games is a proving grounds for training methodology, lets keep it that way. The worst thing that could happen is if the games becomes a gymnastics/oly lifting meet. We train those movements to increase our work capacity in any endeavor we wish to take up...not to be really really good at fran and handstand pushups. I love the 1 arm OH squat, that in my mind is far more functional than a handstand pushup. When is the last time you were in an inverted position with your hands fixed at 30" apart and had to push yourself up without using your legs at all??? For me the only time that ever happened was at the games last year, but every day I deadlift, lunge, squat, push press...oh and run!

I love the sectionals programmers who think like I do, that it's okay to design wods so lots of people can compete, because the Fittest people will come out on top regardless. For all those who think the sectionals are too easy...have fun practicing your butterfly muscle-ups and good luck with the shoulder rehab.

Tanya and Josh- Nice work, your event is gonna rock!

32. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

CJ- I'm not directing that last comment totally at you, I hope I didn't come across that way. It's directed at the multiple comments I've seen posted about all of the sectionals.

33. Joe Bernard wrote...

Love the workouts, should be a fun day even though I'm just spectating. Nice job Tanya and Josh!

34. Ralph Hicks wrote...

Amen! For a community that I thought stood for not complaining, we have a lot of people complaining.

The best will in the end be the best. The easiest workout is hard if you push yourself hard enough.

WOD's are great and people will do great.

35. CJ wrote...

Tommy -

I understand your point of view and do not take offense. However I recently read one of your post in another thread where you stated the following in reference to the C&J: "I think it's a great test of athleticism and would rather see it in every sectional than see organizers trying to get "too cute."

In my opinion I think WODs 2&3 tried to get "too cute", but I'm also not one of the fittest people on the planet. I really hope I have to eat crow after this weekend and apologize to Tanya for my post.

On a side note I really liked your sectional and thought the prowler was a nice addition.

36. Casper Laurent wrote...

I have a question regarding the different region' spots for the finals. I see that the USA gets 25, but Europe only gets 3.

I'm wondering how the spots are calculated...?


Casper Laurent
Paideia Gym
Copenhagen, Denmark

37. Craig (CB) wrote...

I think I'd have to agree with both CJ and Tommy. You have people on the Oregon/Idaho post claiming it's to exclusive and people here claiming it's to inclusive. I personally would have like to have seen some movements that are not performed in standard WODs. i.e. prowler, sled drags, rope climbs, heavy front squats, 1RM Back Squat, but that's just me.

Looking forward to competing this weekend.

38. Rachel wrote...


If I have to scale the weight for wod 1, can I do that? Obviously I know my score wouldn't count, but at least I'd be able to complete the wod.


39. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

How about one armed overhead KB squats? Or anything weighted down with a 35# vest? What WOD have you done lately with ring push ups?

40. Tanya Wagner wrote...

Alright guys...a couple of answers here.

14. Mark, heats will hopefully be posted here on the main site by Friday.

15. Kit, any damper setting is fine for the rower.

18. Billy, "the only way to win is to do more work faster"

20. Jay, KB squats are as many as possible.

29. Champ, athletes will not be performing the workouts in the same order. The heats are arranged alphabetically and as I mentioned we should have these announced by Friday.

Looking forward to a GREAT day and a great competition for ALL! You may want to check the radar and pack your rain boots....bring on the fun!

Hi Tommy!

41. Tanya Wagner wrote...

38. Rachel, that will be can scale and absolutely still perform the workout in your heat. (And you are correct about the scoring being zero then for that workout.)

No worries!

42. Brian wrote...

I feel the WOD's are good, although the anticipation nearly killed me. Overall I think the field is wide open cause the WOD's don't key in on anyone's strengths or weaknesses in other words they walked the middle of the road.

43. Mark Rosenbaum wrote...

Thanks Tanya!

Man do I look forward to this. Saturday is going to be a treat.

44. Jesse Gray wrote...

How can anyone possibly complain about AMRAP workouts?! They are at the very heart of Crossfit, work capacity. Who has the bigger motor, who can do more work in a very exact time. With AMRAPs of 3, 10 and 20 minutes this sectional has been planned out brilliantly to test strength in all those very different time domains. This is brilliant from an inclusive standpoint as well, no one who just wants to compete at sectionals need to worry about getting a DNF, that's no fun and really, we're all amateurs here for the most part; fun and health should be our biggest motivators. Finally, from an event programming standpoint (some thing I have experience in), AMRAPs are great because they takes all the guess work out event length, allow you run a much tighter ship and get more athletes through in a more efficient manner. You may scoff at just "efficiently" running your athletes through workouts but it's actually a huge bonus for the athlete because you know exactly when to arrive back at the venue, start warming up, when to start mentally preparing. When things run smoothly, it benefits everyone involved.

Great job!

45. Kim wrote...

Question on the KB squats just to clarify - Your arm doesn't have to be locked out and can be bent as long as the KB doesn't TOUCH you on the head or shoulder - If the KB touches either one, or falls below the shoulder - you take off running, right? But there can be a bend in our arm?

46. Barry Weidner-CF Generation wrote...

Jessie, well said. I agree with all your comments.

47. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Great job on the programming, these should be a great test of work capacity. Having only ran with a vest on I have to say I'd dread the feeling of 35# sitting on my diaphragm while I rowed.

It's never going to be possible to please everyone nor is that the goal of the programming for these events. Too heavy, too light, too varied, not varied enough. In my experience the best Crossfitter wins. Look at the different weights chosen by the Colorado Regionals athletes last year - Matt Chan won with 75# snatches while several competitors opted to go 95/135.

Sectionals should be inclusive, Regionals not so much, Games not at all.

48. Sheldon wrote...

Has it been posted anywhere exactly how many men and how many women are competing Saturday? Just curious.

49. KW wrote...

WOD 1 - 3 min short - (oly lifting sprint)
WOD 2 - 10 min medium - (only the reps count + running)
WOD 3 - 20 min long - (w/heavy vest, multiple skills)

Broad time and modal domains...check!

I like these WOD's and actually i hate when sectionals try to "out program" one another with crazy over the top WOD's. There is no way that the best athletes will not be the ones moving on to regionals.

50. Bill Shiffler wrote...

How will the event be scored?

51. john wrote...


Can we get a final athlete count? Men ? Women? How many per heat? thank you, again GREAT Selection of WODS...


52. Jay wrote...


It is my opinion that if there WODs don't leave you in a puddle when they are over, you did not push hard enough. WOD 1, only 3 minutes but you have nothing left at the end and you begin to pray for it to be over. WOD 2 I have not done. WOD 3 is disgusting. There is no other word for it. I would not be surprised if no one finishes 5 rounds. I am by no means a top athlete but I have been doing other Sectional WODs and finishing consistantly between 30-40 if you are looking for a reference. This WOD is a destroyer and I watched people that can string nearly 200 DU's in a row crumble after 20.

53. Nick wrote...

Sure hoping there are others out there looking to do this for fun and I won't end up looking stupid with all of these amazing athletes! Still pumped.

54. Blake wrote...

I think that these 3 wods are the perfect test of broad times and modal domains. Awesome work Tanya and I can't wait to give these wods everything that I have this w.eekend

55. Bill Shiffler wrote...

On the Standards video for WOD 1, it says "bar can not touch the body below the chest".

Does this mean that the bar can't brush the thighs or hips on the way up at all? It looks as if Tommy is brushing his thighs on every attempt in the video.

56. Tanya Wagner wrote...

There are 128 male competitors and 35 female competitors.

Heats will consist of 8 competitors.

Scoring will be based on placement after each workout, not total reps accumulated. For example a male competitor ends the day with these rankings... Wod 1- 10th place, Wod 2- 50th place, Wod 3- 5th place= 65th place

57. Dan wrote...

For the DUs, is it acceptable to alternate between singles and doubles? (where obviously only the doubles count)

58. Craig (CB) wrote...


I'm not quite sure I understand the scoring.

Person A:
Wod 1- 1st place, Wod 2- 4th place, Wod 3- 1st place= 6th place

Person B:
Wod 1- 2nd place, Wod 2- 2nd place, Wod 3- 2nd place= 6th place

Is this a tie for 6th place? Also there is no other mathematical grouping that could beat the above arrangement should person A & B finish in that scenario and place lower so is 6th place the first place finisher?

59. Sheldon wrote...

Hearing that the event scoring is based on placement in each WOD is kind of disappointing. I assumed that since each workout is an AMRAP it was going to be total reps throughout the day. Counting each rep for each workout allows for stellar performances to carry more weight. It also allows you to make up ground in other WODs if one in particular really crushes you. Now that I think about it...this style of scoring could keep the average athletes (myself included) in the mix if there is a big gap in reps performed during a WOD so...

Maybe this should go to a vote during the competitor meeting?!

60. Bill wrote...


Do you mean that the scoring will be like the SC/NC sectionals here?

So in your scenario above in post #57 the competitior would have 65 points? or would he actually be in 65th place?

61. Tanya Wagner wrote...

There are 128 male competitors and 35 female competitors.

Heats will consist of 8 competitors.

Scoring will be based on placement after each workout, not total reps accumulated. For example a male competitor ends the day with these rankings... Wod 1- 10th place, Wod 2- 50th place, Wod 3- 5th place= 65th place

62. Tanya Wagner wrote...

Not sure why my last comment from earlier repeated.

Here's the deal on scoring, it's like in the '09 Games, your placement in each WOD determines your final placement as previous mentioned. Scoring in this way will show the overall most fit athletes. You must perform well in all events, rather than relying on one strong movement to get you to the top (a better indicator of broad work capacity).

As for ties in scoring. We will look at the highest place in all 3 events, then highest 2 places, then total reps (if we need to go there).

58. Double unders fine to single in between, but only the double under counts.

63. Jesse Gray wrote...

Sheldon, I agree that this might not be the most perfect scoring system possible but do you really think every rep should count the same when the time domain vary from 3 mins to 20 mins? Lets say you're a total fire breather on WOD 1 and you get 55 reps of ground to overhead at 155lbs. Not to shabby! Now, do you think it's fair to equally weigh those reps against against a 140lb Speal type athlete doing 20 mins of double unders, wall balls, ring push ups and pull ups? Every single round of that work out would net you 50 reps! Of course not, essentially, this scoring is the same as the games last year. It worked pretty well then, I think it'll do the trick this time as well.

64. Tanya Wagner wrote...

Sorry for the confusion in my example earlier, that athlete would have 65 points, not be in 65th place. He would then be ranked by his points, 1st place having the lowest number. My bad.

65. Bill Shiffler wrote...

Thanks Tanya. It makes sense now. Great job on putting these WODs together guys.

66. The Champ wrote...

35 females battling for 20 spots, 128 males battling for 20 spots. Interesting.

67. Keith DeNinno wrote...


If it is possible, would you be able to e-mail where I am on the waiting list? I would like to go either way (competitor or spectator) but I need to get back to school in Erie, Pa on Sunday. If i'm competing or have a good chance of someone dropping out then I will definitely show up, but if not then it's better for me not to go at all. Thanks.

68. Sheldon wrote...

Jesse, your argument is solid. I think that they had a similar problem with the scoring for the Arnold in the first event because times were very close but because it was proportional scoring you lost a ton of points for being 1 second slower. In the end...the 20 fittest will prevail and I'm sure it will be a blast.

69. Dave D. Crossfit Pittsburgh wrote...

The vested 20 min Row/AMRAP is a killer...take my word for it!

This should be a great sectional with ample phenomenal athletes.

Best of luck to all athletes, especially my boys at Crossfit Pittsburgh and friends at Panther Crossfit. Wish I could be there!

70. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

Thanks bud! Pittsburgh is going to represent!

71. Jason wrote...

Since there are so many males and very few females, I would be happy to compete as a female. Just let me know, I have one hell of a snatch.

72. Greeny wrote...

Great programming Josh and Tanya. These WODs look killer. I am honored to have you yell at me on a daily basis:)

73. Lincoln Brigham wrote...

This Sectional seems to be the most on-task of all the sectionals. It has a more balanced mix of broad time domains and it won't kill people in the process. This will be tough enough.

Folks who think fitness equals the ability to take a brutal beating should watch MMA instead.

74. Bill Shiffler wrote...

To all who made this event happen,

Just an awesome event and a great test of overall fitness. Thank you again. It was an honor to be a part of this.

75. Mike wrote...

Thank you to Tanya for putting all of this together and thanks to Amiee and Jason for hosting such a great event.

To all the skeptics who thought these WODs were too easy ... it's another prime example as to just how great this country really is. The fact that people as stupid as you can not only have your own opionions but you're also able to post them for the rest of us to enjoy.

76. Jim wrote...

Are there any male competitors out there who ordered a Large competitor t-shirt but need an XL? I ordered an XL and it's too big, I need a Large. If anyone has a size Large they want to sell me or exchange for my XL, I'll pay for all the shipping.


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